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It has been a while since I have posted an update about my situation. Well, it really hasn’t change, except I’m dealing with a noise campaign. The noise campaign compose of devices place in my immediate area, which gives different sound. The sounds are continuous and only changes when I walk towards these devices.

I have tried to locate these devices, but was not successful. If you had not been targeted like this before, you thought some crickets are birds have invaded the area. But that isn’t what happening.

I first noticed these devices last year, but it wasn’t as irritating. Now the average person would notice it.

They have also upgrade their pulsing devices to squeak instead of pop. The squeaking sound is similar to a bird call, but it is very animated.

Other than that , I’m still dealing with ethereal devices placed in my area, manipulation of food and liquid products in various supermarket and store chains and some level of GPS stalking.

Chris J. Brunson


The noise campaign involves the use of devices that have been installed in the “TARGETED” area for the purpose of creating noise and enhancing the input of the surrounding technologies. 

The noise is in a form of a cricket at night, but differs as the sound is constant and technology sounding. The bird chirping is constant and does not vary in pitch. 

The sounds interfere with sleeping patterns, as I believe that is the purpose of this targeting. 

Everything they do is for the benefit of the installer of these devices and does nothing to enhance my human abilities. 

Besides, it is another devices to their arsenal against my quality of life. 

OH… It appears that the devices work off the trees root system and needs additional investigation on how they actually are powered.


Richmond, California resident and veteran targeted individual Eleanor White, author of Tortured America, Coping With the Crime, says a true breakthrough for TIs (targeted individuals) has occurred in the U.S. – if it holds.  Amy Anderson, a few activists, and White met with Richmond, California vice-mayor and the Richmond police force captain, who pledged that they and their administrations’ will now be working alongside TI victims in their city to assist them. 

Richmond survivors can now officially call the Richmond police dispatch number if/when they come under electronic attack and file a police report, according to White, a first in the United States.

Not only that, the captain further stated that he is willing to work with medical personnel in the area informing them of this type of covert criminal activity. 

Police departments and medical personnel historically dismiss targeted individuals’ reports under electromagnetic attack. They typically mock TIs when reporting for protection and aid, and sometimes worse: they attempt to have the target committed to psychiatric units. In some cases, they have succeeded, intensifying the living nightmare that targets reportedly experience every day of their lives.


TI’s in the Richmond area will soon be able to seek much-needed assistance from their local police or hospital emergency rooms as situations occur, according to White.

“This may lead to other initiatives which would come as we continue to work with the administration regarding our issues,” she said.

Innocent people of all walks of life are conveying that they are being targeted, many detailing what meets the criteria of torture. Some of these targets have not survived, as reported by Deborah Dupré


My experience in New York is an exactly replica of what happened on my last visit to this location. Increased electronic, aggressive stalking, widespread food contamination and fluid contamination and a rash of physical attacks associated with these criminal organizations.

As has already been documented, aggressive electronic stalking involves the use of wireless communications such as a cell phone, radio frequency device, pulsing device, pulsing system and pulsing radio frequency gun.

Widespread contamination of local businesses that sell food and liquids. Store rooms are stocked and shelves are emptied and restocked with contaminated food/liquid (or food/liquid is reconditioned for the purpose of attacking my body).

When I consumed the food and liquids, attacks increase throughout my body (or specifically areas that are being (GPS) or targeted.)

The severity of the attacks depends on the amount of people in the area, how an area has been setup for these attacks.

And area are setup with ethereal devices to aide in the attacks to my body. Attacks to my body has immobilized me in ways that can affect my health. There has been many days that I was too weak to move normally.

Such symptoms includes, headaches, nausea, bloating, forced defecation, gas, muscle pain, tiredness, burning sensations, false dreams, etc.

As many know, the criminal control is done wirelessly, which means that anyone in the vicinity of the targeted individual becomes the perpetrator. There are fewer individuals who are actually perpetrators (because of their access to pulsing devices, ethereal devices and other technologies). This is because we have all been implanted with these devices.

The devices are breath in, place in our water systems, and in our food. This control method is short-term as the process has to be repeated again and again.

Criminal infiltration has been happening for a long time, but this kind of infiltration is such to destroy any nation. If you look at the history of corruption, you will begin to understand what I’m talking about.

Well, as I wrap up my visit in New York, what this has shown me is that no matter where you are at presently, that someone, somewhere will be there to send you the signal of death.

Good day.


I consume some fruit from a Chinatown street vendor and immediately experienced attacks to the back, feet and head. I did not experience the same attacks after drinking the rain water.

The ethereal devices were not present in the area I consume both items.

This is very important as it tells me that, first, the water is not a contaminating factor and the uncooked food is a matter of concern.

If I had not consume the food, I would have been better off. I can almost ensure that that the attacks is associated with these devices being placed in the food, water and surrounding area.


Currently staying in different outside location. Each location differ from scenery, but the perpetrators who harass me does not change. Most of the attacks are centered around the ethereal devices that is placed in the food, water and is placed in locations.

Once I find a location to setup at, perpetrators converge almost immediately to place these ethereal devices. In this recent incident, I veer from the “GRID” that was created in this area and almost immediately a young perpetrator on a bicycle survey the area. He (or what was controlling him) was trying to figure out why these devices weren’t working.

I was actually standing in an area where the devices weren’t working. So he began approaching the area. I ask him if he was looking for something and his attitude towards me was very threatening.

I was told many months ago that the ethereal issue was taken care of. But this is not possible as it is an every day even. They program these ethereal devices to work both inside and outside the body and they work as remote sensors.

You can not block these remote sensors (as I believe), you can only neutralize them. However, no one has been able to that that. But if someone was familiar with this processes, more than half our problems will go away.

Early in the evening yesterday, I came across an older male who appear to be using witchcraft. I approached him unconventionally. But he did not leave the area. Later I found him to be placing something by the tree. This was the same tree the younger fellow was investigating.

Well… to make a long story short, I was in this area due to an approaching storm. I was in another area, but left due to the presence of a “homeless” individual.



My Amtrak experience always involves me being given an assigned seat by one of the perpetrator employees. In this situation, I was standing and ask to find a seat. So I did. When the seat that I found, was not align with this perpetrator regime, I was told to move to another section.

When I comply, I was immediately followed from behind. This wasn’t something I felt comfortable with, so I ask him to guide me to this new arraignment. I was told that I had to be assistant like this – like a jail guard guarding an inmate.

I then prompted him to find other staff to assist me in getting the assigned seating. When that was found, he still persistant to follow behind me. Following behind someone is what these perpetrators do when they want to targeted your back charkas.

When all was said and done, I was positioned at the very front of the train. This wasn’t bad until I could see that too trash receptacles were there. Although they were enclosed, they provide cover for perpetrators to place ethereal devices in them. The ethereal devices allow them to direct the signal to any part of my body.

Another important aspect about the targeting is how many of these individuals would often have to pass my seat just to enter the next car. This arraignment allow them to GPS my location without being recognized.

Although the torture was noticeable, it was typical of what happens to me when riding public transportation.

The attacks was mostly felt in the right and left temples and the entire head – like you feel if a million spiders was crawling on you.

I still have the benefit of asking the HPSS to removing the attacks in these specific areas, but they are always temporary.

Though, the attacks become minimized when the number of perpetrators decrease and when I move from the area. But the best point of the targeting is when I’m walking around. Notice, I did not eat or drinking anything for a period of two days. Otherwise, I would be writing an entirely different post.


`The tracking consist of someone tracking the implants that is on you.

There are several individuals involved in the tracking of a single individual.

Some time it is a single individual and some time it is two individuals.

In unique circumstances it will consist of a group of individuals working together and in very accounts a social network of individuals staging as an actual organization.

Targeting with pedestrians consist of individuals creating gps points of targeting. This happened yesterday as a signal individual kept walking in different parts of an area. So if you should walk in this area, you will feel the targeting in this gps area that was created. But once you leave the setup area, the targeting either fades out or minimizes.

When it comes to motor vehicles, several scenarios come to play. When you are walking and somehow right before you cross the street a vehicle appears. This is because the front and back of these vehicles have been align with gps devices. The vehicle is very relevant as it is able to multiple the gps tracking more than 10 times. Cell phone transmissions increase 1000 times while a vehicle is turned on. But this signal, while harmful to the car recipients is directed to you.

As for parking lots, this is not a good place for targeted individuals. As these vehicle individuals are able to stay anonymous in their vehicles as they track (attack) you with these gps devices.

The Etheral devices are also very important part of the targeting. They are very small and very inexpensive. Perpetrators and I/F groups usually place them in areas where targeted individuals are present. This makes it easier for the ti to be tracking and body/mind manipulated. It has been my experience that while walking, I would feel a strong sensation on my feet. Or a certain body part would start being targeted aggressively. But when I divert from the path of these etheral devices, the targeting decrease significantly. The etheral devices as well as smart dust is put in our food, water and air among other technologies and chemicals that affect the output of the targeting. In other words, no one thing works alone.

And lets not forget cell phone towers as they influence the area residences thinking processes.  They are also used as attack devices in the targeting of certain areas of the body. The pulsing devices work pretty much the same way, but there purpose varies widely.

Anyway, the tracking is just a set of software uploading to a cell phone. The menus are just different point of attacking a person’s body parts. This is one of the reasons why so many people are participating. It doesn’t take much skills to scroll through a menu.

However, contractors are used for more detail targeting and their devices various from cell phone, handheld pulsing devices, etheral devices, access cell phone tower devices. None of this would be possible without the help from the telecommunications industry and the United States government.

The police purposely ignore any illegal activity from these criminals as many of them are associated with these groups. For instance, I’ve seen perpetrators parked in the middle of the street or in the park’s grass. They occupied abandon buildings or enter places of businesses (government include) without direct authorization from these entities.

The money is being funnel down to the local police departments from the military. Citizens who are whistle blowers to police and government corruption are readily brought into this program.

The program is very intensive as the entire society has been place on an electronic grid. We were made to believe that we could not live without these electronic device only to find out later that they are controling our lives. And with these devices in the hands of this criminal organizations the outcome is alarming.

The devices, as many targeted individuals found out, aren’t only created to manipulate the body, but influence the mind. So the enemy did everything in his powers to get a hold of these devices so he can infiltrate the society that we always know to be America.

But these criminal organizations does not know how to run society as we know it, they just know how to infiltrate it. That’s why society is collapsing around us.

Taking it back all depends on what type of counteractive technology is produce by the good people of the world. Otherwise, all of us (bad and good) would loose everything!


I’m having circulation problems in these areas. At certain periods when I rest my head on my arm, a part of my hand and fingers become numb. The rest of my hand appear separate from the left side of my hand. This is the area of my hand that I’m getting the attacks. The same with my legs and feet. With my legs, I get a lot of cramps before getting up. My feet, I’m getting needle type pain and it is difficult standing on them for long periods of time. I’m feeling more tired than usual and the induced rapid heartbeat is a part of these dreadful acts.

The last time I’m talked to my technicians, I was told that my entire stomach have nano fibers in it. Everytime I consume the food that I purchase at Dollar Tree at Eastern Blvd, Aldis at Ramsey Street and other food businesses in the area, the attacks increase. Pulsing devices as well as the local cell phone towers are being used in these attacks, as well as the various contractors in the area.

This did not stop with becoming a member of Human Protection Software Suite (HPSS), it did not stop with the numerous complains to the Food & Drug Administration or the Agriculture Department, it did not stop after dropping over 100 Affidavits at the Congress in person, it did not stop with mailing the Affidavit to over 1000 corespondent (media, human rights government agencies and ngos), and it did not stop with Targeted Individuals speaking at the bioethics commission.

Now I might loose all use of my limbs and my health have greatly deteriorated. This is happening under a “democratic” regime even though they have been some media coverage.

One reason that I stop the documentation is because I was hopeful that HPSS will 1) stop the attacks, 2) remove the implants and 3) repair the body from implant damage. The most egregious part of the targeting has been minimized. However, minimum removal has been experienced. And repairing appeared almost non- existent.

This is not the sole fault of the HPSS System, but the lack of enforcement of the current legal system. They are very corrupt people running this system from the top down. It involves the local police, of which my Affidavit describes, the hospital, which I can’t use if my condition worsens, the judicial system as the lawyers, judges and prosecutors are tied into elections and disbarments.



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