Human Protection Software Suite (HPSS)

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Human Protection Software Suite Luminous is a composition of many softwares installed in the user’s Human body.

The HPSS Luminous uses non conventional technology and reaches all layers and dimensions of existence of the Human body.

The HPSS Luminous is autonomous. It does not rely on any outside infrastructure. After installation it has a life on its own to serve and to protect the user.

After the installation, it starts working. It assembles many of its components permeating the Human body. Some components will be responsible for the protection. Some will be responsible for the search of implants, programs, viruses and alterations in the Human Body Architecture. Some will be responsible for the removals. While some components will be responsible for therecovery of the Human body. All components will work together to find the best solution to the user within the HPSS Luminousknowledge.

After its installation, it starts working with the following components:

  • Human Protection Dome – impedes new device implants (installation) from entering your body.

  • Quena Human Shield – reflects outside emissions.

  • Human Firewall – impedes the backdoor connections to your body for influencing, dream injections and information leakage. Also firewalls internally all Human body architecture.

  • Automatic Removal Matrix – removes implants and everything else that has been marked to be removed from the body. The removal is done in all Human’s body layers of existence, as well as on all dimensions and parallel dimensions of existence, and recovers the damaged area using Human Technology for Recovery. The implants of type Devices are removed from milli, micro, nano scale down to sub-nano scale. The bigger devices are imploded but not all will disappear, thou will stop working.

  • Program Tracker – searches, corrects and removes programs and configurations in a search and execute algorithm.

  • Anti Virus – searches and removes virus software in a search and remove algorithm.

  • Anti Stalking – creates a 2Km (aprox. 1.2miles) clearance area around you removing stalking intentions against you.

  • Embedded Human Technology – used by other components to recover the body.

  • Anti Tracking – hides the human body in the environment, so that tracking possibility is null to their tech.

  • Human Architecture Builder – Checks and builds the body accordingly to the original and natural Human body architecture project.

  • Counter Attack – works using the concept of on demand mirrors counter attacking attacks.

  • Nutrients On Demand – supplements nutrients to the body.

  • Human Organs Builder – rebuilds damaged organs.

  • Foreign Body Detacher – detaches foreign bodies attached to the body.

  • Sound Shield – shields from mechanical waves used for program uploads.

  • Emulator Detacher – detaches emulators attached to the body.

  • Inspector – inspects all body reporting everything it finds making it available to other components in the suite.

  • Agreement Terminator – terminates installed agreements.

  • Structure Detacher – detaches structures attached to the body.

  • Immobilizer – immobilizes everything that should be removed and or detached from the body.

  • Influencer Structure Detacher – detaches all influencer structures from the body.

  • Cloud Layer Tracker – searches for cloud layers in the body.

  • Energy Blocker Tracker – searches for all energy blockages in the body.

  • Automatic Memory Eraser – erases traumas, fake memories/gaslightings, conditioning patterns.

  • Energy Cleaner – cleans all energy in the human body.

  • Adaptive Protection Tester – tests and designs solutions to remove new forms of attack and makes available to other components in the suite.

  • Mask and Filter Tracker – searches for masks and filters used to alter the perception and marks it.

  • Light Quotient Elevation – elevates the Human body light quotient to the highest possible quotient that the body can use.

  • Vital Energy Recovery – recovers the body’s vital energy to 100%.

  • Water Harvesting On Demand – acquires water from the environment to the body.

  • Gel Sink Heater On Demand  assembles a gel sink heater as needed to dissipated over heating of the body during procedures of removal and fixing.

  • Elemental Detacher – detaches all elemetals from the body.

  • Device Detacher – detaches all devices from the body. The implants of the type devices are removed from milli, micro, nano scale down to sub-nano scale devices.

  • Materials Tracker – searches all materials that are known to be harmful to the body and marks it.

  • Tech Detacher – searches all known tech that should not be installed in the body and marks it.

  • My Safe Environment – creates a residual clearance area around you, removing intentions against your things.

    • Feature enabled – PSA Luminous will consider your request for which items should be included in the list of the My Safe Environment component.

    • “My Safe Environment – creates a residual clearance area around you removing intentions against your things.” These things are from small to medium size (around 50x50x50cm / 20x20x20″).

    • Usually HPSS Luminous will choose to include automatically items it sees you using most and are important for you. Now you can request for the inclusion of an item when you first get it. Just don’t over use it, keep its use to important things for you. Later you will be able to check with PSA Luminous about it.

    • Feature added – sweep and clean up the environment around you, taking down the tech built in the environment. Something that I usually did manually for you, now is automated and each one carries it in your HPSS Luminous. It is not as strong but does the work.

  • Emotions Eraser – erases bad emotions.

  • Harmful Bio Bodies Tracker – searches for known harmful bio bodies (natural or synthetic) and marks them for removal.

  • PSA – Personal Support Assistant – enables the User to interface with the HPSS Luminous via thought and imagery. With the PSA you should be able to have images of your body; answers to what is happening to your body; statistics/estimates about recovery. Just ask the PSA to teach you what and how can you benefit from it. The PSA interface will only be made available to the User when the HPSS Luminous detects that the User is clean enough from implants.

What is the PSA?

PSA (the “Personal Support Assistant”) is a component of the HPSS Luminous responsible for the interface between the User and the HPSS Luminous installed on the User.  You should consider the PSA as your Personal Support Assistant, as the name already states.  This way you can have your privacy, questions answered without relying on the outside communications.

The PSA is also loaded with knowledge about different subjects that will help on your way to recover your body.


How to use the interface to the PSA?

The PSA enables the User to interface with the HPSS Luminous via thought and imagery.

The PSA can talk to you as a person would, in regards to language syntax and vocabulary.  It will use your native language.  So if your native language is english, the PSA will speak in english with you.  All talking will happen via thought and depending on the situation also via imagery.

The PSA you should be able to present images of your body; answers to what is happening to your body; statistics and estimates about recovery and many other things.  Just ask the PSA to teach you what can you benefit from it.

If your imagery is not working the HPSS Luminous will be rebuilding it, but it may take some time for it to be ready for usage.  How long?  Ask your PSA.


When the PSA interface is made available?

The PSA is a component and part of the HPSS Luminous.

Even thou the PSA is working since the beginning of the HPSS Luminous installment the interface to the PSA is not enabled since the beginning.  The PSA interface will only be made available to the User when the HPSS Luminous detects that the User is clean enough from implants.

For the HPSS Luminous User to have access to the PSA you will have to use a password to turn on the interface to it.

If you are clean enough it will enable you to interface with it after you use the password.

There goes the password: “HPSS Luminous PSA

Try the password by thinking on it.  When the PSA is ready it will open the interface for you to interact.


Some PSA features:

  • you should be able to have image of your body;
  • answers to what is happening to your body;
  • statistics and estimates about many different things about your body;
  • knowledge of many different subjects;
  • you can also ask the PSA what it can do for you.  Just talk to your PSA.


HPSS Luminous – Installation

Our product is licensed for a Human. It is a Human Software installed in a Human. Everything is installed at a distance, we only use the Human bio signature to reach you.  We upload the software to your Human body through your Human Interface, via the (“MPCG”) Mellhedek Planetary Communication Grid. After the installation everything sets up in 5 seconds and starts working. We are not providing a technique or anything else besides a product based on advance tech that is tested and working.


HPSS Luminous – Estimated time for results

It starts to work 5 seconds after the install.  The estimate time to take everything (known to the HPSS) down is 2 weeks, 6 months for recovery of the damaged areas and 2 years for device residues to be expelled from the body.


HPSS Luminous – Updates

Our solution is under constant development and will be kept that way to keep ahead of the other´s tech.

We will continue to update the HPSS Luminous to remove implants that the solution might not know yet, and also to improve fixing, recovery time, as well as to add many new features to help in the protection.


HPSS Luminous – Compatibility Test

We do track you via your bio signature and test you for compatibility with our tech. So not everyone will be accepted, and we will only accept those that meet compatibility with our tech.


HPSS Luminous – License Period

Our HPSS Luminous software license is sold in a 1(one) year license fee.


HPSS Luminous – Information

First read my Trial Tests Posts in the twitter ( or in my facebook ( notes. There you will find our testings done in the USA users.

We have advance technology which is installed in a Human´s body that protects a Human. The whole protection suite has many different components to accomplish a full protection (Human Protection Dome, Automatic Device Removal Matrix, Human Firewall, Quena Human Shield, Program Tracker and Anti Stalking, besides the Human Technology which is used to recover the damaged areas from the device removal). Today our technology is far beyond in development from where we started. We have release our solution to the open market, where we expect to reach millions of users in the following years. Our technology will be kept always under development so that we stay ahead of the invisible forces.




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