Radionics Specialist

The reason you have not heard from me is because I’m working with a Radionics professional to clear the implants from my body. I don’t have a progress report to give as of yet. However, I am offered some relief from the attacks that I’m receiving on a daily basis.

Other news: I will be looking for secure property to coincide with the targeting that I’m facing. I have not decided to include other TI’s in this plan as of yet. There is a process and I will let everyone know about it one land has been secured. But there is no guarenteed it would happen, just that it is a plan.



Methods Of Contaminating Food sources

There’s a new tatic that these criminals are using to contaminating my food. This involves placing the technology in the targeted area and GPSing that technology in the victims mouth and food. This has been going on for several months already, but I just need to log it into this log.

This doesn’t replace the food contamination that I’m getting from the food stores, it just allows them to work with new tech that is placed in my body using this method.

Once the food is consumed, attacks to the stomach is first experienced. Then attacks to specific parts of my body follows.

Also note that various devices is placed in my area before I even consume the food.

When I don’t consume the food, attacks to the stomach are minimized and or non-existent.

The way I know the food has been altered is by how the food change in consistency. For instance, the food would start tasting gritty when the remote food contamination occurs. The gritty tastes is the actual tech that has been placed in the food. It doesn’t that I move around. These devices have been placed in my area to work accurately.

I have limit this attack by eating in other areas. Walking it off seems to be the best method of reducing the tech in my body.

When I can afford it, it would involve using a radionics machine to remove the tech from my body.

Another thing, the tech exist all over my body. It has been embedded in my skin. The way I know this is now I can pull my skin back and it would stay in place. I can also see shinny crystals in my skin that sparkle.

This is the burning sensation that many TI’s feel on their skin.

The food contamination is a major component to our attacks. It is how they are able to manipulate the various body organs and muscles.


Homeless, Poor and Racial Minorities

The use of the homeless, the poor and racial minorities is very prominent in my targeting. This gives the impression that the purpose of the targeting is not economic and racially motivated. But that is all it has been for me.

When I wrote a letter to the Fayetteville, NC police chief and council members, it was about racial profiling stopping by the Fayetteville Police Department. I am African American. So it is not uncommon to see the use of African Americans as the main perpetrators.

However, their was a considerable white prepetrators when I was residing in the rural areas. And when I went to the west part of North Carolina (NC), I was confronted by confederate flags on top of vehicles and one particular person had a noose out of the window of a moving vehicle.

Besides, the targeting did start with a primary caucasion population, which tells me everything. It tells me they needed time to program these African descendant groups in their matrix system. This does not discount the fact that some of these groups are criminal in nature. But they are few and far between.

The targeting are very people focus until a certain point. They are only their to aide the primary perpetrators who operate from an entirely different location. The satellites and drones allows them this ability.


Lack Of Wireless Legislation

The lack of appropriate wireless legislation is the result of placing electro-magnetic pulse generation in areas that Targeted Individuals visit frequently. These generations are allowed to transmit at any level that suits the installer, perpetrator and individuals who benefit from these illegal non-consenting experiments. Meanwhile, the health affects of these generators are completely ignored by health officials that are mandated to protect the public.

The generators can be access by cellular phone, pulse devices, vehicles with these cellular and pulse devices and pedestrians with these cellular and pulse devices. These individuals can direct the targeting to specific points of the body through a very well design computer software app. The app is driven by GPS, which targets the implants that have been forcebly placed in the body.

This is one aspect of the crimes that is happening to the Targeted Individual population.


CVS Rowan Street Fayetteville NC – Reactions

I purchased hard candy at a CVS store yesterday and every single candy was wet and sticky and it was rewrapped to look like it had not been opened. There was at least 50 of them in a bag and 5 of these packages on the selves. They tastes like they had been sprayed and the reactions were more electro-magnetic attacks. Besides the hard candy, the cookies had been sprayed. I record all my purchases through my debit card, so that’s why I haven’t posted it here.

This is the kind of America that we all live in today. One consisting of many individuals who would engage themselves in this kind of activity, just so they can use these advance weapon systems. 

Slept in several places last night. The first spot was heavy setup for electro-magnetic targeting. The second location I had slept at once and I can hear a loud humming sound in the area. It is most likely one of their pulsing devices, which nearby vehicles with programmed gps devices (cell phones) can upload the targeting points. 

Such attacks were my arms, hands, feet and legs. I felt it as vibrations, stinging and burning. 

This is America 2014. The one that is calling for war against SYRIA. Meanwhile, Americans are being attack with pulse micro-wave weapons everyday.



Malicious Food Contamination & Computer Hacking

Not too much has change,except, I’m getting the computer hacking again. I’m still getting the malicious food contamination through the various stores: Food Lion, Dollar Tree, IGA, Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc. The result of this food contamination is attacks to my stomach, which leads to diarrhea, blotting, gas, in digestive and increase attacks. The increase attacks come from the tech and neurological chemicals that is place in the food. The attacks to the stomach is just a pathway to the attacks to the rest of the body. It serves as a reserve for this tech that has been place in the food. I do not purchase drinks from any store, because of this reason. I collect my water when it rains and the attacks are very minimize because of it. 

For instance, if I just consumed rain water, the attacks will be almost non-existant. 

The only reason why this continues to happens is because the United States government continues to contract these activities to various groups performing “Human Experimentation.” 

Most people being place in these programs are whistle-blowers of government corruption and persons who had received psychiatric treatment. 

There is too much money tied into this and that’s why it is kept quiet. 

Other issues of concerned is the use of technology to manipulate individuals to create these criminal acts. The police, store managers, EMS, government personnel, church goers, etc., no one is accused. 

I am coming up on my 7th year (October 14th 2007). Since July of 2008 I have been homeless. First living out of my car/van. And starting December 2011, living in the woods. 

I push a shopping cart for the purpose of transporting my 7 gallons of water and food, which is often recontaminated if left unattended. It is very, very difficult, but no one would do anything. I have contacted the congress, which I hand delivered an AFFIDAVIT (link below). Nothing. I have mail a press kit to every media station in this country. Nothing. I have contacted the governor, the mayor, police chief and the city council. This was 2009, it is not 2014. 

Not too much has change. The TI leadership is almost non-existant. 

I have limit my attacks, by limit my access to people. This also include greatly minimizing my cellular phone cars and computer wifi access.

I have been reduce to less than a human being, living day to day, instead of the future. 

This could only happen under a criminal government that operates on the federal level.



Very little changes


It has been a while since I have posted an update about my situation. Well, it really hasn’t change, except I’m dealing with a noise campaign. The noise campaign compose of devices place in my immediate area, which gives different sound. The sounds are continuous and only changes when I walk towards these devices.

I have tried to locate these devices, but was not successful. If you had not been targeted like this before, you thought some crickets are birds have invaded the area. But that isn’t what happening.

I first noticed these devices last year, but it wasn’t as irritating. Now the average person would notice it.

They have also upgrade their pulsing devices to squeak instead of pop. The squeaking sound is similar to a bird call, but it is very animated.

Other than that , I’m still dealing with ethereal devices placed in my area, manipulation of food and liquid products in various supermarket and store chains and some level of GPS stalking.

Chris J. Brunson


Noise Campaign Through Technology

The noise campaign involves the use of devices that have been installed in the “TARGETED” area for the purpose of creating noise and enhancing the input of the surrounding technologies. 

The noise is in a form of a cricket at night, but differs as the sound is constant and technology sounding. The bird chirping is constant and does not vary in pitch. 

The sounds interfere with sleeping patterns, as I believe that is the purpose of this targeting. 

Everything they do is for the benefit of the installer of these devices and does nothing to enhance my human abilities. 

Besides, it is another devices to their arsenal against my quality of life. 

OH… It appears that the devices work off the trees root system and needs additional investigation on how they actually are powered.


Major Milestone Accomplished In Richmond California

Richmond, California resident and veteran targeted individual Eleanor White, author of Tortured America, Coping With the Crime, says a true breakthrough for TIs (targeted individuals) has occurred in the U.S. – if it holds.  Amy Anderson, a few activists, and White met with Richmond, California vice-mayor and the Richmond police force captain, who pledged that they and their administrations’ will now be working alongside TI victims in their city to assist them. 

Richmond survivors can now officially call the Richmond police dispatch number if/when they come under electronic attack and file a police report, according to White, a first in the United States.

Not only that, the captain further stated that he is willing to work with medical personnel in the area informing them of this type of covert criminal activity. 

Police departments and medical personnel historically dismiss targeted individuals’ reports under electromagnetic attack. They typically mock TIs when reporting for protection and aid, and sometimes worse: they attempt to have the target committed to psychiatric units. In some cases, they have succeeded, intensifying the living nightmare that targets reportedly experience every day of their lives.


TI’s in the Richmond area will soon be able to seek much-needed assistance from their local police or hospital emergency rooms as situations occur, according to White.

“This may lead to other initiatives which would come as we continue to work with the administration regarding our issues,” she said.

Innocent people of all walks of life are conveying that they are being targeted, many detailing what meets the criteria of torture. Some of these targets have not survived, as reported by Deborah Dupré


New York City April 22nd – June 24th

My experience in New York is an exactly replica of what happened on my last visit to this location. Increased electronic, aggressive stalking, widespread food contamination and fluid contamination and a rash of physical attacks associated with these criminal organizations.

As has already been documented, aggressive electronic stalking involves the use of wireless communications such as a cell phone, radio frequency device, pulsing device, pulsing system and pulsing radio frequency gun.

Widespread contamination of local businesses that sell food and liquids. Store rooms are stocked and shelves are emptied and restocked with contaminated food/liquid (or food/liquid is reconditioned for the purpose of attacking my body).

When I consumed the food and liquids, attacks increase throughout my body (or specifically areas that are being (GPS) or targeted.)

The severity of the attacks depends on the amount of people in the area, how an area has been setup for these attacks.

And area are setup with ethereal devices to aide in the attacks to my body. Attacks to my body has immobilized me in ways that can affect my health. There has been many days that I was too weak to move normally.

Such symptoms includes, headaches, nausea, bloating, forced defecation, gas, muscle pain, tiredness, burning sensations, false dreams, etc.

As many know, the criminal control is done wirelessly, which means that anyone in the vicinity of the targeted individual becomes the perpetrator. There are fewer individuals who are actually perpetrators (because of their access to pulsing devices, ethereal devices and other technologies). This is because we have all been implanted with these devices.

The devices are breath in, place in our water systems, and in our food. This control method is short-term as the process has to be repeated again and again.

Criminal infiltration has been happening for a long time, but this kind of infiltration is such to destroy any nation. If you look at the history of corruption, you will begin to understand what I’m talking about.

Well, as I wrap up my visit in New York, what this has shown me is that no matter where you are at presently, that someone, somewhere will be there to send you the signal of death.

Good day.