my Book of Life

Available Now Upon Request

My Book of Life

What is the Book of Life?

The Book of Life, which is stored in your double Ethereal Body, has written in it your Life Path.  Your Life Path has in it many secondary paths that you choose to walk during your lifetime, based on your resolutions.  These paths determines the people you will meet and also will lead you to goals you will try to accomplish.

All Books of Life have been subjected to hacking by IF – Invisible Forces (to the extent of their interest) to accomplish their goals, instead of yours.  So, today you have your Life Path with corrupted paths, with bad people and with destructive goals.

What is the proposed work?

Your Book of Life will be opened and worked on with the following objectives:

  1. remove all corruption from your Book of Life;
  2. circumvent all bad personal relations that are written in your Book of Life;
  3. replace the destructive goals with constructive goals.
  4. Put you back into your Life Path;
  5. create a bond between you and your Life Path;
  6. seal your Book of Life so that no one can hack it during your life time;

After the work is accomplished, the process takes around 30 days to take into effect in the Organic Layer of Existence.

How to request?

my Book of Life – Work Request Procedure

I am releasing at this moment a channel for who wants to request the work my Book of Life.  All the procedure for request and payment invoice will be done via email.  If you want to request send an email to with the following info:

A) Full name (First name, middle name, last name):
B) birth date (DD Month YYYY):
C) Country:
D) State:
E) email primary contact:

After I receive the email I will check if it is possible to work on your case and send you a result.  If I can work on your case you will receive the invoice for payment.  Then, after payment I will work on your case. The invoice and payment is done once via Paypal, US$157.  For the HPSS Luminous Users, the work my Book of Life is complimentary, and done once, when requested.  After payment the request may take around 7 days to be worked on.

Payment Refund?

For this work no payment Refund is available.

Akashic Records – What is?
“The person’s Book of Life has nothing to do with the Akashic Records. The Book of Life carries your future path and it is part of Creation, while the Akashic Records was built to be implanted in an organic body to spy on that person and to record that info.  The Akashic Records it is real on itself and was built by one IF Group. On its inception was built to monitor and acquire knowledge from any organic body that was born in the Organic Layer. Later on in history, the Akashic Records infrastructure was hacked by many others IF Groups. These groups started to develop new interfaces to have access to the records, as well as many implants related to it. Today these records are highly corrupted and the real clean records have been taken away. People still carry those implants related to the Akashic Records.” Mell Mellhedek