Screen Shots: Organized Gang Stalking On The #4 Subway

These are screen shots from the Youtube video:

It features the tactics used in electronic stalking, which is just one form of organized gang stalking.: They are: Hand Over Nose Communicator, Sun Glasses As a Communications Code, Cell phone Tracking and Intervals Of Perpetrators Coming On/Off the train, ect.

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2 thoughts on “Screen Shots: Organized Gang Stalking On The #4 Subway

  1. I can just say i am facing it. I filled a sexual harassment complain and in return they are spoiling my career and my life. I have been fired from two companies in last 7 months. i am an engineer by profession and this incident is of top mobile company.
    It has been since last one year,initially they used gang stalking to make me resign . I resigned with the hope the things will end but i was wrong , now seems resigning was the mistake which i made.

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