Human Protection Software Suite Has Been Released

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I truly must say this is a poignant moment! After years of hard work, sacrifice, and selflessness displayed by the entire Reclaix team, I am proud to announce that Mellhedek, owner of Reclaix and d…
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April 2012 Journal 2

4-16 12:13p Clerk on duty Stephanie. Purchased three Arizona drinks: Half & Half Ice Tea Lemonade 23 oz. 613008719302, Lemonade 23 oz. 613008726096 and Ice Tea w/ Raspberry 23 oz. 088130994642. Upon consuming these beverages I felt a strong electro-magnetic signal directed to my head. I did not experienced this prior to consuming this product. It is the malicious contaminating of these products and the participation of these businesses that is the result of these electronic attacks. If these businesses did not allow their products to be altered the attacks would be greatly reduced. Among other parties who are responsible is the FDA and the U.S.D.A. For not doing anything about it. Also noted is pressure and attacks to the ears and ear drums, sinus congestion, tightness of the eyes and thickness of the siliva.

4-16 Audio Journal. Because of the lack of lighting in the area, I had trouble getting on the call. However, I finally got on the call, when it was time to do the show. I set the call up and then hanged up. Hanging up was because I needed to find the a lit up place. When I finally found a suitable place to do the show, I could no longer log into the conference call. The call was ended without my intervention and most likely was due to interference from the criminal organization. The call was rescheduled for Saturday afternoon. Starting on June, I will be changing the day and time when I do these specific calls. It would most likely be on Saturday, since most of my calls are made on this day.

4-16/17 I went to sleep around 10p. When I got up I experienced a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. This is due to consuming the drinks yesterday,eating the bagels that I got from the Rescue Mission, smart dust technology placed in the soil and directed energy from satellites and drones.

4-17 12:30p Food Lion 342 Eastern Blvd. Purchased Chopped Broccoli (FL Brand) 16 oz. 035826048132, Holly Fresh Chicken Thighs 1.90 lbs. 275809602834, 2 Van Camp’s Pork & Beans Maple & Brown Sugar 28 oz. 052000011234, 2 My Essentials Whole Kernel Corn 15.25 oz 725439103381, 10 Knurr Italian Sides Creamy Garlic Shells 4.9 oz. 041000022906, Four Cheese Bow Tie 4.1 oz 041000028380, Campi Flavor 4.2 oz. 041000082801, My Essentials Iced Oatmeal Cookies 12 oz. 725439102872, Nabisco Chip Ahoy 9.5 oz 044000024567 and Fresh Start Navel Oranges 033383110103. Upon consuming these products the attacks of electro-magnetic weapons increased. I particularly noticed signaling about 5 minutes into consuming products. This occurred after situated myself in a remote terrain that is not accessible to vehicles and difficult to maneuver by people. It is often the only places I can consume the contaminated food, which reduces the amount of attacks of electronic weapons. However, because of the difficulty of maneuvering this terrain, it does put my life at risk.

4-17 FSU Bronco. When I came into this facility there were only three people. After only 5 minutes of being there several more people came in. Many of the people were regulars. However, I did see a few others that I haven’t seen before. But since I was moving around, the targeting was minimized. The targeting was directed mostly at my knee caps and legs, but the directed energy could also be felt on my head. Once I left this facility, the targeting was greatly reduced.

4-18 I went to sleep at an entirely different location. This was due to consuming the food at such a late period and knew that the area that I regularly sleep at was setup to attack my body even more than previously. Anyway, after consuming the food, I became extremely tired, which I feel asleep a short time later. I had slept for about 8 hours prior to eating this contaminated food.

4-18 I went to sleep at around 2A at a downtown location. The attacks were minimized because I had not slept in this area before. Although I did notice a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system, it was not as bad as previous nights. I did feel a strong directed energy signal focused n the back of my head, but that was because I had drank a soda during this period. It was heavily contaminated with the chemicals that make it possible for the directed energy to target my body in specific ways.

4-19 Established with the Occupied Wall St. in Fayetteville, NC. Spoke to Wendy. She told me that meetings are held every Tuesdays at 6p. At the First Christian Church 1505 Fort Bragg Rd. Here direct phone number is 919-480-0398. I was also informed to contact the “Quaker House” 223 Hillside Ave. at 910-323-3912. As I found out later on, this contact was not helpful.

4-15 Human Protection Software Suite has been released this week. The conference call, which will be uploaded on the GSS server soon highlighted the license agreement, payment arraignments and general information regarding the product. Interested individuals should contact Mellhedek on his facebook page.

4-18/19 Went to sleep around 10p at my Gillepsie St. location. Due to the rain I was forced to sleep underneath the warehouse. Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. I was prompted to leave the general area after seeing one of the workers of this facility. I setup on the backend of the warehouse. It had already stopped raining and the ground wasn’t really damp, because the area had not gotten any rain fall for a while. To make this short, after getting up the second time, I seen a male coming out of a house, which sits about 300 feet from me. Just earlier I could feel electronic pulsing on my hip. Also noted. The criminals of this technology was directing the electro-magnetic energy to my nerves of my teeth causing my mouth to swell up. And early in the morning I felt intensive burning of my ears.

4-19/20 Slept throughout the day into the night and morning. Felt pulsing underneath me, which nano-tech was placed in this area. Experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. When I got up, the criminals of this technology was pulsing my right ear. It was in sync with my heart beat, which was being manipulated throughout this period. I contributed this to consuming the food that I purchased from Food Lion as I felt clogged. I particularly felt pressure in my ears and sinus cavity.

4-20/21 Went to sleep at my Gillepsie St. location, which I stayed the day prior. When I got up I noticed a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. The result of this was sleeping in an area that was contaminated with nano technology. It also was the result of malicious food and product contamination. But I did not feel the stinging until I left the area.

4-21 After consuming the food that I purchased from ALDIs Supermarket, I felt multiple signals that was directed at my head and feet. Then I noticed a vehicle filled with several people pulling up to the parking area. I was at Les’s house at the time. This prompted me to leave the area. The signals and people pulling up in the drive way was associated with the contaminated food I just consumed.

4-21/23 Because of the rain I slept underneath the warehouse. Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. The result of this was transmissions emulating from the warehouse and malicious food and product contamination.

4-21 12:16p. ALDI Supermarket # 72 3447 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Purchased Berry Hill Stripes Grape 18 oz. 04198143909, 2 Loven Fresh Hot Dog Buns 0414981191825, Raggano Mushroom Premium Pasta Sauce 24 oz. 041498181567, Parkview Smoked Polish Sausage 40 oz. 041498123307, Baker’s Treat Apple Danish 041498136208, Happy Farms Mozzarella Cheese 8 oz. 041498142148, Loven Fresh Raisin Cinnamon Bread 16 oz. 041498129811, Clancy’s Tortilla Chips Nacho Cheese 11 oz. 041498184162,


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April 2012 Journal

4-1/2 Slept at the downtown location and throughout the night I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. Before leaving the area I felt multiple signals on my face and head This is due to consuming food that I purchased from ALDI’s, contaminated water and noticeable smart dust particles placed in the area.

4-2 As I was walking from downtown to the bus transfer center I felt multiple signals and burning of my head and face. This was regardless of whether vehicles were in the area. When I got to the bus station, they were already several perpetrators GPSing my location. And when I purchased my bus ticket, it was from a perpetrator working at this site. As I was waiting for the bus, several perpetrators gathered around the bus I was going to take. It is like 12 people, so I decided to walk instead. The destination is about 3 miles from this area. The thing is they were able to read my thoughts and at some point they would put these individuals in my perimeter.

4-2 11:25:26 IGA Carlie C’s 2738 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303. Tele # 910-483-8454. Manager: David Bland. Purchased Pet Nutty Buddy Cone Crunch Ice Cream 087932001299, V8 Splash Tropical Blend 64oz. 051000125736, Nabisco Chips Ahoy-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 9.5oz 044000024567, Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Whole White Bread 20oz. 072945705449, and Mountaineer Rome Apples 48oz./3lbs 033383083131. As I was shopping I seen several “stock” persons placing items on the shelves. It was like the store was preparing for a holiday. Anyway, while consuming the food, my body (particularly my feet) became radiated with electro-magnetic/micro-wave energy. Attacks to the stomach became more pronounced. Such symptoms included running nose, sinus pressure in the eyes and nose, forced defecation, etc.

4-2 ZRJ-2716nc Black Vehicle with missing hubcap pulls out of parking lot as the driver was looking towards me. There was a second passenger clearly GPSing my location.

4-2 Blue car drives back forth and then stops in the line of sight of me. Driver pulls off as I get closer to vehicle.

4-3 About 13 vehicles parked inside an empty and abandon warehouse gate. You would have thought they were a work crew or interested in purchasing the property. But their purpose for being at this site (across from the MLK memorial) was to GPS my location. I had just consumed the food that I purchased from IGA yesterday. Anyway, as soon as they were able to GPS my location, they were gone in less than 10 minutes.

4-3 AEP-2053nc seen GPSing my location near MLK memorial site.

4-3 The grass was cut in the MLK memorial area recently. I could see the tracks of the tractor that was used.

4-3 13:47:09 Lucky 7 Tobacco and Mini Mart 851 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-306-3722. Merchant ID: 000005247260. Purchased three Arizona Sodas: Lemonade 613008726096, Fruit Punch 613008718763 and Kiwi Strawberry 073360709494. Upon consuming these products, I felt tightness of the eyes, sinus congestion and thickness of the saliva in the esphagus. The first vehicle that I seen was a tractor trailer. It stopped on the side of the road (next to the MLK memorial) upon me drinking the first Arizona soda. The second vehicle that stopped was a white mini-van with license plate: ZYC-9098nc. The reason I knew about the second vehicle is because I felt a strong signal on my right feet. The perpetrators have contaminated the entire area with smart dust/nano particle technology. So it is very easy to identify what is actually happening. Without the store participation in these crimes, most of the harassment that TI’s experience will not exist.

4-3 FSU Bronco. Within five minutes of being in this facility, several familiar faces came in. Throughout the time I was there, I felt attacks on different parts of my head, knee caps, legs, face and arms. But the stimulation of my private area began when this particular individual, which I will provide a link to when I get a chance. These are not experiments. They are an ACT OF WAR and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

4-2/3 Slept at the MLK memorial. Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. The signals was coming from the area houses. Once I moved from line-of-sight of these infrastructures of micro-wave torture, the attacks were not apparent. However, transmissions of directed energy from Satellites and Drones was still evident.

4-3/4 Where I slept at was much more pleasant than sleeping in front of the warehouse. However, because it started raining early in the morning, I was force to choose the latter. For some reason I did not feel the energy like I did previously. When I woke up, I felt more refresh and was reading to leave the area. The presence of smart dust is greatly reduce when it rains, which is often what these criminal groups use to attack my body.

4-5 5:33:41 Family Dollar Store # 00163 420 Person St. Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-483-8835. Manager: Silvia. Purchased FG Chew Chocolate Chip Cookies 15oz. 032251021829, M&M Peanut Chocolate 12.6 oz 040600248873, Orajel Pain 310310340124 and Tylenol RM Caplet 24 CT 300450482242. Upon going into this establishment I felt noticeable stinging on different parts of my head. As I was checking out my items, the person who had been shopping jumped on the line. Also seen Silvia; the manager placing new items on the shelves. Plus, the shelves looked like they just place these items on it.

4-5/6 The chocolate chip cookies that I consumed from Family Dollar had noticeable smart dust nano-tech particles in it. Throughout the night into the morning I could feel the electro-magnetic transmissions throughout my body, but especially my head and back. The particles were manufactured into the product, so the average person couldn’t detect the contamination. However, I was able to taste a crystal like sensation in my mouth. Almost ninety percent of these electro-magnetic attacks is associated with the food/drink as my body becomes electrified to the transmissions. The digestive system is connected to these attacks, which is why often times I’m attacked in the stomach continuously throughout the day. By attacking my stomach, the criminals of this technology are able to manipulate my nervous system, which explains the rapid heart beat. Because of the continue malicious food/product contamination, I will have to start doing videos about this. Everyone needs to start having their food/drink tested for nano-technology, implants, chemicals that will aid someone using this technology.

4-7 AKM-6013nc. As soon as this vehicle parked in this vicinity, I feel continuous micro-wave energy. It was around 11A and I’m positioned right next to the City Hall business. The vehicle can be described as a new car — grey in color. But most importantly the sticker says “Department Of Defense 592CIY Fort Bragg.”

4-7 8:44p Walgreens #11691 110 Grove St. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele # 910-223-0270. Purchased Mars M&M Peanut Butter Candies 11.40 oz. 04000025010, Sweettarts Basket STFFERS Assorted 12oz 07920012552, Sunny Smile FB BRT Cookies 8.9 oz. 04902257802 and Sunny Smile Iced Oatmeal Cookies 5.oz 04902258750. Upon consuming these products my body began to radiate an energy. I felt strong electro-magnetic signals directed at my feet. Saw male walking from wooded area as I was walking on the rails. Jessica was the manager.

4-7/8 Went to sleep at my Gillepsie St. location. When I got up I experienced a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. It felt like I ran a marathon, but my heart wasn’t pounding harshly, just steadily. Early in the night I heard someone with one of the handheld micro-wave devices. Then I noticed the gate opened at the business to the parking lot on Gillepsie St, which gives vehicles access to this section of the woods. I was sleeping in the woods away from the warehouse. The vehicles are very noticeable in the electro-magnetic targeting I’m receiving.

4-8/9 I slept in a different location and it made somewhat of a difference in the targeting I’m receiving. However, I did received a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. Although it wasn’t as bad as previous days. This of course is due to consuming contaminated food.

4-9 I did not go to sleep until after 5A in the early morning hours. This is due to taking a nap the previous day. I did not experienced the rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system that I dealt with the previous days. I had eatten the food/drink the night earlier, which prompted me to not go right to sleep.

4-9 6:15 Rowan BP Family Fare 225 Rowan St. Fayetteville, NC 28301. Clerks on duty KIM and SEAN Purchased 2 Arizona Mucho Mango 073360709258 and Fruit Punch 613008718763, Laffy Taffy Candies 02874805, Little Debbie Cheese Danish 024300865688 and Little Debbie Powered Donuts 024300835216. Upon consuming these products, my body became radiated with electro-magnetic energy. Also vehicles became aggressive in the area.

4-9 Went to sleep around 10:30p/11p north of the downtown area. I experienced signals/transmissions directed at my head. This was around 3A. As I stood up, I could hear strong poping sounds south of my position. Because of the cold weather I left the area. As I was walking to my new location, I seen a male perpetrator walking towards my direction and traffic was particularly heavy at this time of the day.

4-10 Slept at my Gillepsie St. location. Noticed smart dust in the area, because I could feel pulsing on my face. As I laid down, I could hear pulsing sounds underneath me. When I woke up, I could feel a noticeable rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. However, because I had walked earlier, the chemicals wasn’t as present in my body as was the case in the previous area.

4-9/10 I randomly go into a store and I see a whole bunch of sodas sitting in a shopping cart. I have never went into this store before, which is next to Harbor Frieght on Clinton Rd. However, I have seen this pattern time and time again when I was shopping at other businesses. A lot of people are getting money through the government intelligent agencies.

4-10 Chemtrails blanket the skies on this day. It is so bad that it looks like a cloud formation. However, it isn’t like a cloud at all.

4-10 1:38p ALDI store #72 3447 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Purchased 100% Juice, Almond Milk, Elbow macaroni, Fruan/Trks 48oz., Green Grapes, Grapefruit, Iceberg Lettuce, 3lb Smoked Sausage, Crunchy Granola Rb Cereal, Honey Nut Oats Cereal and Plastic Bags. As I was shopping, I see a whole cart load of boxes being taken to the storage area. I see this every time I go into this store. After consuming some of these products I noticed a certain level of smart dust and chemicals. The result of this was I developed bowel movement problems. The manager on duty was Toniete.

4-10/11 I went to sleep at Les House and throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. Several individuals had came into his house during this period, which is associated with the electronic assault that I’m receiving. Both are neighbors in the area.

4-11 The nurse’s aid that provide service for Les Smith came around 8A. As soon as she pulled up, I felt the electronic signal. Before leaving I seen her programming her phone — GPSing my location. This isn’t the first time I have seen her do this to me. So I make it a point to limit my presence around this individual.

4-11 Family Dollar Store # 07412 2800 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-630-1711. Acting manager Sheila. Purchased MB Whole Homog Milk 64oz. 087932600560 and Fruit Rush Drink Orange gallon 041900073633. Upon consuming these products my body became radiated. I could feel large amount of transmissions directed at my head and legs, Also I had a forced bowel movement throughout the day and night and it had a strong chemical smell.

4-11/12 Went to sleep around 11:30p. At first I was positioned at the warehouse, but I heard a very loud sound inside the building. This prompted me to move away from the building. However, throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. The result of this was due to consuming malicious contaminated food that I purchased from ALDI’s and Family Dollar. The chemicals that are placed in these products makes my body susceptible to the electro-magnetic attacks. When I woke up I seen a male on the railroad tracks starring at me.

4-12 AKM-8972nc. Green Car with white female and black male GPSing my location near railroad tracks b/t Murchinson Rd and Hillsborough. This is a heavily drug area and I have been hit by electro-magnetic energy really hard in this area. The drugs, electronic attacks, food-drink malicious contamination and government corruption is one of the same.

4-12 FSU Bronco. I been limiting myself in this facility for reasons explained earlier. There is an active pulsing device at this site, which I immediately feel upon entering this facility. Several individuals are directed to this site to calibrate the signals to different parts of my body. There are unlimited resources to pay for the electricity that power these devices and to use unlimited amounts of people to GPS my location.

4-13 AMC-2658nc White vehicle with 1 burnt out head light. Exiting hwy 87 on Bragg Blvd. It was around 1A.

4-12/13 Throughout the day starting with a green vehicle that I passed near Hillsborough St. I have been having trouble with my knees. For instance, when I walk I can feel a sharp pain as if I’m having a muscle spasm. This only occurs when I’m around vehicles. They have target other parts of my body in this way. This causes me to walk slower and to limp along. There is nothing about swelling my body parts or incapacitating me have anything to do with human experimentation. These are torture CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and is an ACT OF WAR on my life.

4-13 13:46 Dollar Tree Stores Inc. # 471 2636 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303. Tele # 910-486-9050. Manager: Jessica. Purchased Lil Dutch Maid Lemon Bar Cookies 10 oz. 086106002681, Arctic Classic Rich & Cream Cookies & Cream 24 oz., Malt-0- Meal Golden Puffs 7.7 oz. 042400136262, Marvel Heroes Sour Straws 4 Fruit Flavor 4.5 oz. 0413916045152, Ferrara Pan Lemon Heads 7oz. 041420245091, West Soy Plain Low Fat Soy Milk Drink 32 oz. 074873968725, Arizona Sweet Tea 42 oz. 610087209, Ferrara Pan Creamy Lemon Head & Friends Juju Flower Candy 8 oz. 041420411328, Circle A Ranch Chicken Breast Nuggets 8 oz. 075901822211, Circle A Ranch Homestyle Meatballs 7 oz. 075901822631, Harvest Hill Lite Pancakes Syrup 24 oz. 63927713522, Buttermilk Pancakes Echo Lake Foods 8oz. 786294780797, Echo Lake Foods Home Style Waffles 7.5 oz. 786294981491, John Morrell 8 Skinless Pork Sausages 7 oz. 070100015549, Pict Sweet Steam’ables mixed vegetables 10 oz. 070560979115, and John Morrell Smoked Sausage 9 oz. 070100018861. Upon consuming these products my body became radiated. Criminals of this technology started attacking my stomach. Symptoms included tightness of the eyes, nasal congestion, running nose, light headedness, etc. Drivers in area became aggressive and upon first consuming this food, I can hear vehicles beeping at each other. I even seen a male positioned himself towards the woody area I was at. This setup allows the signal to travel from his vehicle to my body. There was an adjacent parking lot to this section of woods, which is why I left this are immediately. Also consuming this food made me tired. The tiredness is associated with the chemicals placed in the food. Throughout the time of consuming these products, the directed energy was focused on my stomach. This is combined with attacks to the head, which produced bloating, gas and a forced bowel movement. While shopping at this establishment, a male perpetrator kept positioning himself towards me I tried to capture these events on video, but they have some type of device that interferes with my video. I will have to get me another type of video technology, so they won’t be able to shut down my evidence gathering.

4-13 Went to sleep at my Gillepsie St. location. When I woke up in the morning, my entire chest was vibrating with a large amount of signals. Then I immediately noticed a male walking on the railroad tracks. The railroad tracks is adjacent to where I was sleeping. This is starting to be a regular occurrence since I moved from sleeping directly at the warehouse.

4-14 I went to sleep around 2A. When I woke up I had a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. The attacks is associated with grass recently being cut and consuming food/drink that I purchased at Dollar Tree. When ever they cut the grass they blanket the entire area with smart dust nano technology. Besides, the grass had just been cut two-weeks prior and it was redundant to use gas resources to repeat the same process. Also noted is I could feel directed energy focused on my head.

4-15 Took a nap around 6A at a downtown location. When I got up I experienced a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system.

4-15/16 Went to sleep at the Gillepsie St. location. When I got up I experienced a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. The heart beat was continuous until I stood up. The smart dust particles that had been placed in the ground was added to the ground after the grass was cut.


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Occupy Sacramento Support For Electronic Harassment Lawsuit

Occupy Sacramento got behind our cause and Jesse Beltran has been able to speak at several Occupy rallys about our situation.

I contacted several Occupy chapters in different cities about getting members of Occupy to file suit with us “to give us a huge amount of people”

They actually contacted me back and told me that i would need to speak in person at one of their general assemblies, and if the general assembly was ok with it they would get involved.

i dont live in or near any of the cities that contacted me back.

If you live in a city with a Occupy group or near a city with a occupy group “you can check on google search engine, just put in the town name and occupy”

Please contact them to speak to their general assembly.

This would be huge for us.

With just one Occupy chapter behind us we would have several thousand extra people filing with us.

And we would try to get them to get the other Occupy chapters behind us too, that would give us a huge number of people in the suit, like way way overkill.

And also, each occupy chapter has their own attorney who handles things for them, with Occupy on board, their attornies could file for us, probably pro bono, and in each of the cities their chapters are in.

That would be huge, way beyond 4,000 cases filed and repp’ed by attornies in about 15 cities.

This is the kind of overkill slaughter we need.

Try to get Occupy on board.

Let me know what happens


Also, just a reminder, our conference calls are every Sunday and Tuesday, at 6pm west coast/pacific, 7pm rocky mountain, 8pm central standard, 9pm east coast

the next one is this Sunday

the number is 712 432 3900 call number 101016

If you haven’t joined our group yet please do, it’s


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Volunteers Needed For Electronic Harassment Suit- We’re filing now

Volunteers Needed For Electronic Harassment Suit- We’re filing now

We’re going to go ahead and file the mass filing suit with the amount of people that we have.
We’re going to file in D.C. against FBI and FCC headquarters so we dont have to worry about any of the cases being dismissed because the victims don’t live in the area of the courthouse.

We’re going to exercise another option to end eh.

We need people who can help spearhead an effort to lobby for the reopening of the Mkultra hearings. We’ll be after new federal laws, a branch of federal law enforcement to investigate these matters from here on, and the systems going to known victims turned off.

We have a victim who used to be a professional lobbyist in dc and who was able to get new federal laws passed who will lead this effort once we can get enough people.

We just have to get enough people in several categories:

1. people who will call , they can be anywhere in the u.s.
2. people who will do the actual lobbying in d.c., these would be people on the east coast
3. people who would travel to the east coast to do this
4. people who will house those who travel into dc to lobby

Right now we’re looking for people who can help with getting enough people of the types mentioned above so we can get this effort underway.
Let me know if you can help with this.

ps we’re also going to have conference calls every Sunday and Tuesday night at 6pm west coast/pacific, 7pm rocky mountain, 8pm central standard, 9pm east coast
the number is 712 432 3900 call number 101016

I dont want to bother people with continual messages about the conference call, so please right down the information or send it to yourself on an email
we also have a group for those who want to end eh, please join it, it’s

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The Neuro Revolution – Full HD

The Neuro Revolution is a Book recommendation for victims of Neuroscience research.

The video is based on the Book by the same name by author Zack Lynch.

The Book describes most aspects of the changes that societies will undergo in the years to come as a consequence of the new discoveries in Neuroscience.

This short video only deal with the aspects that the victims of these technologies undergo on a daily basis

Info on the Book:

The Book can be purchased at Amazon or Audible (.com,, .de, .fr, etc)



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Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

“If the injustice is part of the necessary friction of the machine of government, let it go, let it go; perchance it will wear smooth — certainly the machine will wear out. If the injustice has a spring, or a pulley, or a rope, or a crank, exclusively for itself, then perhaps you may consider whether the remedy will not be worse than the evil; but if it is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law. Let your life be a counter friction to stop the machine. What I have to do is to see, at any rate, that I do not lend myself to the wrong which I condemn.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience


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Kelb Saturday Night Conference Call Cindy Goldman’s unfortunate death

Kelb Saturday Night Conference Call Cindy Goldman’s unfortunate death. Please join us for mourning, remembrance, a moment of silence and prayer for her spirit. We will have open discussion, as people feel comfortable on the entire situation. In later Conferences we will discuss effective methods of prevention. Important Conference, please join us. All welcome. Survival, coping, activism issues. NJ case, State of NJ v. Ravi, concerning Philip Clementi’s privacy invasion and suicide. Time well spent.
Click HERE

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Update on Conference Call concerning Cindy Goldman

We had several participants. They were Jeff Murray, Lynn Weed, Lindsay Baldwin and Gordon Watts. Lynn Weed gave us some details about Cindy situation. She had been a targeted for several years of electronic harassment and is a MK-Ultra survivor. Lynn was also able to talk to the detective that is handling the case. Jeff referred Gordon to our conference call. He was able to run a search of stories covering the her case. But we must not forget that the targeting that she was experiencing could have lead to the murder. The targeting had complicated her finances, which forced her to overlook her attacker (tenant) prior record. Plus it forced her to live in the same place that she was renting out. Anyway, towards the end of the call we did prayer and ended at 12A. Lynn Weed KELB call will be honoring Cynthia tonight. It will be on call: 724-444-7444 code: 80812 # pin: 1 # Thank you all for your consideration and may Cynthia’s soul rest in peace. Please click here

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Cynthia Goldman To Be HONORED

Cynthia Goldman was Assassinated by strangulation and house was set on fire. She was an active participant in Targeted Individual conference calls and projects concerning the community. She was a beautiful person both inside and outside and we will be honoring her tonight.

This is an emergency conference call and will be dedicated to her life. We ask you to be respectful and give this time to her. Thank you.

GSS conference calls are held on at 9p EST/6p PST. You can call in at 724-444-7444. Code: 83319 # pin: 1 #

We will be setting up a secondary conference call at:

559-726-1200 code: 251496.

Thank you for your cooperation at this most horrific time of our lives.

Chris J. Brunson

The call will not be recorded in her honor.

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