Court Rejects Warrantless GPS Tracking

EFF-ACLU Arguments Against Always-On Surveillance Win The Day

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit today firmly rejected government claims that federal agents have an unfettered right to install Global Positioning System (GPS) location-tracking devices on anyone’s car without a search warrant.

In United States v. Maynard, FBI agents planted a GPS device on a car while it was on private property and then used it to track the position of the automobile every ten seconds for a full month, all without securing a search warrant. In an amicus brief filed in the case, EFF and the ACLU of the Nation’s Capital argued that unsupervised use of such tactics would open the door for police to abuse their power and continuously track anyone’s physical location for any reason, without ever having to go to a judge to prove the surveillance is justified.

The court agreed that such round-the-clock surveillance required a search warrant based on probable cause. The court expressly rejected the government’s argument that such extended, 24-hours-per-day surveillance without warrants was constitutional based on previous rulings about limited, point-to-point surveillance of public activities using radio-based tracking beepers. Recognizing that the Supreme Court had never considered location tracking of such length and scope, the court noted: “When it comes to privacy…the whole may be more revealing than its parts.”

The court continued: “It is one thing for a passerby to observe or even to follow someone during a single journey as he goes to the market or returns home from work. It is another thing entirely for that stranger to pick up the scent again the next day and the day after that, week in and week out, dogging his prey until he has identified all the places, people, amusements, and chores that make up that person’s hitherto private routine.”

“The court correctly recognized the important differences between limited surveillance of public activities possible through visual surveillance or traditional ‘bumper beepers,’ and the sort of extended, invasive, pervasive, always-on tracking that GPS devices allow,” said EFF Civil Liberties Director Jennifer Granick. “This same logic applies in cases of cell phone tracking, and we hope that this decision will be followed by courts that are currently grappling with the question of whether the government must obtain a warrant before using your cell phone as a tracking device.”

“GPS tracking enables the police to know when you visit your doctor, your lawyer, your church, or your lover,” said Arthur Spitzer, Legal Director of the ACLU-NCA. “And if many people are tracked, GPS data will show when and where they cross paths. Judicial supervision of this powerful technology is essential if we are to preserve individual liberty. Today’s decision helps brings the Fourth Amendment into the 21st Century.”

Attorneys Daniel Prywes and Kip Wainscott of Bryan Cave LLP also volunteered their services to assist in preparing the EFF-ACLU brief.

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For more information on the case, formerly known as U.S. v. Jones:


Kevin Bankston
Senior Staff Attorney
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Cindy Cohn
Legal Director
Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Conference Call Concerning Affidavits

This has been the third week convincing the importance of putting together an affidavit, but non has came to fruition. I have decided that it is not a good use of my time to continue. I have decided that I will focus on my audio journal, as this can be used for further documentation purposes. Next week will be my last conference call concerning this manner.

I can’t blame Miriam Snyder for this response, as we both were expecting at least two Affidavits to arrive.

But I did notice the call started later than usual. The new callers we had were not really prepare to deal with the issue at hand.

Most of the regular callers were not present. But a few manage to make it into the room. We ended the room with over 15 callers, which is not bad. However, most of the callers were inactive and unresponsive.

The callers that I expect to be more fordable did not want to do an Affidavit.

It balls down to doing a support call or one that educates the listener. Neither call is what I want to do. So I decided to focus my call on reading my journal every two weeks.

At some point I was going to share in this evidence gather, but after analyzing the option, coordinating a call like this one would have work against me. Therefore, I will no longer be hosting a conference call with people in it.

The call will strictly be about evidence gathering.

I do apologize for the inconvenience that this has cause you, but I have come to this decision.

I enjoy the 3 months I was hosting a community call. But because I’m a man on a mission, I don’t feel like I can be of use in this area.

Good luck.


9 Dead in Conn. Beer Distributor Shooting

9 Dead in Conn. Beer Distributor Shooting

A high-ranking union official says a man who fatally shot eight co-workers and himself at a beer distributorship in Connecticut had been caught on videotape stealing beer. At least two people were also wounded, one critically.

Union officials say Omar Thornton, 34, had worked as a driver for a couple of years and had been called in for a disciplinary hearing Tuesday and asked to resign. He instead opened fire at a warehouse in Manchester, entering the business with a rifle and a red satchel filled with ammunition.

Family members told CBS News affiliate WFSB-TV in Hartford, Conn., that Thornton was a quiet, hard-working man who wasn

August 2010 Journal

8-26-10 Manager ABDUL 691 Franklin Street Nassau L.I. 11010 Purchased Peanut M&M;s 040000347064, Nestle Crunch Minatures 028000542252, WONKA GOBS Stopper Hear Breaker 079200624057. Notice immediate perpetrator activity, male walking around food section just looking at items w/o purchasing anything. Female grabs items once she notice me looking. Cashier places hand over eye once she see’s me. I’ve seen this many times before. I did not have my video phone, because it got wet the previous day.

Anti-stalking bill written by Sanchez passes House

Anti-stalking bill written by Sanchez passes House

WASHINGTON The House on Tuesday passed a bill authored by Rep. Loretta Sanchez to toughen federal anti-stalking laws, the same day that the Santa Ana Democrat held a news conference to push the measure along with ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews, herself a stalking victim.

Sanchez said HR 5662

Room Closing

Room Closing

If you are a regular participant of Government Sponsored Stalking and was in the room on Thursday July 29th, I apologize. The controversy surrounding the room closing is very complicated and I learned a valuable lesson from this experience.

If I’m not able to moderate the next call, I will send out a notice informing you that it won’t be open this week.

I do apologize for the abrupt closing as this was not of my doing. I generally will keep the room open after recording has ended.

Because I was not moderating the room at the time of closing, I had no control over this action that was taken against my will.

No longer will I be entertaining secondary moderators.

Thanks for your acknowledgment to this understanding.


PS: This isn’t a SUPPORT call. Calls are hosted on Thursdays at 11PM EST. 724-444-7444 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting


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Arm attacked while sleeping

I was woken up around 3Am and again around 5:45 AM. I was repeatedly attacked by microwave weapons targeting my heart and then my arm. When I first got into the vehicle, I notice my legs were vibrating. They must have place these devices underneath the van while I was in the house. Because I was woken twice, i could not wake up early.

Woken at around 3:15 AM & 7:30 AM

Heard intruder around vehicle and soon after I notice that my stomach and genital was being attacked by microwaves. And then I notice a vehicle speeding away. After this activity, I felt so drain that it was like someone had weights on my body. Then I notice later that my heart was propitiating.

When I went back to sleep I was placed right into a transient state. I had no control of my arms, hands or whether I was going to wake up. I can remember these same experiences as a young child that now I can connect these experiences with what is happening to me. This was so frightening to me that I sought professional advice. This was over 20 years ago.

I was woken again at 7:30 AM with a racing heart and an uncontrollable nervous system. This on-going abuse has had a very negative impact on my life. Has made it extremely impossible to work, to take care my basic hygiene and live a healthy social life. I rarely have interaction with people, except family members. Now it’s going on 3 years with no hope in sight.