Targeted Individual: John Phillips

Target John Phillips went to court in Boston to fight for the rights of targets. They are attempting to hold him indefinitely at Mt Auburn Hospital Cambridge:

He lives in Newport, RI.

They want to force medicate him. He is not being allowed to contact a lawyer. If anyone know of anyone who call help with his case, please pass this along to them. Thank you.


Protest Is the New Terror: How US Law Enforcement Is Working to Criminalize Dissent

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 09:19 By Derek Royden, | News Analysis

It’s well established that the FBI surveilled civil rights and other activists from Martin Luther King Jr. to leaders of the National Lawyers Guild as part of its wide ranging COINTELPRO (counter intelligence program) during the 1960s and early 70s. The use of planted news stories, faked communications to create dissension within activist groups, informants to make dubious cases and even assassinations was revealed by a group of activists called the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI, who broke into a bureau office in Media, Pennsylvania, in 1971 and found ample evidence of the agency’s misdeeds. This is generally seen as an era of terrible government overreach in the name of fighting “communism.”

The problem is that the use of similar tactics has been discovered again and again in the years since. Following the anti-globalization protests of 1999, the 9/11 attacks, and the Occupy protests of 2011, similar strategies, enhanced by modern technology, have been ratcheted up and deployed against an ever-increasing number of activists and political groups of all ideological stripes as part of the even more dubious “wars” on drugs and terrorism.

Part of this is due to the fact that there simply aren’t enough real threats of terrorism to justify all the money and toys that have been given to U.S. law enforcement. Add to this the fact that police at all levels seem eager to see potential terrorism in even the mildest forms of dissent and you have a recipe for disaster. In one of the most recent instances, it was revealed that the FBI has been coordinating with local law enforcement to target the Black Lives Matter movement.

Another story, unrelated to current anti-racist organizing, is a bizarre case out of Minneapolis in the lead up to the Republican national convention in 2008. According to the City Pages, a Univ. of Minnesota police officer who was the department’s only officer on the local Joint Counter Terrorism Task Force worked with an FBI Special Agent to recruit college students who acted as paid informants at “vegan potlucks” hoping they’d discover activist plans to disrupt the city’s upcoming convention.

Extending the Long Arm of the Law

Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFs), of which there are currently 104 located in cities and towns across the United States, were created in the 1980s and greatly expanded in the aftermath of 9/11. They were set up to coordinate between diverse federal agencies and local law enforcement, and often work in tandem with “Fusion Centers” that are supposed to collect and analyze data related to potential terrorism.

To see how these task forces can overstep their bounds, take the case of Eric Linsker, who police tried to arrest for allegedly trying to throw a trash can over the side of a walkway on the Brooklyn Bridge during the large, mostly peaceful protests that erupted in New York City following the failure to indict the officer whose choke-hold led to the death of Eric Garner. Other protesters intervened to stop the arrest but Linkser left his bag behind which, according to authorities, contained “his passport, three hammers, and a small amount of marijuana.”

While police may have been well within their rights to track down Linsker and charge him if the vandalism allegations were true, it’s who did the arresting that is problematic: rather than the NYPD, it was the New York JTTF that brought Linkser in, perhaps believing that the hammers were potential instruments of terror. This should be a cause for worry, since it means either law enforcement’s definition of terrorism has become far too broad, or they are targeting more than just terrorism.

Stingrays and the Dangers of Technology

Activists with Occupy Wall Street, and later Black Lives Matter, have relied on social networks and technology to organize their efforts. Ubiquitous phones with video recording capacity have revealed abuses of power by law enforcement and discredited official stories. Smart phones are also useful during marches to inform other protesters on the fly about concentrations of police, allowing demonstrators to change their routes to avoid confrontation.

As one “counter-terrorism expert” told the New York Post in regards to Black Lives Matter protests in early December: “They wore me out. Their ability to strategize on the fly is something we haven’t dealt with before to this degree.”

Unfortunately, like most 21st century technology, the use of smart phones by activists has become a double-edged sword, exposing them to surveillance risks that were unimaginable in previous eras. One such technology is Stingray, produced by Harris Technology, which mimics a cell phone tower and allows law enforcement to pull GPS and other data from phones within their range.

In an interesting case reported by Wired magazine, police in Erie County, NY, used the technology 47 times in the last five years and only received the required permission from a court once. Even in that case, “they asked for a court order rather than a warrant, which carries a higher burden of proof… (and) mischaracterized the true nature of the tool.”

The same story notes that the New York Civil Liberties Union posted documents online that showed the FBI and local police departments had made binding agreements to keep their use of the technology secret, even going so far as to ask courts to dismiss criminal cases in which the use of Stingray might be revealed.

The unique moment created by anti-police brutality protests throughout the U.S. last year – and coming on the heels of a federally coordinated effort to dismantle Occupy encampments in 2011 – revealed that federal police agencies, especially the FBI, working with local police have directed their resources as much against protesters, dissenters and those practicing and civil disobedience as they have against the threat represented by terrorists, whether homegrown “lone wolves” or organized outside groups.

While the recent NSA reform bill passed in Congress represents a victory for civil liberties and privacy advocates, there’s still a ways to go. Because while the right to dissent remains a fundamental American freedom, the fear of terrorism being openly exploited by law enforcement has allowed police to resurrect COINTELPRO in all but name.

Joan Dawson, Writer-Editor

Ph/fax 240-839-7329

The whole course of human history may depend on a change of heart in one solitary and even humble individual – for it is in the solitary mind and soul of the individual that the battle between good and evil is waged and ultimately won or lost.” –M. Scott Peck


Nanoparticles Enable Remote Control Brains Via Magnetic Field: New Study


By Nicholas West

A couple of years ago, a story emerged about scientists working on “Smart Dust” – nanoparticles that could be employed as sensor networks for a range of security and environmental applications. This was followed by the more literal version of Smart Dust, which was designed to open pathways to establish a human brain-computer interface.

The brain system was labeled “Neural Dust” and was intended to “monitor the brain from the inside.” Inventors speculated that a network of nanoparticles injected into the brain could measure electrical activity in neurons, then use ultrasound to form a two-way transfer of data. This theoretically would lead to the reading, generation, or alteration of information – i.e., mind control. Most disturbingly, at the time, is that their theories had entered the testing phase and showed some success, albeit on a beetle.

New research released by Florida International University indicates that this area of testing has now advanced to mice. Their conclusions and statements about what they have found and where they believe all of this is headed is even less comforting than previous discoveries.

I have posted the full FIU press release below, with emphasis and my comments added. Naturally, their press release highlights only the potential benefits of this technology. One can’t outright deny those possibilities, but we also must put it into perspective knowing what we do about DARPA’s mission to apply this militarily.  For key background into that research please read “7 Future Methods of Mind Control” and the explosive details that came to Activist Post from an Arizona State University whistleblower about what led him to reveal his intense concerns, “Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document.”


The Queen of the South in Matthew 12:42

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Terrorized, Stalked Lady 64 in Louisville, KY needs Attorney

Connie Marshall Interviewed By Media
Dear Friends,

Go Fund Me:

For over 15 years I have been Terrorized, Stalked, Defamed and Attacked in my town, Louisville, KY. I have received 23 (twenty three) emailed Death Threats (inclusive of sexual degradation and racial degradation) from officials with content about my life and family specific to me. I receive numerous threatening telephone calls, harassing visits and on one occasion one of them tried to break into my home while I was in the bathtub. In 2012 I was stomped and left with a chest contusion, mildly enlarged heart and compressed vertebrae by these officials.

I am currently trying to fight this on my own and I have two pending lawsuits one is in the United States Court of Appeals 14-6372 (for the 6th Circuit) and one in the United States District Court. 3:15-CV-224 (Western District of KY) and I filed a Motion for Discretionary Review 2015-CA-000767 filed in the KY Court of Appeals regarding the Defamation Slander and Libel committed against me by these officials.

I have filed complaints with the IACHR (Inter American Commission for Human Rights) where I have two case numbers, the original Petition P-1431-13 and the Precautionary Measures case MC-329-13. I have also sent a certified packet 70132630000056904279 to my local F.B.I, and have visited their office to ask for assistance, to no avail.

I have also filed my complaint with the United Nations which was sent through the USPS (United States Postal Service) receipt number E1265969695US and the United States Dept. of Justice which was sent through the USPS receipt number 7012101000022940 and I am still waiting for the return receipt.

I have tried to find an attorney, however because these crimes involve officials, the money/fee requested by the attorneys just to start on the case are more than I can afford.

Any donation large are small would be appreciated.

Connie Marshall


Radionics Treatment Stopped By Perp Infiltration

Practitionerr ,

I’m really sorry to hear this. It was never my intentions to harm you. I do apologize if that was the impression you have of me.

Anyway, what is happening to me is truly unique to what is happening to your other clients. There are several people who are engaged in criminal warfare and they are using technology to accomplish this task.

The technology allows them to hide without being discovered by law enforcement. This is partly what Snowden was talking about.

When government is given too much power over the people, it will abuse it. This technology allows them to abuse it.

I’m talking about surveillance devices, nano-technology, smart dust technology, radio frequency technology, which includes wireless devices, cellular towers, etc.

With the advancement of implant technologies like RFID chips, privacy and tranquility has gone out the window.

I know at some point I’m going to have to get a Radionics machine to stay ahead of these criminals, which is using government to attack me.

But what is occurring today is not a recent event. The government has been researching on citizens for a long time. Now they have found a way to do it wirelessly without anyone else being suspicious.

Anyway, what would be the best time to call you today? I know you won’t be able to do anymore sessions. I don’t think it is a good idea anymore.

What these criminals do is turn the weapons against those individuals who try to help me. And because they don’t understand the scope of what is going on, they think it is the individual who is seeking the help.

I know at some point all of this is being expose. There was a recent development of the local government recognizing these technology crimes. It happened in Richmond California. There was some media coverage.

BREAKING NEWS: Jaw Dropping What Calif. Police Just Did Regarding Targeted Individuals! | Alternative


BREAKING NEWS: Jaw Dropping What Calif. Police Just…
By Deborah Dupr Before Its News Exclusive Correction: Deborah Dupr apologizes for an error in this original story giving credit to Eleanor White for the init…
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FFCHS Home – Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance

FFCHS Home – Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance
Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance is an organization dedicated to helping Targeted Individuals to gain information about their situation, find support, and learn new skills for their lives.
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These are real crimes. I was forced out of my home and have been homeless for 8 years now. I am 45.

The crimes are not just limited to electro-magnetic attacks, but involves systematic contamination of food and water sources. I have contacted the government about this from the very beginning and they ignore me. They ignore me, because they hire these individuals to stock the store shelves with nano-tech food.

The nano tech food, which is an implant technology, allows them to attack specific parts of my body with the electronic devices.

I went from having a business called Brunson Marketing Force LLC, which was involved in marketing over 6 niche sites that was promoting over 300 different companies, to driving a van across the east coast trying to escape this madness! I had the potential of earning a 6 figure income. It took many, many years to get to this point of my life.

But it took just a few months to become homeless, because the attacks was took severe. I had to sell my 2 acres property and live in my van. And I was ran off the road and eventually van set on fire (which I almost lost my life), I was forced to live in the woods, which I am now.



For Targeted Individuals in the DC area

Hi all,

I just created a meetup group for targeted individuals in the DC area (or for those who want to know what we are up to). Please consider joining or creating your own group in your area. It does cost about $50 for 6 months but you can ask folks to give $2-5/each at your meetups to offset the cost.

The first meetup I created was for a peaceful protest in DC (yesterday). I don’t have anyone in my meetup group yet, but I did meet 3 other TIs (for the very 1st time!!). I got there late, so we went over to the White House and stood there with signs. We talked to several folks and one person made a video to put on YouTube. Tyrone Dew was the organizer and he will be at the Navy Yard for a few more weeks – please join him if you are in the region.

DC Metro Area Targeted Individuals (TIs)

Kensington, MD
1 Targeted Individuals (TIs)

We are a group of Targeted Individuals (TIs). We are harassed, stalked, and placed under surveillance. The terms used to describe it include: organized stalking, gang stalking…

Check out this Meetup Group →

We are a group of Targeted Individuals (TIs). We are harassed, stalked, and placed under surveillance. The terms used to describe it include: organized stalking, gang stalking, revenge stalking, or community-based harassment. We get together to provide support, relieve stress, learn coping techniques, and do activism.



Nano Technology/Smart Dust Particals and Our Food System

This is going to be a very short post and has been mentioned in greater detail in the past.

The problem of introducing nano technology in our food sources and the use of criminal groups to ship and stock food onto our grocery shelves.

By my own experience, I know this is the sole reason for the attacks that targeted individuals are experiencing.

Once a person consumes these products, they are inflected with attacks to different parts of the body. This is through electro-magnetic energy, which manipulates the technology in your body.

The criminal networks have learned that if they can gain access to the food system, they can manipulate the whole process.

The entire food system is operated by trust, besides, there is a money factor in overseeing food safety operations. Almost all guarantees of food safety is given to the manager. So these criminal networks have learned to manipulate their way inside a business by targeting the manager position.

That’s why it is so common to see an entire different manager on your second trip to the store. Thereafter, the same manager is seen, regardless how many times you might visit that establishment.

To know if a business has been infiltrated, you will notice a large amount of people stocking the shelves. The reason is the technology that they are putting in the food have a shelf life.

For instance, when you consume the food after an immediate purchase, the attacks are worse than, if you allow the purchase food sit for several days.

Also, the amount of food consumed and how it is prepared will affect your targeting. Unfortunately, I have found fried foods and over cooked boiled foods (if you can get access to clean drinking water) better than fresh fruits when dealing with the targeting. Sugary foods is an absolute no, no. Especially ice creams and chocolates.

With that said, when one talks about the targeting, what we consume should be a part of the equation. We put too much emphasis on the electro-magnetic weapons without really understanding the whole targeting process.


Victory in Richmond, CA!

From the Freedom From Covert Harassment Newsletter

There is great news, today! Something historic happened Tuesday night, May19, 2015 in Richmond, California. I wish you all could have been there! I wanted to make a general announcement beforehand so you could all attend. However, I had to be careful so that the Richmond City Councilmembers would not be pressured by the perps.

Here’s what happened: Due to the persistent efforts of Amy Anderson, the City of Richmond adopted Dennis Kucinich’s Space Preservation Act of 2002, which bans a number of space-based weapons launched from satellites – including psychotronic technologies. Although Mr. Kucinich’s measure got mired in committee and therefore, did not pass through Congress, it did pass in Richmond, California Tuesday night, just as it had in Berkeley, California in 2002.

Link to the official Space Preservation Act Resolution of the City of Richmond, CA:

Some well-known activists in our community spoke at the Council meeting: Jesse Beltran, President of ICAACT, Lisa Becker, who gave an impassioned speech similar to the one she did for the Bioethics Commission meeting a few years ago, which was ignored, Dr. Edward Spencer, a neurologist, Elizabeth Adams, host of ‘America Needs to Know’, Alec Rafter, Chair of the FFCHS Media Committee, long-time activist, Robert Swegan, as well as myself.

Richmond City Council meeting: May 19, 2015
Lisa Becker at the podium, Richmond City Councilmembers and
to the far right, at table: l. to r. Dr. Edward Spencer, Amy Anderson, Jesse Beltran, Derrick Robinson

The councilmembers were attentive and asked questions regarding material displayed by some speakers, some asked questions, reaching out, trying to understand the issues presented; others were well-researched, all a sharp contrast to the stony silence of the Bioethics Commission.

After the meeting, there was a celebration at Amy’s residence with barbecue chicken, potato salad, green beans, potato chips, soft drinks and a cake. This is the first time I have ever seen the TI community so happy! Even Jesse Beltran, a man who is usually distant, was smiling at the head of the table. Many of the others were hugging and rejoicing. Amy was beside herself with joy and was outwardly beaming. It felt like, after years of struggle, we had finally accomplished SOMETHING which could benefit the TI community.

The important thing to remember about this action is that this council was/is in a position to assist TI’s and they are clearly interested in helping them more if they come to understand the issues. One of the first steps in this process was the resolution that they passed, 5-2 Tuesday night.

Here’s the link to the video to watch the proceedings. The council starts to deliberate the resolution at 3:10:35

Links to news stories about this measure:
The Richmond Standard – May 20, 2015

Richmond City Building



April 23, 2015

Governor John W. Hickenlooper

Office of the Governor

136 State Capitol Building

Denver, CO 80203

Subject: State, National and International Emergency – Organized Stalking and Satellite Surveillance and Torture

Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

I wanted to make you aware of an emergency situation. Satellite technology is silently connected to millions of people, including children, throughout the world. It provides constant location, sight, sound and thought surveillance. The operators can literally hear what we hear, see what we see and read our thoughts. This technology is also being used as a remote, invisible torture instrument by transmitting inexplicable sounds, voices, images, smells and tastes directly into the brain, creating numerous pains and sensations throughout the body and significantly altering sleep patterns, energy level and emotional states. Many believe the technology has a “kill switch”, capable of causing instantaneous heart failure or a stroke. Everyone is potentially at risk. Imagine Hitler or Stalin with this technology.

Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter, Miriam Carey, shot fleeing a White House checkpoint in October 2013, Dominic Adesanya, one of the recent White House fence jumpers, and Myron May, the shooter at Florida State University last November, were all targeted and tortured prior to those events. Eddie Ray Routh may have been targeted, tortured and provoked to kill Chris Kyle, the highly decorated Navy SEAL portrayed in American Sniper, and his friend Chad Littlefield. Many other seemingly inexplicable tragedies, including mass shootings going back decades, and an untold number of suicides have been caused by people being tortured past their breaking points. Once exposed, this will be the largest crime in U.S. history.

There are millions of satellite torture victims all over the world. Most do not even know this technology exists. Many are pushed into the mental health system. Over the past decade or so, information has sprung up everywhere – books, articles, websites, blogs, petitions, victim testimonials, support groups, etc. Published by torture victims trying to make sense of something almost impossible to comprehend, the information is understandably all over the board. Search “targeted individuals”, “organized stalking”, “gang stalking”, “electronic harassment” and “technological assault”. One prominent support group, Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (, was formed 10 years ago and has members and affiliated support groups across the country and throughout the world.

Since the satellite technology is classified and no information has been released to the public, there are many different theories regarding technological assault. However, any viable theory has to be able to explain how people are targeted on airplanes at 35,000 feet over the middle of the ocean. Satellite is the only technology that can do that.

Many victims of satellite surveillance and torture also experience “organized stalking”. This is stalking, monitoring, harassment and intimidation conducted by a large, organized, well-funded group. Organized stalking is a form of psychological torture which uses tactics similar to those used by corrupt regimes throughout history to manipulate and control their populations. The Germans had a name for the psychological terror inflicted by the Stasi in former communist East Germany – zersetzung or decomposition. American citizens in communities across the United States are being victimized by organized stalking. The size and scope of the organized stalking apparatus suggest government involvement and funding.

I have been a Colorado resident since 1999 and a victim of organized stalking and satellite surveillance and torture for roughly the past decade. I attached a copy of a paper I wrote in May 2014, “End the Torment”. It describes some of my personal experiences. I have reported these crimes to the Denver Police Department, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. I have also contacted the FBI on numerous occasions. To my knowledge, no investigation has been commenced. The brutal torture continues every second of every day.

Victims across the country have filed reports with local and federal law enforcement. The crimes are not being investigated. It is being dismissed as mental illness. Torture victims are not only being ignored, they are often subjected to defamatory labels. It is NOT mental illness, yet the mental health profession continues to provide cover for these crimes by handing out false diagnoses and prescribing potentially dangerous, mind-altering drugs. The DSM and mental health practices will be completely revamped when this situation is finally exposed. The mental health profession has massive legal exposure, both civil and criminal, to this issue.

This is a state, national and international emergency. A long list of horrific crimes are being committed: unimaginable privacy violations, stalking, assault, torture, murder, domestic terrorism and crimes against humanity. American citizens are under attack, and innocent lives are being destroyed. This situation must be immediately investigated, and organized stalking and satellite technology capable of ending humanity must be exposed and permanently locked down.

Best regards,

Michael S. Patrick

400 N. Park Avenue, Suite 10-B

Breckenridge, CO 80424