Citizen Corps, FEMA and Food/Water Contamination

Sometime ago I was writing a description to be displayed with my youtube video. It was about food contamination. The extent of the food contamination is so well organized that only an organization like FEMA could pull off something like this. I was pretty much guessing when I wrote that statement, but I was on to something.

Just a moment ago I got a chance to watch another Targeted Individual video and it explained an important fact in our targeting. For instance, it mentioned the organizations involved. One such organization is Citizen Corps.

This is very important as this organization is connected to FEMA. FEMA is an emergeny assistance organization that distribute food, water and clothes and so on in hard hit areas.

This organization has been doing this for years and it is an expert in getting these supplies to those who need it the most.

What if the certain members of this organization was working with other government agencies that was involved with using satellite based experiments on United States citizens.

What if they were using the massive amount of distribution center across America to stock stores with contaminated food, water and other products.

I have experienced everything from store infiltration of products, to neighborhood water contamination. So it doesn’t strike me as odd that the only agency who can pull something like this off, is doing it to me.

And then when you add Citizens Corp to the equation, it pretty much explains the amount of people this agency can draw from to contaminate these sources.

It is a government agency as well as the CIA, MILITARY, FBI and so on. And clearly a number of these organizations are coordinating something to get these experiments done.

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