Address change

As you know, this isn’t the first time I change this address. Over two years ago, I was forced to change the address due to a company leaving. The decision was immediate and not much was taken into account.

But that decision was costly. So here we are again with a new address. It is 150 Andrews Road Suite 5A, #50, Fayetteville NC 28311. The phone number has not changed. (980) 285-7954

With that said, I wish you peace, love and happiness, because the whole world needs a lot of it.


October 2018 Journal

10-2/3 Was woken with signal attacks to both knees, legs, hips, torso, head, fingers (and joints), feet, toes, eyes, hands, ect. When I stood up and walked around, the attacks were gone instantly.

10-3/4 Pulsing attacks to the legs – sometimes induced tension, signal attacks to the head, hands, fingers, eyes, nostrils, feet, ect.

10-7 The items that I purchased from Rielly Rd Farmers Market had noticeable nano crystalline in it, because in the night the attacks induced an elevated heartbeat, burning sensation and signal attacks to the legs, knees, feet, hands, arms, head and other parts of the body. The items included, mangoes, apples, bananas (which I purchased and consumed a lot of) and what looked like grapes.

10-9 Single attacks to the legs and feet can be felt everywhere I go, but especially get worse at night. Sickness feeling in the stomach, which made me feel like throwing up several times. These attacks is a combination of installed technology that is already in the body and the surrounding directed energy.

10-10 Slept in different areas. The attacks changed in each area that I slept at. Woke up to man walking on rail road tracks. The night before consumed baker’s harvest chicken flavored crackers, which had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. And today the Nature’s House Indulgent Trail Mix and Gourmet Nuts, which both had the technology in them. Items were purchased at the Bragg Blvd Donllar Tree where Frank is the manager.

10-13 Radionics treatment was done on me. And in the night I noticed that someone had came from the front end. I also noticed an increased in traffic in the area. This showed me that the criminal organization needed to main the same level of targeting.

10-15/16 Stinging attacks to my legs and signal attacks, which causing legs to shake. Heard someone in the woods. Also each night raccoon and opossum will come in – especially after I was woken by the criminal organization.

10-19 While walking to the store, from time to time pain attacks to the feet. It feels like devices had been placed in three sections on my feet. These devices is the technology that had been placed in the food and are than wirelessly “burned in” by the various programmed pulsing devices in the area. When these attacks do occur, it is using a strong painful 2 section sensation that come suddenly.

10-20 The grapes had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in them. Upon consuming this product a crystal sensation formed in my mouth. The product was purchased from Save A Lot.

10-20 Pulsing pain attacks to my thighs increased after consuming the Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch Original 24.8oz and Pet Dairy Pure Whole Milk one gallon from Big Lots.

10-20 Strong rectum burning sensation. When ever this occurs, this means I consumed a large amount of nano crystalline – smart dust. In this case I consumed Milk.

10-20 The spasm attacks to the hands returned, which cause the muscles to tense up. Also burning sensations to the ears, which have been clogged up with the technology. This is being propelled by the stomach attacks, which increase after consuming the reconditioned food.

10-20 Signal attacks to the knees are now continuous.


August 2018 Journal


8-7 12:06:06 Walmart 7701 S. Raeford Rd Fayetteville, NC 28304 Manager: Cliff Higgerson. Purchased Eggs 12C, LT Agave 46, Blue Bunny, Bread, GV Drumbsticks, Kit Kat SWK, White House Apple Cider Vinegar, Peaches, Avocado, Bananas, Ground Turkey, Crumb Cakes, Garlic, Ginger Root, Jalapenos and other items.

8-7 12:27 Dollar Tree Store, Inc. #2933 7715 Raeford Rd Fayetteville, NC 28304-6130. Manager: Felix. Phone: 910-867-2243. Purchased kidney beans, dry pinto beans, steamed corn 12oz., swt peas 10z., TJ farms vegetables, broccoli and non food items.

8-10 The ginger, cripps pink apples 3lb bag, great value cheese crumb cakes, peaches, garlic, ect. Had a large amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in them. Upon consuming these products a crystal sensation filled my mouth. Then I felt directed energy to different parts of my body as if the criminal organization was going through a list of apps on their smart phone. The pulsing devices that was placed in the area just gives the perpetrators range to programmed these consumed devices to different parts of my body. Anyway, the attacks were to my legs, back, feet, hands, fingers, toes, spinal cord, head, eyes and other areas of my body. All i8tems were purchased at the Walmart 7701 S. Raeford Rd store. Manager listed on the receipt is Cliff Higgerson.

8-13 Constant pulsing attacks to the back of my head after I placed into an induced sleep after eating the Great Value Multi-Grain Bread 24oz. And the Madhava Organic Golden Light 100% Blue Agave 46oz. These items were purchased from the Raeford Rd Walmart.

8-13/14 Every night into the morning at least up to July constant signal attacks to the legs. These attacks are driven by consumed technology that had been wirelessly attached to the nerves, which in returned controls the muscles. Targeted Individuals feel it as body vibration or trembling.

8-14 The eggs and Multi-Grain Bread both had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming both of these products a crystal sensation formed in my mouth. Then it is felt in my stomach and than the attacks to the various parts of my body.

8-19 9:46 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. #4902 336 N. Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 28301-5175. Phone: 910-4814-1388. Manager: Theresa. Purchased Cracker Jacks, BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Fruit & Nuts, Banana Chips, Gourmet Mix Nuts, Burrito, Bean Burrito, Chicken Ramen, M&M Caramel, M&M Peanut, Beer Nuts, Shoestring Fries, Fast Bite Fish, Party Mix 7Z, Oatmeal Cookies, BBQ Broccoli, Kidney Beans, Tropical Fruit Mix, TJ Farms Vegetables, Caramel Coconut, Beef Bean Burrito, Indulgent Mix, Sun Flower Seeds, Chicken Sandwich, Antiox Snack Mix and non food items. Entering the store I seen as much as 5 people stocking the store. Only one person I recognized, which was the manager. The others were there to make sure these items were on the shelves so that I don’t accidentally purchase something that wasn’t reconditioned to work with the Directed Energy Torture Program that I endure daily.

8-19 12:06 Dollar General Store #07241 Fayetteville NC, 28312-6450. Phone: 910-829-9241. This is the second time I went into this store, which was recently. However, unlike my last visit, I immediately see a delivery truck parked behind the store. This is very important, because last time the criminal organization did not expect me in this location. Because the nature of this program as it stand with me involves the contamination of food products, this pattern fits very well. When I entered the store, I almost expect stocking to occur, because that is how they establish the level of targeting that I receive daily. If you read my journal many times, upon consuming any of these products almost always result in increased directed energy targeting. However this criminal organization are able to MASTERMIND such a COORDINATED and WELL ORGANIZED campaign requires the genius mind. But for someone who has been dealing with this kind of targeting for at least 10 years, I know it to be drenched in INDEPTH GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION that the average person does not understand. Because I did not purchase food products at this establishment, I did not note the manager’s name. But I should have, because the contamination is not limited to just food. The technology is placed in cosmetics and aerosol cans such as bug spray. I know this, because my skin reacts every time I spray.

8-19 12:36:44 IGA Carlie C’s 600 Cedar Creek Road, Fayetteville NC 28312. Phone: 910-483-3459. Manager on Duty: Siggy. Purchased Peppers Hot Jalapeno, Habanero Pepper, CLF Cello Carrots 5L, Ginger Roots, Lemons Jumbo and Garlic. While shopping, there were individuals positioning themselves in my perimeter. This was concerted effort to aligned the directed energy program so it could be more effective when I get to the homebase. Also, I had consumed some of the items that I had purchased from Dollar Tree, so this comes with this aggressive form of electronic stalking.

8-19 The fast bites BBQ chicken, grilled chicken, had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming these products, a crystallized sensation filled my mouth. Then I consumed three boxes of cracker jacks at different times of the day. The first box appeared to be ok. However, the second box had a chewy taste and the product was sticked together. So this item had been sprayed and resealed. And the third package was exactly like the first. It had never been opened and was consistent with past purchases. These are the kind of crimes I’m inflicted with each time I shop at any of the establishments that had been infiltrated with re-conditioned (contaminated) goods. Anyway, these items were purchased at the Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree stores.

8-19/20 Other items that had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in them. They were the El Monterey XX Large Bean & Cheese Burrito, Sun-Maid Oatmeal Raisin Apple Cookies, M&M Peanut 3.74oz, M&M Caramel 3.49 oz and the Home Style candy caramel coconut tips, which the targeting was first felt on my left hand. The attacks was continuous for several hours. Once I got to my home base, the attacks affected movement of the hands, which at times cause it to tense up. This could also be felt on my arms, stinging attacks to the feet/fingers/toes, signal attacks to my arms and legs. All of these items were purchased at the Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree Store.

8-20 The lemons from IGA had a large amount of nano crystalline – smart dust, which formed in my mouth soon after consuming them.

8-20 Large amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in the Nature’s House Sun Flower Kernels 5.oz bag. A product from Dollar Tree.

8-20 The Nature’s House Indulgent Trail Mix, Gormet Nuts, Banana Chips (Dollar Tree), Carrots (IGA) had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in them.

8-21 Was woken. When I stood up I felt shakiness on my shoulders (The technology is embedded in my upper arm joints and where I felt these strong vibrations yesterday), hands, strong stinging of the elbows yesterday, back and induced numbing pain to the fingers. While on the phone yesterday, kept receiving calls from different phone numbers. I did not pick up, because I’m aware on how these can calibrated the phones GPS to my implants. No voice mail is ever left and the phone numbers always turns out to be unlisted. The technology placed in the food is the basis of the attacks, which is than programed by the various devices in the surrounding pulsing devices.

8-22 Eating the Nature’s House Tropical Trail Mix and the Fruit & Nut Trail Mix 6oz bag. Crystal sensation to the mouth, stinging attacks to the legs and signal attacks to the entire head. Meanwhile, increased attacks to the stomach could be felt.

8-23 Strong induced muscular pain throughout the night to my left elbow. This is the area that I have experienced strong stinging sensations daily.

8-25 The Fresh Finds Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.5oz (Big Lots) and the TJ Farms Select Shoestring French Fries from Dollar Tree had a high level of nano crystalline – smart dust, which immediately formed in my mouth. Then increased attacks to my stomach and than my legs/toes.


July 2018 Journal


7-1 The Hytop Delux Creamy Frosting Cream Cheese 16oz had a large amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming this product, crystals formed in my mouth.

7-4 Ate the Kidney Beans with pork slice meat from IGA and attacks increased to the stomach, than signal and stinging attacks to the feet, fingers (joints, toes (joints), head, temples, eyes, etc.

7-9 Induced coughing of the inner left ear. Burning the legs and thighs particularly the left leg. In the night attacks to the back (top left), the fingers, which became numb, toes, feet, palm of hands, which was the form of stinging the muscular pain, signaling attacks to the head, which lead to me memory retractions, signal attacks to the arm while getting up, which was trembling this also included my hands and hips, which are reactivated after moving and return and a whole list of attacks. Each day, attacks are centered around the hips, buttocks and legs, which is technology attached to the nerves and muscles. It is embedded and manipulated by means of surrounding pulsing device, which it is acceded wirelessly. It is digested through food and drink.

7-11 As I was walking to the Eastern Blvd Shopping I came across this White SUV. Because the area does not have sidewalks, I’m forced to walk in the street. But usually it is not such a problem, because this is not a high traffic area. I was pushing a shopping cart. It allows me to carry my water and food, which would not be possible without it. As in any situation involving vehicles, when I see one, I try to avoid it. Reason is 1) I don’t want to get hit and 2) I don’t want to get hit with one of their weapons, which is installed in the front of their vehicles. So it was normal to take a left against a turning vehicle. But this individual knew my patterns and took a strong right from the side street. This is a very unusual pattern for anyone as pedestrians should be avoided at all cost! But this individual did not care about my livelihood. These individuals “contractors” get paid for what they do. And he was going to make sure he establish a direct link to the targeting. Meanwhile, a female coming from the same direction that the White SUV came hit me from the left. This was heavily coordinated. The female and male are related and had met up in another location. There is no reason other than electronic stalking that he came into this area. Most drivers would have at least allow me to maneuver at a safe distance (taking a wider turn or waiting on the side street).

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C Street Fayetteville, NC

Screenshot from MOVI0031.avi - 1 Screenshot from MOVI0031.avi - 2 Screenshot from MOVI0031.avi - 3 Screenshot from MOVI0031.avi - 4 Screenshot from MOVI0031.avi - 5 Screenshot from PFJ2235NC.avi


June 2018 Journal


6-1 The Black Eye Peas that I purchased from Dollar Tree are still hard after cooking them for over 4 hours! Noticeable crystalline – smart dust in them.

6-1/2 Strong Body Vibrations after being woken twice. Just yesterday I attempted to consumed the Black Eye Peas that did not soften even though I had them in water for two days and cooked over 5 hours. So they have developed a machine that put the nano technology in these products. And this explains why the peas couldn’t get softer and the attacks was elevated.

6-2 10:55a Save A Lot Ramsey Street Food Stores #8046 3447 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311. Phone: 910-822-1012. Manager: Krystle. Walking into the store I immediately seen the Manager typing on their phone. This was capture on camera. Than, while shopping at store, I noticed she had change the style of music. This was also pre-arraigned. And as I was shopping I noticed increasing amounts of individuals entering the store. What I know about this is when there is someone like a manager in the store or employees, the perpetrator customers have something to attach to. That’s because the store had been setup for the directed energy targeting. Anyway, I purchased Apple Cider Vinegar 32oz, Black Eye Peas 16oz., Bolgn Thick 16oz. Bar S, Brd Onion Rings 16oz, Broccoli Crowns 16oz. Dole, Carrots 2lb Bag, Chdr Brat 19oz., Chicken Drumsticks/Thighs, Corn/Peas 16oz WYLW, Garlic, Hamburger Buns, Iced Oatmeal Cookies, Lentils, Lima Beans 16oz., Lemon Juice Tiptone Grove 32oz., Onions Vidalia, Oranges navel, PCN Shortbread cookies 11.3oz., Jalapeno Peppers, Pinto Beans 64oz., Salt 26oz Marcum, Smoked Sausage Links 40oz. And Tangerines Clem, Tomatoes 160z. When I got on line, someone followed behind me. The manager was now the cashier.

6-2 Signal attacks to the head, which started in May. These are dime sized attacks.

6-3 Did not consume anything the day before so the attacks was restricted around the lower back. However, when I drank some of the Kurtz Apple Cider Vinegar, Crystallized nano (smart dust) formed around my mouth. Also the technology could be tasted in the Bars Thick Bologna, the premium Citrus Clementines 3lb Bag, the Sesame Street Navel Oranges 3lb Bag and the LeCours Finest 11.3oz., Pecan Shortbread Cookies. Upon Consuming these items, increase attacks to the stomach and immediately afterwards, painful stinging attacks to the legs, toes and feet. Spasm attacks to the feet and an hour later spasm attacks to the right side of my right hand. This is often the area that I feel the muscular pain at. All these items were purchased at the Ramsey Street Save A Lot.

6-3 Muscle Pain to the right hand.

6-3 Signal attacks to the head during night fall. Heard someone earlier walking around in the woods.

6-4 The oranges that I spoke of earlier about having nano crystalline – smart dust in it, after consuming them this period, immediately stinging attacks to the head in the form of dime size attacks. This was later signal attacks and induced tightness of the arm muscles, signal attacks to the neck towards the evening, burning, crawling and stinging attacks to the inner ear, signal attacks to the right hand, which result in abnormal movements of the muscles, stinging attacks to the joints of the toes and fingers, etc.

6-4/5 Twice when I woken the body vibrations was centered around the mid-section 1:00a and 6:30a. However, the attacks was elevated to trembling after being woken the third time.

6-5 Ate Carrots early in the morning and shortly afterwards, stinging attacks to the head, this was similar to the day before with the oranges. This was followed by dime size signal attacks to the stung areas. Then stinging attacks to the bottom of my feet. Much later I experienced a strong popping sensation to my right ear, before this I heard someone talking real loud. This was coming from the warehouse on the main street.

6-6/7 Rapid heartbeat and body vibrations was felt in the early part of the day.

6-7 The green peas Wylwood and the Fairgrounds Chicken Strips had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming these products crystals formed in my mouth. Then later stinging attacks to the face and head, which felt like burning. Both of these items was purchased from Ramsey Street Save A Lot.

6-8/9 Body vibrations centered around the legs.

6-9/10 Body vibrations centered around the upper body and shoulders.

6-10/11 Did not eat this day so body vibrations was mild in comparison.

6-11 I was bit by a dog at around 7:30a on Southern Avenue, while walking towards Owen Drive. I was going to Uhaul for a propane fill up. It happened in front of 1998 Southern Avenue, which I confronted the owner about it. He was in denial of it. So I called 911, which I was told an animal control agent would be sent out to address the situation. However, because of the nature of time and due to the approach of very hot weather, I left the scene. Although the dog did not rip my pants, I felt pain. So later I checked and there were three incisions of where the dog bite me. This prompted me to make a direct call to Animal control. I spoke to an agent and arraigned them to meet them i8n front of Cumberland County EMS.


May 2018 Journal


5-5 15:32:32 Roses Express #647 336 N. Eastern Blvd. Fayetteville NC 28301. Manager: Diana. Phone: 910-484-1254. I did not noticed any major stocking in this store. However, I did consume some of the food items that I purchased from this establishment. It did not immediately HIT me that they were contaminated. But I did notice upon consuming these products, the presence of people and cars increase around me. They weren’t overly aggressive, just that there presence was noted in an area that does not get a lot of traffic, especially on a Sunday. I have noted this later. Anyway, what really told me these items had the nano technology in it, is that after laying down in my homebase, spasm attacks to the fingers and hands were present. Prior to this, I did not have anything like this. To give an example. The day before, upon coming back to the homebase, I drank only rain water. I did noticed that someone had place the technology in the area to make it easier to reach me with the directed energy. And upon laying down, the attacks were more involved than previous nights (when I hadn’t eaten). But they were in the form of signal attacks, not spasm attack, which is on a whole different level. Anyway, I purchased Ginger Snaps, Coookies, Chips, Maple Treat, Chocolate Cluster, Can Meat and Pork and beans. The difference between the food that the general public receives, is the food is mildly contaminated vs the food that is placed on the shelves before I enter a store. It is heavily contaminated, because the assualt on my body is more DIRECTED. So although Nano Technology is placed in the public’s food, it is what they place in my food is the deciding factor.

5-5 Came back to the homebase. After laying down for a few minutes, induced spasm attacks to the hands. Earlier I eaten Libby’s Vienna Sausages, Van Camp’s Pork & Beans. Then I consumed the Lil Dutch Maid Old Fashion Ginger Snaps Cookies and the Patedas Corn Chips. I did noticed an increase of people randomly walking and driving in the area. I’m also familiar with the methods used by these groups for attacking my body. When I eat the food containing nano technology, my body because more or less like an antenna for nearby devices to latch onto. What they are latching onto is the crystallized technology and the implants that was install in my body at an earlier time. With that said, these items were purchased from Roses Eastern Blvd. I did not have these spasms attacks the previous night, because I did not consume anything except rain water.

5-6 Noticeable nano crystalline (smart dust) in the lemon heads that I purchased from Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd. Upon consuming this product, my mouth became filled with a crystallized sensation and some point it was like eating glass. The result is burning of the temples, induced muscular pulsing pain to the arms, stinging to the toes and fingers.

5-6 The Fast Bites that I purchased from the Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming them, pressure attacks to the left ear, which cause it be cloughed. Then signal attacks to the head, (electronic brain mapping). The Fast Bites were the Fish Sandwich, BBQ Rib Sandwich, BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

5-6/7 Heard several people at different times in the night. In the morning, numbness of the left hand and fingers, body vibrations, signal attacks to the feet, tightness of the arms, etc.

5-10 Upon eating the sugar babies, burning and stinging attacks was immediately felt on the ears, signal attacks to the feet and head. In the morning, signal sensations to the chest. The item was purchased at the Eastern Blvd Dollar Tre.

5-11 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the fudge stripe shortbread cookies.

5-14 11:41:01 Sprouts Farmers Market 2810 Freedom Parkway Drive Fayetteville, NC 28314. Manager: Tim Phone: 910-748-5985. Just before going into this store, a lady dressed in blue followed me into the store. Then, as I was in the store shopping, she was tapping on her phone. So as it looked, she came into the store to text on her cell phone. But the truth is, she was gpsing my position in a store that had already setup remote devices to target and manipulate different areas of my body. As I made it to the back of the store, I see what I later understood was the manager. His deposition was very connected to this criminal organization that has destroyed my life for 11 years, made me homeless and isolated. Well, after stocking the shelf, he rubbed his nose to confirm that the job was done. Yeah. The job of stocking food items that aide in their directed energy targeting. I got him on video. Anyway, I purchased Koru Apples, Opal Apples, Organic Bananas, Chocolate Cherries, Drk Chocolate Almonds and RSTD Teola Lme Peanut.

5-14 12:37:04 Food Lion #1612 2071 Skibo Road, Fayetteville, NC. As soon as I came into the store, one of the employees quickly left to go outside. If you don’t know what this is about, you should take a look at some of my videos. After shopping in the store for about 15 minutes, I see him outside tapping away at his cell phone. What this is, is that he was the outside link. It is how they link you from the store, to the people outside and satellites. No major issue of stocking occurred at the store. That occurred at least an hour earlier before I arrived in the area. The reason why I know this, is the food is still very heavily contaminated. Anyway, I purchased Pet Cookie N Cream Ice Cream, PF Cin Rasn Swrl Brd, Thomas English Muffins, 16z CN Smirn Scrmdrv/Lmn LME, Smith Fields Hickory Smoked Boneless Ham, Iceberg Lettuce, Green Cucumbers, Bulk Garlic, Ginger Root, Red Tomatoes. I was told the manager was named Chris. But a female with a different name approach me, she was wearing red and black in her pattern.

5-14 Signal attacks to the feet and then the head after consuming the English Muffins, Iceberg Lettuce, Green Cucumbers, Red Tomatoes and Smithfield Anytime Hickory Smoked Boneless Ham. Tightness of the arm joints was also felt. These items were purchased from Food Lion Skibo. The Koru Apples had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in them. As I was consuming this items, from time to time a strong crystallized sensation would be felt in my mouth. The name of the store were these products were purchased from is Sprouts Farmers Market. While shopping I saw the manager involved in stocking the store. It is the consumption of these items which makes me more prom to the directed energy attacks I receive daily.

`5-16 Typical criminal electronic stalking on my trip to ALDIs using public transportation.

5-16 1:47 Aldi Store #72 5201 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC. Manager: Erin. When I went into this establishment, I saw several workers stocking. This normally occurs when a business has been infiltrated and if I did not shop in this establishment for some time. Anyway, I purchased Jalapano Peppers, Lemons, Green Peppers, Carrots, Jiffy Corn Mix, Lumber Jack Sausage, Elbow Macaroni, Large Eggs, Steam Peas and Corn, Yellow Onions, Grapefuit, Steam Mix Veg/GB, Trail Mix, Evaperated Milk, Jumbo Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls, Broccoli Crowns, Jumbo Flaky Biscuits, Large EVOO, FP Chicken Drums and Fresh Chicken ¼. Over 90 percent of the products have the nano pathogen in it. As a matter of fact, as soon as I got back to my homebase, one of the biscuit canisters exploded. So there is enough technology in this particular product, which would cause it to open up involuntary. And before I left the check out, I requested to speak to the manager. There was some hesitation (which is showed in the video – stating she was busy), but I got the eyeball.

5-17 The sweet Red Grapefruit 5lb Bag that I purchased from ALDIs had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in them. Upon consuming this product signal attacks to the head increased.

5-17 The carrots (Brenda Belle Fa Farms had noticeable nano crystalline in it. Upon eating this product, I felt a noticeable crystallized sensation in my mouth. Then stinging attacks to my toes and my heart muscle. This item was also purchased from ALDIs. Later pulsing attacks to the legs and increased signals attacks to my stomach.

5-20/21 The Ginger that I purchased from the Skibo Rd Food Lion had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming it, a sickness of throwing up and going to the bathroom came over me. Later, strong stinging attacks to the back of my ears then a crawling sensation, stinging attacks to the legs increased when night fell. Pulsing attacks to my temples and signal attacks to my head and side burns and feet. Towards the morning body vibrations, which occur daily – usually in the early morning hours. The perpetrators equipment can be seen throughout the woods as a shipping container and a number of vehicles parked in the back of their facily on the main street. Other items with noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust were the Reggano Elbow Macaroni, Bake House Cinnamon Rolls, which exploded earlier as well as the Biscuit canister.

5-21/22 I did not eat or drink the entire day, so the attacks were lower, especially at night unlike the day before.

5-22 Both the Bake House Creations Jumbo Butter Milk Biscuits and the Cinnamon Rolls had noticeable nano crystalline in it. These products I purchased from ALDIs Ramsey Street. Attacks first start on my arms than the upper muscle, stomach and feet. Also the Fit & Active Crinkle Cut Fries had nano technology in them.

5-22/23 The Biscuits Canisters exploding (opening) is explained when I get back to the homebase. The technology that was placed in them is activated by the surrounding pulsing devices, which the criminal organization controls. The way the technology gets into them is probably done through a machine radionically or directly by the manufacturer. Also, when ever I consume these products contaminating large amounts of nano technology, increase attacks to the different parts of my body is experienced. This has been going on for at least 10 plus years, because there is no government agency responsible for testing nano technology in foods. And there is no oversite to this criminal activity. After waking up, strong rapid heartbeat is experienced. This is something that use to happen all the time. It is also were a large amount of technology is concentrated. The other issue is induced body vibrations.

5-24 Received a call from Consumer Complaints at ALDIs after filling a complaint yesterday. Received complaint number: 1060616. Not much information is attached to the email sent. When I spoke to the AGENT, I received a duplicate.

5-24 After eating the Biscuits I heard pulsing sounds (popping) in the area and shortly afterwards, I feel a signal sensation on my right leg.

5-26 Signal attacks to the back is now induced muscular pain. It is centered around the spinal cord.

5-30 Heard a news report about metal being in the Spam. What I know is the metal is actually crystal nano technology and there is a probability that a TI shopped in the area store. Someone called in the report and that is why an alert was sent out. Not knowing what this is, it was being classified as metal. Anyway, companies loose a lot of money when items like this are recalled. So these criminal groups are effectively destroying American corporations in the process in the benefit of making money with these research projects.

5-30 Noticeable crystalline nano in the Jiffy Corn Bread Mix 0 72486 00220 5 sell by date 3/21/19 I purchased from ALDIs.

5-30 They are now hitting the right side of my head. I did not experienced anything like this for the four days I did not eat. The attacks to my stomach had also increased, although there is an active implant that is triggered by the directed energy from time-to-time. So what is being reported as a manufacture defect is an actual infiltration of products for the purpose of directing the targeting to individuals more effectively.

5-30 Later signal attacks to the feet returns, as well as popping of the ear drums. And when night falls, crawling sensations to the head and forehead.

5-30/31 When I went to sleep and woke up a strong painful attacks was felt on my left arm. This was particularly felt on my elbow. And body vibrations. Before I went to sleep, I had to move because of rain. When I went to sleep again and woke up, the pain was now on my right arm, which was centered around my elbow. This was coupled with induced body vibrations. Meanwhile, I feel increase crystal nano sensations in my mouth, which first occurred when I ate the Jiffy Corn Bread from ALDI.


Save-A-Lot Customer Complaints

Because of the on-going complaints concerning systematic, persistant, malicious food contamination, I decided to do some research on what other customers were writing about the various stores I was shopping at. So I start with Save-A-Lot

Anyway, not so far into the distance past, I filed a complaint with corporate concerning hair in the Jiffy Cornbread. Because of the nature of the crimes, I thought it was an isolated incident. It isn’t (click link below and read the following).

I opened a box of Cocoa Diamonds….brand new packaging, air still sealed within, and upon eating, there was a thick, black hair in my mouth.I am blonde.

I spit the cereal that I was already chewing into the trash and threw away the bag of cereal.Really gross and nasty.

Now clearly something else is going on, which is beyond the control of the manufacturer. But I have been complaining about this for a number of years.

Here’s another one:

this time I am reporting this situation with this product this cheese had a hair inside the cheese. more careful with the process of hygiene in the production of food.

I reported it to an employee and brought the cheese package.


the store is located. 1610 sam Rittenberg blv Charleston sc 29407.

Review about: Tio Santi Queso Blanco Cheese.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

This is unacceptable! But the United States government allows criminal organization gangs to penetrate the fabric of these service industries, you create environments that harm other people. They see the hair (other unsanitary items) but I taste the nano technology that has destroy my life for 11 years.

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How to stop Electronic Harassment

(from the newsletter)

I have not tried this, but it would be helpful if someone who tried it provide insight on it effect-ability.

The link is to what you need to purchase to make this device. What it does is block the perpetrator ability to see you in your home.

I do not know how effective it is outside though. But if it works inside, this is a start.

It looks like the highest amount you will spend will be about $200 for the combination of materials used to build this device.

Because I have never build this device, I can not say it works. So I should not be held responsible if it does not meet your requirements.

Good Luck.


January 2018 Journal


1-2 The pinto beans that I purchased from the Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree has noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming this product, pulsing and signal attacks to the right ear occurred. Than stinging and signal attacks to the right thigh.

1-2 Later after consuming the lemons I purchased from ALDIs constant signal attacks to the center of my head, feet, stomach and right hand.

1-4 Nano crystalline – smart dust could be tasted in the Jiffy Corn Bread, Earthly Grains Parboiled Rice, Onions and other items I purchased from ALDI Ramsey Street. Upon consuming these items, strong stinging sensations to the heart.

1-4/5 Later in the night stinging and signal attacks to the hips, feet, legs and arms.

1-7 The Now And Later candy had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it, because upon consuming it, strong stinging sensations could be felt on both legs. Than later spasm attacks to the right hand, which affected hand movements.

1-7/8 In the night attacks to the arms in the form of muscular pain. Early in the morning I heard an alarm at the church property. It was going off for some time.

1-8 The chicken nuggets, grapes and tropical gormet nut mix had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming these products, increased attacks to the chest was felt.

1-8/9 After consuming the food that I purchased from Food Lion and Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd burning sensations to the chest, muscular pain to the legs, hands, feet and toes. Signal attacks to the nostrils during the evening/morning hours, which was persistant as for attacks to the stomach.

1-9 The pillsbury Homestead biscuits from Food Lion had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming this product, strong stinging sensations could be felt on my leg – mainly the thigh area.

1-12 Signal attacks to the face and stinging attacks to the legs after consuming the parboiled rice, which had noticeable amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in it.

1-13/14 Constant pulsing of my inner right ear and in the night signal attacks to my notrils, which produces snoring like symptoms.

1-14/15 A person was heard in the woods section closes to the church property several times in the night. When I got up to observe, they quickly ran away. I also heard dogs barking, so I knew the criminal organization was sending people from the main street. Before this I did not feel the targeting. But after they arrived to this area I felt pulsing and signal attacks to the ears and nose several times in the night. The technology that I consumed in the meal yesterday is taken from my stomach and applied to the back of my ears and my sinus cavity. That is why it is felt and heard a popping and sinus pressure. At certain times the pressure is so strong that it cause my heart rate to increase. This causes me to breath through my mouth.

1-16/17 After consuming the indulgent trail mix, tropical trail mix and the chocolate & nut trail mix from Dollar Tree Bragg Blvd, induced movements of the right hand, which the muscles was being manipulated. I also consumed Natures Made Vitamin C Tablets, Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc and Rite Aid brand Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc with copper tablets.

1-16/17 Strong stinging sensations to the legs after settling down.

1-17 Extreme signal attacks to the right hand, which caused abnormal movements. I had to do a youtube video. Also constant pulsing to the front middle of the head.

1-17/18 Tightness of the arms, nasal attacks, which produce snoring and from time to time signal attacks to the right ear drum.

1-18 Ate Farmington Butcher’s Choice Hot Italian Sausages and it had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it.

1-19 Large amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in the Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. It was purchased from the Bragg Blvd Dollar Tree. Strong stinging proceeded there afterwards.

1-20 Both the tuna and the premium Pick 5 Seasoned Potato Wedges had noticeable crystalline nano technology (smart dust – glass sensors) in them. Crystallization would form around the mouth. Also nano technology has a tendency to crystallized when heated. When I consumed the tuna without heating it, no such reaction occurred.

1-23 One package of the Circle A Ranch Chicken Breast Nuggets had 13 Nuggets and another had 16 nuggets. This item was purchased from a Bragg Blvd Dollar Tree.

1-23/24 Other than consuming the products that I purchased from Save A Lot, I consumed Vitamins that I purchased from Rite Aid.

1-24 Another package of Farmington Butcher’s Choice Hot Italian Sausages had a large amount of Crystallized nano – smart dust in them.

1-24/25 Burning, Stinging attacks of my leg in the night into the morning.

1-25 Signal attacks to my right hand after turning on cell phone for a few minutes. However, attacks were completely gone to this area of my body. The technology was activated in my hand and the phone served as a locator for this attack. The result of these attadcks was abnormal movement, which is being controlled remotely and wirelessly.

12-26 Large amount of nano crystalline in the Columbia Penne – Enriched Macaroni. With each mouthful crystallized nano technology formed around my mouth. Any company that puts out a product with this amount of nano should be remove from service. But I know that these items are placed into the packages and resealed. The Circle A Ranch in one package had 12 and another 14, when 8 is typical for the Breast Chicken Nuggets. Upon consuming both products, increase attacks to the stomach, tightness of the arms, popping of the right ears and stinging of the legs.

12-27/28 Constant signal attacks to the right hand thumb after consuming the chicken from IGA Bragg Blvd and the white potatoe from Save-A-Lot Ramsey Street, which I tasted noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it.

1-28/29 Induced rapid heartbeat, which attacks to the right hand thumb followed. Also stinging attacks to the elbows, arms and signal attacks to the right knee.

1-29 In the night very strong stinging sensations to the right leg than numbness. Prior night it had rain, so the attacks was minimum. What this means is that these attacks are driven by several individual setup in different areas of my position. So this is not just Satellite targeting.

1-30 Did not drink or eat anything and as expected, the attacks was very minimum. However, several times in the night I heard someone walking around in the area. This happens when the crimina organization can’t reach me with the distant devices so they place smart dust, which interact with the technology in my body.

1-31 Ate Russett Potatoes, Polish Sausages (Save-A-Lot Ramsey Street), mixed vegetables, Kidney Beans (Dollar Tree Bragg Blvd) and I could taste an unbelievable amount of nano smart dust in it. Immediate attacks to the stomach and than constant pulsing of the knee. I did take Vitamin C, Magnesium/Calcium/Zinc/Copper Capsules, which caused me a bowel movement several times. However, the attacks were persistent as if I did not take anything.

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December 2017 Journal


12-5 Lowes Home Centers 3909 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28311. Phone: 910-822-0126. Although I did not purchase any food items in this store, I noticed that the line was being held up on purchase. I was able to record the actions, which is shown in clips below. The perpetrators will often hold a line up as to allow time to calibrate their devices to interface with implants in a targeted individual body. At the end, I ask her why she was checking her watch. Also, as I was going towards the door, I see a male employee standing in front of it. But as I was coming towards him, he quickly dash into another door on the other end of the store. Please understand that when someone is doing this, they are the link to the satellites and their devices are connected to the other perpetrators inside the store.

12-6 Ate the Malto Meal Golden Puffs and Pet Milk from Ramsey Street Dollar General and during the night into the morning, constant signal attacks above the nose, pulsing pain attacks to the arms and legs, stinging to the inner ear, signal attacks to the toes, feet and hands, strong directed energy attacks to the stomach at various times of the night, which resulted in gas, bloating and indigestion problems.

12-7/8 Both the Stauffers Ginger Snaps and the Dare Maple Creme had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming these items, aggressive attacks to the stomach until the attacks was directed to my legs and toes in the form of stinging. The stinging is a needle type sensation that feels like someone is stabbing something into my leg and toes. Then constant pulsing attacks to my feet, hands and arms, which cause the muscles to tense up. These above items were purchased at the Ramsey Street Big Lots store.

12-9 Constant signal and stinging attacks to my upper right arm. Upon consuming the Martha White Butter Milk Corn Meal Mix (Save A Lot Ramsey Street), Dare Coconut Creme Filled Cookies (Big Lots Ramsey St.), Fair Grounds Breaded Beef Patties (Save A Lot Ramsey Street), Cola Vita Taglionini Nests and Baronia Spaghetti (Big Lots Ramsey Street).

12-10/11 Upon consuming the corn meal mix pulsing attacks to the back of the ears, especially the right ear, which I felt a device in it. They had programmed the consumed nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) behind my ears. Pulsing and signal attacks to my neck, throat, shoulder blades, arms, hands and back. Stinging and signal attacks to the fingers, toes and eyes. This was continuous throughout the day into the night.

12-11/12 Induced muscular pain to the upper back, neck, shoulder blades and arms. Meanwhile body vibrations centered around the hips and burning sensations to the legs.

12-12 Ate the Erin Bakers Homesyle Granola Oatmeal Raisin by itself and shortly afterwards, I felt a strong stinging sensation on my right leg. Before this time attacks did not exist to this part of my body.

12-13/17 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the black eye peas. After cooking for over 2 hours, a worm like substance came out of them. Attacks was first felt on my legs as stinging sensations, induced muscle tightening and signal attacks to the toes, fingers and hands. Burning of the elbows

12-18 Family Dollar Store #00745 1322 Clinton Rd, Fayetteville, NC. Phone: 910-323-9259. Manager: L J. Purchased Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili and Nacho Cheese 9.75oz, Bakers Harvet Chicken and Cheese Flavor Crackers. Everything was good until I start checking out my item. An older lady pretending to be interested in something, position herself directed behind me. The reason someone would want to get behind you, is so they can hit your back chakras. This allows them to program the technology to this part of your body. I noted her presence in my video.

12-18 After consuming the Doritos Nacho Cheese and another Family Dollar item constant signal attacks to the right eyes were felt than strong stinging sensations was felt on my right legs.

12-19 01:06 Aldi Store #72 5201 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville NC. Managers: Brittany (Day) and Erin (Night). Right as I was going towards the store, I see a heavyset guy going towards the entry way. Later I will see him several times before leaving the store. Than I saw him coming out of the store as I was packing my bags. As I was shopping, I see two women who say they were managers. They informed me that the general manager was not on duty. There was at least 3 sale’s clerks engaged in stocking the store. But later after consuming some of the purchase items, I can tell, the major part of restocking the shelves occurred many minutes before I entered the store. Anyway, I purchased Jiffy Corn Bread Mix, Steam Mix Veg/GB, Mild Italian Sausage Links, FP Chicken Drums, Baby Carrots, Yellow Onions, Green Grapes, Reg Marshmallows, Parboiled Rice #5, Raisin Canister, Whiting Fillet, Steam Pea or Corn, Grapefruit, Coconut Flakes, Steamable Cal Med, Broccoli Florets, Chopped Beans, Jumbo FlakyBiscuit, Broccoli Crowns, Chopped Hazelnuts, Jumbo Biscuits, Tastes Like Butter, Jalapena Peppers, Wide Pan Wheat Bread, Mini Sweet Peppers, Cauliflower, Gala Apples, Blk Angus Tip Stk, Cinnamon Bagels, Jazz Apples, Assorted Cookies, Pure Olive Oil, Bananas LRW, 12 Grain Bread, Celery, Org. Navel Oranges, Garlic, Bartlett Pears, Vine Tomatoes, Spaghetti, Lemons and Trail Mix. As I was packing my stuff into the bags, I noticed strong directed energy coming from the office (employees) area. So the criminal organization has placed a powerful wireless transmitter in their office. I always knew that they were being control by the same directed energy that is used to assault my body everyday.

12-20 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the green grapes (ALDI) Bananas, Grapefruit. Signal attacks begin to the feet. Southern Grove Mountain Trail Mix. Signal. Then signal attacks to the toes. California Raisins.

12-23 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the Reggano Spaghetti from Ramsey St. Aldi.

12-24 Constant popping of the left ear drum. Earlier in the morning buzzing. When I walked, the poping increased, especially where I was close to my sleeping area. The criminal organization programs the nano crystalline – smart dust while I sleep. This technology is in the food and is accessed through the digestion system. This explains the constant attacks to the stomach. Also constant bowl movement and induced urination. Increased muscle and signal attacks to the arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers and toes. Manipulation of the eyes, which affects sleep patterns and false dreams. I had eaten the apples, pears and other items I purchased from the Ramsey Street Aldis. It does not matter what I consumed, the items have been reconditioned with the nano technology, so that they can manipulate it with the wireless technology.

12-29 Noticeable nano crystalline -smart dust in the Biscuits I purchased from the Ramsey Street Aldi. As I was consuming this product, attacks to the right ear started. Then I could taste the technology being accessed by surrounding directed energy devices. Also tightness of the right arm was felt.