PACTS Newsletter 1/23/17: TI class action lawsuit

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GREAT NEWS, GUYS! The first month of the year is only about two-thirds complete, yet progress is happening rapidly for our cause. 

— Currently, there are at least THREE, possibly four, class-action lawsuit initiatives in the works!  This means that we may finally see a TI class action lawsuit filing in a court of law sometime this year!  Preparations have begun on cases in Canada, Europe, and the United States.  The first two have secured attorneys already.  The ones in the United States may get representation sometime in the coming months. 
Friday, February 3, 2017
Time:  7:30 PM
Planning for get-together on Weekend of February 11-12, 2017
Talkshoe:  1-724-444-7444
Call ID:  139780
Pin Number:  1#
Contact person:  Nancy Allen –
Call:  1-888-639-5559
Contact:  Ron Pitts
Shavon Walker –
Saturday, February 4, 2017
3:30 – 5:30 pm
*Optional dinner afterwards
Hollywood District Library
4040 NE Tillamook
Portland, Oregon
Much love, the highest frequency
Amy – 971-207-3401
Tereza Dutta –
Please contact:
Gail –

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14 thoughts on “PACTS Newsletter 1/23/17: TI class action lawsuit

  1. I am also under attack. First in Nevada, then when my job move to Lake Elsinore California , it followed me. I could write forever about what has happened.. I am interested in joining a class action lawsuit I have witnesses, other TI’s, videos, home surveillance videos, pictures, license plates, addresses, 5 notebooks of documented events, protective orders that were granted and never upheld, police reports, a vandalism, breaking and entering, animal abuse, instead of giving them their five minutes of fame I would rather spend my time putting them all behind bars. Please let’s band together and stop this. I’m willing to do whatever it takes! My email is… please contact me

  2. They have been after me since birth. I share all or more symptoms described by many T.I.’s. The physical harassment is non-stop… V2K as well… From when I wake up to when I go to sleep. (Brandon Combs, we have major things in common). Looking for a way into this fight. I know God will deliver us. I also believe we will make a difference. Any way I can help, please contact me.

  3. I am being havily extremely near death tortured the last trend is by extreme high blood presure 26-12 ore 20 – 11 and then activate high volume radiation in aLL PART OF THE VITAL ORGANS MAYBE DAY ALIVE IF THEY CONTINUJE THIS WAY

  4. Hello. I have been a TI since 2013. I just want to encourage all the TI’s to contact your Local, State and Federal representatives (if you haven’t already) about your situation. THERE IS A NEW PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION. I am hoping we can get this stopped with President Trump. God Bless you all.

  5. Hi, I’m a ti in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m looking for a near by support group, and would like to meet ti’s near Jacksonville. We are stronger together and need each other. I would also like to join the class action lawsuit . You can find me on Facebook : French Kathy profile picture xena. Thank you

  6. Hello. I am a big time victim of these psychos. They have had my mind since 13. I am now 27 going on 28. Symptoms include, subtle rape feelings in mouth ,and anus, mind reading ,and thought commentary unendingly with voices in head, death threats, mockery, guilting, shaming for private thoughts, zersetzung style harassment from store employees at corporate grocery chains ,fast food chains, radio dj’s, corporate radio in grocery stores and fast food, library staff, street people, law enforcement, Emergency response people, restaurant staff, bus drivers, hospital workers, etc. Some slight pain in testicles or eyes as warning against thinking unauthorized thoughts. Threats of blindness , dementia. Family involved. My Number is 501-606-0489 for those who want to reach out to me. I am in Oregon. Looking for any class action lawsuits to be a part of and TI advocates to talk with. Burn in hell perps in the name of Jesus Christ who owns you.

  7. My name is Barry Pinion. I’m from South Carolina. I’ve been a TI victim & a Victim of Family Courts disturbing corruption for over two years & the results have been devastating. I believe the two are linked in some ways. I’ve lost my Family, my relationship with my precious daughter whom was a daddy’s girl up & down. I’ve lost my job of fifteen years. I was blacklisted in the workforce which has prevented me from having any type of income for over two years. I’ve applied for social security disability which appears to have been obscured with which is delaying me my monies. I’ve lost my perfect credit rating. I’ve lost my home to foreclosure which I had lived & maintained for fifteen years. I’ve lost all my vehicles/transportation. I have no type of health coverage. I’ve lost absolutely everything & im constantly under attack by the SICKO Bastards that are responsible. The good part is that I have a very large amount of evidence including voice recordings, video recordings, over one hundred license plate numbers, daily notes of events, data identifying the aircrafts that I’ve been targeted by at the same time as when I was being stalked and harassed with EMF/DEW weapons, noise campaigns with the use of loud bumble bee sounds from vehicles, loud guns being rapidly fired from several different locations at Same time, neighbor & involved family member calling police on me reporting some very disturbing crimes that I pulled a gun & threatened to kill, I was poisoning them, I was stalking someone, I was gonna commit suicide by blowing my head off. There’s others but thankfully I was never charged for any of those false statements against me which I’m 100% not guilty of committing. I’ve always been a law abiding citizen & I’ve never been incarcerated or had any type of issues concerning law enforcement before October 2014 which was the beginning of all the illegal disturbing/demoralizing destruction against me & my family. I’ve been incarcerated three times from family court bench warrants for not paying child support which i wont to pay but I have no income. Also after becoming homeless for a bit Thankfully my mother gave me a place to stay & my brother has loaned me a vehicle. I promise to Almighty God that I will never give up & I will continue fighting to expose these SICKO BASTARDS so they are held accountable. I love my precious daughter more than life itself & it’s absolutely killed me daily knowing how much she loved & needed me but I wasn’t there for her. She loved me her daddy so much & she had every right to do so cause I love her so very much & I have never & could never hurt her or any other child for that matter in any way whatsoever. Through my Lord and Savour JESUS CHRIST my daddy/daughter relationship will be restored & all the SICKO BASTARDS will be exposed & held accountable.
    Thank You,
    Barry Pinion
    (864) 243-7128

    Extensive ievidence including gleeful acknowledging statements of torture while I was falsely imprisoned on fabricated charges. Hospitalized before and after detention.

  9. any hope it would lead to European TI’s like me (Germany since 2005) too??? Wishing for the truth to finally come to light for all of us!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!

  10. Hi my name is Leticia Cervantes iam a victim of gang stalking if going to be 12 months all ready . I am constantly on the run I left LA because it was to much for me but no matter were I go they keep following me . they have already use or done to many things to me I am homeless I am going to LAS VEGAS to see if I could find a job hope they don’t take that out of me I could get back on my feet in LA cause .this people make me look bad on the eyes of other people I am being followed 24/7
    Iam learning that there’s group who have gone through this too. I thought
    I was the only one .
    562 212-6816

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