Second Attempt To Broker An Agreement

This is a second attempt to broker an agreement with the authorities in question. I will like to put together a meeting between you and the pastor next week. It would involved the issues I mentioned earlier.

I don’t think it is to either our best interests to continue. I have already told you that after leaving this city (not mentioning name), that I will not mention your city.

I know I’m not doing anything wrong. But if I did do something wrong, I have paid the ultimate price of being homeless.

The mere fact that this continues to happen to me just goes to show you that murder is on your mind.

I have documented evidence that the technology exist and continue use of it can result in lost of life.

Are you willing to put your whole city on the line for a criticsm I made earlier?

I think the mere fact that someone could loose their life for typing a criticism on a blog is a manner for an international court to investigate.

There are many things going on here besides free speech, the use of government facility for the sole purpose to harass, intimidation and murder. We also have to include financing. How much money is being used for this operation and who is the sole beneficiary.

Wouldn’t you have to account for this money at the end of the fiscal year? Where is the tax payer in all of this? Shouldn’t you be accountable in how you spend their money?

How often do you hire stalkers and contrators for the purpose of intimidating someone? And how often does it include direct energy weapons (microwave frequency, plasma, ultra sound, etc.?

If you don’t answer to man, you would surely answer to GOD. Surely you don’t want to leave this earth knowing that you made the decision to murder someone with this technology?

Do the right thing. Release your contractors off of me and you won’t hear a mumbling word about your city.

I will go away with a lot of information knowing that if I witness anything similar anywhere else, that I should immediately pack my bags.

You got my word. This is my last attempt to put this issue behind me.

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