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I'm a victim of gang stalking, electronic harassment, cointelpro, domestic terrorism, and food/water contamination.

Engineers Create The First Dust-Sized Wireless Sensors That Can Be Implanted Into The Human Body

Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley have created the very first dust-sized wireless sensors that may be implanted within the body. This is bringing technology closer to the day that technologies such as the Fitbit will be able to monitor internal nerves, muscles and organs all in real time.

These devices do not require batteries and may also be able to stimulate nerves and muscles opening up doors for electroceuticals to treat disorders including epilepsy and stimulate the immune system or lower inflammation.

The neural dust is implanted in the muscles and peripheral nerves of rats and is unique due to its use of ultrasound. It holds the ability to both power and read measurements. Ultrasound technology is already very thoroughly developed for the care of hospice patients and ultrasound vibrations are able to penetrate just about everywhere within the human body making them much more useful than radio waves.

Michel Maharbiz, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences is one of the main two authors of the study. He says he believes that long term prospects for neural dust are not only within nerves and the brain but much broader. Having access to telemetry within the body has never been possible because there has been no way to put something so tiny so deep. But now he can take a speck of nothing and park it next to a nerve or organ, your GI tract or a muscle, and read out the data.

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PS: This article explains everything I have been experiencing since 2008. The placement of nano dust in the food/drink by organized stalkers in location supermarkets and stores selling food/liquid products, the consumption of these reconditioned products with the nano dust in them, the symptoms of gas, bloating that follows after consuming these products and the attacks to different parts of the body soon follows.


13th Anniversary

This is officially my 13th Anniversary as a targeted individual. It is nothing to be proud about. The targeting stem from me complaining about the Fayetteville North Carolina police department under Mayor Anthony G. “Tony” Chavonne and Police Chief Tom Bergamine.

The complaint stem from being racially profile by the police department from May 2007 to 2012 upon being forced to resigned. Although the racial profiling has not been as prominent as in the past, the electronic targeting still persist.

The targeting takes on organized stalking, global positioning system/wireless targeting and store infiltration of food and liquid sources. I have documented these crimes for a number of years with hardly any feedback from government officials (federal, state and local).

The targeting from day one has been directed to my digestive system and than other parts of my body. I feel it as indigestion, gas, bloating in the beginning. Than as directed energy to the various parts of my body. And when I wake up, I feel it as pain.

When I consume the food, I taste a nano crystallization form in my mouth. And than that is when the digested problem began.

No matter where I go to, I’m targeted. Either by way of individuals crowding me in the store or on the street, or in an area where I feel directed energy.

What I understand about this criminal program is they work by a script. What they do is given to them by instructions from the top. The widespread aspect of the targeting tells me that it is contract and government based, so there is a lot of money driving the targeting.

I have contacted countless organizations (the agriculture department, FDA, Human Rights Commission, FBI, ect, with no response whatsoever.

I have held tel-conference calls, attend press conference and rallies and the criminal program persist as it did when it first started.

There are many answers in how to address this program, however, there is so much infiltration that exist within the Targeted Individual community that nothing ever gets better for the rest of us.

So I live as a shut-in and an invisible person.

Yes! There are TI groups throughout facebook and tel-conferences, but they, too, are scripted.

So you live your life as if your not being targeted and you use methods that will ease the targeting as you go through it has been the best solution for a whole lot of us.

Sitting on worthless tel-conference calls that lead no where just to more targeting. Not because you are making an effort of doing something, but because the very nature of using a cell phone to make a call subjects you to more directed energy targeting. In other words, the phone just allows the perpetrators to signal in on the targeting via GPS positioning.

I think that would be all for now.

Important Links: https://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=1052 https://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=29 https://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=1773 https://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=849 http://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=1075 http://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=1087 http://govsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf


Frequency & Vibrational Healing

Frequency. and Vibrational Healing is a non conventional method of overcoming some of the electronic torture that many of us are facing. This can be obtain by getting an Orgone or Rife machine. There are also devices that addresses vibrational healing specifically and I list it here. So there is no reason to suffer in silence if you are equipped with the right information.

By the way, the people who are attacking you is also using this method. And this technology has been around for at least one hundred years. The difference is, is that, the technology has been computerized to offer more accurate results.

What is Orgone?

Orgonite is a substance which functions as a self-driven, continuously operating, highly efficient energy transmutation device, drawing in negative life energy and transmuting it into positive energy. “Orgonite has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool, and as protection against EMFs.

Orgone Frequency List: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=4509

What is Rife?

Invented by an American scientist named Royal Raymond Rife, the medical rife machine produces low-energy electromagnetic waves that are imperceptible to humans. The technology passes these electromagnetic waves through the body to target areas where the disease is present. 

What is Vibrational Therapy?

Vibration healing is an alternative therapy that involves using a mechanical vibration (administered through specialized equipment) to treat certain health problems or injuries.

As already mentioned, these are all the things that our perpetrators do to us, except they have synchronized these devices to work wirelessly. So we sometimes feel our targeting as a vibration, or pressure energy or simply a burning or stinging sensation. And the metals and nano technology makes it that much easier to reach us. However, we don’t have to continue to wait for others to help us when we can provide these solutions ourselves.

Please understand, that the following sources below is not an endorse made by Goverment Sponsored Stalking or Chris J. Brunson. The information is provided for your own research and we do not lay claims for it usefulness.

By the the way, this is part of my three step plan for our Safe Community concept, which can greatly affect our outcome in a positive way. Please visit this link for details: This post will be finished later.


Be Proactive Not Reactive, Don’t Forfeit Your Power To The Perpetrators

Getting support for projects such as this one while the TI community is heavily infiltrated is where the power is within this criminal organization. To make TIs believe that nothing could be done about this, or, if we have a few protests someone will listen, or, creating safe communities will only make it easier for TIs to be targeted, ect., ect. I heard it all.

But we are no better off than when I became aware of this targeting program. As a matter of fact, we are worse off. Let me tell you why.

You can’t believe what I read in the newsfeeds. It makes you wonder if they are a TI. And if they are a TI, you wonder how much human they have left in that cyborg body of there’s. It is truly frightening, because you know it is a false reality.

If I get dozen of responses posting a few pictures, but no responses for advertising a safe community, than that should tell you something about where we are at as a community.

But that is what this world has turned into. What’s wrong is right and visa versa.

So life has turned into an artificial intelligence manuscript without the world really taking notice.

By the way, I have not purposely invited anyone to this group, because I don’t just want anyone to fill the roster. I want REAL PEOPLE who really want to make a difference in their lives. So instead of randomly inviting, I send it through my newsfeed. I know probability of getting an interests in this idea is low, but at least I get a feel of the climate.

And based on this outlook, “we” are not really ready to stop this. “We” just want to complain until PERPETRATORS is ready to take us.

Because of this mindset, we have lost more people this year than anytime I became aware of my TI status since 2008. The thought has always been, “if I circle myself around other TIs on a conference call progressive changes will be realized. However, the worse case scenario is found.

For instance, it has been public knowledge for sometime that the GPS component in your cell phone is being used to link into medical implants. This is even more understandable when the average cell phone is not Firewall or Encrypted. What that means is anyone from anywhere across the planet can hack into your phone and install malicious programs that give the Perpetrator the ability to track, manipulate and control the implants. Forget about what they can do with the information installed on your phone.

But when was the last time you were on a conference call that they mentioned something like this? Besides not mentioning this important fact, they are too busy filling you with information that is already easily obtainable online. And if you are stupid enough to sit on a call for hours and weeks and months, which no agenda or outcome is gotten from these calls, than you are better off without them. Because everyone who calls them are given a false sense that something will be done, but somehow it never happens.

Why doesn’t it happens? Because as long as they can keep you on the phone, you become more accessible to the Perpetrators (mentioned earlier). But have no way of knowing if they are a TI, because there is no certified statement saying they are. So you are just assuming they are a TI base on what they say, not what they do. How foolish!

For years and while doing my conference call in 2010, I had a published Affidavit. It can be found here: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

So there is no reason you should be on a conference call unless they can provide at least a Notarized statement.

With that said, I’m offering you a chance to coordinate with me on an idea of creating Safe Communities across the United States of America. As already stated in my last post concerning this project that each Safe Community will compose of 5/10 acres. These Safe Communities will be designed as temporary stays as the severity of our targeting changes depending on how long we stay in an area. That is the basis of this project.

So if you are able to supply me a Notarized Statement, you will be included into the group. However, once you are included into the group, you are required to open a savings account within a month. The funds saved into the account is yours to go towards the Safe Community. It is not for funds to a particular organization. And my group is not equipped to take donations at this time.

Anyway, I hope you are as serious as I am in making a difference in the Targeting Individual community. We are in this together and I strongly feel that this is the best possible solution in dealing with these crimes.

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Save A Lot Fayetteville SHUTDOWN!

I’ve been anticipating covering this for sometime now. However, every time I’m about to write a post, I have other obligations that I have to fulfill.

Anyway, the NOTORIOUS Save A Lot has shutdown it Ramsey Street store. It has been approximately three years that they been opened at that location. Prior to this, they existed on Yadkin Road. That store has since closed as well.

As you know, I have covered the gross and malicious contamination that was happening in their stores. I have even went as far as file a complaint to their corporate headquarters as well as Consumer Affairs.

The District Manager Houston is more important than the General Manager of the store. How these (setup/reconditioned) contaminated items enters these many locations is the doing of this line of authority. So it does not surprise me that the store has closed down.

Like so many stores in the past, if they are not big enough, or if they are having financial trouble already, they will be shutter within a 1/3 years of operations. That’s because the criminal organization has very limited ability of keeping a location open. There skill set is about infiltration and logistics. Getting these nano pathogens in the food at the surrounding locations that i shop at.

The government knows this because FEMA and other agencies like this one are setup just for this purpose to distribute goods throughout the country in an event of a crisis. They have setup massive warehouses throughout the country for this very purpose.

They have contracts with the trucking industry, which explains why truckers are often heavily involved in the electronic stalking when I’m driving on the road on walking on the street. I also recorded them rushing into stores with the merchandise.

So the contamination of these goods is coming from the distribution end and these items end up in retail stores like Save A Lot, Walmart, Food Lion, etc. IT DOES NOT MATTER! It all comes from the same place. A FEMA warehouse!

But the public is in the dark and the people who are getting the money (perpetrators/government contractors) to post and spread propaganda in social media of why “we” are crazy for mentioning this.

And they have created a Mental Health Industry to cart us away if we try to seek help, because the people who suppose to protect us from this stuff have been infiltrated by these WORSE criminals.

So here we have another CLOSED business! Because our system is being allowed to fall, so that the criminals can control every MAN and WOMAN on the planet with a WIRELESS weapon.

Amazing! ISN’T IT??


Facebook: Safe Communities For Targeted Individuals

This group is for Targeted Individuals who want to start or partnership in a Safe Community. Each safe community must be between 5 to 10 acres and no less than 3 acres or more than 15 acres for certain exceptions.

Owner(s) of the Safe Community must agree to allowing anyone who can prove that they are Targeted Individuals. This can be accomplished by a Notarized Statement, State Issue Identification and signing a waver agreeing to the rules set by the owner(s) of the property.

Owner(s) must agree to limit each stay between 3 to 6 months due to the nature of the targeting that persists on a 24/7 cycle. And residence must not be charged no more than $150 a month and no less than $25 a week for each individual.

There will not be exceptions for visitors, because of the nature of the targeting that we experience. Rules concerning cellular phone service will be limited between the hours of 6a to 9p due to the nature of our targeting. However, certain exceptions will be allow for emergencies.

Owner(s) of such property will be require to provide at least one RV. It primarily purpose is to provide toilet facilities for individuals without an RV. Owner(s) will not be responsible for providing facilities for food preparation. And cleanliness must be solely warranted to individuals using the facilities.

Parking on the property will be posted on the property. And rules on proper sanitation must be posted by the owner(s) to avoid problems in the future. Also, anyone who violate the sanctity of the other individuals is at the discretion of the owner(s) of the property.

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Other than providing an RV, owner(s) of the property is not require to providing housing. But they are free to provide it, if they are aware of the regulations of their county. Owner(s) will be require to host at least one meeting a week to set ground rules. And one meeting a week with other owners of TI safe Communities. The purpose of such meetings is to share information and to improve on how we can improve the lives of our community.

Although this is the bases of this groups platform, certain changes are necessary to conform to the needs of the Targeted Individual populations. So we welcome your input even if you will not be ready to join Safe Communities For Targeted Individuals.

By the way, before you join SCFTI, please reply here with a link to your Notarized Statement or message me on Facebook. Than give me an idea of why you want to join SCFTI and your credentials. Please note that the credentials is just to give me an idea of how your skill set will benefit this group. It is not a qualification for joining this group.

All we want to know is that you will be dedicated in fulfilling the mission of opening a Savings Account and depositing at least $100 (or more) each month towards the purchasing of land in the future. Once you have met your goal within a 3/5 year period, we would be given a set of guidelines that you would have to follow and included into a new group (not name yet) that will assist owners of these properties.

Most of the new group responsibilities will be around Safety, not actual management. Your property will be in a pool of available safe places for a Targeted Individual to stay at. Think of it as a referral or a network of hostels. While hostels are about low cost, Safe Communities are about Safety. And because we are dealing with a population that is impacted financially due to the targeting, there will be no financial gain made from these properties.

So please take a moment to see if this makes sense to you. And I will be happy to give you more insight on how this plan will work. However, please understand that I’m not interested in talking specifically about your targeting as it will interfere with my obligation to solving this problem.

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Doctor to Remove IMPANTS

“Medical Doctors in Houston have agreed to remove implants and chips.  About $250 for the procedure.  One was successfully removed last week from a Targeted Individual –  it was a pet device.  If you have an implant that is obvious, call several local doctors and ask if they will perform a removal.  If they ask you to see a psychiatrist or psychologist for screening – then avoid them.  You can find doctors that will remove them – keep asking around.  If it is a pet tracking device (134.2 KHz), then it can be detected using a Petscanner (about $50 from a Pet store).  Otherwise, a signal analyzer (ADF4351 – about $200) can be used to detect the devices.  Many of the recent implants use wifi frequencies (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz) which are detectable using an inexpensive wifi scanner app.  The FCC has approved 2360 – 2400 MHz for use in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN).”

Richard Lighthouse


Phone Hacking GPS targeting & Firewall Protection

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They are installing various sinister programs that allow them to track and target us via phone GPS. This is known knowledge for at least 10 plus years now. And now since I added firewall to my phone and computer, i noticed hearing different ring tones – the kind of tones that you hear when you being notified about a message on a particular app.

Also, I notice multiple drop connections that occur randomly without notice and the connections reappear again.

Please note that the phone can only be use as a HOTSPOT, as the phone itself is a GPS locator and are used to correspond to the satellites and the surrounding perpetrators.

So putting the phone away does offer some level of relief from the signal torture, because now they have to go through a second phase through your computer. So if you place a firewall only on your phone, you have to do it for the computer as well.

How they are able to manipulate what is considered a “Secured” connection is very baffling to a lot of people. But being a TI, the manufacturers of these devices (phones, computers, etc) have created back doors so that others (hackers/perpetrators) can install malicious programs in the background without you even knowing it.

So if you are using your phone for internet

1) use it as a hotspot to your computer

2) make sure it has a firewall to prevent the installation of malicious software that is used to target you.

Did you know you can make phone calls through your computer for free? Go to google voice. Than most of your calls can be made through this method; avoiding any potential risk to your body.

If you are not using your phone, you should have it off. Tell everyone to leave a message and that you will call them back within 24 hours.

Limit your calls to no more than 5 minutes with anyone. Not even family members should afford anymore time.

I have written a post of how they use my Aunt to target me through the phone’s GPS signal locator. This is done through a third party handler. You will hear it as clicks and a buzzing sound. They are linking into your signal with apps that are design to target different regions of your body. So don’t give them this opportunity.

I think that is all for now.


Engineers Create The First Dust-Sized Wireless Sensors That Can Be Implanted Into The Human Body

Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley have created the very first dust-sized wireless sensors that may be implanted within the body. This is bringing technology closer to the day that technologies such as the Fitbit will be able to monitor internal nerves, muscles and organs all in real time.

These devices do not require batteries and may also be able to stimulate nerves and muscles opening up doors for electroceuticals to treat disorders including epilepsy and stimulate the immune system or lower inflammation.

The neural dust is implanted in the muscles and peripheral nerves of rats and is unique due to its use of ultrasound. It holds the ability to both power and read measurements. Ultrasound technology is already very thoroughly developed for the care of hospice patients and ultrasound vibrations are able to penetrate just about everywhere within the human body making them much more useful than radio waves.

Michel Maharbiz, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences is one of the main two authors of the study. He says he believes that long term prospects for neural dust are not only within nerves and the brain but much broader. Having access to telemetry within the body has never been possible because there has been no way to put something so tiny so deep. But now he can take a speck of nothing and park it next to a nerve or organ, your GI tract or a muscle, and read out the data.

During their experiment, UC Berkeley’s team powered up passive sensors every 100 microseconds with six 540-nanosecond ultrasound pulses that gave off continual and real time readouts. The first generation motes were coated with surgical grade epoxy but they are currently working on building motes from biocompatible thin films that may potentially last inside the body without any signs of degradation for at least a decade.

This is what they have been placing in the products that I purchase at the supermarket. I have video after video showing boxes of items that have been brought in and several workers stocking store shelves. I have documented it on my blog. Earlier in my targeting (2008/9), I overheard one of the stockers asking the manager when they are going to get paid. So I knew early on that they were actually bringing people from the outside to stock these shelves. I was driving to different stores, so they needed to move merchandise that they have recondition with this nano technology onto the shelves as quickly as possible. There I’m suspecting that there is at least a 5 mile window, before a store is infiltrated. I use to think it was coming directly from the manager of the store, but I later found out it is coming from the regional managers. They are the only ones that can really influence this kind of activity at this scale. But a more important aspect of criminal activity is distribution. From the trucker to the warehouses where these modified items are kept. So I’m suspecting FEMA or a government agency similar to it. Someone who does linguistics and knows how to move products quickly from warehouse to retail. The amount of resources and manpower that goes to something like this is enormous. And if taxes payers knew that they were paying for something like this, while our national infrastructure is in peril, they would be up in arms.

So far the experiments have involved peripheral nervous system and muscles, but the neural dust motes could work just as well in the central nervous system and brain in order to control prosthetics according to researchers. Implantable electrodes generally degrade within a year or two and are always connected to wires that must go through holes cut directly in the skull. Wireless sensors, as many as a few dozen to a hundred could be sealed within which would limit infection as well as unwanted movement of the electrodes.

The complete findings have been published in the upcoming Neuron Journal. Sensors at this time have already been shrunken to a size of 1 millimeter cube, which is about the size of a large grain of sand. These hold a piezoelectric crystal that converts ultrasound vibrations from outside of the body into electricity that powers a tiny, on board transistor that is in direct contact with a nerve or muscle fiber. When there is a spike in voltage within the fiber, this alters the circuit and the vibration of the crystal, which then changes the echo detected by the ultrasound receiver. The same device will typically generate the same vibrations. This slight change is known as the backscatter which allows researchers to determine the exact voltage.

Ryan Neely, a neuroscience graduate student says the original goal of the neural dust was to help imagine the next generation of brain-machine interfaces and to make it a viable clinical technology. If a paraplegic wants to control a computer or a robotic arm, you would just implant this electrode in the brain and it would last essentially a lifetime.

In the paper that was originally published on the internet in 2013, it was estimated that researchers would be able to shrink the sensors down to a cube the size of 50 microns on a single side (or about a thousandths of an inch). At this particular size, the motes could nestle up to just a few nerve axons and continually record their electrical activity.

Carmena said the beauty is that as of now, the sensors are small enough to have a good application in the peripheral nervous system, for bladder control or appetite suppression, for example. The technology is not really there yet to get to a 50 micron target size, which we would need for the brain and central nervous system. Once it’s clinically proven, however, neural dust will just replace wire electrodes. This time, once you close up the brain, you are done.

The team is currently working on making the device even smaller, finding more biocompatible materials and improving the surface transceiver that sends and receives the ultrasounds, ideally using beam steering technology in order to focus sound waves on individual motes. They are working on building little backpacks for rats that will hold ultrasound receiver that is going to record data from notes that are implanted. They are also focusing on expanding the ability of said motes to detect non-electrical signals, such as oxygen and hormone levels.

Dongjin Seo, graduate student in electrical engineering and computer sciences says the vision is to implant these neural dust motes anywhere throughout the body and have a patch over the implanted site that sends ultrasonic waves to wake up and receive necessary information from the motes from the desired therapy you want. Eventually you would use multiple implants and one patch that would ping each implant on an individual basis or all at the exact same time.

Maharbiz and Carmena came up with the idea of neural dust five years ago but their attempts to power an implantable device and read out the data with radio waves did not work out as planned. Radio attenuates extremely fast with distance in tissue, so communicating with devices deep in the body is extremely difficult without using potentially damaging amount of radiation.

Marharbiz thought of the use of ultrasound back in 2013 when he published a paper with Carmena, Seo and their colleagues in which they described such a system and how it could potentially work. Maharbiz said their first study demonstrated that the fundamental physics of ultrasound allowed for very small implants that would not be able to record and communicate neural data. The system has now been built by him and his students.

Seo says ultrasound is far more efficient when you are targeting devices that are on the millimeter scale or smaller that are embedded deep inside of the body. You can get a lot of power into it and a lot more efficient transfer of energy and communication when using ultrasound as opposed to electromagnetic waves, which has been the go-to method for wirelessly transmitted power to miniature implants.

Carmena says now that there is a reliable and minimally invasive neural pickup in your body, the technology is able to become the driver for a whole gamut of applications, things that today don’t even exist.

Source: Science News Journal: http://sciencenewsjournal.com/engineers-create-first-dust-sized-wireless-sensors-can-implanted-human-body/?fbclid=IwAR3sfwXYWS3pIddQOqMuxZbczN7x68nwsD7QehYUJZUUFn-sXP34PKCDMBs


Cleanse Yourself From Metals

I got this from Harry Singh TI timeline (Trish Muzoz and Debbie Newhook contributed to this post)

It is imperative that you continue to cleanse yourself of metals in the body and continue to use antifungals such as Potassium Iodide. EPSOM SALT – You will bathe with at LEAST five cups of Epsom salt in the bath every day. You MUST stay in for at LEAST 30-40 minutes. Keep the water as hot as you can stand it. If you can afford to use more Epsom, do it. While in the tub, rub your shins, legs, sides and all other parts of your body with your hands. Usually, between 4 to 7 days, you will start to peel from the baths. It will resemble a sunburn. This is the first sign that this practically invisible fungus/glue/film which has been on your for years is starting to break up. Don’t stop. Keep taking the baths and washing this off. Use something so that the tub drains slowly. Collect what is in the tub (gross, right?). You want to analyze it with a magnifier or jeweler’s loupe. You will see what is trapped against your real skin by the layers of this stuff. Now you are on your way to ridding yourself of your symptoms.BORAX – Use it in your laundry, use a cup in the shower to wash with. You can mix it with Palm Olive anti-bacterial dish soap with L-Lactic acid. You can also drink BORAX/BORON. It’s an anti-fungal and pulls things from the system. Only use a teaspoon or two in 32 ounces of water. The truth about Borax is that it’s only slightly more toxic than table salt.BAR SOAP – If you need to use soap, use old school original Dial soap. Made with Lye.PALM OLIVE antibacterial dish soap with L-Lactic Acid. Use it on dishes, in the shower and as a way to shock this stuff. If you put this on a troubled area and just let it sit there, it will start to dry up and harden. 2-5 days later, if it is bad enough, it can break off in shards. I’ve included a picture from when I was first treating myself. That broken stuff is the film. My real skin is underneath. That’s my armpit. I knew there was something on my skin. But no one else could see it. After I killed that spot, I never got another twitch, thumping, pulsing, zap or vibration in that area again. Same goes for the rest of my body. Hot photo, right?LIME SULPHUR DIP. It’s a fungicide. You mix 4 ounces to a gallon of water. Spray it on yourself. In the shower is good. Get yourself as soaked and water logged as you can in the shower or bath…then spray it on everywhere. You can use it in the tub as well or use it WHILE you are in the shower too.Weaker / Sleep with it on kind of stuff -HONEY – Works on the face and everywhere else at night. Good to sleep with.VICK’S VAPOR RUB – Contains oils that break this fungus down. Not so hardcore…but good to sleep with.BODY (INSIDE) -BENTONITE CLAY – It’s a liquid clay. You drink it with water. This stuff is amazing. It acts like a magnet a draws all of this stuff out of the gut. Worth it’s weight in gold. Use it everyday. The first week may make you a little sick…but after that, it’s just like drinking milk or anything else.ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – Drink a shot or more every day.POTASSIUM IODIDE (Iodine) Pills or Drops – Use them. I use the drops daily as maintenance.POTASSIUM IODIDE POWDER – GRADE KI – TO MAKE SATURATED SOLUTION OF POTASSIUM IODIDE (SSKI) – This is the killer. You will use this to treat Sporotrichosis or Lymphatic Sporotrichosis which is part of the fungal infection you have. Research how to treat Sporotrichosis with Potassium Iodide. You will get your dosages there. This is the assassin that takes care of this infection for good. You will just do maintenance after this. However, it’s always good to either use a little or keep some around just in case.MAGNESIUM – Take a good magnesium supplement.MULTIVITAMIN – GET A GOOD MULTIVITAMIN – A good chewable would be best considering everything else that we’re pushing through our system.Vitamin B – All you can get SUN CHLORELLA – Single celled algae superfood with a split cell wall. Tastes like fish food smells. But is excellent for you. Regenerates you. My Mom introduced me to it when I was a kid. She was ahead of her time.OIL OF OREGANO – Kills this stuff dead on the inside. Take geltabs. They can be popped with a needle and used on troubled spots of the skin.POTASSIUM ASPOROTATE – Get capsules. Take a couple a day.BORON PILLS and/or BORON BORAX – Wonder mineral. Even pulls heavy metals and fluoride from as deep as your bones. But the main reason is that this is a fungicide. Use it. Contrary to popular belief, Borax is only slightly more toxic than table salt. So you can take it right out of the box too. Just don’t over-do it.KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLEAN – Gargle with mouthwash. Gargle with borax. Just a little. Don’t over-do this stuff. Trust me. I’ve bled and suffered for these experiments. Over-doing it doesn’t speed anything up. You’ll just get sicker from the Herx reaction.I’ll keep adding to this. I’m also working on new things constantly and working on a test that can show that someone is targeted. Yes, a physical test.