Malicious Food Contamination & Computer Hacking

Not too much has change,except, I’m getting the computer hacking again. I’m still getting the malicious food contamination through the various stores: Food Lion, Dollar Tree, IGA, Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc. The result of this food contamination is attacks to my stomach, which leads to diarrhea, blotting, gas, in digestive and increase attacks. The increase attacks come from the tech and neurological chemicals that is place in the food. The attacks to the stomach is just a pathway to the attacks to the rest of the body. It serves as a reserve for this tech that has been place in the food. I do not purchase drinks from any store, because of this reason. I collect my water when it rains and the attacks are very minimize because of it. 

For instance, if I just consumed rain water, the attacks will be almost non-existant. 

The only reason why this continues to happens is because the United States government continues to contract these activities to various groups performing “Human Experimentation.” 

Most people being place in these programs are whistle-blowers of government corruption and persons who had received psychiatric treatment. 

There is too much money tied into this and that’s why it is kept quiet. 

Other issues of concerned is the use of technology to manipulate individuals to create these criminal acts. The police, store managers, EMS, government personnel, church goers, etc., no one is accused. 

I am coming up on my 7th year (October 14th 2007). Since July of 2008 I have been homeless. First living out of my car/van. And starting December 2011, living in the woods. 

I push a shopping cart for the purpose of transporting my 7 gallons of water and food, which is often recontaminated if left unattended. It is very, very difficult, but no one would do anything. I have contacted the congress, which I hand delivered an AFFIDAVIT (link below). Nothing. I have mail a press kit to every media station in this country. Nothing. I have contacted the governor, the mayor, police chief and the city council. This was 2009, it is not 2014. 

Not too much has change. The TI leadership is almost non-existant. 

I have limit my attacks, by limit my access to people. This also include greatly minimizing my cellular phone cars and computer wifi access.

I have been reduce to less than a human being, living day to day, instead of the future. 

This could only happen under a criminal government that operates on the federal level.