“Safe House” Community Co-operative Proposal

“Safe House” Community Co-operative Proposal

Plan to start safe house.

We are seeking suggestions from members of the Targeted Individual (TI) community to begin the process of:

* starting a safe house community
* raising funding for a safe house community
* purchasing land for a safe house community

This is my idea and all suggestions will be welcome.

1. Formulate a meeting, which we will discuss the details of this project.

The project will encompass a business plan that will outline how money will be generated.

Option 1. 30 targeted individual will save at least $1,000 within a 12 month period. For instance, if you have $100 in your pocket by February 1st, you should have at least $1,000 by January of 2013.

Option 2. We will seek donations from interested parties that agree with our ideas. Donations is not grant making.

Option 3. Option 1 and 2 could be combine if goal could be narrow down to 9 months.

Option 4. A grant proposal could be develop to get seed money for the project. The project will be funded in stages until we meet our goal of raising enough money to purchase the land.

Option 5. Several TI’s could start businesses that could generate enough money to purchase the land.

Option 6. A single business can be created by several TI’s that could generate enough money to purchase the land.

I’m not too clear on how long Option 5 and 6 will take to generate the necessary funds to purchase land. Because of several risk involve, Option 1 is my overall preference. However, can we commit as much as 30 people to save around $100 a month for this project? Committing Individuals is one thing and getting them to agree on how this safe house project will run once it is up and running is another thing. That is the purpose of meeting, before we decide on the final project.

Once we have met our financial goal, we will then discuss the project 1. location 2. size 3. cost .

The final decision will be made by majority vote, but we will make some concessions.

Once a location has been found, we need to discuss what kind of construction will happen on the property. Several suggestions have already been made, but more ideas are needed.

The property must be big enough for 31 cabins. There must also be enough land for farming.

Option 1. Purchase one parcel of land.

Option 2. Purchase two parcel of land.

The idea of two parcels of land allows us to work with a much smaller crowd. It allows more land for farming use. Downside: The cost can be more than 1/3 than the latter.

Structure: Security, Alternative Energy, Community Duties, Transportation


* cameras
* gps jammers
* water integration
* fencing
* dogs

Alternative Energy:

* solar panels
* wind turbines

Community Duties:

Chores will be assigned to at least two persons per day. Chores will include organic farming, but it would be the upkeep of the property. Exactly how this will be needs further discussion.


This is very important. We need at least two vehicles to assist individuals to and from their destination. Gas and maintenance cost will have to be discuss later. Vehicle used for hauling produce will be part of the equation.

As you can see, this can work.

This is a fast proposal. I just want to get the torch burning. But it can happen next year if we are committed.

I like to add that AFFIDAVITS development is an absolute necessary to reduce infiltrators from setting us back.

Any suggestions??

Chris J. Brunson

PS: The project will be run by 1) Kelb (if it mission statement allows it), 2) a newly formed non-profit 3) a co-operative structure (this model allows us to lobby as a group for stronger legislation protecting whistle-blowers, victims of electronic harassment and human experimentation), 4) An LLC or Company business structure and 5) A coalition such as TICSD.

I’m going to go with #3. It offers flexibility. The downside: we can’t grant make, but we can seek donations. Donations can come in the form of membership (501 C4). Another topic.

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19 thoughts on ““Safe House” Community Co-operative Proposal

  1. An Affidavit is not necessary at this time, because 1) it is a lengthy process, 2) I don’t have any information to refer to regarding your situation and 3, I usually start off with a statement to establish your situation.

    Do you have another email that I can refer to? If not, do you have any website(s), post and any information that I can refer to? This will allow me to access how I can address your situation in an appropriate manner.

    Here’s my facebook page that you can refer to: https://www.facebook.com/qolspony

    So my situation has been made public to build trust with the Targeted Individual community.

    Thank you for your feedback.


  2. I need a safe place as well. But I have to raise money to purchase land to provide this safe space. Do you have any income that you can contribute for this safe space? If so, lets talk. Maybe we can brainstorm and see if we can move this proposal forward.

    At this present time, I’m seeking 5/10 acres of land. The land will be parcel for RV’s, Campers, Cars, Vans, Tents/Tarp, etc. We do not expect any built property initially and it isn’t the bases of this project.

    This is one of many parcel of land that should be purchase. This will allow TIs to go from one place to another place so that their targeting is always at a minimum. The idea is to limit stays to three months (maximum 6 months).

    Thank you for your comment.

  3. I am a targeted Individual and I’m very interested in finding a safe place. But also worried about being infiltrated.

  4. I see you are aware of H. Michael Sweeney’s program. I have heard some rumors that he no longer is associated with this program, that it had been taken over by an exclusive group. And that there are a few people on the property, but they are not publicizing it out of fear of infiltration.
    I also heard about a few American TIs relocation to central and south America and that their targeting were greatly reduced. This was a long time ago. But I can not verified this. Just something I heard. But if their were a group organized around this particular idea, I would consider it. But it is not something I would do on my own, because the laws are very different for foreigners and my complaint is with the U.S. government.
    Anyway, I have pretty much been inactive with the Targeted Individual community for sometime. I don’t even spend a lot of time documenting as I once did. It just seem a continue rotation of old ideas that serve to keep people spinning their wheels.
    But yeah! it can work if the right people are involved. However, there are a lot of infiltrators mixed into the TI community (5/1). But those who are genuine TIs, the majority I have spoken to are being used to further demonize us. Certain TIs understand different things and their reaction to those things differ great. The influence of the perpetrators is just that bad. But it doesn’t have to be if we develop a STRONG spirit sense that will overcome the perpetrator manipulation methods.

  5. The interests stop when I start asking for Affidavits. The Affidavits was so I can prove that a person who wanted to participate was a Targeted Individual. This is to prevent perpetrators from infiltrating the project. So now I’m trying to save enough money to purchase land so I can do a small scale version of this proposal. Than it is the hope that when the project gets off the ground, it would be used as a model for others to purchase small parcels of land to offer TI’s to live on it.
    However, there is another organization who might be coordinated with a similar idea. But this idea is very exclusive and it is the west part of the United States. You can contact them at: http://pactsntl.org
    Thanks for your interests.

  6. There are enough TI’s now that if this was managed according to some of the comments this could be doable. I suggest property in Ecuador as several TI’s escaped targeting there. Please contact me via email. Apparently the properties their are more reasonable. Check out H Michael Sweeney sage haven for TI’s. He has found several large properties in Ecuador for the price of a house.

  7. It’s now 2020 are there any updates to this place or did it just fade out

  8. Give a little gain a lot, collectively..,if 500,000 TI’s would contribute $2.00 Towards this project, 1 million dollars, would be generated, in no time.,

  9. If 500,00 TI’s could offer $2.00 each, the total would add up to: $ 1000000 , 1million dollars..food for thought.

  10. I will like to add that the advantage of owning land vs having a non profit managing it, is that the control is yours. However, there will be certain protocols put into place. For instance, there will be no cell phone calls close to the property. And residences must upkeep their surroundings is some of the protocols that will be in place.

  11. The idea of a safe house is the collaboration of TIs who will save $100 a month in a separate bank account. Depending on the amount of TIs who join this plan, will depend on when we are ready to purchase the land. Each person must furnish an Affidavit before they are allowed to join. Once the property is purchased, each person will get a pot of land that they would be managing. They would be agreement drawn to how this will work.

  12. Looking for housing. I am target by neighbors and it is very hard to get justice from government and law enforcement in Temple Hills Maryland. Do you know of any safe houses or community that will accept me.

  13. This community safe house is an excelent idea, my wife and I are T.I.’s on disability. We are being tortured 24-7 and need a safe place to go. We have a travel trailer and SUV, how can we join?

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