Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance DISSOLVED!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance, International
PACTS, International
PO Box 5405
Hemet, CA 92544

Greetings, all.
I’m writing to inform the community of some very important news, which I will be forwarding to the former FFCHS board.

As of March 18, 2016, the organization formerly known as Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance has been officially dissolved per a notice posted by the State of Ohio at their website, pictured below, and found at this link:

As the original founder of that organization nearly 10 years ago, the events of the past few months have by design spun out of all sense of reason and sanity. Those that have occupied the board of that organization in recent months have done so recklessly, irresponsibly and rather than leading the group in a proactive direction, had taken every opportunity to publicly smear my name with a campaign of slanderous falsehoods and sheer hatred. Therefore, I felt compelled to take this drastic step.

Those individuals are now obliged to create a new organization of their own liking with a name of their own choosing.

All notices to relevant agencies, including the IRS, are in the process of receiving notification of this action.

Hereinafter the date of March 18, 2016, all business, including donations, transacted in the name of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance is no longer valid.

Peace & Liberty,
Derrick Robinson, Executive Director
People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance, International


27 thoughts on “Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance DISSOLVED!

  1. I don’t know if anyone still reads this but it’s so sad that this website shut down ..I just watched a lot if tesomny regarding the covert torture people have experienced at public hearing on u tube .. some if those people are from this group and that link brought me here ..I just wanted to share this because people are organizing Ito communities .I personally would like to make a stand and force the government to donate land and possibly missle silo to be converted into living quarters .there is a specific process that non profits can take to acquire surplus property from government for free !! Anyway I wanted to share the link that got me on this train of thought because iv found it very useful’s to Micheal Sweeney’s website have to click on the links that are in the text .to navigate through website .I have found his writings very helpful and plan to order his books …I very much want to find more papole to network with…finally it seems people are ready to make a stand ..and .sticking together makes us stronger Don’t give up

  2. I can setup an email for you, as long as you don’t use it to send spam. Reply to this comment if you are interested.

  3. Dear Phyllis Mitchell,
    I see you never got a response to your question about how to get your information and help out to other TIs. If you see this message, I would love to connect with you. I’ve only been targeted for 4 years or so, but I’ve also noticed how very much better I feel whenever I move to a new place, at least for about 3 days to a week – after that it’s all downhill again. My life fell apart completely 2 years ago (lost the love of my life, my close-knit circle of friends, my way of life, job, everything, all in one fell swoop), and I’ve sort of been on the move since then – housesitting, sleeping in my van, finding an apartment I can afford for a little while, etc. I’ve felt so utterly alone, frightened, and painfully helpless. I am housesitting until Sept 18 2018 in BC Canada. Perhaps you could try to email me at ? I’ve lost access to 6 email accounts, 2 facebook accounts, and 3 other social media forum accounts in the last 1/2 year or so (I was a political activist), so I don’t know how long this one will work, but for the time being, I would so love to connect with someone who can help.
    Thank you…
    Katja Grunther

  4. My name is Phyllis and I want to know if there is going to be any kind of forum to give ideas on how to handle getting more control in your life. I have been a TI for over 20 years and I have a massive amount of valuable information that will help a lot of people. The government does not want this information out so you will probably have a lot of trouble contacting me. I am presently “houseless” on purpose (not homeless) and I suggest that for a lot if TIs, especially if they are being attacked in some way. The dwellings are being pre set up and Tis need to recognize this. I have definite proof of this. I have found that all of the supposed organizations that are suppose to help Tis have been bought off by the government. But there is a couple of ways around them that no one is thinking about that will address the issue and I want to discuss these with someone with paralegal or legal backgrounds. I also want to attach court cases of connie marshall, akwei v NSA, meirelle tujordan, and Jane doe #14 v internet brand to my case under a very different court undergoing. These are court cases with obvious proofs that went awry due to governmental interference.

  5. Thank you. I noticed for sometime you have been posting under: “Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance DISSOLVED!” when it should be “Edmund Igberaese TI had been ARRESTED!” There is no way the others could follow you on this specific topic. Maybe you can repost your comment so that people can follow you.

  6. Amma, Thanks for sharing this with me. I’m going to check around if I can get an update on Edmund Igberaese. In the meantime, if Pat b. is reading this, hopefully should could give some insight where E.I. could be.

  7. We tried to bail him out and were informed there is no inmate named Edmund Igberaese housed in Adams County so apparently they moved him but he is not in the adjacent counties either, we are searching. This is the latest: Name: IGBERAESE, EDMUND EDEDE DOB: 01/20/1993 Sex: M
    Date of Booking: 1/18/2017 12:48:38AM Booking No. : 201700000842
    Docket No. : J214281
    Holding for Agency: AURORA PD
    Bond Amount: $0.00 Bond Type: SENTENCED
    Next Court Date: Sentence Release Date: 06/21/2017

  8. I found a prisoner advocacy group and sent them the information. It was a random set of events that led me to his name and your blog the other day. Adams County is notorious for inmate deaths. We need to get him out of there. I believe he sent a call for help, and somehow it actually isn’t random I found him and found you. I hope Pat has seen this update.

  9. Thank you for your concern Amma. I think I would start with the county Sheriff. Than if that doesn’t produce results, the Council in the district or prison advocate org of the area.

  10. Qolspony and Pat, I am checking his status each day. I do not know what to do and am willing to help. Please contact me at
    I’m near Adams County.

  11. Thank you very much Pat B. for this. I will be creating a post on my forum and sending it as a general announcement.

  12. Pat B.
    Edmund has been arrested. It does not appear he is released yet.
    Adams County Sherriff Inmate Search
    Name: IGBERAESE, EDMUND EDEDE DOB: 01/20/1993 Sex: M
    Date of Booking: 1/18/2017 12:48:38AM Booking No. : 201700000842
    Docket No. : J214281
    Holding for Agency: AURORA PD
    Bond Amount: $750.00 Bond Type: CASH/SURETY
    Next Court Date: Sentence Release Date:

  13. FFCHS was a fake group to create a focus for disinformation trolls and schizophrenics to discredit victims of police harassment by multiple perpetrators and nonlethal weapons.

    If you aren’t a low life police informant then leave this page. It’s here to hurt not to help. Don’t be fooled by this guy. He doesn’t give a sh*t about you.

  14. Help.
    Excuse typos.
    No time to edit.
    We TI’s need help! Outnumbered. Out weaponed. Out financed. Our american dream of a safe haven; my house, has become a death camp of sorts, a virtual prison sanctioned by those sworn to uphold our constitutions sanctity and americas sovreignty. Along side our always watchful, part Parental, once one eye left open at all times on our…SAFETY!!!! Thoroughlly compromised! Gone! Our chosen trusted servants deceiving us, all the while colluding with, for, and to, ALL we’re against. Allowing, worse yet, aiding in the infultration of our sanctuary. Holding hands with…literally escorting Satan, and therefore.. all his minions ” in “, and with Carte Blanche. The bringer of evil, the devil to our obvious, and ultimate detriment. Exposing our intentionally manipulatemanipulated childlike wide-eyed, deer in the headlights, startled out of a deep sleepiew
    Govts. evil program of genocide against humans globally. This sham of a democratically voted into office pres., government or congressional bodymilitary industrial complexs the subject our previously healthy, mostly happy bodies and minds and inject us 24/7 with cancer giving microwave beams, heart attack brain anurism prepping/inducing direct energy weapons. Im watching my dogs, my kids…my joy. Be brutally tortured, microwaved repeatedly…now beyond belief….along w/V2k non stop showing them something that has them in constant fear!!!!, Nowhere to get help!!!???? Helppp!!!! Their killing my bsbies b4 my very eyes, in my home, on my bed….and i cannot protect them. They may not make it tbrough the night. We need support or we will seek revenge on these animals. What right? They have none. Theyre killing us!! We must defend ourselves!!! No police. Nowhere to turn…dont know “one” anybody to call for help….unbelievable. All this caused by the current establishment and their total disregard for human life. Mine, yours, and anything….all that we love are fair game.
    They are torturing us!!! There is only meager at best self defense and our utterly enraged, dumbfounded to be directed in retaliation at our perceived persecutors/ hit men and women. Weve nowhere to turn and my loves are being taken from ms in the worst way…we live in a cell satellite and antenna congested area harboring 110 antennas and 30 cell phone towers in a 3 mile radius. Didnt know even possible so near schools and homes. Need to get out of here and off the grid yesterday!!! Have motor home/rv need a place to park it…near water optimum???? Any suggestions? Thoughts? Offers? Ideas? Were open. Relatively normal fringe americans being persecuted, and victimised for our thoughts and our beliefs..wake up
    America already over!! proof positive!!!! How can we
    Still be enduring this yall?!? Decades later?!? You poor, poor pioneers still fighting since the inception….im hubled by your unconsenting neverending sacrifices of life, very possibly love, happiness, liberty, justice, and freedom. And ultimately peace of mind….all these inaliable rights my ass!!!! Stomped on!! Robbed from us!! Our tormentors are cowards, Emotionally volatile and immature, petty and vengeful hiding in the shadows. Running in groups..never alone like us using fear and intimidation to dominate those weakest around us through a constant bombardment of oppressive messaging such as ; no no no no being yelled at your psychy non stop, obnoxiously to dogs, chickensnand people alike. Thats what they think of us. Dogs…people…same program.. Only my chickens…terrified, physically burned up, stressed out, visibly tormented, audibly imploring our help and telling a story of coconcern. Distraught and clearly trying to avoid, hide or otherwise steer clear of something? Look8ng all around them frenetically eyes bulging with fear and often flooded with blood they wait helplessly for their next inevitable and unnerving visit from this grid program of a virtual tormentor…i cannot protect them from. All done remote. Microwaving their previously happy, rescued, safe and sound minds anddisgusting govt sanctioned levels of fear, discomfort, and absolutely valid paranoia all leading inevitably to a real time, as in right now; painful existance. Now lalacking even the bare minimum of requirement necess. To qualify as a “normal”, once taken for granted, “a given”. For better or missing…”Quality of life.” Taken from us with the help of those we had previously sought help or solace from…They remain idol. watching….calmly. As if they were safe. As if they werent next. Unbelievably beyond naieve!! Next. Someone will be. Next, anyone could be. Next they are. Having aided and abbeded these murderous criminals in perpetrating uunconcionable acts, and crimes against us and humanity at large, i am sorely…deeply saddened at your, my fellow man, neighbor, friend, albeit, fellow American’s sleepwalkingly blind, mass predicted to manipulate easily; i am saddened by your text willingness to see a strangers truths above your friends, family member..whomever you abandoned for the lies. Wake up americans!!!! It may already be too late!!!!

    I fear for us too late may have already arrived. I sign us for all too see truthfully as this may be last transmission and there is not a believer alive who knows about us. This our first , and
    Maybe our last attempt at an Sos….FINALLY to someone already indoctrinated. (Numerous attempts to friends, police, dr john hall, alex jones and more…animal control, the SPCA, doctors and randoms…all to no avail, wasted precious time thrown away….efforts thwarted, computer gliches, calls diconnected, emergencies and more rush in like the tide, on a wave of endless fires and distractions. Gangstalking 101 : detain – distract – misinform – mislead – bait – delude and stifle us from carrying out any and all activity derived from free thinking.
    Their goal : Our Utter Destruction

    God Speed to any and all forces and or entities that can/will/or unbeknownst to us, already are…coming to our, TI’s and animals of every kind, everywhere, yes
    globally….bringing long sought after aid.
    We Thank You in advance for your good will and compassion. So humbly needed and greatfully accepted on behalf of all of us able or unable to reach out.


    Marion Shepard
    Thomas Bacon
    Roscoe Shepard-Bacon
    Cami Shepard-Bacon
    Roo the Rooster and his girls; God Bless their tiny

    tormented crispy fried brains.

  15. To All:

    A wonderful and very gifted young man who has been severely targeted lately, has become eeriely silent. His name is Edmund Igberaese, and is a dear friend of mine. His last residence was in Colorado.

    Edmund called me every Saturday for as long as I can remember, and I’d reciprocate. His sole purpose for calling: to offer support for my own horrific torture even as he was under severe pain himself. Although I never met him, he was like a precious son to me…

    I’ve tried everything to try to contact him. All efforts have been in vain. I want to help in any way I can.

    Please, if you know anything about Edmund’s whereabouts, please post it here. That will be much appreciated.

    Pat B.

  16. Derrick,

    My name’s Justin. I live in CA, I’m 32 and I’ve been a target for 3 years; I don’t know why I waited so long to reach out to FFCHS. In that 3 years I’ve been cleverly railroaded into jails, rehabs and mental institutions. When I finally got out of my last rehab from Jan, 2016 – June, 2016 I was a little bummed out to hear that your original foundation/website was disbanded; I can’t say I’m surprised though, and I say that earnestly. I consider myself a seasoned survivor so far, but when you’re hearing voices all day, you’re having your mind read and thoughts criticized, ya’ don’t want to leave the house, you’re upstairs neighbors are stomping on squeaky ass floorboards all day, slowly cooking you with microwaves.. and THEN you have an 8-year old kid walking past you at the grocery store, calling you crazy, yelling “cuckoo, cuckoo!!”, that shit starts to get to you a little bit; you kinda start hating PEOPLE in general – MORBIDLY, you start taking solace and enjoyment in the fact that we’re all dead, and they’re drowning in it too. ANYWAY, on a lighter note. I’m want to become a member or whatever. I’m tired of internalizing this shit, I’m sick of hearing these cockroaches’ fake ass laughter. How do I sign up? I want a T-shirt, and I want one of those training manuals that Eleanor Roosevelt (was it?) wrote. I want to become involved with your group. I’m going to e-mail you guys once a week if I have to lol.

  17. Shirley attavked in heart. Dabid Paul Thomss New Orleans. want to take my lie . Need help. He is son Myrnrll Thomas. Eberyday i am dtslkrd attackef an Voiced to death sn esrs not frer. Want to cause heary attack brain damage.

  18. Caprice Gibson harrased over 26 yrs with a murderous trail of family members. Hope Washington dishes out real justice and all others. I am labeled a hard or soft kil whichever can do it faster. Govt employs church of satan and various others like the 1 percent left over nazis trying to take over the world.

  19. Derrick,

    Thank you for being there when I needed you the most. The Colorado situation did make the White House under Senator Udall A member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence October 2013. Obama denied us all respectful services. One woman Marsha Yost has since died from this Gang Rape Murder Police Brutality and worse. Our political forces have initiated Genocide for the Staged refugee crisis, and the organization of the “new” Atrocity Prevention Board.

    Keep up the Good Work and God Bless. #americasmostwanted

  20. Myself Manish Kamble from chinchwad ,Pune city,State Maharashtra Country India Victim of covert harassment /electromagnetic waves i.e mind hearing voices weapons

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