Food Contamination

They knew the food was already contaminated before I consume it and that’s why they sting me in my butt to let me know I will be getting diarrhea. And that is exactly what happened.

It is absolutely unsafe today to consume food in the United States.


Knocking me in my head with technology

At around 9AM in the morning I notice repeated jolts in my head what appears to be from satellite technology. Earlier in this day, I notice my nervous system being targeted by the apartment directly below me.

Also there was a lot of activity in the hallway right after the attacks on my head occurred.

The jolts didn’t stop until I left the immediate area and got into the bathtub.

In the bathtub, I notice an unusual amount of chemicals in the water.

Also noted, before the attacks occurred, there was no attacks on my genitals. The attacks on my genitals is associated with the inability to conduct these illegal, non-consenting experiments and is usually a good sign.

11:45 A they are targeting my left eye with electro-magnetic weapons.


Black Webcasts Shut Down

Dear Readers,

At first I thought it was a seperate incident to find that I could not log into webcasts, but Talk Black Live Radio is down as well. I listen to these webcasts often and there is no reason for any one of them to be down.

I can connect the kind of abuse I’m receiving from this criminal enterprise called the United States government to the downfall of these webcasts.

I have a saying. “If the truth hurts that might, why let the message continue.”

Well… right now that messages are silent, but GOD is still with every single person who values good souls.


Divide & Conquer

I notice the larger amount of Black Males they are using in this program against me. It is what they do to devide and conquer the entire race of oppressed people’s.

I also notice that they relegate them to lengthy tasks of targeting me with their cell phone. Most of the black males they use are very young and everything the white perpetrators do is by designed.

Meanwhile, most of the white perpetrators just sit back and entire the ride.

This is the political and social atmosphere of a new race base paradigm.


Slept In Van

I slept in my van last night. It was unusually cold for this time of the year. Earlier in the night remote technology was installed underneath my van and as a result I felt transmission on certain parts of my head. I also notice my legs vibrating as these transmission were beaming into my head.

I woke up around 9:10a with an elevated nervous system.

The transmissions to my head is constant and especially evident after I have eaten something or drink water.

The assault on my body is 24/7 and is happening from high tech satellite transmissions. The individuals involved in this action are criminal high officials within the United States government.


Woken Up Around 6AM

I was woken up around 6AM. I felt stinging on my penis. The pain was incredible, but I was able to go back to sleep.

At around 8AM, I was woken up again, but this time with a rapid heart beat. I notice my right arm moving uncontrollable as well.

When I went to the bathtub I was sting in my penis.

I’ve been noticing a lot of activity by the step near my door. It is coming from the apartments on the other side of the staircase.


I notice that every time I walk I can feel a trail of this technology rubbing against my back and head.


Force To Get Up

At around 5:00 AM they attempted to forceably get me up, but I laid sleeping. And when I didn’t get up they attack my penis. The point of getting up immediately is so they get a negative reaction. I remain calm as possible so that my nervous system is not effect. All in all, I had to get up, because they continue to burn me. I went into the bathtub.

This is torture and abuse of power.

I was woken at 8:10 am repeated by increasing my heart rate several times. I then went into the bathrub where they proceed to attack my penis. After getting out of the tub, I laid back down and they repeatedly attack my feet and my nose. I’m up at around 10:10, because of the continue assuallt on my body which includes satelite based technology and surround apartments (5B).


Heart Rate Level

Heart rate level wasn’t very high like yesterday, but was noticeable. The difference is, although I ate, I did not drink the water.

I was woken up around 12:50a AM.

I went back to bed around 3:30AM. Upon getting up around 5:30 AM I experienced heart rate that was higher than usual. I got up multiple times and each time I notice my heart rate increasing. I also notice someone in the apartment down stairs below me.