Using Poor People To Carry Out These Crimes

I see how they use these poor and vulnerable citizens in carrying out these satellite based crimes against humanity. How they get them to restock supermarket shelves with products that contain chemical that make targeted subjects susceptible to mind controlling technology. How they are used to trespassed onto people property and how they are lead on a goose chase to target individuals organic readings. I have been able to document how they contaminated these establishments. It is a well coordinated effort and involves massive resources to store these contaminates. The violation of my right to be left alone is so invasive that it involves several people following into public restrooms. It got so bad that i’m forced to use the bathroom in my vehicle. I don’t know when the last time I was able to wash my face. Being that the water is contaminated, when I use it, they are able to direct these technologies to various parts of my body. I remember wetting my hair yesterday and feeling the technology transmitting in areas where it was wet. And when it dried, the energy stops. It is almost unimaginable that something like this could be happening. Another issue that is bothering me is an organization that claims to be for Targeted Individuals, but I believe is run by some government agency. The last time I heard about a lawsuit was last year and that was all the way in October. We are already in May and the Director has not mentioned anything about whether a new lawsuit will progress. He just keep diverting people’s attention away from more concerned issues. And after communicating with him several times about a letter concerning my situation and some financial help, he does not return my calls. This is after attempting to make a connection over 4 times.

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2 thoughts on “Using Poor People To Carry Out These Crimes

  1. My Children are being tortured & murdered by gang stalking terrorists in California & other places in the USA. Please help me find these gang stalking terrorists. I hear them by way of RF. If there is anything you can do to help me save my Children please contact me asap
    Thank you

  2. I wonder if this poor human being is alive? After contacting many over the years, I wonder also. Could it be we are being forced to accept this evil by many? Forced into submission? Let our own children suffer in the future? Forced to manipulate others with this knowledge? Organized religions are just as guilty for using this, every body from whore masters, killers, pedophiles. We leave others in harms way, especially our children. They abuse you, isolate you, want you to forgive, stand up, speak out, and the whole time were still being ranby peperpetrators. No one Iin church, stae, military want to face this truth. If organized relireligions were so good and their gods, would they not speak this truth? I do believe Iin creator, what creat Iis I have no Iidea, I just know life Iis for all. I pray for all to creator, not the fucking micro chip Iin my head, that organized religions try to give you this false belief you have some kind of connection with god. Too many people manipulating this knknowledge. When the micro chips can be removed. I tried very hard for this, when I was ma by many people who knew and pretended they didnot. I think many have to find their hearts and cconscience, think about the chichildren of the future who are going to be the peperpetrators next prey. I dont know. I just keep putting the truth out there I hopes some one will come through for us all, to help end this, not perpetuate this onto the next ggeneration, our children. I have lost my whole family to this, as many. And I will still stand only for the truth. I know I will never see my child, grandchild again. As my own mother, another target, told me my own child has been used, I didnot understand at the time, the only understanding I had was how can others be so insensitive, cuz they are being run by perpetrators. Human beings dont have a chance with this technology being usedbon them. Parents don’t even have a chance with their own children cuz of this. It affects addictions, controling every one and every thing. It is pure designed evil. Church, state, military try to force compliance, hmmm men trying to control woman, woman trying to control men, its horrific what they are doing to each other and the children suffer, and will continue. It’s a evil design. And I know the feeling of going to many and being ignired, isolated in poverty. I worked very hard to try to change this for all and they tried to murder me. Family and foe. One gets tired of asking and being denied, left alone cuz you won’t comply with this evil. I write every one about this, have for years, only to get more lies and manipulations. And the fucking complaints I here from everyone working for state is ridiculous, cuz they truly wont stand and speak, fear I guess, but they sure dont mind sitting by and watching others lives destroyed for speaking up. And I will critisize, question, cuz every one forgets the lives of our children cuz were all being run by perpetrators any ways, no matter what we tell our selves, how strong we try to be, they are killing usbthis way. Its a military term ” soft kill”, church, state, military perpetrators use this when all elee fails, ignore, do nothing, force murder by suicide. Just before xmas my friend went to a funeral, a young man, 2 children, suicide. I said to him a week later, how soon we all forget, hmmmmm. When at the time every body wonders why, they all thought hevwas ok. This technology distracts us from the truth.

    Love Robin

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