Food Poisoning

They poisoned my food at the shelter, as a result, I had to purchase my food at the fast food restaurant.

They poisoned my food at the shelter, as a result, I have to be careful when and where I order.

They went into my car and poisoned my water, as a result, I had to installed an alarm.

This is an ongoing process of life and death and currently it appears that I’m loosing the battle.

This evil program I was placed in is connected to remote human experimentations. The organized gang stalking groups is just a covered to totally control everyone. And this is accomplished through the mind controlled program.

I am currently in the process of putting together an affidavit. But the struggle to stay alive is an uphill battle.



2 thoughts on “Food Poisoning

  1. I Am An Ongoing Human Experimentation/Test Subject Of The University Of Iowa Hospitals And Clinics, In My Home State Of Iowa, From Many YEARS Ago, The Mental Health Ward/Borg Assimilation Cube! And Once YOU Get Signed In, YOU NEVER Get AWAY Again! Sorry That THIS Abuse IS Happening To You Chris….TRUST NO ONE And NOBODY, EVER.

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