My Worse Enemy

My worse enemy is listening to other people and than following their advice.

I recently put a downpayment on a lot. It wasn’t something I really wanted to do, but I felt my choices to pursue other options were limited. Therefore, I took it upon myself to listen to the church’s advice to rent a lot at a mobile home park.

To make matters short, it was the worse idea I could have done. It has no electricity until an inspector approves on the repairs. The major repair is the main electric box. Stupid me though it was the owners or power company responsibility.

The last inspection resulted in deaming the box unsound for electricity output and needed to be replaced. So I contacted the church. At first the church said it was going to get a qualified electrician to do the repairs. They also said they were going to cover the cost. Only to find out, neither was true.

The city inspector refuse to write off the repairs since the individual has to prove they are legit. Then I find out that possible jail time might result in this action.

Someone is liable. It isn’t me. Victor the land owner should have had these boxes repaired before anyone moved into these units. It wasn’t the church responsibility, and it surely wasn’t my responsibility!

I know in New York, the power company is responsible for these until. This doesn’t seem to be the case here. But if it was there responsibility, I wouldn’t be having problems with the inspection.

What it seems like is that someone wants to get paid. Every electrician must be licenced before repairs are made. They must registered with the City Of Fayetteville. It cost money to do that. It also cost money to get an inspector to the site. So giving the responsibility to the power company just removes the amount the revenue the city can make off an inspection. CORRUPTION RED TAPE!!!

Some of the things I have experienced in this city has already told me that Fayetteville would not be a good place to develop a base. And the longer I stay here, the more I realize that.

I will give you a report by the end of the week regarding this situation.

But so far, it does not look good. As far as I’m concerned, if I don’t come out of the lease agreement with about 75 percent of my money, I will have to go to court. SIMPLE AS THAT!

The fact that these power systems are not suitable for electricity, only tells me that a more thorough inspection need to be done.

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