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Become an activist against the forces that attack us by joining us. FFCHS seeks to provide emotional support and information to the targeted community, educate the public about targeting, engage in research into the weaponry used against us, interact with similar groups in the US and abroad, provide press reports to the media, push for legislation against organized and electronic stalking, sponsor and assist programs aimed at exposing targeting, and host talk shoes for targets to express opinions and exchange information. Your membership of $20 a year will keep FFCHS alive and growing.

Please send your check or money order clearly made out to FFCHS as your annual membership fee to: Treasurer, FFCHS; 19744 Beach Blvd., Unit 372; Huntington Beach, CA 92648. You may also join through the FFCHS website with PayPal.

FFCHS Membership

Some targets have apparently sent in their dues in the past and not been credited for them on the membership list. If you believe that your fees have not been recorded or if you wish to see whether they have been recorded, please email the FFCHS treasurer at healingspirt@gmail.com FFCHS has instituted changes that will ensure that such omissions will not occur in the future.

Volunteers Needed

FFCHS has many future plans, and it needs some volunteer researchers to look for prospective donors to help fund those plans. The volunteers would identify philanthropists, other larger non-profit groups, large companies, and foundations that might sympathize with our issues, record the names and locations, and find out the name of a contact person who handles donations. If interested, please contact one of the board members. Thank you.


9 thoughts on “FFCHS Newsletter: Join Us & Support Us!

  1. Derrick please help me to join your group my email has been compromised please call me 2087037953 ask for turo ! I have evidence but cannot upload to show people

  2. You can send me your Newsletter. Please put me on your mailing list.

  3. I still hear Electromagnetic frequency every day. I don’t know how to stop
    it. What is the solution that can stop it? I have some chip implanted.

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