Stomach Attacked By Technology

Just to let you know that every time I consume food my stomach is being attacked. As a result of this activity, I develop stomach pains and bloating. This causes me to feel nauseous and irritated throughout the entire day.

I have repeatedly sent letters to various politician agencies throughout the city of New York, but I have not received a response.

Update: I just experienced hard stool after just going to the bathroom. As a result, I had to remove the stool with my fingers as it was backed up in my system. The result of this activity requires additional investigation as it involves contaminated water, food and electronic weapons.


Hard Jolts On Entire Head

I feel hard joints on my entire head something similar to someone punching me on my head. This occurred soon after consuming the contaminated water being pushed from adjacent apartments.

I have contacted the authorities about this situation, but have no received any help. This is a combination of satellites and gang stalking activity.


Digestive System Attacked

My digestive system was attacked right after drinking Turkey Hill Lemonage 0 20735 09276 7. that was purchased from ………. by my Aunt. The negative reactions included blouting, gas, stomach pains and symptoms of diarrhea.

When this happens, the attacks on my genitals automatically vanish, as I’m now available for the research.

There is a direct correlation between if they can do these non-consenting remote research or whether my genital area is attacked.

I also notice a lot of movement outside my apartment door once I consume these contaminated products.

Besides the symptoms I described, that my sinuses increase. This can come in the form of flim in my esophagus and tightness of the nose cavity. Sometimes it is so bad that I immediately feel pressure pain in the center of my head.

In short, I have been placed in a cointelpro, racist, eugenics program that involves product contamination (food, cosmetics, water), satellites, gang stalkers and electronic ground based equipment.

I’m sure there is more, but right now I covered the basics.

Anyway, my health is being greatly affected by these events. There is times that I’m feeling comatose that I going to die.

I have contacted various authorities about this situation, I have not received a response.

5 years ago, it result in me loosing my apartment. Since that time, I never got my life together. I have been homeless ever since, because the government is in the bed with the manufacturers of these technologies and the eugenics.


Attack On My Genital & Eyes

Extremely attacked on my genitals is directly connected to their inability to conducted these unconsenting experiments on my body. I have taken several pictures indicating the damage.
The attacks were coming from the downstairs apartment and satellite(s). It was continuous throughout the day.
I was also attacked in my eyes, but later found that they were loosing control of the visual connection that allows them to see what I see.
The contamination of my water and food sources is directly connected with these non-consenting experiments and if it was stopped, the ability to conduct these experiemnts would cease to exist.
This is why large pools of criminal fractions (gang stalkers) are illicit to contaminate water and food sources.
This is why they elect family members to carry out this agenda.
One such family is my Uncle’s wife. She is very connected with this agenda.
Upon eating the food, my eyes were no longer being “attacked”. As I say earlier, my eyes is a visual cortex to these criminals seeing the world through my eyes. It is a what


Computer Hacking, Word Press, Continue Assault On My Body

I guess you wonder why you see a new message here.

After watching quite a few videos, my computer was hacked. I think this was a response to uploading several gang stalking videos. They were uploaded on youtube and photobucket. I have received quite a bit of favorable responses.

Recently I created a website (or group of websites) under the Government Sponsored Stalking umbrella. But one specific website was administrated by me. It was using the Word Press CMS and at first I had no problems.

However, I started to tweak the interface a menu to include WP and that is where I ran into problems.

The problem was is that the site merges into the WP environment. What this means is that I looses all control over the development and server administering, which forces me into a TOS (terms of agreement) arraignment.

I did not want this control taken from me, so I simply remove the site.

I also didn’t like the fact that it was difficult to modified the template.

So now I’m back with XOOPS again. XOOPS was my first CMS. It is great in usability, but it lack flexibility. But the biggest hurdle is always the installation.

I did not want to go with DRUPAL, because the last time I dealt with them, I could not control the cache dump system. This system clogs up your bandwidth and leaves you figuring out how to remove these files.

There’s also a big learning curve, but this has gotten better overtime.

It is similar to Xoops in that you can update the template without knowing a lot of PHP coding. But other aspects of it structure is so complex that I fear that it will take too long to learn it.

Another issue is where the site is being hosted at. Currently I’m using a FREE service, but there is drawbacks to it. First of all, there are many people sharing the same server. And it is painfully slow. I plan to up go to a paying plan eventually so I can be with fewer people.

It’s worth it, especially if you want people to visit your website frequently.

As for the targeting I’m receiving, it has not changed.

* Water is being contaminated
* Perpetrators go in and out of my apartment
* I’m followed around the apartment by perpetrator upstairs
* Various parts of my body is attacked
*heart while sleep
*dream manipulation
*stinging of my head
*my eyes
*my mouth
*my feet
*my nose
*white I’m in the bathtub
*my arm
*my hand
Perpetrators (criminals) gang stalked me while I’m in the subway, on the street, on the bus. I have various pictures clarifying this.

I’m attacked with cell phone, laptops, and other devices.

I’m constantly dehumanized by these parasited maggots, who’s existence is to keep good people unhappy.

I have not done any crime, but I have logged a complaint against the Fayetteville North Carolina Police Department and this is the response to my complaint.

These crimes did not start overnight, they were in the making for a great period of time. The money was already set aside for this activity many years before I could imagine how horrific people can be.

They have all kinds of people working for them, but the history has always point to white supremacy groups. The minorities are just a cover-up to intentions of ridding the planet of all people of pigmentation.


Attacks On My Head & Genetals

Constant attack on my genitals and head is consistent with the demonic, corrupt nature of the United States institutions that allow this to happen. It feels like someone sticking a pin in these areas and I wake up with extreme pain every night.

I have blisters on my scalp as proof that I’m being attacked by electro-magnetic weapons.

This also includes the contamination of water and food sources. Contaminated water is pushed in from adjacent apartments, while several criminal gangs are recruited to place contaminated goods on shelves.

It isn’t limited to food as I have experienced skin irritation when I used such things as alcohol, lotion and soaps.

The total infiltration of the judiciary is a big reason why these crimes go unanswered.


New York City Health Department

Kenya Browning id: 0976 arrived at from the NYC Health Department shortly after 11am, but I was out running errands. When I checked my voice mail, I notice she called and arraigned that she return.

It was about 12:30 she came to my apartment to check the water. She claims that their was no high levels of chlorine and bio-toxins in the water. This is because they connected these systems that contaminates the water. It is also very relevant that my phone call was monitored, which gave them plenty of time to disconnect these systems. On top of that, it is known that these criminals have the capability of infiltrating government and private entities to carry out these crimes. And they usually have someone working inside these establishments already.

Her supervisor is Tim Mohammed (212) 676-1520. They are located at 2 Lafayette Street 11th Floor NY, NY 10007

The product used for testing is La Motte OCTA Slide Code 1100

She also recommended that I contact NYS department of State, which would have a list of private labs.