Does the Government Really Control Anything?

What we have is a Capital being rampaged by what we been told is Trump Protesters. But we know them as white supremacists using the republican party to give them leverage against the black, browns and progressives of the word.

Meanwhile, for years and more than a decade for me, what we known as Perpetrators are openly targeting TI’s (Targeted Individuals) with the Global Position System (GPS)

They are openly stocking store shelves with nano tainted foods that assist them (Government Sponsored Stalkers) in targeting TIs with Directed Energy Weapons.

I guess the Government can’t control all the aircrafts, drones, satellites that are engaged in this targeting of law abiding citizens.

I guess the Government can’t control all the police harassing and killing black men across the country or locking them up in cages.

What we found as TIs, control is given to certain people (Whites and Perpetrators), while others are forced into rules that is made to them personally.

So here we have white supremacists storming the Capital by default, while the rest of Americans are allow suffer.

How can this be fixed? Weed out criminal affiliations like contrators, medical and technical officials; weed out government corruption! We must rid our police and elected officials from white supremacists. Which will eventually destroy this nation for greed and corruption.


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