June 2017 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

6-1/3 Each time I would go to sleep and get up the next morning, I would experience body vibrations that was either centered around the chest or hips. When I sleep on my stomach I would be attacked on my hands, which the criminals of the technology would tighten or swell up. When I would sleep on my side from time to time my mouth would fill up with nano crystals – smart dust. These are the same crystals that is tasted in the food that I consumed the day earlier.

6-2 and 4 Each time I would consumed the meal (potatoes and chicken nuggets) I would taste the presence of nano crystals – smart dust. And after several minutes of consuming this meal the attacks would increase to my feet and toes in the form of stinging and directed energy. But when I don’t eat the next day, the attacks are significantly lower.

6-5 13:09 Save A Lot #8046 3447 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28311. Phone: 910-822-1012. Manager: Stacey. Purchased Apples, Bananas, Beer Bratwurst, Carrots 2lbs bag, Chicken Thighs SMPK, CRNK CT Fries 48oz., Garlic 6oz., Grapes WHT S/L Calif, GRLC Bologna, Green Beans FRZ 16oz., Lemons Choice, Lentils Bag 16oz., LNG GRN Rice 5lb bag, MXD Vegetables 16oz, Oil Oil, Onions Yellow, Oranges 3lbs, RSTD Jumbo Peanuts 16oz., Sharp ChDR Cheese 8oz., SLTD BTTR QTR 16oz., Smoked Pork Neck Bons, SRIRACHA Ketchup 20oz. , Tilapia Fil 32oz PRTS, Tomatoes Roma XLRG, White Kernel Corn 16oz. and White Brd 20oz. Griss, When I got on the line, there were only one other person infront of me. But the line was not move. There was no reason the cashier was taken this long except to delay my leaving of the establishment. By delaying my departure, these individuals occurring the store are able to program the technology to specific parts of my body. So I decided to get on another line. Anyway, although this was the same store that I had shopped at under a different business brand, the layout (as well as the clientèle) of the store changed drastically. However, regardless of these changes, the criminal program is exactly the same. So it did not matter that ALDI’s was on a higher level. The products were just as contaminated with the nano technology.

6-5 I went with Uber for the second time with Clarence Ford Escape (EFT 6212NC). And after I got dropped off I experienced constant pulsing attacks to my right foot. This lasted to the next day. From time to time I see the storage room attendant on her phone.

6-6 The wheat bread and roasted peanut that I purchased from Save-A-Lot had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it.

6-6 After consuming the fish with cheese, which I had bananas and grapes, I became drowsy so I took a nap. When I woke up I experienced directed energy centered around the chest.

6-6 The attacks to my right foot was no longer present until I received a phone call from an agent that I spoke to previously. The company uses agents from the Phillipines. Based on his voice as if he had accomplished something and then hearing the pulsing device near me, explains why the pulsing attacks returned.

6-6 Although the pulsing attacks did not last, the manipulation of my computer battery sensor occurred. The sensor controls how the battery is charge. This usually happens when the criminals of the technology can not reach me.

6-6/7 From around 5 or 6pm the attacks were lower than usual. However, when I went to sleep and woke up around 12a. The attacks returned. But it did not occur all at one time. It started with my left hand as induced muscular pain. Earlier, after waking up I felt energy on this part of my body – similar to electrical current. This is the method of them programming the technology. Then it became my ears (particularly my left ear) as if something was crawling in it. At times I could feel burning sensations, which cause me to put my finger in it. Than it became my legs and the pulsing attacks to my feet. So it is very much possible that the system was down or they were just recalibrating the system for the next wave of attacks.

6-15 After cooking the Wylwood Large Lima Beans from Save-A-Lot Ramsey Street, I have seen in other beans that I have purchased from other establishments. I have taken video of this to show what these worms look like. The beans were cooked a long time and so these particles (worms) blow up with the beans. However, they are significantly harder and the coloration (pink) differs greatly. It looks like they have been genetically engineered into the beans using some type of embedded technology, as they do with other foods that I have purchased from various stores. When I consumed these products, it makes my body more susceptible to the directed energy targeting, which is why great effort is put into modifying the food sources in the areas that I shop at. Also noted was the presence of crystallized nano technology – smart dust in the rice and sausage, which was part of the meal.

6-15 After consuming these products that I purchased from Save A Lot, increased attacks to the arms in the form of muscular pain. The pain is extended to the hands and also include pulsing attacks, which is the method used to program the consumed technology to this part of my body. Other attacks were to my stomach.

6-15/16 Went to sleep earlier and was woken with an elevated heartbeat. It was around 2:35a and within a few minutes, I heard someone driving from the parking lot. So the attacks is connected to what I eat and individual who congregate at the warehouse on the main street.

6-16 Induced muscular pain to my left leg. After eating attacks began in the stomach (which resulted in bloating and gas) and than continuous pulsing of my left foot. At no time before consuming the food, which had noticeable nano crystalline in it, did I have these symptoms. Part 2: Stinging sensations on the left side of my face where my side burns are. Stinging of the elbows and crawling sensations on the forehead.

6-19/20 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the Circle A Spicy Chicken Strips and T.J. Farms Broccoli Cuts, which I brought from the Ramsey Street Dollar Tree. After consuming these products, increased attacks to the stomach and than the arms and hands. Induced sleep and body vibrations circled around the chest.

6-20/21 Attacks proceeded into the night into the morning. The attacks was centered around the left arm and hands as induced muscle pain, which increased from time to time. When I laid on my side and than turn on my stomach, a strong surge of increased pressure is felt. Towards the morning I decided to check my email and noticed a deterioration of vision. So they had manipulated my vision while I was sleeping with the technology that I consumed the previous night.

6-24 9:10a Walmart 4601 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28311. Manager; Brian Datson. Phone: 910-488-7800. There were some stocking in several isle in the store. But it looked like most of the stocking had been done as many shelves looked neatly stacked. Also, I was able to capture some perpetrator activity (mostly pointing phones in my direction). And my items was being rung up, several perpetrators got on line directly behind. The typical grab an item was seen (like chewing gum) and on the line they went. The purpose is always the same. They need direct contact with you, so they can manipulate and modify the technology that is placed in your body. Anyway, I purchased Neck bone, Grapefruit, Chop Spinach, Great Value Rice, Thigh Chicken Legs, Bag of Garlic, Lemons, Tomatoes, Onions, Ketchup, Bananas, Nature’s Own Wheat Bread and other items.

6-25 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the rice that I purchased from Ramsey Street Save A Lot. I also consumed the grapefruit, bananas and chicken, from Ramsey Street Walmart, which also had the technology in it. Upon consuming these items increased attacks to the stomach and than the tightening of the arm muscles. Later, stinging attacks to the elbows, back and fore arm was felt.

6-25/26 Took an early evening nap. When I got up I could feel a lot of swellness to the elbow and the stem of my spinal cord. It felt as if something was placed there and since I had consumed the day earlier, that is what it was.

6-26 When I went back to sleep and was woken, body vibrations, which was centered on my back. It was as if something was connected to it. Once I banged my feet together, the induced body vibrations became less noticeable. But when I was woken the second time, these type of attacks returned. However, when I got up, eventually the attacks stopped.

6-26 Induced ear attacks in the form of popping while searching the internet. But when I dropped the connection, it stopped. However, I could feel the technology in the back of my ear. The popping was simply the criminal organization wirelessly placing the technology in the back of my ear.

6-27 Large amount of nano crystalline in the Ramsey Street Walmart Lemons. As soon as I consumed this item, I felt a strong pulsing sensation to the side of my left temple.

6-28 The presence of nano crystalline in the food that I made: Chicken, Lemons, Rice, Lawry’s Adobo Seasoning with Pepper. These were items from the Ramsey Street Walmart. After consuming these products, stinging attacks to my feet, hands and arms. With my arm, induced muscular pain and signaling of my hands. Also popping of the ears, which I could feel technology in them.

6-28/29 After being woken the second time, body vibrations, steady increase of induced rapid heart rhythms, constant pulsing of the back of my head and increase muscle tightness of my arms and muscular attacks to my hands.

6-29 Constant pulsing of my head.

6-30 DJJ-6995nc Blue Vehicle comes into parking area of the storage room.

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