Toronto Targeted Individuals (Meeting Minutes: January 21st, 2017)

Toronto Targeted Individuals
(Meeting Minutes: January 21st, 2017)
(6PM at 483 Bloor Street W)
Members: Present: Joshua Byer, Galina Kurdina, Firas Fahham, Terry Parker Jr. , Jerome Mitchell, Sherry Podolchuk ( via telephone ) Absent: Several
· Meeting started as scheduled

Points Discussed

1. Review petition submission to MPs.
  • Joshua handed in 5 petition packages.
  • Galina handed in 5 petition packages.
  • William handed in 1 of his 5 petition packages.
  • Joshua has received a response from two constituency offices. Ali Hussein’s doesn’t want to present the petition because the signatures are not all from their riding. Bill Morneau’s has promised to forward the petition on to him in Ottawa.
  • It would be wise to pursue Judy Sgro as the presenter of the petition. She is the MP for Joshua’s riding and Joshua collected most of the signatures.
  • Galina is going to pursue getting the petition presented by her MP John Mckay.
  • There are two MP’s in Etobicoke that were not assigned to anyone.
2. Create a plan to submit petition to remaining MPs
  • Joshua will go to the two MPs in Etobicoke soon.
  • William needs to finish off the work that was assigned to him.
  • Joshua will ask Firas to deliver to Etobicoke since getting their by transit is going to be difficult.
3. Review CSI office space situation.
  • Application process is taking longer then it is supposed to, was told it would be done in a few days.
  • Response keeps getting put off to later dates, several missed deadlines on their end.
  • Joshua will continue to pursue this, going to go in person on Monday.
4. Review Rohinie’s upcoming trial.
  • Rohinie is going to have a court appearance at Old City Hall on the 23rd of January at 10 AM. It is going to be on the third floor inside courtroom G.
  • Members form our group were encouraged to take a pen and a paper so that they could write notes.
  • The group need as many pairs of eyes as it can get. Previously, we were unable to properly document everything that happened.
  • Joshua, Galina, William and Terry should all be there.
  • Galina is going to figure out what is going on with Mitch Weiss. Hopefully, get some exact dates.
5. Discuss what can be done to get group attendance up.
  • Attendance at this last meeting is an improvement over our last one.
  • William did not attend this one, which is of annoyance.
  • Several members are expressing interest and then not showing up.
  • Jerome will hopefully be attending our meetings going forward.
  • Galina is going to continue to contact everyone before our meetings.
6. Discuss situation with Jerome.
  • Jerome is a Targeted Individual from Toronto who required a place to stay, after being evicted.
  • Joshua has agreed to help him by providing him with some shelter/money.
  • Jerome and Joshua are getting along great.
  • Jerome will be of assistance to the group going forward. He participates in the TI telephone meeting from the states and is quite reasonable.
7. Come up with plan for similar situations.
  • The group wants to be able to help people in similar situations.
  • Joshua needs to be informed if someone asks another member for assistance.
  • Despite a group effort, no one else committed to housing someone from the community.
  • Firas offered use of his car should we ever need it for an emergency.
8. Discuss jammers.
  • Jammers block radio signals operating on set frequencies.
  • They allow signals that are not operating on their frequencies to pass, although they do interfere with them.
  • The device implanted in the brains of Targeted Individuals is receiving and sending signals.
  • That implanted device is operating on a frequency that is unknown to us.
  • The jammer that we currently possess blocks frequencies that are used for commercial purposes, such as by wireless routers or cell phones.
  • The jammer we possess does help stop communication to and from the implanted device.
  • Because the jammer is not set to the right frequency, it does not stop all communication to and from the implanted device.
  • In order to find the correct frequency, Firas suggested we use a spectrum analyzer.
  • Since we have no experience using such devices, Joshua wanted to know if there was a device that could block all frequencies that could realistically be used to communicate with the implanted device.
  • Firas suggested a jammer that rapidly changes the frequency it jams, goes through all of them. Such a device would not block all communication all the time, as most often it would be on the wrong frequency.
  • Galina pointed out that we could look at the implanted devices in the medical field and see what frequencies they operate on. This was deemed a good idea as that is likely the effective frequency for similar devices.
  • The group is going to come up with specifications for a custom jammer and then have it constructed by an outside source.
9. Group jammer plan.
  • Jerome loves the jammer.
  • No one in the group expressed much interest in going out and getting a jammer.
  • Firas is going to buy a spectrum analyzer.
  • Joshua is going to look up the frequencies that implanted devices usually operate on.
  • Sherry feels that more people are accepting that implanted devices that effect the brain are being used for mind control.
  • She was quite optimistic and had a number of ideas she wanted help from the group with.
  • Joshua promised to assist, asked her write the details in the group chat on Facebook.
  • Because of the noise at the Cafe the meeting was held at, Sherry couldn’t properly communicate with the group.
  • The group is going to need a new place to meet.
11. Call Manan Paul
  • Manan was busy and promised to call Joshua tomorrow.
12. Misc
  • Terry wants us to contact James Sears who has a TV show, Galina has promised to follow up on that.
  • Galina wants us to participate in the class action lawsuit from BC, everyone is encouraged to do that.
  • The group need to start having more debate on our Facebook conversation, everyone is encouraged to do their part.

14 thoughts on “Toronto Targeted Individuals (Meeting Minutes: January 21st, 2017)

  1. The main man behind most targeted individuals is Lieutenant Bain Coote who is the oversight for csis. He did live at 1032 Dovercourt rd Toronto Ontario Canada until about 2017. He is also the terrorist behind terrorist groups like Back Bloc vandals agent provocateurs who kicked in the windows during the G20 summit. They are also Antifa, ungovernables, most biker gangs ext. CSIS cooks all their meth at 105 Isabella st Toronto Ontario. Their gang hangs out st 888 Bloor st were they sell their cocaine and I can go on all day about their crack dealers.. I am a ti since I watched these terrorist kick in windows and lit fake cop cars on fire during the G20 in Toronto Ontario Canada. Btw the SIRC is the only oversight for CSIS.

  2. hello this is Hameed, I live in Toronto, I am an artist under electronic harassment for 15 years, please see my website at and my video at youtube, electronic harassment artist, please send my website to other and inform the ti group, thank you god bless you

  3. When is your next meet up in Toronto?. I would like to join and to see how we can further this cause. This is one of the worst crimes, that is being perpetrated by the government, against TIs. Targeted Individuals worldwide, should do all that they can, to stop this atrocity. The goal is to kill us off silently. We must take back our power.

  4. hi how can i get in contact ive been targeted for a few years now and would love to talk to people who understand whats going on pls n thx.

  5. Just checking to see if any posts on ti, s being murdered..wonder if anyone knows the total of children, woman and men, being murdered who the criminals of church, state, military, corruption, genocide design do set up, use, murder. I bet some one does.

    Be safe,
    Love Robin

  6. I find sycologist like syciatrist, full of syco babble bullshit. The secrets of the class action suite, the secret ti lawyers, all the info, all the ti, s turned perpetrators, for money, and all those women and men who kept the secret and allowed others to be harmed by this, especially those who can access the interception over the internet, the sick fucks actually watch. When I found out I was a target and the abuse I endured to finding was horrific and still is. I spoke up to every one, well so many played me right up until 2015, thinking I was one of few. Then I suppose the perpetrators decided they best tell me how other children, woman and men, are micri chipped. I went to every one, bully fucked by men when left homeless, trying to take this to court in 2014, and bully fucked by women in the shelter system. No fucking wonder so many targets take the murder by suicide, hmmmmm, you can ask a million fucking people and your left on your own, no real help. I can’t find one person who is even interested in seeing my file, why is that? Is it cuz so many are caught using children, woman and men to death with this knowledge? Better hope as I wrote mr. Harper back in 2007, after set up in the crack shack murder, best hope your child does not get lured by the whore master to suck some old dirty dick for a 5$ hoot. I soon learned as I recently told the dr.s, you lie. So many find lying acceptable, even at the expense of their own children. How fucking sad is that. The competition amongst ti sites is rather ridiculous, especially when no real help is offered by any one to htruly help another. Is this cuz even though were ti, s, we are still being ran by perpetrators? Fuck I am thankful I had a strong will and stood up even alone. Even got thrown out of places cuz I would not join in on the lie or set up others. Cuz I do believe in natural law, to do no harm to child, woman or man. Holding others accountable for this abuse is not doing harm. At least when I do die, it is with a clear conscience and love in my heart for all life. I would never do to another what has been done to me. I would rather die than ever become a perpetrator. And no one talks about how easy it would be to remove the micro chips and ocular devices, and for the medical industry to stop preforming the experimentation on us. No, were forced to either live with this, and it is not a life or chuse murder by suicide. Not much options we give the up coming targeted individuals, is it?

    just remember this willbe your children, grandchildren. My mother and father were targets, I am a product of church, state, military, corruption, genocide.

    Cuz that is what this is medical genocide. One day when perhaps people face the truth, take their fucking blinders off, find their conscience, it will change. It certianly wont happen allowing other children, woman and men being used to death. Truth

    Love Robin

  7. I finally got through on the net for a james sears, is this the same guy who is the new constitution party of canada? Hmmmmm, lol, and he wants 10$ for a membership. And he wants to do a class action suit for targeted individuals?
    sounds like another criminal of church, state, military corruption. He obviously has not faced the truth.or is using the interception of private communication onttargeted individuals, could be. Perpetrators come in all disguises.
    Just remember it could be your child next.
    Thank you,
    Robin Reid

  8. Do you have an email add for james sears or phone number?
    for some reason cant get any thing on the net.. hmmmm wonder who is hacking. So many gutless hackers on the internet in church, state, military, corruption, genocide. Designed.

    one day the perpetrators will be held accountable.

    Creator gave life to all children, woman and men, not selected by race or religion. When we have pedophiles, whore masters and killers praying upon our children, woman and men, killing them, we have a fucking problem and people better take their blinders off.

    Thank you,
    Robin Reid

  9. Have been a target since childhood. Live in alberta. Surgeries done on eye and head. Evil designed by criminals of church, state, military, corruption, genocide.
    Since 2007 I have gone to every one from the top down, after being used and sycologicaly abused in2005 to the point of death. Very evil people from the top down from gangs to whore madters are using this technology on children, woman and men, and it’s killing us and they have to be stopped.
    How about a clss action, like people against covert torture and surveillance international are doing.
    I would rather take action thanbe used by so many or become a perpetrator. I did registered papers in 2011, then was assaulted, falsely arrested, false diagnosis. I am a product of church, state and military.
    I tell all they best take their blinders off as this could be their children next. Pretty horrific thought, would you not say?
    I do have documentation concerning what I have gone through. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,
    Robin Reid

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