Targeted Justice Class Action Lawsuit

Mission Statement:

We are a 501 (c) organization (pending) committed to pursuing legal action for Targeted Individuals.  Our secondary purpose includes education for public and legislative awareness of these Hate Crimes.


Latest News:

We currently have about 200 people that have agreed to participate in legal action.  If you would like to add your name or volunteer with our team, please contact us:


Mail:     Targeted Justice
1289 West FM 515
Winnsboro, TX   75494-4501


The Board of Directors held their first meeting in December 2017.  Teams have been formed to initiate membership, address legal and technical issues, and respond to outside questions.  The Board’s Co-Founders are Midge Mathis, Susan F. Olsen, Christi Kennedy Duncan, and Dolly Guenthner.

20 thoughts on “Targeted Justice Class Action Lawsuit

  1. I am interested in a lawsuit against the so called “powers” that are targeting me. My neighbors, as well as local police etc are participating in a gangstalking campaign against me. I have researched some lawyers that may take interest in these sorts of cases, and have come across your names. I have evidence and am compliling more with each day. Please let me know if you can assist with this process.

  2. I was kidnapped held hostage molested by scalpel mid-2015 I am subject of the brain initiative project and Bill Gates I was told with ray kurzweil l at Google along with government initiated. this experiment with me turning me into a cyborg I have 5 and plants with 90 probes on each implant in my brain I’m a hippocampus in other areas of my brain I have a pump in my liver or pump in my colon a valve on my heart a camera in my eyes and something in my nose they’re downloading my brain to put it into a prosthetic body to be the first generation transhumanist because I’m not compliant the using their technology to torture harasss and assault with a bloody nose headaches toothaches lower back aches sleep deprivation their form of tinnitus you name it they’ve done it they threatened to kill me and or kill my family if I don’t comply without consent being subject of the brain initiative project it’s all documented it’s aired on TV or it’s aired on an app that tried to bribe me with a million dollars. you can reach me at 910-5230 no use this number 330-634-7268. I would like to talk to somebody in person hopefully and I probably the interesting hearing about a class action suit although in my case it’s public knowledge I’ll sue them outright myself

  3. Where can I get help? Can’t call the police because their apart of it or FBI.

  4. I have been followed by police since 2014 , someone mess with my background, basically my identity has been taken away, all of this is because of a rumor someone started.

  5. For me, almost 25 years. I know who put me on the list..I pray they and hundreds other end up at San Quentin or GITMO for the rest of their sick pathetic lives.

  6. I hsve been a TI. for a very long time. Harrassed electronically by my nephew son of my sister. She is involved with son. Harassing is painful and pressure on head an ears , eyes non-stop. Tired of stalk, hack, track, monitor mail. Their action caused
    Ill-health an being tortured by weapons in his possession an use is a slow killer an bought with intent to kill. so he can control am handle am not be e exposed

  7. I started noticing weird things happening in the early 90’s. I am now 74 and they have ruined my life. They had me terrified for many years not to mention sleep deprived. They have ruined my reputation in my town and surrounding towns. I have refused to move . We need justice. I hope I live long enough to see these people pay for the crimes they have done to me and the rest of the targeted community.

  8. I have been targeted since late December 2016. I am an innocent citizen and have committed no crime. I am being tortured with directed energy /ELF/HF/ RF and acoustics 24/7. The directed energy and acoustic targeting is strongest at my place of residence but is also present in my car and in my office at work. I often measure the EMF to be in the hundreds mT at home and in my car. I have also measured the infrasound waves to be between 8 and 28 Hz at 8-14 db, pulsed and appear as a sinusoidal function when graphed. My physical and psychological symptoms are severe. This torture is destroying my body and mind. I will testify if it helps stop the targeting. I would do anything for this torture to stop.

  9. the idiots that do this are nothing, but idiots and criminals.
    and so are the stupid neighbours that also join in, that are also losers, criminals.
    unfortunately the idiot neighbours are also being watched. by participating.
    sad thing is, this kind of activity could be used , could have saved a lot of lives, but those in receipt of dodgy money just shows what kind of people the crackpots and neighbours are. glad i’m not one of them

  10. I have been targeted since 2015. The electronic harassment (torture) started in 2016 and continues 24/7. Gang Stalkers have increased from two towns Navy and Air Force using Ultrasonic Weapons and others. My house has been hijacked, infiltrated and so has my vehicle. I live alone so the Military come into my home and use there Mind Control device on me when I am sleeping….Poison is in my house etc….
    I am sure if you have my name and have a list of device chips that are implanted in myself you can find out the location of these weapons being used on me.

  11. Thanks for contacting. You can call me tomorrow at: 980-285-7954. I will be interested in what you can do. I know what is going on and have been speaking out since 2010. I have an idea of putting together a save house community. But that requires funds and support from the TI community.

  12. I am being targeted in Tooele Utah and my 5 and 8 year old children have been complaining of these pains also and have heard them talking. I Am not breaking the law or doing anything to anyone. This started with my sister and they now are useing these things in me and my small children if you could tell me what to do or if I can participate in anything I could pitch in on any funds if that’s what we need. My children are afraid and this needs to stop! Thank you my email or my phone number is 435-850-0981

  13. Please do not publish my name or my email address. I would like my name placed on list for Class Action Suit. I am unsure exactly when the targeting began in my life. The first episode of the program making itself known to me through a weapon that used loud voice was February 7, 2015. I also participated in Global T.I.Survey last summer. I too initially thought it to be a prank. My entire family has been affected and under constant threat. My only wish is to have my life returned to me. Privacy of own thought has become a given of the past..

  14. Ive been harrassed ,gangstalked,had stalkers put splinters on food trays at my job and i had splinters on my fingers,which caused me to have cardio arrest and almost died.even heard the gangstalkers talk about the splinters loudly to get my attention.they are unconstitutional .they are psyco sometimes.fbi cia terror squad

  15. I am being gang-stalked and I have not had any of my rights granted or privacy for years.

  16. Hello. I am being tortured daily by this remote neural monitoring systemic network. The nightmare began on January 01, 2016. I thought initially it was a prank, but thess frequencies are no joke. They cause headaches and even feels like I’m on the verge of a heart attack at times. I wonder who I pissed off and how? This shit is no fun.

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