ASSOCIATIONS and CULT CONNECTIONS: Church of Scientology New York

Apartment 6B

This individual, Angel Vicioso, lives in the next door apartment where chemicals and nano technology is pushed through the water, where directed energy is felt every time I enter the bathroom, where the water pressure fluctuates constantly, where the temperature of the water goes cold upon enters the bathtub and where the water hardly gets hot even though the kitchen sink is always hot. He was the first one to come out after hearing the “work” crew.

ASSOCIATIONS and CULT CONNECTIONS: This is the mysterious person Angel VIcioso who received this letter from the Church of Scientology New York. The letter with the LOGO on the top reads like this: 18-Jan-17 “Hi Angel, next two lines…. I see you did a lot of the book courses here at the org. That’s great. What did you get out of them? next three lines…. Best, Trevor …. and the very bottom of this stationary is the contact information > 227 West 46th Street New York, New York 10036 . (212) 921-1210 .

Church Of Scientology New York located at: 227 West 46th Street; New York, NY 10036 recently mailed a letter to an Angel Vicioso at Apartment B(address not disclosed to protect privacy) that was accidentally found in my mailbox Apartment A. A video was taken and will be posted after I move from here. In the meantime, I share some photos with the name of Trevor on the letter. I was informed in a general email about the Cult nature of the Church Of Scientology, but this is the first time I can say it is a big possibility. But I’m not going to draw conclusions, because it could be a ploy. But if it is found that Church Of Scientology is involved in my direct assault, it will not remove any government responsibility. Because of how involve these attacks are. Besides they just might be an ARM of the government to carry out certain tasks in various locations.

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3 thoughts on “ASSOCIATIONS and CULT CONNECTIONS: Church of Scientology New York

  1. I want to thank you for all the information. I heard the Church of Scientology believes in a space alien that delivers messages. Something like that. It sounds like a dangerous cult, although just about everything is dangerous, or has always been dangerous.
    I once lived in a very corrupt small city, my neighbor was a drug dealer? I’m guessing. Had crowds of people in and out of his house made him look extremely popular, and I get a little offended at people attack white people because these were kind of on the Mexican side and they broke into my car and ripped out the back door siding this after I gave three Mexican girls a ride to town after they asked.
    anyways one night I went outside just after dark and this neighbor had a small garage next to our small garage, and suddenly it obviously didn’t notice my presence and it looked like a small wooden satellite on the top right of his garage suddenly opened by itself, it looked rather alien, when it notice me it close and disappeared.
    I wished I would have trespassed ran over and ripped it off what-ever-it-was because we were being electronically tortured all the time.
    Today I remember it but I don’t know how they did it or why, after moving a neighbor that hanged out with him told me upon me asking him about them keeping company, he said yeah, because he had the drugs he wanted. Basically that was his point, the company was for drugs.

  2. All the time. They are controlling it remotely. So they can program it to do certain things. The idea of them doing this is too hijack your mind with constant stress control so the can manipulate you with using these methods.

    With that said, thanks Grace for sharing your story with us and your success in moving into a new home.

  3. I have a question: have they ever messed with your smoke alarms, orvl have you seen strange things appear? When i lived in housing apartments, late one night i saw what i learned later was a holographic gun camera with a zoom lens literally come out of my bedroom window frame and through the curtain.
    Then after i moved, the wired in battery backup smoke alarm in my bedroom would make two quick chirps and light flashing in sync right after i went to bed, every night, as though it was signalling someone i was in bed. Then one night, late (2 or 3 a.m.) it suddenly went off like there was a fire, but there wasn’t. Within seconds after it woke me up, it suddenly stopped. Needless to say, that thing got disconnected promptly the next day, only to be temporarily reconnected when inspections were supposed to occur-although they never did in my apartment. Think they just said they were going to to mess with me.
    Anyway, i prayed for a long time, and God blessed me with a wonderful spouse whom i dearly love, and it became financially feasible for us to move into a house. Thankfully this crap doesn’t happen any more.

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