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Dear Family!

Many of you might be wondering what is happening to the one business focused blog that use to keep you abreast of the latest developments of Brunson Marketing Force LLC and it affiliates?

Well, because of the nature of my situation, I’m unable to dedicate the time to build my network.

But there is hope around the corner.

With Obama’s candidacy in the shadows and an hearing focused on Direct Energy Weapons (Microwave Frequency Transmission being on technology), there seems like they might be hope for America afterall.

However, because of the cosmos, the decline will continue unabated. But it is my hope that at least we as a country gain at least our human qualities before the end.
With that said, I spent about 15 minutes talking to a gentleman who I admire greatly. For instance, what I gathered through our conversation is his conviction to keep moving forward no manner what the odds are.

This poor man has been a target of the government experiment program for 10 years.

If you did not know what I’m referring to, I’m referring to the use of mind controling technologies being tested on human subjects.

But I don’t think this is my case. I’m being harassed and my blog speak for itself. The mere fact that this continues to happens to me as I type this message only shows you where this country is heading.

Justice surely isn’t in the vocabulary.

Anyway, he states that a hearing will be taking place in February in New York City. If you will like to find out more about this hearing, feel free to contact him at:

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Trip Back From Rhode Island

Fayetteville NC hired stalkers followed me from New York City to Rhode Island. A special trip I made to purchase a van, which didn’t turn out in my favor. After staying there two days, I was continuously targeted with microwave frequency transmitters. Then on my way back to New York, the stalkers followed me on the train and then on the bus from Boston. When I got on the subway, the stalkers were there too.

What was interesting about the bus trip, there were about 6 stalkers on the bus with me. All female. They were using PDA like device. I assume this is a way to conceal this technology.

I notice the young man 2 seats in front of me seemingly suffering from an epileptic seiger.

I have taken pictures of the stalkers and the whole event and will be seen on my new registered domain.

I think it goes without saying that these stalkers will do whatever they can to reach you with these weapons, even if they have to go through someone else.

This brings up many issues.

One, there are many people who suffer health defects and this act of cowardness could result in the lost of life.

So this incident isn’t only about me, but the others who might be in my proximity.

Anyway, it is pretty obvious that a mass investigation of the Fayetteville establishment need to be made immediately. For instance, how much are they paying these individuals and where are these expenditures coming from?

If this continues, the Feds might have to shut down this government.

For instance, why were they surveillance my internet for over a year?

Who is giving them authorization to track me with positioning satellite?

Is the military giving them clearance?

How many other citizen’s are facing the same challenge?

This is an act of terrorism against America citizens and someone should be held accountable.

The use of electro-magnetic energy, whether through satellite or through traditional means is an act of treason. It can also mean an international tribunal.

PS: What I notice is a host of people being used for this operation. They appeared to be under some kind of mind control. I would consider them scouts or implants. They operate at all hours of the day and they appeared to have been implanted with these mind controlling technologies. Is this the future of America, everyone must be implanted with these technologies in order for them to stay alive? This is very, very scary. And investigation in this area should take place as well.


Northerners Don’t Hold Grudges

It has been almost two months and the electro magnetic frequency harassment (or Direct energy weapon) continues. But I have moved on from what has (and still is) happening to me.

All I can wish is the best for them and hope that eventually they will seek out God’s forgiveness.

Anyway, I was able to move the database from to If you remember, I was having problems with this company and requested that my account be removed. Surprisingly, they did not remove my account, so I decided to continue the relationship.

The issue was that the phpbb database that was running my black conscious network (BCN) forums was taking away needed space to build the drupal (blackconsciousnetwork) database. Almost towards of every month, I ran out of bandwidth. So the site was down almost 10 days before the refresh period. This was not an act of sabotage, but unsound planning. In other words, the phpbb forum should have never been installed on the blackconsciousnetwork domain.

Now the phpbb database is on the domain. This is better because the website for this domain is html scripted. What this means is the space requirements are smaller when programmed under this language.

Anyway, I expect to move forward with my plans as I have sole faith in the almight GODly spirit that make this world possible everyday.

Such plans include reschedule that conference that I had to discontinue because of other obligations (I have combine my storage space with a family member and this arraignment will save me money). A restructuring of the Black Adult Entertainment website. And the total redevelopment of the Black Conscious News site that will allow writers and content distributors to contribute to it.

It has been a real challenge to get these sites working, but that is because of bad management and the inability to find competent developers. So research in the area is necessary for this project to work.

Thank you readers for sticking with me. I currently homeless due to the circumstances that I have written about earlier and there is no plans to find shelter at this time. But my spirit is uplifted so that when GOD wants me to find shelter, he will guide me to the right place.

So I will continue to live out my car and will continue to educate (you) my readers about life in general.

Remember this, we will all have obstacles in our lives, but it is how we manage those obstacles. If we choose to allow ourselves to be controlled by these obstacles, we will not recover from them. So the idea is to keep a positive mind while you work through these obstacles and you will continue to strive for more.

Also noted. Being homeless isn’t the end of the world. It is an experience that can make you a stronger person. If you are there at your stage of life, do not let it be your downfall.

Just make sure you have God almighty in your life and ask him to help you work you through any problems you might be having. But you must to clear of alcohol, drugs and casual sex so God can reach your soul.

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911 Truths

What really happened on 9/11? Let the truth speak for itself. Please click on the links below.


Websites: ::::: The 9/11 Truth Movement

911 Truth Seekers – september 11, steve jones, alex jones

911 Truth Squads – Because Peace Needs Truth

Scholars for 9/11 Truth – Home

9-11 Was An Inside Job – A Call To True Patriots

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While extremist groups tend to co-operate with each other, leaders in the extremist movement have contempt for the groups which play games of “let’s pretend”, because they don’t really achieve anything.

The leaders of these groups pretend that they are “larger than life characters” … with heroic backgrounds. They are looked upon with reverence by their followers. Typically their backgrounds and alleged heroism can not be independently verified, because it allegedly involves national security. They pretend that their groups are committed to bringing about some change but that is of secondary importance. Primarily they are criminal groups, which derive their financing from corporations through their relationships with other criminal groups. The sole beneficiaries are the leaders.

Supporters pretend that they are “investigators” after having been duly authorized. As “investigators”, part of their jobs is to harass targets in any way they can. They pretend that they are in charge of what goes on where they live and that they can control who lives where they live.

The pretense continues in the tactics which they employ in order to succeed in their “missions”. They maintain a close presence to their targets, so they can make an “arrest” when the order is given. It does not matter much that no such order is ever given.

Pretending to be police officers is a favorite. Some of them drive around in vehicles in vehicles which look just like real undercover cars which are used by the police. Some of the travel guides advise tourists not to stop for any vehicle which is not a marked police car, especially at night. They advise people to drive slowly to a nearby police station or to a store where there are other people.

Teams will typically stand around a target while he is paying for a purchase in a store, or sit near him in a restaurant. They will have the demeanor of police officers and they will talk about “police matters”.

If a target is being harassed by other team members, they will “observe” the situation. They may even speak to the people who are doing the harassing. The “police” will indicate they don’t like what is going on but they can’t do anything about it.

Many of them will give the impression that they are police without showing a badge or stating that they are police officers, but others will claim to be police officers. Group members may also wear the uniforms of city and county workers, and telephone, cable or utility company employees, in order to get into the residence of a target, or some other place of interest to them.

They will walk around a mall, following a target, with jackets which say “Security”, with their scanners, pagers and cell phones and they believe the illusion. Some targets have said that an excellent way to antagonize groups is to “disrespect” them, by “accidentally” stepping on the feet of “police” officers, laughing in their faces, “accidentally” spilling drinks on them, etc. it seems to upset their sense of reality and causes the group members to doubt themselves.Groups take revenge when a group member has been assaulted or “disrespected”. That revenge can take the form of an assault on the target or damage to his property.

Group members will also pretend to be concerned citizens who notice that the target is being followed and harassed. They will attempt to engage the target in conversation, which they can later relate to the rest of the group.

Groups are rallied by the constant “victories” they “win” in the games they play with their targets. It does not matter that the targets are not playing a game or that they even know a game is being played. Since groups are introverted, their interaction with one another is more important than their interaction with a target.

Influence Techniques[i.e. influence on stalking group recruits]

Coercive Persuasion

Having a convoy of vehicles speed across town so 20 group members can stand in line ahead of a target who is driving to the post office, in order to keep him waiting in line as long as possible, is not normal behavior. It is not normal for a small group to stand, yelling and screaming, in front of a high rise apartment building in order to try to generate enough noise to disturb a target who lives on the 30th floor. It is not normal for old and infirm people to try to physically intimidate a tall, muscular man. It is not normal for people to work shifts in apartments for the sole purpose of making noise whenever they hear the target make noise like flushing the toilet or turning on a water faucet. It is not normal for people to think that walking by a target and doing strange things to attract his attention, like blinking their eyes, or reading the time from an imaginary watch on their wrist or making faces is going to change the world, but they do, and it does not matter whether the target even knows what is going on around him. It is most important that other group members know what they are doing.

Supporters of these groups are obsessed with every aspect of their targets’ lives. Whether a target is taking the garbage out in the morning, driving to work or sitting in a local coffee shop, group members try to find ways to make the target interact with them. Ideally, he will not be able to go anywhere in public without having to deal with them in some way.These [stalking] groups are cults. A cult is a collection of individuals with a philosophy, and organization, and a system of beliefs which support their world view. Many organizations fit this description. The use of tactics involving coercive persuasion [on their recruits] is what separates cults from other organizations. Individuals who become involved with these groups lose their sense of self identity and take on the identity of the cult leader.

Group members are sensitized to all the tactics they employ. If a target rattles keys, or clicks pens or plays the role of note taker around them, they react instantly. Police officers sometimes do bizarre things around them, like read the time from an imaginary watch on their wrists or talk on a cell phone which is upside down. It seems to affect their sense of reality and causes a great deal of chatter on their cell phones.

Self Defense

Protecting Yourself [From the Stalker Groups]

… Groups surround and attempt to control the speed of police vehicles, just as they do with their targets. If a police officer stops one of their vehicles, it is not uncommon for several vehicles in their convoy to stop and harass the police officer. It is also common for groups to harass the judge presiding over any case which involves one of their members.

Targets must conduct themselves as if all conversations in public places and over the phone are being monitored. They must realize that their personal weaknesses will be known to these groups and exploited in an attempt to destroy them [the targets]. Groups across the country are large enough to target those of minor importance and even those who might potentially be important.

Those targeted for harassment will have no problem concluding that someone is after them, but most never know who it is. Groups begin their operations with a “sensitization” program. This involves tactics like having uniquely marked vehicles, like a white car with different colored paint (which can be removed) poured all over it, follow the target wherever he drives, without the frequent trade offs which are usually used. That vehicle may also be parked in front of his house at night. Several drivers may stop [the target] to tell him he has a flat tire, for example. When they talk on their cell phones, group members will ask if the target has been sensitized. They delight in pretending to be passers by who “notice” that the target is being followed or harassed. They hope that the target will confide in them so they can use any information he provides to improve their attack.

Laughing at group members or otherwise letting them know that their tactics do not work is dispiriting to them, since they believe the superiority of their group is because of the tactics they employ.

… They spend considerable time describing to one another what they did, and the target’s reaction, although it may not be true.

Group members are taught that the target is the reason for their problems. He is the reason why their lives are a failure. Group leaders hope that their followers will reach the point where they “have to resolve their problems.” This can result in a traffic accident, assault, and occasionally in murder.Targets also face the threat of assault, particularly if they are female or old. Group members also try to entice the target to assault them, but this is never done without having witnesses present. The criminal conviction of the target, following the testimony of numerous “concerned citizens” can be followed by a civil lawsuit.

Protecting a Residence

Groups will attempt to get a key for the residence which they may be able to do from a landlord by using threats, an appeal to his patriotism, or any other ruse. It is easy for them to get entry to apartments through the building staff.

An alarm system which calls the local police when it is tripped is good. Groups have the ability to shut off phone and electricity. While group members are lacking in skills of any kind, some associates do have skills in a variety of criminal areas. If there is a way to bypass an alarm, they will know how to do it. Targets who subscribe to service which dispatches a security guard when their alarm goes off should not be surprised to see vehicles from that company joining the convoy which accompanies him wherever he goes. Groups will also use alarm systems to harass targets by setting them off and running away.

Other means of entry include open windows and doors. They will take a door or window frame apart to gain entry and put it back together again. Once they gain entry, they will try to secure any other means of entry so they can always get in. Typically they try not to leave evidence that they have been there, but that is not possible. If they want a target to know they have been there, they move items around.

One target said that he would find flashlight batteries in places where he did not leave them. If group members are able to gain entry, they will make copies of any keys they may find, or steal them. They will also access any computers and take any documents of interest to them. Some targets notice that files are missing from their filing cabinets and then they are replaced. Groups steal items like passports, which are passed around to other members.

… When [stalking] groups move into a neighborhood, there is an increase in the number of break-ins, noise, and it will become a high traffic area.

“In smaller areas, where groups have more power, neighbors may instantly turn against the target, because they know that the group will not leave until he does…”

Managing Time

Groups attempt to control the time of their targets. They do this in a variety of ways. They will block the way of a target using their vehicles, for example, to control his speed on a highway. They will cause problems which force the target to solve them, like gluing his car doors shut.

Another type of tactic involves occupying a target’s time by giving him a puzzle to solve. For example, group members will use a uniquely marked vehicle to follow him for several days. Then other members will park the vehicle in front of the target’s house and knock on his door, with bibles, claiming to be preachers. The target is invited to waste his time following bogus clues and leads. Meanwhile, other members of the group drive around, waiting to hear what happened. It is their entertainment.

Turning the tables around on a group, by following one of their vehicles, for example, is precisely what they want. Chasing it is even better. If they can occupy a target’s time that way, they will have a very successful day. They are on patrol. It is not possible to waste their time. As always, the target risks having criminal charges file against him and there will be more than enough witnesses.

Some parts of the attack cannot be ignored. Property must be secured, but a target cannot let a group control his time. He must also realize that he cannot control [the stalking group’s] time.

Finding Allies

Family, friends, employers, and associates must be aware that there is a problem with extremists. Many police departments have officers who specialize in extremist groups. Groups try to give the target the impression that the world is against him, but it is a small group compared to the local population.

Shut offs of electricity, phone service, water or cable must be reported to service providers that extremist groups are involved. They are aware that a few of their employees are involved with those groups, and they will take action.

Stalking operations tend to become larger as groups recruit more supporters. This could involve numerous vehicles from the same companies. Employers will be interested to know that their employees are using company vehicles to harass people. A cell phone call which includes the license number of the company vehicle will produce results.

Officials working for the city and county will also be interested in knowing that some of their employees are spending time driving around and harassing people.

Character Assassination

This normally comes from the bottom of the organization, and from those with the least credibility. The source of rumors or stories is probably the janitors, kitchen staff, etc. Groups will also try to influence anyone who has any sort of dealings with the target, but that information is coming from unknown people and is not damaging in the long term.

Stories and rumors indicate signs of a problem. The real potential damage is in what property the group might gain access to.


“All across the country, people are having their civil rights infringed by what are essentially criminal gangs, not because of their race or sexual orientation, but because of what they do. These gangs masquerade as political or religious groups, but they are private armies. While they have their own targets, which are connected to their political agenda, they are also available, for hire, to corporations and other entities, to destroy or neutralize people.”

The goal of these groups is to harass the targets until they leave town. Many targets do not realize that the groups operate as a national network. For many targets, moving to another town, or to another state across the country proves to be a waste of money because the harassment continues no matter where they live. Some targets have been forced to leave the country.

Targets are surrounded wherever they go, by groups of individuals who appear to be borderline retarded, mentally ill or deluded into thinking that they are secret agents. Over time, they become increasingly upset with their targets, who are “responsible for [the stalkers’] failures in life”. If the target leaves town, or if something happens to him, [they believe] their lives will improve.

These groups are becoming larger and more numerous. While the people doing the harassing are what would be considered “losers”, their tactics are no joke. Groups are well financed, they are operated as businesses, and they do have the power to destroy lives. They attack at the weakest point which could include a spouse, children, or elderly relatives.The united states cannot continue to allow its citizens, some of whom are public servants, to be terrorized by these groups. Groups are small compared to any population, but the loyalty of supporters is to the group, and their employers only provide them with a way to provide that support.

Groups actively recruit the employees of electric, cable, telephone, cities and counties who can work for them. Trucks from these sectors can be seen driving around in convoys of extremists, all across the country.

In preparing this book, I spoke with several targets from across the country. One was a whistle blower. He experienced many of the tactics described in previous chapters. He said that cars would wait in front of his house and his daughter’s house every morning to follow them. He thought he was being stalked by hundreds of CIA agents. He moved several times, from Washington to new York, to Florida and then to Colorado but he continued to be stalked for several years. He said that while he was a target, if he flew to another city, people would be waiting for him when he arrived and he would continue to be stalked and harassed by people using the same methods described here. He expressed a common rationalization among stalking victims. He believed that he deserved to be stalked, because of the national importance of what he had done.

…I also spoke with police officers from across the country. They confirmed the existence of stalking groups across the country. In general, they said that “cause stalking” is primarily a civil problem where the plaintiff has to prove financial loss. They also said that there are free speech and grass roots issues involved. In fact, the police themselves are targets of these groups. In small towns, the number of members in these groups can easily exceed the number of police officers. In general, the police will not talk about stalking groups. One officer did say there is a storm brewing as groups become larger and more numerous.

You may even see a staged event like people who are not city workers putting up barricades across a certain street and then directing traffic in other directions. If you live in an apartment, you might see a work crew working on a certain floor and making a lot of noise. If you look to see what they have done after they left, you will see that they haven’t done anything. You might listen to a verbal fight between people who are yelling at one another while they are laughing.

The leaders of other groups in the extremist movement refer to the members of these groups as “kooks”. While they have supported them in the past, they are starting to balk at exposing their members to arrest for activities which amount to little gain for the movement. They say that anyone who is a target should be killed, and not just harassed for years.

… This [system of stalking and harassing] works because it is a secret.

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The Surveillance Operation

“Groups cloak their true identities in a variety of ways. Some are citizens groups, some are clubs, and others are churches.”

Groups will not purchase property to establish a presence near a target but they will rent properties near his residence or sublet apartments. They will also occupy vacant property by breaking in and using it.

Extremist groups have relationships with local gangs and other criminal groups which penetrate deeply into the communities in which they operate. The surveillance operations are often conducted by local gang members in association with group members.

In order to establish bases of operation, they will enlist the assistance of neighbors. In many areas, they can do this by intimidation. Those who do not co-operate can be targeted, which includes harassment of their families and damage to their homes and vehicles.

If they are dealing with individuals who do not know them, they can also appeal to their sense of patriotism and they can offer drugs, friendship, home repair, free taxi rides and what ever else they have to. In some cases they may even be able to get a key to the residence from a “patriotic” landlord.

Surveillance on a residence is by triangulation. They watch it from three different positions. They will use the garage, or erect shacks or sit in cars on the property of co-operating neighbors. If they have to, they will even sit in their vehicles on the street but they will do frequent trade-offs.

Surveillance is conducted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When a target leaves his residence they will alert the group, either by cell phone or by business band radio. Other members, who are patrolling the perimeter to watch for police and other vehicles driving in the area, will race to the location to begin pursuit. In small towns, where business band radio is widely used, these activities are a local sport among a small group. Anyone with a scanner can join in. Some targets have reported hearing an announcement on their scanners as soon as they turn their lights on in the morning.

Group members maintain a vigil around the target’s residence. They can always find a valid reason to be there. They will mow neighbors’ grass, hang around any businesses in the area, join nearby churches, join neighborhood watch associations, hold meetings at the homes of neighbors, hold neighborhood parties, deliver newspapers to people who don’t subscribe to a newspaper, and whatever else they can think of. they will have co-operating neighbors hold lawn sales so their members can maintain a presence in the area. …

In a typical apartment setting, they will attempt to lease, sublet, or otherwise have access to apartments above, below, and on both sides of the target. They will also “guard” the vehicles of a target in the parking lot. If they have occupied apartments surrounding a target, typically normal noises like toilets flushing, doors closing, people talking, etc. will not be heard. The only noises that will be heard are in response to something the target does. If he flushes a toilet, he may hear a car horn honk, the sound of a power tool or hammering, for example. There will also be a large number of people coming and going, and accompanying rowdiness and noise. Groups watch the residence with binoculars, attempting to see inside. If they can, they will time the generation of noise to movements inside the residence. If they gain entry to the residence, they will attempt to move curtains or blinds so they can see.

They will try to enlist the support of anyone who has access to the residence of a target. This includes janitorial service workers, gardeners, baby sitters, etc. in a typical apartment complex, they will probably be able to enlist the aid of one or more members of the staff and pest control personnel, who have keys. It is not uncommon of them to obtain the support of security guards who monitor security cameras. A common ruse used by these groups is that they are a “citizens group” which assists the police and they are “just keeping track” of a certain individual, for whatever reason. The illusion is reinforced by the case files they carry which are complete with photos of the target and look like those used by police.

An important element of the surveillance operation is the isolation imposed on the residence of a target. Since group members establish a perimeter around the residence and patrol it, they are alert to any marked police cars which come near it. If a target complains that numerous people are knocking on his door for peculiar reasons, they won’t be around next time the police arrive. It isolation imposed on the target’s residence also provides protection for other activities like drug dealing.

When extremist groups rent property around a target’s residence, it is often rented by a group member of a local gang, who typically receives up to $100 a month for use of the property by the group. Group members use the property to watch the target in shifts. In other cases, no one will actually live in the residence, but there will be a steady stream of different people at all times of the day and night. [p 27]

Author’s quote summing up the extremist groups’ concept of themselves:

“Who are we? We drive the ambulances that take you to the emergency room. When your house is burning, we put out the fire. We are security guards. We protect you at night. You only have electricity, phone and cable service because of us. We are janitors. We have the keys. We fix your cars. You don’t want to mess with us.”

Search and Seizure

“Groups typically consider themselves to be investigators who are gathering information to be used to lay charges against the target. A typical police investigation lasts a few days. An investigation by a private investigator may last a month and it may involve being followed around by two or three people. The ‘investigations’ conducted by extremist groups against individuals can last for decades and involve hundreds of ‘investigators’. Some extremist leaders say that what they do is essentially what investigative journalists do, but they don’t mention the harassment, break-ins, or property damage.”

Overt or Covert Operation

Typically, harassment tactics are not used unless a target is alone. If he is with others, group members will still surround him, but they will not reveal their presence. Many targets never experience the kind of harassment described here, because they are not alone very often. Others do not recognize that they are being harassed by an organized group. They just think that there are a lot of rude people in the world. Targets who do not experience physical harassment are still targets for other types of attacks.

Physical harassment is used when a target has no witnesses. An objective is to isolate the target from his family and friends. He can tell them about all the strange things happening around him, but they will not understand and perhaps will think he is crazy. Sometimes other members of the family will receive the same treatment. Here are the most common tactics used by groups across the country.

On the Road

When a target is driving, standard practice is to surround his vehicle and attempt to control his speed. He will not be followed in close proximity by the same vehicles for a long distance. They do frequent trade-offs. Vehicles line up behind the target for a short distance and then move out of place so the next vehicle can take over. Frequently, vehicles in the convoy will have their high beam headlights on during the day, so a target frequently have a vehicle behind him which has its headlights on.

[NOTE: In the summer of 2004, I had a driver try to force me off the road. I called 911 while he was driving up to my bumper fast and then slamming on his brakes repeatedly (even though it was an empty two lane road and I was in the righthand lane). While I was talking to the police he drove up next to me and gave me the finger, then swerved dangerously towards my car several times before speeding off ahead of me too fast for me to get his licence plate number. A couple of months later I had a limo driver parked out front of my house who randomly gave me the finger as I crossed the street on foot. A couple of days after the limo driver incident, I had a teenager do the same thing as he passed by me on foot. See Gang Stalking Slideshow for another incident. -L.]

In many parts of the country it is common to see groups of six to 30 or more vehicles driving around in convoys with their high beams on during the day. This is one of the ways a convoy can be identified. Sometimes they will also drive in formation, in a single column with vehicles spaced one car length apart. When they drive around at night, the brightness of their headlights can light up the sky.Group vehicles follow far in front of and behind the target in both directions to watch for marked police vehicles. A target knows a police vehicle is approaching when vehicles move away from him. Group members also travel on roads parallel to the road being traveled by the target, in order to intercept his vehicle when he turns.

It is not uncommon for a target traveling alone to see group members hold tissue over their noses as if there were a bad smell. They may also wave or make some gesture to attract attention.

Group members have feelings of inferiority, but when they are with their group they are fearless, especially when they are in the safety of their vehicles. This can be especially dangerous for a target because they are connected by cell phone, and they achieve group status by engaging in extreme behavior. Some groups reward a “member of the week” with a free night on the town and a limo ride.

Cutting off the target vehicle or waiting beside the road for him to pass and then pulling out in front of him are common. When this is done, other group members may attempt to be in a position to prevent him from getting out of the way of the attacking vehicle. If there is an accident the group member will have half a dozen “concerned citizens” to testify to his version of what happened.

Other vehicle related tactics include blockade, so the target vehicle cannot leave a parking lot, for example, or he is surrounded by slow moving vehicles.

Standard practice is to watch the target’s vehicles and this subjects them to damage including slashed tires, scratched paint, stolen license plates, etc. Typically they would not cut the brake lines on vehicles or commit other similar acts of sabotage, but they would drain the oil or antifreeze over a period of time. If they are able to enter the vehicles, items may be removed and then returned or items may be put in the vehicles. If they can enter vehicles and the residence they may take items from the residence and put them in the vehicle and vice versa.

[NOTE: Half the oil was drained from my car when it hit 50,000 km (31,000 mi.) and was just 1 month out of warranty. The engine had to be rebuilt. The brakes were caked in so much rust that the repair shop asked if it had been sitting in water for a long time, (but there was not a spot of rust on the body). Just before the harassment escalated, someone left flowers all over my lawn and on top of my car and kept leaving pieces of garbage on my front lawn every night. The daily piece of garbage on the front lawn continued when I moved to a completely different city. (If you look at the Gang Stalking Slideshow, you will see that it is not a dirty neighbourhood.) -L.]

On Foot

A target will be followed on foot wherever he goes. Anyone can go to the same public places he goes, and they will attempt to get into any other restricted places he goes, including hospitals, places of employment, etc. It has been said that it is possible to go nearly anywhere if you have a clipboard in your hand and it is almost true. They also like to wear name badges on a lanyard, and some carry phony police badges.

Common harassment tactics used by those on foot include pen clicking, in which they repeatedly click a ball point pen, key rattling, and rattling change in their pockets while standing behind the target. Many tactics are tried and the result is observed. Those which evoke a response from the target are repeated. When a target sits anywhere in public, group members will attempt to sit behind him in order to create noise, by whatever means, including tapping their feet on the target’s chair. The objective is to harass the target constantly.

Sensitization tactics, which are used to make sure the target knows he is being watched, include picture taking and filming.

Another sensitization technique is note taking. This is done when the target is stationary, for example in a restaurant. The note taker appears to take a note each time the target makes a movement, or says anything. There are happy note takers and unhappy note takers. Happy note takers find everything he says and does to be funny, while unhappy note takers find everything he says to be wrong or inappropriate.

Only certain members are allowed to establish contact with the target. Contact is not made without backup, to act as witnesses and protect one another. A target will sometimes attack a group member. Having witnesses makes it possible to have him charged or to protect the group member who is doing the harassing.

Group members will attempt to physically intimidate a target if they can, by standing very close. Swarming is a tactic which is also used. It involves totally surrounding a target so he cannot move.


A target cannot escape by traveling. If groups know of his travel plans, and there is a good chance they do, they will have a member purchase a ticket on the same flight. Groups are not concerned with the federal laws against stalking across state lines. If they cannot get on the same plane, group members will “meet” him at whatever U.S. airport he lands at and the same pattern of stalking and harassment is continued. There is a good chance they will be able to get into his hotel room.

At Home

A common tactic use by groups is noise campaigns. Group members will drive by the target’s residence or work place, honking their horns, squealing tires, and making whatever other noise they can.

They will also make noise from whatever nearby properties they have access to. Typically, they will make noise when the target goes outside. Group members will also frequently knock on his door for whatever peculiar reasons they can dream up.

In an apartment setting, targets can expect to hear tapping on the walls in the middle of the night, taps running, hammering etc. from the upper and/or lower apartments, and possibly the apartments on both sides. They will continue to “work” on these activities for as long as they can get away with them.

Group members work in shifts in apartments they have access to. They work 24 hours a day and do not take holidays. Their job is to make noise and alert the group when he leaves. This activity can last for many years.

Often they occupy a nearby apartment, part time, when the owner is not there and he receives some benefit. A target may notice someone leaving a nearby apartment when he leaves his, and arrive when he arrives. In addition, he will often be accompanied in elevators by a steady stream of different individuals who go to the apartments being used by the group.

In an apartment setting or in a house, if they have installed listening devices, or if they can maintain a close enough presence to hear sounds coming from the target’s residence, it is not uncommon for a target to hear honking horns and occasionally fire engine or ambulance sirens when he uses or flushes the toilet, or makes other noise.

[NOTE: This is a common activity of the perpetrators – making a corresponding noise when someone is in the bathroom. Many gang stalking targets have reported this. -L.]

… it is not uncommon, in an apartment setting, for a target to hear someone moving from room to room as he does, from the upper or lower apartment.

A target can also expect frequent disruption of electric, phone, cable and sometimes even water service. Service will be shut off to an entire block, rather than just to the target.


Groups study their targets, and as a result they are fully aware of whatever weakness he may have. If he is addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex etc. They will know it and they will attempt to exploit it. Calling the police to report a drunken driver is standard practice.


Groups attempt to interfere with any business and personal relationships which the target has. Typically, this interference involves character assassination from some anonymous individual and is not usually taken seriously by those who know the target. It can be effective with people who don’t know the target.

At work, the target will also experience character assassination. If he works in any position where he has to deal with the public, there will be a steady stream of customers who complain about him. If he is a real estate agent, he will have a steady stream of prospects who occupy his time but never make an offer.

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Teleconference Concerning Microwave Harassment

There are teams of people assigned to this harassment. They are situated all over the world and are both government and corporate funded. There purpose is to harass the person to the point of death. This is accomplished through various methods, but the main purpose is the drive the person crazy. Now that I know the main mission of these harassment protocols, I have inform myself how to combat this situation.

The first thing you want to do is get organized. Join groups that deal with this issue. And find out how to protect yourself from these technologies. Contact your local politician and let them know that they should propose a restriction towards the use of these weapons.

Here’s a suggestion. Ask them to put sensors around your city that will detect these transmissions. Special forces should be train to locate these transmission and assist in the prosecution of people who uses these devices.

They also mentioned FORT BRAGG and it connection with this technology. Fort Bragg is an army base outside Fayetteville NC, where I’m having problems with the police. This is where the harassment first existed. It is where I was driven from my home and had to start sleeping in my car in another city. It is where I had to go from one city to another to get away from these electro magnetic harassers.

It start happening soon after I wrote in my blog about the racist conditions in Fayetteville NC. Instead of the establishment addressing this situation, they started monitoring my internet activity (cell phone included).

But my first experience with this issue was at the Cumberland County library system. Although this is not restricted to this facility, it was the shear racism that resulted in me making a complaint. The complaint simulated from them restricting my wifi access and internet monitoring.

There is no accountability anywhere in Fayetteville NC. You even except the status quo, or get out. Because old values never die. And surely it wasn’t going to change, because I saw so.

Anyway, I learned a lot about the various methods to protect myself. It isn’t as complex if you are at home, but if you are involved in various business activities and you spend most of your time outside, it can become complex.

I have research various sites and it is possible to shield yourself from these microwave weapons. But cold weather is definitely better than hot weather.

I just realized that once the government found it can convince people that these technologies are for the public’s own protection. Many of “us” never realized that these “protections” can be used against Americans citizens by the same government that say it is for our benefit.

Some of us also have evidence that these terrorist events were staged for the sole purpose to target individuals and groups who are opposed to the government policies. I still remain an opponent to the war as well as the very fabric of the American society.

Just let history speak for itself and you will understand my position concerning the American system.

I would never promote a country that was founded off the backs of Africans and Native Indigenous people’s. And couple that with the continue racism in this society, it becomes really clear that if America shall fall tomorrow, I won’t shed a tear.


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Contacted Fayetteville Police Department

I contacted the Fayetteville NC police department regarding this manner and have not received a response. But the microwave harassment continues to happen.

{They intell a couple of things I’m willing to agree to. One, I will not mention Fayetteville NC in my blog and will limit my visits there. And I was open to other concerns they might have. My only concern is the contractors, but I want them to stop surveillance my cellphone. Now that I’m in Virginia, it should be a non issue}

If my health should deteriorate at any moment, I have enough evidence for prosecution. So it is pretty foolish to not contact me or to stop the microwave harassment.

Everything from being stopped by the police to loosing my home and traveling to various cities to escape the harassment is all I need to put an end to this nonsense.

{I even have a record of speaking to an FBI official}

It is pretty obvious that the Fayetteville police (and establishment) has hired contractors armed with these instruments to destroy my ability to function properly and even death.

What more could possibly be done but a lawsuit? A frequency tracker is all I need to put the nail in the coffin. Why does this continue to exist?

Either there is a few bad apples working within the police department (which I don’t believe) or a system of evil pirates (which I do believe) than it is necessary for someone of higher authority to revamp the entire system. This way situations like this one won’t happen.

For instance, who is paying for these contractors to go around following me from city to city? Who is giving them the orders and who is working in the control center where they can pick me up on satellite?

This is extremely important information.

How many other government agencies are involved in this program? Is it restricted to the local level or is it more widespread?

I think it is more widespread and I will go as far as person’s who hold certain viewpoints are the most to be concerned.

To be frank, I rather put this situation behind me. But if I continue to be harassed by these weapons, then I have no choice but to pursue this manner further.

There is no reason that this situation should be happening to me. All I wrote in my blog was an opinion about a place that could change for the better.

Just yesterday I went to the place I use to live. It was quite surprising to see the handicap accessible walkway. It was my idea to put together a petition to force the landlord to make the necessary repairs.

Both the landlord and the property manager were shocked to see such a well written petition being mailed to them. This resulted in immediate action.

So I had a very positive input to this place.

The landlord realized that it was a good investment and thanked me for my input.

This is what I’m use to. I’m use to working with people, not going against people.

Obviously, many established people in the Fayetteville area have not developed negotiation skills. To be honest, most of it is ignorance and racism. These individuals rather hold onto old customs than to develop new ways of being better people.


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Working Out An Agreement With The FE

I’m currently working out an agreement with the Fayetteville NC establishment. In the agreement will be:

1. I will not mention Fayetteville North Carolina in any of my blogs.

2. I will not enter Fayetteville North Carolina unless it is to pick up my mail or pay my bills.

3. Fayetteville Establishment will pull these contractors of this case.

Other agreements are negotiable.

I’m in Virginia right now, but I do plan to return to North Carolina at sometime in the future.

Please accept my apologies for any negative publicity that I have cause your city and God bless you.

PS: This is a resolution to put this behind us and move in a brighter direction.

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