January 6th U.S. State Capital Breached

This is everything I wanted to write, but couldn’t due to my situation. But it most definitely speaks to our issue as Targeted Individuals.

See… we have experienced many of the surveillance apparatus that this poster speaks of. But more importantly, it speaks of how so many people turn the blind eye when something wrong is happening. Like going into someone’s vehicle at 12p in the Afternoon without a mention to you of who is responsible. Like how almost every store that I go to, they are stocking premade products that have been contaminated with nano pathogens that make your body more susceptible to directed energy attacks. Like how the entire neighbor surrounding you is participating in GPS directed energy attacks and there is never any mention of the noise that these devices give off or the amount of people now occupying these areas. It is the America that I known since 2007. But it is the America that these so called good people will know once they setup this electro magnetic attack grip. So soon, anyone at anytime is seen as trouble will be handed to these networks. And they will experience things that are far worse than what Targeted Individuals face today.


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