Infiltrators sought in Capital Sieged

People need to understand that these people have embedded themselves amongst us. As a Targeted Individual we know them as STALKERS. There main objective is to infiltrate. They have been very successful at doing this, which is why they got into the capital. They had law enforcement on the ground already to subvert the good officers from protecting the capital.

But as a Targeted Individual of Directed Energy Torture, they have a role of implementing a targeting Electronic Grid across the world. This Grid is connected to Global Position System Satellites that circle the global.

TIs have been complaining about this for years. But they have people in these government offices whose job is to ignore this human rights violation.

Not only they infiltrate Government, they infiltrate businesses as well. In my case many stores selling food and drink. Food Lion, Walmart, Aldi, Trader Joe’s, ect, it does not matter.

In my case they are connected to the medical and scientific industries who are illegally experimenting on Americans against their consent. They place nano pathogens in the food and drink to make it easier to use directed energy weapons on them.

I have a whole website for years talking about this. Even my YouTube channel talk about this.

They have embedded themselves in the communities that we live. Making these communities a haven for these criminal networks. And now we finally seeing what these people are capable of doing.

It is incumbent of citizens across the United States to weed out these global criminal networks, so something like this Capital disgrace doesn’t happen again.


The above documentation will show you how they have been able to infiltrate the city government. And how law enforcement is connected to these criminal operations.

So before we deal with immunity for law enforcement officers, we must address the criminal networks that allows this practice to thrive.


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