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  1. How American Government is using charged weapons and mind reading technology to track and murder American citizens
    Have you seen the “men who stare at goats” or “Manchurian candidate” ? There is a horrible reality behind these movies that is being lived by thousands of American citizens today. In this article I am telling you this reality and how me and my family are living a “nightmare” thanks to our “freedom and democracy living peoples’ government by the people for the people”.




    How is this done?
    This is done mostly through emf filters education charge the air particles and molecules in the air around and in your body. At different high frequencies this can generate different effects such as acidic, alkaline reactions etc. Think if thunder electric discharge through the air. Can cause to make smell ammonia.
    Electric b filled at different frequencies cause different efferent effects
    One of the major weapons is use of emf fields causing haemoglobin in your body which has chargeable iron to cause to charge blood in human body and make gush around or concentrate on your body and cause person’s death through Internal haemorrhage. This is how they killed my brother for experimentation. They also used this to cause the death my unborn child while my wife was pregnant.

    This may be our last message if us as family, an American family, before my, my wife and daughter are murdered by American psyop agencies, specially the human garbage which claims to be a Hindu by last name khare.
    Our address is follows…..
    Just as.I am loosing ability to breath and my muscles..

    this khare aka only indian psyop in NSA psyop station in Washington DC station is involved in the RBN Russian Business Network which is a Russian Business unit protected and front for fsb .

    Some assholes tried to punch microscopic holes in me and my 9 year daughter and tried to murder with inducing charged particle and microwave radiation energy weapons based inducing effects of day salt-like, and hot effects.

    USA intelligence psyop agencies’ plot to murder American president.
    Jagannath vishnu Khare alias anil khare alias v Khare alias Avinash khare, is an old operator joined the psyop division in 1980s as a Russian sleeper agent. His entire family is involved on espionage against USA.

    The main person in these CIA psyop division responsible driving this operation is psychopath called with last name Khare and is of Indian American origin. He is also known child abuser and pedophile..
    Please forward this to the president’s chief of staff, since it concerns president Trump and his family. I am sending this to various executives of American companies so the story about experimentation and murder of me, my wife and my 8 year old daughter, an American family will be sent to people who can put a stop to it.

    Anand khare aka Desai

    Ask president Trump and his family to read this.
    This is how US intelligence agencies like NSA, naval intelligence,. Army intelligence, CIA and NIA are planning to
    destroy him and his family.
    The us intelligence agencies has had the capabilities to evesdrop on human conversation, and thoughts through specific electromagnetic frequencies in microwave range including ability to kill human beings with radiation energy weapons since 70s.
    They have been using this to manipulate and destroy Trump family ever since his bid for pres hi NJ jidential election became serious.

    This story is about a reality that most Americans are not aware of our even dismiss as a fantasy or science fiction.

    What will you think if I were to tell you that America’s spies use psychic powers to communicate and program people remotely to do their bidding ranging from using other people’s eyes and ears and senses to see, hear and sense distant places. The same technology can be used to experiment psychologically, and psychically as well as killing people.

    This is part of a technology which came into being as part of star wars initiative during Reagan administration.

    Human body has an intimate relationship with electromagnetic energy. Our brains use electricity to convey neural impulses. The fMRI technology can be used to pick up brain impulses and study these to identify if a person is lying. Incidentally this is something that federal government is planning to install in airports to spy on passengers so they can see if you’re a terrorist or not. Weird that an excuse of identifying a few terrorists, has the government given itself freedom to probe your minds and souls.

    this is done using by beaming charged particles in the area surrounding you. these charged particles are created using electromagnetic fields either projected from satellites or inland radar installations. these charged particles when applied different emf frequencies use attract different molecules or atoms in the atmosphere or your body to create different type of effects like creating salt-like, acidic or alkaline environment which can be manipulated to disable, debilitate or murder a human being by inducing various effects like heart attack or brain haemorrhage or Internal body organ failures etc.

    the US government is using these weapons on american citizens including children to fine tune and understand how to make these more effective. America is the forefront of this entire technology while some other countries are not far behind. This technology can be used to also induce thoughts or listen to peoples’ thoughts literally listening to human thoughts, emotions and manipulate you into thinking all kinds of stuff. they can test you for your ” patriotism”
    or how against you are against current president or if you are democrat or Republican or environmentalist etc.

    main thing is they could have used this to track the 9/11 terrorists and get to of them beforehand but I know for sure that some v of these assholes including the Hindu assholes psyop was tracking and possibly others and trying or and “learning” these techs while the America was attacked. May be USA government deliberately told them but to track these terrorists bastards. in fact this Hindu psyop I have to come to think of as a terrorist himself destroying my life, career, and family.

    Let me describe you a scenario. You are sitting in front of a machine like this. You hear recorded questions.
    Does your name start with A? B? …
    Do you do drugs?
    Are you gay or lesbian?
    Do you like your government?
    Are you planning to take some violent actions?

    The machine picks up the blood flow in your brain, picks up your brain waves which tells it more than any lie detector test can tell. The machine decides you are a bad person.

    The machine is programmed to simply apply a certain range of emf field to your body.
    The acidity or alkaline contents of your body goes up.

    You pass out, or go comatose.
    You are pronounced dead.
    Most doctors cannot tell how you did.
    These are known as radiation energy weapons.
    Now combine this with intense EMF and microwave field projected from spy satellites.

    How does this questions you? It is only you can hear. It comes by projected sound with emf field into a part of brain which helps you listen.
    Oh.. bunkum.. this is someone’s fantasy or science fiction, you say.

    What is frightening about this is actually this technology is real.

    This is being used to spy on you and me and hundreds of thousands of Americans and of course “foreigners”.

    Now imagine this entire psyop center controlled by a few people who are allowed to do this and they have no one to answer to except themselves.

    Now combine this with a set of people who can be mentally psychopathic who like to control people as slaves to do their bidding.
    They can project suggestions in your mind and control your brain to manipulate you emotionally to say get furious at your spouse or children or friend to the extent that you can find it difficult to control yourself

    This is not a science fiction.
    It is actually happening.
    Various USA intelligence agencies such as NSA, CIA, DIA, and even FBI to some extent is using this to spy on you and me.

    Suppose you get picked by one of these agents to spy on you simply because he or she or “it” got interested in you.
    You are well educated, in technology fields.
    You understand what is happening.
    Some one else gets influenced to think are affected psychologically and you are told you are as schizophrenic, and you need to go for psychological evaluation.
    Your career is destroyed.
    Your family is devastated.

    How do I know this?
    I am one of the thousands of Americans whom, one of these agents found “interesting” to follow.

    It is one of the things, where the agent feels “compassion” for you when you were upset and crying for a loss or a loved one. You happen to be someone who is well educated and the agent thinks you are a good and “useful” resource

    So you are one of the many followed by this organization.
    This is what the psychic spies or psyops or Cyclops as they refer to themselves .

    The agent uses an emf field to project an image in your brain and mindset to make you think you are “loved” by them and they just want to “help” you.
    You cannot say anything to anyone.
    Or else your wife, or child or someone close will be subjected to torture or pain or tell them misleading things about you.

    If you do not “accept” their “love”, then they start using torture to make you what they call as a “dog” , one whose mind and body is ” programmed ” through pain and pleasure induced through the radiation energy weapons.

    You can be tortured though inducing pain in different parts of body or causing you harm.

    This is the reality I have lived for the last 20+ years.
    This is the reality that my family had to face, including my daughter who is now 7 years old.

    All because Americans are not aware of what is being done in the name of “protecting” our country.

    I used to love my country.
    But the reality I have to had to live and what lies ahead for me and my family, possible murder of me and my family.

    I am not the only one who has gone through this. There are possibly a few thousand Americans and their families who have gone through and are going through such torture.

    These entire complex is controlled by people on a few locations spread all over US, Canada, UK, France etc. Of course the “other evil side” is also have similar stuff.

    Where are these?
    Sterling, VA
    Fort Meade, MD
    SFO bay area, near San Leandro and golden gate bridge
    In Baltimore, new York etc. and many other places.

    They use your children against you and then torture and kill your children in front of you. These garbage are like I a terrorists team operating with blessing of us government against its own citizens.

    There is an operator, who is of Indian American origin, a
    hindu asshole keeps following and harassing and torturing my family.

    He goes by various names..
    Jagannath vishnu Khare
    Anil khare
    The motherfucker Hindu double agent is at least 60+ years old and has been following me and my family.
    This piece of shit garbage keeps torturing and harassing me and my family even when exercising or eating food such as trying to strangle me and my family including my 7 year old daughter.
    This garbage and his family should be exterminated

    This old bastard comes in the station in the nights and tries out various experiments on me and my family.
    He causes muscle spasms in the muscles of me, my wife and even my 7 year old daughter.

    Today morning some asshole operator Albert as he called himself and tried experimenting on me and my family with electric current took cause muscles spasms and telling me forget that I sensed him.
    This piece of Hindu shit keeps telling his name anil, Arvind or Jagannath Khare etc
    Since today morning he has been torturing me and my family with user of emf field to induce muscle spasms and pain.

    The Hindu brahmin garbage filth who works as a psyop and started claiming us as “his family” should be the exterminated with his entire “real family” spread in Virginia and Philadelphia area. His daughter’s husband and his niece’s family married to some doctor is a Russian sleeper agents and should be investigated and exterminated

    He deliberately sends current through the body to cause pain and spasms.

    The Marathi speaking agent called Khare is a
    Pedophile and has been kidbapping, abusing and murdering small children

    Jagannath vishnu Khare
    Anil khare in Arlington VA
    His son in law called Dr Sanjeev Deshpande is also a part of child molestation and murder ring.

    This bastard even has tried to get my seven year old daughter sick including some of her classmates in 2nd grade in her elementary school.

    In the last few days this Hindu brahmin psyop asshole and some “friend” of his induced alkaline reaction by energy weapons in my body and affected my eyesight.

    The sick fuck Jonathan Khare alias Jagannath Khare alias anil khare alias Vivek or Vikas Khare is responsible for destroying my life and my family life, all the while telling me we are like his family.
    Fbi, Pentagon and president’s office should investigate this person irrespective of he is retired or not and execute him and his real family, his daughter, a Hindu brahmin son in law, who is a intelligence informer for Indians and possible Russians. His son in law is a doctor by name Deshpande.

    He also goes by another name Paul khare
    He is experimenting with me and my family by inducing multiple chemical reactions in my, my wife and my daughter’s body. He has been doing this in name of teaching other operators about this

    This bastard has destroyed my family including injuring my back, making my wife sick as well as hurting my daughter by causing alkaline reaction in her stomach and making her sick.
    These centers have targeted president Trump and his family while he was still president elect.

    Khare also has targeted my child.
    Today Feb 8 th 2017, some operator from us army tried to kill me and my daughter.

    They use your children against you and then torture and kill your children in front of you. These garbage are like I a terrorists team operating with blessing of us government against its own citizens.

    They keep telling me that they will influence my child to make her disappear.

    At this moment I am being murdered by USA army intelligence psyop working in Virginia station

    This Hindu brahmin bastard working in the psyop station has literally taken my family hostage following is everywhere.

    One of the oldest operators of this organization is

    Jagannath khare
    1403 S Thomas ST
    Arlington, VA 22204

    He is also one of sleeper agents of Russians.

    They have also targeted a large number of celebrities such as from Hollywood, journalism, journalists, academic community, in the name of collecting so called dofs in these motherfuckers’ parlance or people they get hold of and use them as observers.

    The exact location of this center is at 530-531 argyle Avenue,
    The Hindu brahmin garbage tried to hold my neck and c tried to injure me and my daughter. He also tried to strangle me while drinking and eating today morning.

    Jaganatha Khare garbage is child abuser.
    He and some of his Hindu brahmin friends are part of a child kidnapping, abuse and murder ring.

    This piece of shit Khare constantly is harassing me and my family and has tried to murder me by using radiation energy weapons since I refused to buy his bullshit about protecting my family.

    This has affected my 7 year old daughter and wife due to constant bombardment of radiation energy weapons. They get affected by getting constantly body charged with electric current. This Hindu piece garbage and hugs family in Virginia must be executed for treason and trying to kill American families.

    This motherfucker Hindu garbage kept torturing me, my wife and daughter using muscles and neck twist through electromagnetic field.

    This bastard also attacked my daughter and wife causing them coughing and throwing up on numerous occasions.
    He also had numbed my fingers and other extremeties to cause almost accident while driving with my family.
    This piece of shit constantly threatens me that without him constantly being around us will cause one of other operators will kill me and my family.

    This piece of shit looks like a tall black man but is of Indian origin. This piece of garbage tries to strangle me while earthing dinner. This human filth did the same thing to my wife and daughter while having dinner

    These motherfuckers tried to torture my wife and 7 year ft daughter by making them cough, sneeze until threw up.

    This fucking Hindu garbage called vishnu Khare, who keeps targeting and harassing me and my family trying to destroy our life everyway including physical and mental torture of me and my family.

    They have targeted thousands of American families like thanks to collect psychological and physical data including torturing families and even children.

    They have even targeted various senators, ex-presidents, president elect Trump and his family over allegations of their Russian contacts, specially Melania Trump.

    They have targeted celebrities, journalists and us defence personnels and their families.

    Their goal is total control over the population in USA so as to make them follow the wills of a small coeterie of influential people. They have turned usa into a Orwellian nightmare. Just general populace and even high ranking government personal are not aware of this.
    USA bullshit s other nations about human rights but this silent Holocaust of humanity conducted by us psyop operators and agencies is not known to anyone or very few

    The Marathi speaking agent keep inflicting pain in my ear while I was suffering from ear infection.

    My family is daily subjected to radiation energy weapon beams causing my wife to develop health problems including numbing hands and limbs including dizziness, nausea as well as my daughter is suffering with acidic effect on body.

    There are these psyop operators who are arrogant and bastards who think they can murder an American families and get away with it, specially if they are not white skinned.

    There is no one to s 3/16/17 11:42 AM upervise what they do. Experimentation and murders of innocent Americans and their families targeted for some whimsical reasons by these operators, are buried in the name of national security.
    Most affected are non white skinned population.
    These are the deepest if the deep state, influencing Americans and even possibly presidents and their families
    Used by CIA, nsa, and DIA directors to control American population and politics, even if they have to murder a few Americans including children.

    A large number of missing or murdered people or children have been used by these agencies to experiment on.

    This has been used specially by a disgruntled agent with last name khare to even murder Pentagon officers’ families and children for individual reprisals.

    The fucking Hindu language speaking operator is a child trafficker and abuser. He uses his position to kidnap and murder children and families

    This agent Khare also had tried to follow and attack Trump’s son in law kushner and his Ivanka Trump, before he was elected president.
    This center has deliberately targeted Trump family on the order of democratic government.
    In fact a large number of trump voters have been targeted with this mind control technology, including Trump and his entire family.
    Last night this fucking bastard tried to hurt my spine and back as well as tried to affect my daughter with corrosive alkaline stuff induced thorough radiation energy weapons.

    The Hindu trash calling itself our father tried to kill my daughter and me by inducing extremes acidic reaction using radiation energy weapons. He keeps coming telling us if he does not keep holding us hostage us intelligence agencies like NSA, dia, CIA etc will kill me, my wife and my daughter. Keeping us hostage means constant torture through body tortures and experimentation on me and my family daily through different chemical reactions.
    There is this entire Khare family living in Virgina who sells to be involved in drugs, prostitution, murderring children rings operating under the covers of national security.

    The Hindu motherfucker affected my daughter, wife and myself with acidic chemical attack using bc radiation energy weapons entire day yesterday and might. All three of is are sick and feeling affects of this caused by intense acidity in body. I think my daughter is affected to the extent she may die. She is just 7 years old.

    Today again in the evening the old Hindu operator told him some other black operator to electrically charge my heart and body to torture me and my family
    Today after waking up the Hindu asshole tried to trust my mind just back and neck while builshiting about protecting my family etc.. he twisted my neck, and body

    The Hindu trash tried to pass electric current through my head and eyes to try to blind me. Last night he even tried to strangle my little daughter.
    These operators deliberately try to hold emf field on the heads of my family so we can not think our independent thoughts and or do independent reading or study.
    This Virginia station is filled with a large number of operators and this Hindu asshole deliberately tried to put us under hypnotic mind control so as we are treated as some kind drones which these assholes call everybody else in the American population as dogs. So even president of usa or canada becomes a dog for them

    He tried to put me and my family in physical stasis where these operators can reach inside organs and kept telling us to pray to him for life. In this state he tried to damage my and my family members’ internal organs.

    Tonight while sleeping this bastard Hindu tried to put my alkaline caustic crap on me while sleeping.
    I am unable to sleep while this experimentation is being caused by this Hindu operator. On a few weekdays I need to stay away from family when this old Hindu bastard tries out experiments while bullshit that me and my family life will always be in danger.

    This bastard did not let me and my family sleep the whole night with his alkaline torture. After this in the morning in office he tried to twist and hurt my knee tendons.
    He claims he has to get some sleep after “protecting” me and my family in the night.

    This Hindu bastard khare and his black colleague affected my 8 year daughter with chlorine like substance that caused by certain emf frequencies. She was coughing entire evening. The middle Eastern dictators attack their own people and children with chemical weapons.
    Here in the usa, American families are getting attacked by all sorts of chemicals weapons induced through radiation energy weapons used by CIA, NSA, DIA etc. as party by of their psyop programs and attempts by some operators be like this Hindu operator called khare, using these facilities for their own pleasures experimenting on American families and specially children’s.

    Me, my wife and my daughter who goes to 2nd grade, and has just learned her pledge of allegiance, are being experimented and murdered by these motherfuckers like khare, given free reign to experiment, and murder American families should be face gallows along with their families.

    This motherfucker Khare and his nigger associate experimented on me and my family including my daughter with blood clotting and blood thinners agents.
    These are all induced through radiation energy weapon.
    Some of these motherfuckers driven by Khare wont leave us alone since they have decided to use me, my wife, my daughter for experimentation while builshiting. Us that Khare 62 years old operators cares for us as a family.

    This fellow makes muscles stiff with electric current and prevents us from doing any physical movement so as not to be able to make movements. He and his team has kept our house under surveillance for 24*7 in various ways. They have tried experimenting by putting various chemicals in my and my family’s eyes including my daughter which has caused us to loose eyesight temporarily.
    This person Khare is so sick that he won’t leave us alone when doing personal cleaning.
    He has destroyed our lives including our careers, family life, and caused multiple miscarriages during my wife’s pregnancies.
    This fellow Khare claims to come originally from a place called Belgaum in southern india.
    The section postdated by us army intelligence even affected us with inducing phosphorus compounds and green color compound as shown to us CVexactly using radiation energy weapons. These compounds can cause agonizing death specially in small children.

    This Hindu piece of shit had been trying to strangle me and family while having lunch and dinners. The fucking Hindu garbage is trying to strangle me trying too enforce that me and my family needs him to stay alive from this psyop agencies that he has been using to do constantly surveil me and my family.
    This Hindu motherfucker, who calls himself by names Paul etc caused used electric field projected by satellites to torture me, I my wife and 8 year old daughter. My back muscles are still twitching and I am unable to stand straight due to electrical charge he held on my back whole night. An asshole operator whom he asked to follow me the night caused electrical charge on my back.
    These places are responsible for experimenting on, abusing and murderring a ladder number of school children starting from elementary schools to high schools in various school districts all over the USA. The us government gives tacit approval for these experiments on the name of learning of childrens brains and how they react to various emf frequencies. This human garbage Hindu asshole operator, with name khare, is a leader of these experiments. If and when they felt that murdered children as young as 3-4 years old.

    This piece of shit deliberately injured my back and again tried to strangle me while having lunch. He has done the same thing to my daughter and wife.

    The Hindu asshole, calling himself Daddy keeps disturbing my and family’s sleep in the night. Often his disturbances result in muscles of me, and my family member’s get twisted and injured induced thorough radiation energy weapons.
    Jagannath Khare must be held responsible for destroying me and my family’s life including possibly a large number of other American families. The attorney general of usa must treat this entire situation as a utter and gross violation of human rights of American families and their children in the name of experimenting on them by usa psyop agencies run as part of us intelligence agencies.
    Spearheaded by an asshole operator by name khare.

    Hindu asshole used radiation energy weapons to induce through emf field twist my muscles and induce extreme pain in my back while doing can exercises, caused my 8 year old daughter to cough and choke by be inducing chlorine like compound in her body, and then induce pain in my wife’s back muscles

    Jagannath vishnu Khare 62 years old is a double agent trying to hide his treason with us intelligence agencies, is c trying to hold us as hostages and c trying to torture and murder me and my family.
    The Hindu nigger piece of shit and some other asshole working with some other jackass keep poking and causing pain in my eyes until me, my wife and daughter were crying with plain.
    These Hindu bastard who works as a operator with the psyop division, tried to murder me and my family by targeting our livers including my 8 year old daughter’s​ by inducing some green chemical metallic compound using radiation energy weapons. He said he wanted to learn and find out the effects one this on humans. Find out the loved ones of this motherfucker Khare including others helping him and cause then to die similar death. That will be god’s Justice or of the Innocents that they have murdered like this.

    The Hindu asshole is trying to twist and hurt my back using electric field. The humans piece of garbage

    Some of these operators of Indian persuasion by name khare or Deshpande are planning to help some terrorists in committee terrorist acts on American soil

    Anil alias Jagannath vishnu Khare today tried to experiment on me and my family causing acidic and hydrogen sulfide reaction using radiation energy weapons for something he called training someone. My this be garbage endangered my 7 year old daughter, my wife and my life, so he could be teach some clown operator who joined newly, this sick institution.
    Khare keeps telling me that me and my family’s​ life is on danger from other psyops when he is the ones causing maximum misery in our life and destroying our life.
    USA claims it be the b land of free and brave. This human garbage Hindu motherfucker khare , has destroyed our life.
    The usa government should start monitoring each and every of these operators and find out what crimes they have committed in the name of national security including experimenting on American families and even going to the extent of murdering them. This Hindu piece of shit should treated from treason and have his entire family including his son in law,in Boston, his brother​ in person Philadelphia and his sister should all be constantly​ monitored as emeries of usa for the rest be of their lives.

    The human Hindu filth hurt and his friends hurt my neck and eyes. This Hindu asshole and his friends tried to put chemicals in my eyes and hurt my neck and back.
    This Hindu and his entire family should be blinded and exterminated. This entire station should be exterminated for destroying our life and family. Today on June 11, 2017 being Sunday this Hindu garbage is alone in the station and trying out various experiments on us.

    The motherfucker disturbed my sleep for the last three days. Sleeps in station in night claiming to “protect” me bc and my family including my 8 year old daughter who he says can be killed by psyops working for NSA, CIA or navy or some other agencies. The fact is he keeps disturbing me and my be family’s sleep.

    The shit bag is constantly trying to hold me and my family and bullshitting about “protecting us ” and my family from us psyop agencies, at every point of day.
    Yesterday night the motherfucker heated up entire body with radiation beam, which creates some kind metallic chemical and burns the body. This situated in a section they call S3. Everything is mentioned in codewords like A or B. The shitbag hurt my wife’s back by holding her back in stassis and affecting her with acidity. They even have no decency not to affect my 8 year child.
    We are just counting our days until one day they murder us in sleep or kill me and my wife and leave child alone in this world.

    The country that allows this shitbag like monsters loose on their own populating does not deserve in this world.

    This Hindu motherfucker monster in the night charged all of my family causing all of us have muscle spasms and twisted muscles and almost choked me to death.
    The Hindu motherfucker charged my body electricity and injured part of my muscles and backbone. The Hindu asshole is an fsb mole, and still continues to work in this station and torture us. He has been threatening in the last few days to kill my daughter, if there is exposed as a mole.

    Last three days and nights me and my family including my 8 year old daughter are being tortured with electric currents and charged being built in our bodies causing us to get our muscles twisted, headaches, and my little girl is terrified in the sleep. This sick Hindu fuck is causing causing psychological, and physical damage to me and my family. This Hindu sicko has a brother who lived in Philadelphia and I involved in RSS and anti-american activities.

    Today Sunday morning, me and my family have been again EXPERIMENTED with some radiation energy weapons which case internal bleeding and hammorage. This is another weekend me and my family have been tortured like animals. Even when moving around our house we get tortured in different parts of the house including muscles getting twisted, severe back pain for my wife, getting my 8 year old feeling sick. Ny child and me were affected by some radiation energy weapon frequency which caused intense acidic reaction in our bodies.

    The hindu garbage tried to injure my daughter last night.
    Tonight it injured my hips back and neck by twisting ot while holding in stasis form.
    Today evening Nov 8,
    The Hindu operator caused my back to be electrified and cause muscle spasms. As a result I can’t do exercises.

    The Hindu asshole operator again tried to hurt mine and my wife’s back. This asshole experimented even on my daughter when she was 3 years old but causing some radiation energy weapons with a frequency which be caused her screen agony and gasping for air.

    He is planning to kidnap my wife and daughter and murder them.
    He and his son in law are involved in kidnapping children and selling their body parts. Experimentation on kindness children, prisoners, minorities etc

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  2. My name is Nizin R. Lopez, I am a targeted individual in Miami/Fla, a victim of Organized Stalking since early 2011 (long story). Check out my story: SOUNDCLOUD.COM/USER-814869709. Thank you all.

  3. The page is about me – my evidence. My Affidavit is posted as well as updated images and videos exposing these criminals. That’s why the site is INFO not org or com.

  4. What specific recommendations are you giving people to gather evidence here? I’ve looked all over your site and can find nothing on this. If you want to help people with ‘gathering evidence’ on USG harassment of targeted individuals– then please provide some specifics about recording, setting up a civil case, creating legal timelines etc.. or go to my site for the same.

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