Screen Shots: Organized Gang Stalking On The #4 Subway


It features the tactics used in electronic stalking, which is just one form of organized gang stalking.: They are: Hand Over Nose Communicator, Sun Glasses As a Communications Code, Cell phone Tracking and Intervals Of Perpetrators Coming On/Off the train, ect. Continue reading


PACTS, FFCHS, Derrick Robinson & Gavin Long

Gavin LongGAVIN LONG, the Baton Rouge shooter. OMG, IT’S HAPPENED AGAIN!!! Turns out the news was correct! Gavin Long or Cosmo Ausar Setepenra as he called himself in his email to the group, was in touch with FFCHS in April of last year!

The picture above was uploaded to his gmail account. The moment I saw his picture, I instantly remembered corresponding with him. At that time he was in West Africa and I was very glad to have someone from that region of the world participating in our organization. He was requesting to be added to our Buddy List to which I replied, ‘sure.’ Then a month later for unexplained reasons, he wanted to deactivate his account.

We’ll discuss the importance of this latest development at our Monday Night Podcast. Meanwhile, here is a news story about him:

This is What we Know about the Man who shot Three Baton Rouge Police Officers

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“Testimonies of Targeted Individuals” Booklet now available!

Derrick Robinson
“Testimonies of Targeted Individuals” Booklet now available!
Derrick Robinson

People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance, International
PO Box 5405
Hemet, CA 92544

“Testimonies of Targeted Individuals” now available!

Greetings, all.

As some of you are aware, the booklet: “Testimonies of Targeted Individuals” is finally completed and ready for distribution. It mostly consists of a collection of 37 TI stories originally sent to the FBI from PACTS, International in May, since the agent stated it would be easier for the FBI to processs our claims collectively rather than individually.

Along with the stories, there is some background information, the PACTS flyer, the Urban Dictionary definition of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment, the Richmond Resolution, Federal Statute violations and letters to President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director, James Comey by Mike Patrick.

It is coil-bound with an opaque world atlas grid cover and a midnight blue back cover. The booklet itself is sectioned into testimonies from four regions of the United States – West, Mid-west, East, and South – and one entry from Canada.

It cost a little more to produce than I had hoped at Fedex/Kinko’s. $25 per book, plus the shipping – approx. $3.00?

To get a copy please send $28.00 via Paypal to: indicating you want a copy of the booklet.

Or send a check or money order for $28.00 with your request for 1 (or more) booklet(s) to:
PACTS, International
PO Box 5405
Hemet, CA 92544

Here’s the Introduction:

For over 50 years, secret research has been ongoing in this country into various methods for controlling the human mind and body. Just as hobbyists can control toy cars, airplanes, and drones with radiofrequency devices, there are covert operatives using similar devices that can manipulate the human bio-electromagnetic system in much the same way.

Research and development of these covert technologies was started in the fifties mainly by Yale neurophysiologist, Dr. Jose Delgado. He found that once brain-implanted, he was able to access the control centers of the brain and command the movements and behaviors of cats and monkeys like his “electronic toys.”

Eventually, he found that he was also able to control human beings as well. Every thought, action, organ of the human body, every pathogen, and every bodily condition is a matter of frequency. Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) researcher, Elizabeth Rauscher once said, “Give me the money and three months and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of eighty percent of the people in this town without their knowing it.”

This booklet is the story of individuals whose minds and bodies have been affected by people mostly unknown to them; people who seem to have a nefarious agenda of control and subjugation of these individuals and perhaps ultimately, the masses.

We present these stories to the general public as a testament to what can happen when there are those among us with devices which may have the ability to wield unbridled power over another’s life, health, and well-being. And to bring everyone to the realization that there are decisions that need to be made immediately about the proliferation of such technologies if we expect to continue to enjoy a free society.

Derrick Robinson, Executive Director
People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance, International | June 30, 2016

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June 2016 Journal


6-1/2 Throughout the night attacks to the nasal cavity right after hearing someone in the area. Then after being woke the second time attacks to the feet – particularly the area closes to the toes was felt. The third time it involved my left hand and the top of my right foot. It felt like current was going through it. Each time I heard the presence of individuals in the area.

6-2 Continuous pulsing attacks to the left temples. This started at around 7a and it is now 10:10a.

6-2 Around 4:45p I seen dogs in my perimeter. They are following the same route, which is between me and the pulsing device.

6-3 Food Lion #0367 342 Northeastern Blvd Ste 2 Fayetteville, NC 28301 Phone: 910-485-8886. Manager: Ty Curry.

6-3 Upon eating the strawberries that I purchased from the Eastern Blvd Food Lion I tasted noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in them as they were accessing with the surrounding directed energy. Soon afterwards I noticed induced muscle tightening on my arm. I have not eaten for 3 days and my targeting while at my homebase was almost non existent. Later as it was raining spasm attacks to my right hand was felt. This was continuous and spasm attacks to the right foot was felt as well.

6-3 Muscular spasm to the back. This was felt while walking into town as well as a very tiredness feeling, which forced me to stop several times to take a break. Then I noticed an increased in my heart rat for no apparent reason. It is especially true when I visit stores. Induced sickness from time to time, which makes me feel like throwing up. Also I was light-headed that can’t be explained.

6-3 The food that came from a man and woman driving through was heavily contaminated. I did not consumed it, I just ran my tongue across it, which I immediately noticed the presence of nano crystalline – smart dust. They claim to be from a church and they just wanted to help the homeless. Sounded pretty scripted to me. Anyway, this was expected as these kind of individuals seek me out when they need me to consume a large amount of technology. The food is a gateway to the electro-magnetic targeting that I have experienced for about 8 years, which lead to homelessness.

6-4 Large amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in the Hot Carolina Smokies Sausages from Food Lion Eastern Blvd. Induced right hand spasms followed.

6-4 Strong induced muscular pain on my left arm.

6-4 Swelling of the center of my right leg.

6-5 Large presence of nano crystalline – smart dust in the frozen Food Lion Brand corn. Start burning my left foot big toe joints after consuming it. Later inflammation while urinating.

6-6 After consuming the cooked ham with white potatoes and broccoli increased attacks to the right arm in the form of muscular pain. Induced sleep. Then attacks to the stomach and heals of feet.

6-6 Saw a video talking about: Morgellons. Some of the major symptoms discussed was stomach muscle pain affecting the digestive system. This is a major symptom that I have, which Morgellons spread to the other parts of the body. Sugar as well as fruit is very bad for it as it grows worse in the body. What is good for it is apple cider vinegar, garlic and baking soda, because it does not like an alkaline body. To test for Morgellons one must goggle red wine along with peroxide, than spit it out in the sink. If something shows up, you have Morgellons. Colloidal Silver, Sparlina, Himalayan Salt, Pumpkin Seeds, Pomegranates, Vegetable Juice, Bitter Ingredients and Menthol. Also you might be interested in purchasing the Turbo Esthetic and the terminator zapper from Roz energy or World Without Parasites. Recommend is the Reich Machine, Nomi Juice and Epsom Salt Bath.

6-6/7 Throughout the night into the morning I felt constant attacks to my stomach, which felt like a device attachment being remotely accessed.

6-7 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the Spaghetti Enriched Macaroni Product, FL Brand Frozen Corn, Grapefruit and Oranges that I ha purchased from the Eastern Blvd Food Lion. Eyes became blurry and increased muscular attacks to the right arm.

6-7 As I was downloading some video about curing Morgellons some individual came over here shouting “YO” . I believe he is the main perpetrator in the area and was responsible for stealing my stuff last December. “YO” is a term used up north and these people love taking stuff that doesn’t belong to them. Anyway, I hope I can cure some of the damage caused by Morgellons and reduce some of the attacks associated with this government sponsored conditioned.

6-7 Use Magnetism and Green Papaya Powder breaks down proteins. Oil of Oregano, Colloidal Silver, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ci Lantro, Green Tea; Morgellons Cure: 832-343-5425. Morgellons is Nano Technology, Microscopic Electronics in ACTION. How can we destroy microscopic circuitry? Pulse Magnetism. How to get handheld Pulse Magnetism Device – outside the United States. Magnetic Bracelets eliminate nano technology in the bloodstream. 1,000,000 Gauss Negative Magnetic Sticks $100– Move both Wands together in a circular motion – The legs should remain stationary while the procedure is performed – Magnetics are positioned to induce both Positive and Negative Magnetic Energy at the same time.

6-7 Video talking about Cleansing from Morgellons: 5 drops of Wildroots Rosemary, Lemon, Thyme Red, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove Bud and Oregano Oil, Organic Grape Juice or Wine. Eat Papaya Whole Grain Cereal, Biotta Naturals Sauerkraut Juice, Celery Root Juice, Breuss Vegetable Juice. Do process 3 days in a row. You Need: Smart water, Vitamins, Minerals, Sea Salt, Iron Supplements and Amino Acids. To treat outside of the body 20 MULE TEAM BORAX, Anti Bacterial Dish Washing Liquid than Glycerine (use to remove makeup) after drying happens. Rub Fresh Limes and Garlic Cloves on your skin. Colloidal Silver interrupts electrical functions. Oil of Oregano: Strong Anti Viral and anti Bacterial and Green Papaya Powder: Breaks down Morgellons Proteins. Ingredients: Quarter Cup of Colloidal Silver – 3 Quarters of a Teaspoon of Green Papaya Powder and 5 drops of Oil & Oregano. Can also use Organic Grape Juice. Internally, you can drink two 8 ounce glasses of pure grape juice everyday, which will remove it from your intestines. Magnetics can be placed over skin to remove Morgellons. Magnetic Bracelets filter out Morgellons in the blood. Handheld Magnetic Pulse, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Grounded Clove and Baking Soda is also noted. From another Video: Used for bathtub and removing Morgellons outside the body: Alfafa Tablets, Saint John Warts with Sun Laundry Detergent and Color Safe Bleach. MMS can be consumed at safe amounts.

6-7/8 Throughout the night into the morning constant attacks to the stomach. Had to sleep on my stomach most of the night, because I ate later in the day. Of course there was a large presence of nano crystalline – smart dust in the Broccoli, Sausages, Spaghetti and Corn I purchased from the Eastern Blvd Food Lion. Later these attacks include the heals of my feet after 15 minutes of turning on my computer. This later included a continuous induced rapid heartbeat and pulsing of my nasal cavity.

6-8 After “charging” my computer for about 2 hours with the generator, both batteries turned off less than 5 minutes. So they manipulate the charging mechanism to indicate that the battery is charging but it isn’t because they remotely setup devices in the area that manipulate the charging sensors.

6-8 Other info concerning Morgellons. Mucoid Dissolving Cleanse . M.D.C.
1. Colon Cleanses C.A.D. or M.D.C. 2. Kidney Cleanses 3. Parasite Cleanses 4. Liver Cleanses 5. Blood Cleanses Charcoal helps absorb toxins. Okra Pepsin E3 Capsules should be taken on an stomach to help dissolve the Mucoid Plague lining the intestines. Address the Biofilm that coats the intestinal walls, because the biofilm shields or protects pathogens such as fungi, bacteria and parasites within it. Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Detox Powder. Boost through and degrade Biofilm: Clove, False Black Pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar. Maintain health Sauerkraut, Yogurt, Sour Cream. Unhealthy gut biofilm can be attacked with: Proteolytic Enzymes, Anti Microbisal herbs. Mucoid Dissolving Cleanse (Before Breakfast). Mix Together in an empty jar with a tight – fitting lib, adding Psyllium last as it thickens and gels quickly. 5 oz. Grape or Chery Juice, 3 Tablespoons liquid Bentonite Clay, 3 oz Filtered Water, 1 heaping teaspoon of Psyllium Husk & Seed Powder, ½ teaspoon Papain Power, ½ teaspoon Food Grade D.E., ½ tablespoons of Caprol (Half Oil and half Coconut Oil). Shake well to mix in the jar and drink quickly as this mixture will thicken rapidly. Supplements: 2 Probiotic Capsules, 2 Cayenne Capsules, Mix 6 oz. Of filtered water with 1 tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Throughout the day drink the apple cider vinegar. One hour before lunch and dinner – these supplements should be taken with cider. 2 Pancreatin Capsules, 2 Okra Pepsin E3 Capsules, 2 small intestine Detox Capsules. Final supplements of the day – take with fruit or juice: 6 Pancreatin Capsules, 6 Okra Pepsin E3 Capsules, 2 small Intestine Detox Capsules. How long? 1 to 2 months, 6 or longer. De, tox Bath Salt: ¼ Cup Sea Salt, ¼ Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, 1/3 cup Apple Cider Vinegar. You can add essential oils. ½ Cup Bentonite Clay, ½ cup Bentonite Clay, ½ Cup Epsom Salt

6-8 Increased interference to my radio while I was preparing my meal. The source of the interference was from my WIFI broadband adapter. This was found after turning the adapter off. It just shows the importance of turning these devices off after using them. Had I left the adapter on, while eating the targeting would have been worse. Because the GPS component of the adapter would have given pinpoint accuracy to the implants that are in my body.

6-8/9 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the stomach and directed energy to the top of my left foot/ right foot closes to the toes.

6-9 Quinoa is tiny little grain, packed with protein, calcium, fiber, iron Iysine, magnesium and more. It leaves you feeling satisfied, not deprived. It is low on Glycemic index. The Glycemic index indicate how carbohydrates affect your blood glucose. It is relatively low in calories.

6-9 Consumed the Ragu Old World Style with Northern Beans, Tomatoes, Spaghetti and Garlic from Eastern Blvd Food Lion. There was an increased in attacks to the stomach, right am and head. And the presence of nano crystalline – smart dust was tasted in the meal.

6-9 Quarter size directed energy attacks to the center right of my head. Later the attacks was felt on my leg joint.

6-9/10 Throughout the night into the morning an induced rapid heartbeat and directed energy directed to the left leg upper joint.

6-10 Morgellons. Sea Salt, Organic Brown Rice, Iodine Seaweed, Garlic. Eco-vie: is a topical cleansing product that is effective of killing the mature fiber stage of the organism on skin surface and in the environment. The product must be performed over an extended period of time in order to eliminate all organism. Peroxide/salt baths 2 to 3 16 oz bottles “26 oz canister salt. Nizoral: a potent anti-fungal for body and hair. Lactic Acid Cream: It would burn for approximately 30 seconds. Effective PAIN reliever and will stop the needle – like stabbing pains. DSP Cream – rapidly speeds the healing process and alleviates severe itching and some pain sensations. Borax – used as a mild anti septic, anti fungal and insecticide; It will eliminate mites and other infestations or organisms from material and keep them away.

6-10 After consuming the same meal that I did the day before. Attacks to the right arm was felt. Then I noticed white worms in the food. It had the same fibers that I saw in an online video presentation explaining Morgellons. For sometime I suspected the criminal organization putting the Morgellons in the food. I have seen the same worm some 4 years ago. And when I choose certain foods I noticed energy coming from them.

6-10 Induced sleep and inflammation while urinating. Constant pulsing of my right ankle.

6-11 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust while consuming the Ragu, Calliflower northern beans, noodles, tomatoes, garlic and onion meal. Attacks to the stomach was immediate, which was followed by attacks to the left arm as directed energy and muscle manipulation, induced muscular pain to the right arm, quarter size directed energy to the right back side of my head and stinging than signaling of my right foot big toe.

6-11 Parasite Cleansing: Cranberry Juice Undiluted, Pumpkin Seeds, Garlic, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary. Heal Your Self by Markus Rothkranz. (Fasting) Colon Cleanse (Good Cleanser) Lemon Juice (Cleanse the Colon Walls) Cayenne Pepper (Kills The Bacteria) Honey. Foods that cleanse the LIVER, Walnuts, Cabbage (Broccoli and Cauliflower), Turmeric, Garlic, Grapefruit Juice, Beets and Carrots, Green Tea, Leafy Green Vegetables, Avocado, Apples, Olive Oil (Hemp Flax-Seed), Lemon and Limes. Liver Detoxifying Herbs: 150 MG Milk Thistle, 1000 MG Turmeric, Dandelion. Sour Foods. Borotutu Bark, Chanca Piedra, Greater Celandine, Chicory Root, Peppermint, Organic Yellow Dock Root. Milk Thistle is sometimes refer as Silymarin. Turmeric is sometimes refer as Curcumin. Get capsules that include piperine. Detox Food Seaweed, Chorella, Spirulina, Cabbage, Broccoli, Artichokes, Radishes and Beets.

6-11 Induced vision lost. It became more difficult to read the computer screen shortly after feeling remote pulsing of my eyes. Earlier my vision actually improved from a few days ago before this occurs. Besides this phenomenon diarrhea symptoms and constant feeling of going to the bathroom was experienced.

6-11/12 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the feet in the form of directed energy. Also induced hallucinations.

6-12 Ozonated Water: Helps to alkalize the body and creates an environment where disease can not exist. Water Ozone System.

6-12 After drinking the rain water attacks to the right arm as muscular pain became evident. And during the rest of the day these attacks also included constant directed energy to the feet and legs.

6-12/13 Attacks to the feet and legs continued throughout the night into the morning. This also included my stomach.

6-13 After leaving the homebase attacks to the side of my right head closes to my ear was felt. It wasn’t immediate though – only after visiting several of the stores when these types of attacks began to occur. Other attacks follows: legs, eyes as directed energy attacks and pulsing of my right and left temples. As I was in the Storage Room I heard a vehicle in the driveway. This is opposite of the main entrance. And shortly later I seen a vehicle parked on the side of the street. This is no place to park a vehicle as the street was designed for thorough traffic. When I saw this individual I knew he was a criminal government contractor, because of the vehicle situation. His reason for being in the storage room was to 1) GPS my location and 2) to place smart dust in the area that I was pulling stuff from my storage unit.

6-14 I drank the concoction that I made yesterday, which it main ingredients were Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda. Immediately after consuming it I went to the bathroom. Note: This is my fourth day of not eating anything. This is just the start of this Detoxification of the Morgellon Disease that was given to me.

6-14 Attacks to the head increased and can be felt in different places. This is an uncommon experience. However, there were a benefit in drinking the concoction. The pain at the very bottom of my back is now gone. I could also see the worms and fungus in my waste. I consumed the Coblestone Bread, Coma NY Cinnamon Raisin Bagel (Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd), which had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust. This included the star snacks mixed nuts and Imperial Nuts Cashews Halves & Pieces from Roses Eastern Blvd. The Fresh Express Italian Crunch Romaine Lettuce and Red Cabbage from Food Lion. The lemon and limes from Food Lion. The Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda. The Great Crackin Pistachios.

6-14/15 Throughout the night into the morning attacks increased everywhere! Head, Legs, Fingers, Arms, Stomach, ect. Butt the attacks were more like maintaining control. Drank Apple Cider Vinegar with Baking Soda with no water added. Then I start eating fresh Garlic with lemons and limes with Oregano and Ground Cayenne Red Pepper. I could literally feel the organism shrinking inside my stomach. Now my whole entire body felt like it was in an electric socket, which was centered around my head, stomach and face. In the morning I swallowed a Garlic whole and I thought the Angels was coming. It was that incredible!

6-16 Increased attacks to the stomach after consuming the Bakers Harvest Chicken Flavored Crackers from Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd.

6-16/17 Throughout the night into the morning my first experienced was an induced rapid heartbeat. The second time the attacks was concentrated on my right leg upper joint, which felt like directed energy. While on the computer quarter size attacks to the left side of my head was felt. And waking up the third time it was directed energy surrounding my left foot big toe. Body vibrations centered around my left hip was felt during the entire period as well.

6-17 All the vitamins that I purchased from Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd store had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming this item a strong pulse attack was felt in my stomach. They were Nature’s Measure Vitamin C 500 MG, Fish Oil 1000 MG, Vitamin E 100 IU, Vitamin D 400 IU and Gingo Biloba 500 MG.

6-18 The Nut Cracker Dry Roasted Peanuts had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming this item attacks to my upper left leg joint was felt in the form of directed energy and increased muscular pain on my right arm was experienced.

6-18 Towards the evening pulsing attacks to my left eye was continuous. Later it also included my right eye. Some attacks to the head, nose cavity and feet was felt as directed energy.

6-19 After consuming the baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar attacks was immediately felt on my left foot. The baking soda itself have considerable amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in it, because when I consumed the Vinegar alone, the attacks are almost non existant.

6-19 Health Tip: Zinc plus Cooper or Zinc plus Maganesse Produce SOD Super Oxide Desmutates protects the eyes, brain, lungs and Liver – keeps bad things outside the body. Selenium Protects the heart, prostate, thyroid and boost immune system. Cooper protects you from Mode, Alge and Viruses. Iodine protects the respotory system.

6-22 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust was tasted in the Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Spaghetti from the Eastern Blvd Food Lion.

6-22/23 Throughout the night into the morning attacks was first felt on the head, which felt like electrical current going through it. Stinging of my thighs and signaling of my leg joints including knees. The stinging and signaling of my toes joints. Consuming the Ragu Spaghetti Sauce from Eastern Blvd Food Lion was the deciding factor.

6-23 Was schedule to leave for New York City today. However, I could not get myself together. Rescheduled. Storage Room. It took me longer to find what I needed to take to my trip. I ran into a situation with the attendant (DON) due to a complaint I made earlier concerning her not being present. She suggest that I get a new storage and that I had 6 weeks. This was retailation and there is no reason for her to suggest that I get a new storage room, when she should be there until 5p. I have noted this in my journal earlier.

6-23 Canceled my trip to New York and instead went to Home Depot to purchase three buckets and cooper wire for my Anti-nano device. Unfortunately I did not purchase enough wire to complete my nano device, so this project would have to be completed when I get back.

6-23/24 Attacks occurred later in the night after tasting nano crystallized sensations in my mouth. Earlier in the morning pulsing of my right foot was felt. It would come and go.

6-24 Throughout the day repeated attacks to the stomach, which resulted in gas and bloating. Also attacks to the right foot was felt.

6-24/27 Attacks to the stomach and feet. Some attacks to the head and temples.

6-27 The benefits of Diatomaceous Earth is an excellent cleansing additive for digestion and colon health. It helps get rid of parasites by gently scrubbing the intestines, and is extremely absorbent so it gathers up bacteria, virus, fungi and detoxifies the system by getting rid of buildups of pesticides, metals and drugs in the system.

6-27 I have not eaten in 6 days and although the targeting still exist, it was on the mild level. So it is clear to me that the nano technology placed in the food activates the technology already in my body. Anyway, at this point the targeting is mainly felt in the stomach and can be heard as a stomach growl, which happens quite frequently.




David Voight

David is walking across the United States to raise awareness for a distressed group called “Targeted Individuals.”

My name is David Voigts. I’m a former naval officer and graduate of the United States Naval Academy. I have a degree in Control Systems Engineering and served in Electronics Warfare and Nuclear billets. While in the service I became aware of ongoing non-consensual human experimentation. The program is studying human-machine interface. The technology and suppressive tactics may seem like science fiction, but they are quite real. There are many reputable primary source books, interviews, and videos discussing this topic, and I will show where to find those resources below.

With a good explanation, the pertinent details can be explained in few hours. At that point, the subject sometimes invokes apprehension and fear. I am attempting to remove that fear by creating a human interest story that will help share the Targeted Individuals’ experience. This spring I plan to walk across America to raise public awareness for the victims: Targeted Individuals (T.I.s). I expect the walk to take 7-8 months, and I will need 1 month of post-walk follow-up work with media and contributors.

Financial priorities are ordered as follows:

1) Funding the outreach walk: I’ve read up on these types of campaigns and I expect that just the American Discovery Trail portion will require about $5000. (A continuation eastward on Old Route 66 may require more.)

2) Maintaining my personal financial obligations: During 7+ months of walking I will have continued personal financial obligations. I won’t have an income other that what I can raise through this Targeted Individual awareness campaign. Initially, when I learned of this illegal human testing, I attempted to get myself into the program so that I could help shut it down. I was successful, and I have learned much about how the program works. However, as a result of my involvement in bringing this issue to light, I lost my job. Additionally, in 2015 I depleted most of my financial resources in advertising and direct mail awareness campaigns. I think I spent about $15,000 in paper materials and postage alone. I’m a couple of months behind in my mortgage payments, I’ve lost my health insurance, and I’ve racked up some credit card debt trying to alert the public. Once one reviews the materiel however, I believe that one will understand the value and absolute need for this effort. This has to happen. These people really need our help, and they will be extremely grateful for our assistance. Financially speaking, this awareness campaign is sort of my last best effort to raise awareness for this important social issue.

3) Rewards for contributors: There will be some sort of tiered reward system for contributors, repeat contributors and strong advocates for this campaign. Additionally, I will try to create value for supporters through several lines of effort. Specifically I will:

a) I may run a concurrent and separate GoFundMe campaign for the Humane Society. I plan to split that money among the Human Society’s general fund, the Oconee & Pickens County South Carolina branches and maybe a nearby branch in Georgia or North Carolina. My dog will be coming along for the trip. I got him at the local Humane Society and he has been a big help in dealing with the challenges of being a Targeted Individual. I will create a separate Facebook fan page and GoFundMe site that will allow those that might not be interested in TI advocacy, but who are interested in animals to at least view some of the materiel and follow the trip. I will post regularly with photos of the dog as we make our way across the country. I will solicit caption ideas, and maybe do some funny or thoughtful writing from the dog’s perspective.

b) I may run a concurrent and separate GoFundMe campaign for some high school classmates. Recently, a group of gals from my high school took a trip to, I think, Las Vegas. They all live in different parts of North America and one of them was not able to meet in Nevada. So, another one of the women had the idea to print a cutout of her friend, paste it to a stick and stage some candid, situational pictures of their missing friend on the trip. I thought that was a great idea, and I have asked to continue with the concept. I’ve ordered a ping pong paddle with that same friend’s picture on it. I plan to create similar quirky, situational pictures as I make my way across the United States. I will create a Facebook fan page and GoFundMe site that will allow people to follow the progress and donate to a vacation fund so that the group of friends could all meet up. The hope is that the effort will help direct some reciprocal traffic to the TI subject. (If you’ve seen the movie “Castaway” with Tom Hanks, the paddle will function as a sort of “Wilson.” As I’m talking with people about that group of friends GoFundMe page, the discussion might segue into the Targeting topic.)

c) I may run a concurrent and separate GoFundMe campaign for the American Discovery Trail (and possibly Old Route 66). I will attempt to capture many of the turn-by-turn directions of the trail with a 360 degree camera. Google maps has a function that allows upload of the turn locations. This effort will help future ADT hikers to find their way. It will also raise awareness, stewardship, and funding for the ADT (and later, maybe Old Route 66). This effort may attract people who are interested in camping, hiking, or physical fitness, and give them exposure to the Targeting topic. Additionally, I will be walking with an electronic billboard on my back, and I will gather photos with the billboard at various locations. Hopefully those pictures will generate interest in the American Discovery Trail, Old Route 66, and the Targeted Individuals.

4) Fund future outreach: Once the walk is complete, I hope to have a network of folks who are knowledgeable on the T.I. topic. I would like to continue advocating for the T.I. community through speaking, writing, advertising, and T.I. meet ups.

5) Fund other T.I. groups and specific T.I. causes: There are many T.I. groups. They have all the expenses required for a small organization. I don’t think any of them have paid staff, and whatever outreach is accomplished comes from nominal membership dues and volunteer assistance. I would like to get a few of these organizations some basic help.


May 2016 Journal



5-2 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. 336 N. Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 28301-5175. Manager: Will. Before entering the store I see the hot dog man. He is one of the network criminals I have seen in this and other locations. Also, the store was being stock when I came in, but they look to be close to finishing (which is typical of this type of criminal activity). Although, it started off with a few “customers” in the store, it usually ends with the store becoming busy after 5 minutes of shopping. Anyway, I purchased Onion Rings, Crinkle Cuts, Tater Rounds, Broccoli, Chicken Strips, Moments Cookies, Popcorn Chicken, Steam Mix Vegetables, Meatballs, Long Grain Rice, Caramel Coconut, Sweet Potato Chips, Sweet Corn, Pinto Beans, Gobstopers Box, Milky Way Caramel, Indulgent Mix, Cookies, Lemon Bars, Banana Chips, Tropica Fruit Mix, Chocolate Mix, Chicken Bologna and non food items.

5-2 Food Lion #0367 342 Eastern Blvd Suite 2 Fayetteville, NC 28301. Phone: (910) 485-8886. Manager Dennis. Purchased White Rose Apple Cider Vinegar, Bananas, Green Cabbage (which I later found to be very contaminated), Red Pears, 5lb. bag Grapefruit, yellow onions, Carrots Poly 2lb. and Cara Bag Oranges.

5-2 Induced right hand spasm after eating these items: Home Style Candy Carmel Coconut Tips, Sweet Potato Chips Sea Salt Crinkle Cut (as I was consuming this item I could taste the nano crystalline – smart dust particles being accessed by the surrounding directed energy, which produced a strange sensation in my mouth. The Gobstoppers (after consuming this item the presence of nano crystalline -smart dust built up in my mouth from time to time. I did not have these reactions before consuming these items and May 1st attacks were almost non existant, because I did not eat this day. Also experienced diapheria like symptoms after consuming the above items. So they were a lot of technology mixed with neuro-toxins in these products.

5-3 Presence of nano crystalline – smart dust in the Sunkist Oranges I purchased from the Eastern Blvd Food Lion.

5-3 Strong induced spasm attacks to the left side of my right hand, which includes my pinky finger.

5-3 The colombina moments butter flavored cookies had the presence of nano crystalline – smart dust in it.

5-3 12a Attacks to the fingers, toes and left leg was felt in the form of bee stings.

5-3 The Pampa Long Grain White Rice that I purchased from Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd had a lot of moister in it. It was wet, which mean it had been sprayed and put into a solution.

5-4 My vision has degrade significantly from yesterday. I noticed a large amount of technology in my eyes and every now and than it could be felt as twitching or pulsing and at times a dark film can be seen.

5-4 Soon as I start eating the dogs come and they follow the same pattern as before. There is a pulsing device near the other side of the bushes. Two things. It was a thunder storm and the food has noticeable technology in it that allow criminal groups to communicate with it. All the dogs have GPS collars.

5-4 My right arm, elbow to my thumb is swell up now. I had eaten the bakery fresh chocolate chip flavored cookies and than the European Lemon Cookies.

5-4 The nano crystalline – smart dust is in the Grapefruit I purchased from Food Lion Eastern Blvd.

5-4 The Dogs stop barking once they get to the warehouse on the main street. This is where they get there new GPS collars to than used to program the pulsing devices in the various locations around me.

5-4 Nano crystalline – smart dust is in the Chicken Breast Strips, Popcorn Chicken (Circle A Ranch), the Crinkle Cuts French Fries and Onion Ring (TJ Farms) from Dollar Tree Stores on Eastern Blvd.

5-4 A long time ago we were told how important it was to implant our animals with chips. That this will help us find them. But you can now see how the criminals use this in there favor. Now, not only do you have implanted dogs that can be tracked, there behavior can be modified to perform a certain set of duties. This of course opened the door for implanting human beings. All because the government just wanted to “help” pet owners.

5-4 I noticed the dogs hanging at several locations. These are the locations were these pulsing devices are. I know of the one inside the train signal tower near the main street. A while back I documented how I was attacked at this location after eating. Someone was parked right behind the church (one of the church members – not some random criminal), which is close to this location. After feeling the intensity of the pulsing I left the area slightly. Upon leaving the area slightly, I saw the church member get out of his vehicle with the cell phone in his hand. Because I had went into the woods where no device was present, he no longer was able to reach me and so it was time to go about his business. Meanwhile, I just had to prepare for another set of attacks at another location. Anyway, I had experienced this many, many, many times and it does not matter what position a person is (police officer, EMS, UPS, Pastor, teacher, business owner, ect.). As things are the system is controlled from the top (Bankers, Business Men, Politicians before it gets to the police, EMS, teacher, pastor, etc.).

5-5 Continuous pulsing of my right arm joint since about 3a. This is compounded with attacks to the stomach, which lead to bloating, gas and diapheria. I could feel a burning sensation in my rectum and genital due to the amount of chemicals and technologies in the food and how the surrounding directed energy is accessing it.

5-5 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the macaroni I purchased from Family Dollar Clinton Rd.

5-5 Increased attacks to the right arm after consuming macaroni meal.

5-5 Upon consuming the Lemon Bar Cookies from Dutch Maid. This is when I started spiting up and the product would come up to my throat. The cookie did not looked like it been sprayed, but I’m aware that the criminals of this organization can make these and repacked them or get someone in the factory to add the nano technology in the cooking process.

5-7 Ate the Cabbage with the beans and sausage and attacks to the right foot big toe started in the form of stinging and than attacks to the head in the form of quarter size directed energy attacks. And my right arm in the form of muscular pain to my upper joint, elbow and right hand. These items were brought from the Eastern Blvd Food Lion, except for the beans were brought at the Dollar General on Ramsey St.

5-8 After eating attacks were felt on my right arm in the form of directed energy, which resulted in the muscles in my arm to become swollen. Also attacks to my ears in the form of burning, hand and feet in the form of stinging in certain areas and continuous pulsing of my nose (sinus cavity). Meanwhile, stomach attacks were on-going throughout the day – especially after eating.

5-9 At around 6:30a attacks to the right foot in the form of pulsing and directed energy directed at right temple. I had heard moving around in the area just before these attacks occurred.

5-9 The rice that I purchased from Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. As I was consuming it crystallization was forming in my mouth. Also part of the meal was pinto beans, cabbage and sausage. Attacks to the lower leg, right arm, hands and stomach was felt.

5-9 The U.S. Dept. Of Justice announced that it will file a lawsuit against the State of North Carolina. It is over the right of Trans-gender to use public restroom facilities according to the sex that they identify with. Both the minority and Targeted Individual community understand the importance of protecting the rights of individuals. However, we also understand that there are more pressing issues that these legal resources can be used for. For instance for sometime Targeted Individuals have been seeking the assistance of the U.S. Dept. Of Justice to investigate the crimes of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment. And we have been ignored time and time again. Meanwhile, African Americans have been seeking their assistance on police accountability and they keep hitting a brick wall. How long would it take for the Justice Dept. before everyone (including themselves) are faced with these despicable violations?

5-10/11 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the feet was felt several times, which included the heal and toes.

5-12 I did not eat for three days. I decided to go to the storage room to drop off some items. I got there at 4:30p. The storage room was closed, but it is schedule to open until 5p. Why wasn’t anyone there? So I decided to contact the owners of this business. They were not available, because they did not work at this location. This is another one of there side business. So I left a message with one of their staffers. Note: After leading the storage room area, the attacks to my back increased. Earlier, an Emergency Medical Service vehicle did a U-turn to go back to the very same place it came from.

5-12 Emergency Medical Services (known as EMS) is very bad with the targeting. Often times when I’m walking near these vehicles, I see a man or woman pointing a device at me. A lot of the vehicle maneuvers are coordinated to direct the targeting. For instance, if I’m sitting, standing or walking somewhere, one of these individuals would do a U-turn at the point of contact with you. This places the vehicle head on to your position, which means the signal propagation is at it highest. Signal propagation involving a micro-wave devices is 1,000 times more potent when a vehicle is facing you. That’s because the engine, which is situated in the front propels the energy forward creating direct contact to your position.

5-12 20:07 Roses Express Store #647 336 N. Eastern Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Phone: 910-484-1254. Manager: Terri. As I was shopping, I noticed the store shelves had been recently stocked. While looking for items, I see a woman running up to the alse to glance at me. It was clear that she was told that I was at this location in the store. And when I got online, there she goes, right behind me. People like this have been equip with micro-wave devices, which pulse and specific frequencies to interface with the implants that they installed in you (via food and drink). Anyway, I purchased, M&M Peanut candy, KitKat, Almond Snickers, Elbow Pasta, Peanut Cluster, Peanut Butter Crackers, Garlic Salt, Bush Baked Beans, Animal Cookies, DD Peanuts, Spaghetti and non food items.

5-12 20:37 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #4902 336 N. Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 28301-5175. Phone: 910-484-1383. Manager: Carlos. When I got into this establishment, there were hardly anyone in the store. As I was shopping, I see more and more people around me. Later an employee named Jacqueline made a presence in my vicinity several times (more than 10). This did not stop after coming to the line. She made it her duty to be busy around me. That’s because she was the main criminal installed with the pulsing device that is designed to manipulate the implants in my body. These are the same implants that are place in the food items that I consume. This particular store is notorious for this kind of behavior though. Also noted. What was interesting is, when some acquire about opening a line, she, Jacqueline instructed Carlos “Manager” to open the line. Understand this, there is a perpetrator higher arkie that supersedes any Manager. I have seen this play out in other establishments as well. Anyway, I purchased Long Grain White Rice, Chicken Ramen, Thick Bologna 10z, SA Swiss Cheese, American Cheese, Fast Bites Fish Sandwich, BBQ Rib Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Fruit & Nut Mix 6z (contaminated – upon consuming it attacks to my right arm increased), Tropical Fruit Mix 6z, Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans, Boston Baked Beans, Broccoli Tuna, Elbow Pasta, Circle A Ranch Meatballs, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Patties, Chicken Strips, Hamburger Buns, Angel Hair Entree, Steam Corn, Broccoli and Sliced Pepperoni.

I got back to my homebase after shopping. Immediately upon getting there I started feeling Nauseous as if I was going to throw up. When I start setting up, I noticed that they had place a large amount of smart dust in the area. I could literally taste it in my mouth as a cystallized sensation. Then after laying down and sleeping for about 30 minutes, I noticed attacks to my toes in the form of stinging, muscle manipulation, directed energy to the pupils of the eyes. The rain started the attacks became less prominent. However, throughout the night I heard the sounds of these electro-magnetic weapons, which have been modified to sound like ducks. Later in the night I heard a sound of someone pushing branches aside. This was in the direction of the warehouse on the main street. So because the presence of technology in my body is lower the criminal organization have to be closer to me. Also there methods of attacks changes. Now they are attacking my eyebrows and my right/left temples. The pulsing devices situated in the bushes also was moved closer.

5-12 During the early morning hours I fell back to sleep and had a difficult time pulling myself back up. When I got up I ate the Fast Bites BBQ Rib Sandwich, Breaded Chicken Sandwich and Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Zachary Chocolate Peanuts. All these items had the presence of nano crystalline – smart dust. After consuming these items attacks to my right foot toes was felt. And muscular pain to my right arm existed. Later Diapheria like symptoms was experienced.

5-12 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the Chicken Of The Sea Chunk Light Tuna in Water (Big LOTS!). Loretta Tuna Creamy Broccoli and TJ Farms Select Broccoli Cuts (Dollar Tree).

5-12 Manipulation of sleep and induced tiredness I’ve been experiencing since coming back to the area.

5-12 Still no phone call from the owners of Economy Self Storage. This is how business is conducted in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

5-12 4 Dogs pass in my perimeter all carrying GPS collars at around 7:55p. Shortly after I heard someone threw something in the perimeter the dogs had walked through. That’s why I start feeling energy on my left ankle. So this is one of the methods that they use to hit my body. By the way, all the dog look well tn care of, which means the money is there for their upkeep. What about me?

5-13/14 After 4a attacks first occurred to the top of my left foot. It felt like electrical current going through it, which is similar to falling asleep. And after waking up the second time attacks to both of my index fingers (left/right hand). It also felt like current was passing through it. Meanwhile , attacks to the stomach was felt throughout this period.

5-14 The crown peanut delights from Roses Eastern Blvd had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust as well as the crinkle cut fries, cheese, the circle a ranch chicken patties and the broccoli from Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd.

5-15 Attacks to my right arm immediate after consuming meal.

5-15 The Circle A Ranch Meatballs from Dollar General Eastern Blvd had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust as well as the Bush beans I purchased from Roses Eastern Blvd. After consuming these products increased attacks to the right arm.

5-15 Constant pulsing of the back of my right foot since around 4p. It is now 10p.

5-16 Earth Day. Attacks to the right arm as induced muscular pain and right foot as stinging occurred right after consuming the Circle A Ranch Chicken Strips, Crinkle Fries and Swiss Cheese.

5-16 The presence of nano crystalline – smart dust in the fruit & nut trail mix and the tropical mix.

5-16 During the evening constant attacks to the legs with directed energy causing the muscle to react.

5-16/17 Throughout the night into the morning constant attacks to the nasal cavity (which have been happening sometime), the ears, right arm and the legs (with directed energy) and head.

5-17 Induced headache after getting back up around 8a. Just an hour and a half ago I did not have this symptom.

5-17 Consumed the beans with the Ramen and the Ramen had considerable amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in it. I could literally taste them accessing the technology while eating it. Then a short time later I felt the directed energy on my left foot ankle and than continuous pulsing of the upper regions of my right foot. This also includes attacks to the right arm.

5-17/18 Throughout the night into the morning continuous attacks to the stomach and legs with directed energy. The pulsing was directed to my left leg thigh.

5-18 After cooking I heard the dogs in the background. They were positioned near the warehouse on the side street. This is usually the place where I hear these dogs. I knew if I ate that they were going to be in my perimeter, so I did not eat.

5-18/19 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the legs in the form of stinging and feet, which felt like electrical current was experienced. I heard the presence of individuals in the area and their weapons. Also induced urination during this period. At around 6a I had trouble urinating. I had a burning sensation (inflammation) and I still felt like going but couldn’t go all the way. Could this be the first sign of PROSTATE cancer? Was it induced by the directed energy program I was signed up for? LIKELY! Could this just be a reaction to the targeting? LIKELY! You never can tell, but when your body is put through so much of this torture (24/7), it does make sense that an illness can be introduce in this way. This also include a recent bout with reduced VISION clarity. Anyway, having any abnormality adds an extra layer of complication to the targeting.

5-19 As expected the food (macaroni (Roses Express at Eastern Blvd) and the Circle A Ranch Meatballs (Dollar Tree)) had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Attacks to the stomach became more noticeable.

5-19 Attacks are now directed to my left knee as directed energy. Muscular pain to my left arm follows. Pulsing of my right arm became apparent as well.

5-19 Heard dogs coming in my vicinity.

5-19/20 I did not noticed the attacks getting worse until night fall. Earlier I ate Meatballs with Elbow Macaroni and Beans, which had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. And 5 hours later it compose of Elbow Macaroni with Beans and Tuna. The Elbow Macaroni is from Roses and by itself it had an enormous amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in it. This does not eliminate the fact that the Tuna that I purchased from Big Lots had some levels of this technology. The attacks first involved my thigh muscles. This is why I would feel stinging sensations in this area first, because they would work there way up to manipulating my muscles, which at times become so tense that moving my legs is difficult. Pulsing of both my left and right arm during various periods of the night. Each time I would get attacks to this area of my body, I would hear someone in the area. So this discounts that the attacks are coming from very far away. The only way that would happen is if I was moving around. Also I heard someone setting up something before all of this occurred. So, with all the pulsing devices in the area, they still uses individuals to set things in motion and to do the actual targeting.

5-20 Please understand that they have to build up enough technology (nano, smart dust, ect.) in your body before they can target you. And there is varied degrees of targeting at this point. This explains why they go through so much trouble lacing the food supply in area stores that I shop at. So if you are still listening to people telling you that you don’t have to be implanted, BULLSHIT! It doesn’t have to be a traditional implant or an implant that could be identified. It could be millions of nano particles (or other micro technologies) unknown to the average people passing through the body. That’s why many of us who noticed that attacks getting worse after we have eaten or drink something. Or use a cell phone or computer wifi. The technologies that have been placed in our bodies can be manipulated by cell phones (towers), pulsing devices, ect. They can move these technologies to different parts of the body at will. So, it isn’t a laser you are feeling, it is them using the nano technologies assisted by directed energy to manipulate that part of your body. It is especially true when you sleep and they wake you up. Your body becomes open to the assault when you sleep. Why doesn’t the government know about this? Because they are funding it. Remember my targeting started the day after complaining about racial profiling from the Fayetteville North Carolina Police Department, which happens to be a government agency. And the day after I made a complain via email, I see two strange looking white men at the train station walking in my vicinity and two weeks later I noticed a bank correspondent that I dropped in a mail box across from the police station never was received. So now I’m dealing with what I considered retaliatory harassment using spies, mail fraud and invasion of privacy. The correspondent that I mailed was a dispute claim concerning a payment at local business. And it wasn’t the police’s right to have it. Anyway, the lack of trusting of the police goes way back to 1993 – the NYC Dirty 30th, which put me on local television. So when went to Rhode Island to collect my cousin’s ashes and we had to go to the police station there, it did not surprise me that when I purchased a soda in a soda machine that was right next to the police station, the police officers had smirks on their faces. Of course they knew I was coming to their town so they took some of the sodas and placed nano crystalline – smart dust in them. When I turned the top some of the soda’s came pouring out. So they recently shake it so that technology did not settle in the bottom. When it comes to this point that the police would engage in this level of criminality, than you know they police is the last place you want to get help from. This is not just a few officers, it is an entire organization of corruption that trickle from the top to the bottom. If you don’t know, the police is the recruiting arm to the Federal criminal program that we were placed in. They are the protectors of the stalkers and the overall program. They get more funding dollars for people they place in this program. And to ensure ultimate success, they themselves will participate in your demise. There network is across the country (and in many case across the world). Rhode Island Pawtucket was especially unique with the police department as they themselves was engaged in food/liquid tampering.

5-20 After leaving my homebase I noticed an increased in aggressive stalking by both pedestrians and vehicles. I did not eat or drink before leaving the area, but I did consumed a heavily contaminated meal the day before. When I got to the Ramsey Street shopping district, I head right to the laundry and before I could get into the door, I see two Caucasion men rushing to this location. Meanwhile, I see a female of the same type going outside the Cleaners (adjacent to the Laundrymat) making a call. There were just one car parked in the parking lot and it was on the Clearner’s side. So it was clear to me that this was a staged event. The timing was just right to put everything in motion, so I decided to leave to come back later. Meanwhile, the motherboard that I purchased and received from the mailbox was a lemon. When I installed it, YEAH it turned on. But it stayed on for only two minutes. So I FLASHED the BIOS and it was BRICK. Never should a motherboard go out after Flashing it. This was unacceptable! I have contacted the seller for later feedback. But the board was tossed in the garbage, because it would have cost more to ship it than it value. After this situation I went back to the laundry to drop off clothes and now they were 4 cars parked in the parking lot. There were obvious perpetrators and the laundry is very well setup for the kind of targeting that many victims of directed energy attacks experienced. Because of this, I limit my time at a facility that would normally be beneficial after traveling about 5 miles with a shopping cart to get to this location. My next visit was in this order: Dollar Tree Ramsey Street, Dollar General Ramsey Street after clothes pickup) Food Lion Rosehill Rd and Walmart Murchinson Rd. and each one of the business had noticeable stocking activity happening at these locations.

5-20 18:39 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. #472 3646 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7646. Phone: 910-482-0038. Manager: Monica (which I seen while walking in the store. Her demeanor is always negative and stereotyical of an African American woman and she was text messaging on her cell phone). This is the exact replica, which tells me the scene behavior have been well crafted before I entered the area. Also, I noticed boxes everywhere that have not been opened and some recent evidence of stocking activity. Anyway, I purchased Nacho Cheese Chips, Fruit & Nut Mix 6oz., Jale/Chor Pot Skin, Pamerita Cookies, Astd Tarts, Kidney & Pinto Beans, Steamed Corn 10oz., Meatballs, SWT Peas 10z., Chicken Nuggets & Tenders, Chocolate Nut & Mix 6oz., Salty Snacks and Antiok Snack Mix. When I left the store I see a man in a vehicle text message on his phone. He was illegally parked in a fire zone in front of the store. So they were already people in the store that he can piggy-back from as well as the store itself.

5-20 19:18 Dollar General Store #01353 3445 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7643. Phone: 910-630-0078. Although I did not purchase food items, I did notice unpacked boxes sitting next to the alse.

5-20 20:24 Food Lion #1533 3300 Rosehill Rd. Fayetteville, NC. Phone: 910-822-4667. Manager: Fon Dockery. All the items I purchased in this store had considerable amounts of nano crystalline – smart dust in it. It had so much technology in it that the average person would notice it. And give or take, they wouldn’t feed their dog it if they had to choose for those animal lovers out there. It only got this bad, because of the government we have today. One that create regulatory agencies that protect the corporations (and the criminals who run it) while it chastise any opposition who wants to protect the public. Anyway, I purchased the FL IQR Drummetes, Kansas City BBQ Ribs, White Flush Nectarines, Bananas, (Royal, gala, red graper and Fuji) apples, carrots, navel oranges 8lb. bag and red grapefruit.

5-20 21:28 Walmart 3421 Murchinson Rd Fayetteville, NC. Phone: 910-364-0956. Manager: Eli. This is a new store that opened recently. While shopping, all over I seen unpacked boxes next to isle, very similar to Dollar General and Dollar Tree Stores. Food Lion was already stocked with these contamination items (obviously) before I entered the store. This might have explain why I only experienced the Ballpark hot buns with some levels of contamination. Anyway, I purchased Ballpark Hot Dog Buns, Red Grapes, Golden Apples, Great Value Evaporated Milk, SC Milk and Jennie-O Jumbo Turkey Franks.

5-20 After purchased my items at the Murchinson Rd Walmart, I headed down this street and as I got closer to Fayetteville State University, the attacks to my body increased. The attacks was mostly directed to my feet and toes as stinging. It was clear to me that the transmitters at this facility have been turned up for this kind of activity. Once I pass the University (which involved several blocks) the attacks stopped. I have documented pass problems with targeting from FSU staffers and consumers and this is just additional evidence. The UNIVERSITIES all get government funding, so they all must operate within that framework. Meanwhile, attacks to my right arm and eyes was continuous throughout the day.

5-20 When I got to my homebase, while passing the church attacks was immediately felt n my back right below my right arm joint. It came from one of the church houses that became a 24 residence. The pulsing signal, which probably came from someone holding a handheld pulsing device was so strong that the muscle on this part of my body move involuntary. As I came towards my sleeping area it began with very strong directed energy attacks to my legs. It was clear to me that someone was shooting me with an handheld device behind the bushes. When I moved I could hear them move. The result of this activity is due to many vehicles GPSing the implants in my body to do specific things. I made the mistake of consuming the peaches and apples that I purchased from a Rosehill Rd Food Lion. The Fugi apples especially tasted like they went through a chemical bath and I could taste the presence of nano crystalline – smart dust as they were being accessed by the surrounding directed energy. Fifteen minutes later while setting up my new tarp, I begin to get induced spasms to my right hand, which was centered around the bone of my baby finger. Then it became my left hand. The spasms were so painful that I had to move around. There were at least 5 people in the area when this occurred in all different directions. Remember I covered distance of 15 miles pushing a shopping car that needs to be fixed. So this cart is putting additional wear and tear on my body. I’m tired, but it does not matter to these parasites who are getting paid by government as contractors. Also attacks to my arm increased. Now it is very numb and difficult to move. This also included continued signal attacks to the left foot, right toe and neck.

5-21 After eating the food my vision became blurry to the point that it was hard to see clearly. This is especially true when it gets darker. Also more floater was seen.

5-21/22 The bananas and peaches that I purchased from the Rosehill Rd Food Lion had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. When I went to sleep I was woken with an induced rapid heartbeat and I was put into a tunnel dream. Attacks to the stomach and induced pain to the right arm increased.

5-22 The Food Lion chicken wing drummetes had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. As I was consuming this item I could taste it as they were being accessed by the surrounding directed energy. After consumption attacks were felt to the feet and stomach. Also had elbow macaroni (dollar Tree Eastern Blvd) with this meal and it too had the technology in it even after washing through water several times.

5-22 Attacks to the left arm shoulder in the form of directed energy.

5-22 Ate the TGI Friday potato skins Jalapena Cheddar, Grace Gourmet Delight Assorted Tarts Strawberry and Pineapple filling cookies, and Imperial Nuts Sunshine Blend from Dollar Tree Ramsey Street. Each item had some level of nano crystalline – smart dust in it.

5-22 Induced sleep. When I woke up it was with an elevated heartbeat and I felt very tired. Also noticed both of my arms felt numb as if electrical current was going through it, especially my right arm. But I never had any major symptoms to my left arm until today.

5-22 The Ball Park Brand Hot Dogs from Murchinson Rd Walmart looked like they had sprayed it. The coloration of some of the buns were darker than it should have been.

5-22 Cystallized sensation in my mouth after ten minutes after consuming the Turkey Franks with Hot Dog Buns. Burning of both of my right and left elbow, upper arm joints and hands was felt.

5-22/23 Throughout the night attacks to the feet, hands and stomach with directed energy, which felt like electrical current going through it. Also attacks in the form of attachments of technology to the eye pupil. Early in the morning I noticed increased FLOATERS affecting my vision. At this point, it is very difficult reading.

5-23 The Naturally Select Snacks Chocolate Fruit & Nut Trail Mix, Home Style Select Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips and Kar’s Sweet ‘N Salty Mix had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. After consuming these items attacks to the right arm joint increased in the form of pulsing and muscular pain, which included my entire arm.

5-24 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the oranges I purchased from Food Lion Rosehill Rd. Attacks begin with my right foot toes and then increased muscular pain to my right arm.

5-24 The Green Peas had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust as well as the Spicy Chicken Strips and Nuggets. There is so much technology in the Green Peas it is like eating broken glass.

5-25 The technology was swimming in the oranges and grapefruit I purchased from Food Lion Rosehill Rd. The technology (nano crystalline – smart dust) was in the Circle A Ranch Spicy Chicken Breast Strips/Nuggets and the Ground Pork I purchased from Dollar Tree Ramsey Street. It was in the Hi Top Ground Nutmeg from IGA Bragg Blvd and the Alcohol from Dollar General Ramsey Street. The result is increased attacks to the stomach in the form of directed energy and the right arm as induced muscular pain. Some attacks was also felt on my left arm – particularly my fore arm.

5-25 Induced vision loss as the morning progressed. Reading dark print is now more difficult. But yesterday my vision seemed to have came back in a strong way! So it is clear to me that they are manipulating my vision with the embedded technology. Now I’m burning wood and my eyes are beginning to twitch. That is the technology reacting to the change of environment. When my eyes start to tear, I feel a burning sensation around my checks. That is the residue of the technology. I noticed some slight clearing, but some of the damage is permanent. This is what happens when new technologies is introduce into society without any major protocols in place. So now I’m being subjected to an induced physical disability that would not have existed if proper protocols were in place.

5-25 During the night I heard a number of handheld pulsing attacks from different directions.

5-25/26 Throughout the night into the morning I experienced continuous directed energy attacks to the left part of my right foot and the left part of my right hand. It felt like electrical current was going through it. Before 6a as I bang my feet together, which stopped these attacks and I again heard the handheld pulsing sounds from different directions.

5-26/27 Throughout the night into the morning induced rapid heartbeat and directed energy attacks to the right foot. These attacks were propel through my stomach when I slept on my side.

5-27 After eating the rice with the red kidney beans (Dollar Tree) and Kansas Ribs (Walmart) attacks was immediately felt on my stomach and then right arm joint as muscular pain. Then later directed energy attacks to the upper regions of my right foot.

5-27/28 Continuous attacks to the upper regions of my right foot with directed energy throughout the night into the morning. Attachments in the form of stinging to the middle and left back of my head. Later this became signal areas from time to time. And attacks to the stomach and nasal cavity was from time to time – experiencing gas, bloating and indigestion.

5-28/29 I did not eat this period and attacks were barely noticeable.

5-29 The northern beans that I purchased from Dollar Tree Ramsey St. had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. As I was consuming this product I could taste the technology being accessed by surrounding directed energy in the area. Attacks increased to the stomach. Then later the right hand fingers in the form of pulsing and the head as embedded attachments, which felt like stinging into different sections. Also increased attacks to the right arm as muscular pain, the left arm elbow as stinging and crystallized sensations in the mouth from time to time.

5-29 Painful stinging of my left leg. Heard several individuals in the area using pulsing devices.

5-30/31 Throughout the night into the morning attacks was felt on the stomach, feet, toes and quarter size part of my center left head. It felt like electrical current to this part of my body. I had eaten Pinto Beans (Dollar Tree) with Spaghetti (Dollar Tree) and Ball Park Franks (Walmart). The spaghetti had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it, but was rise throughly before consuming it.

5-31 Consumed the same meal as yesterday and the presence of nano crystalline – smart dust had increased considerably. The technology had settled to the bottom of the bucket that I used to rise the spaghetti from yesterday. Attacks was immediately felt on the stomach, then the center left of my head as a directed energy signal. They had placed these attachment to this section of my head when I felt the stinging several days ago. Increased attacks to the right arm as muscular pain followed.

5-30/31 Continued attacks to the right temple, which first started as a sting (I was actually able to feel the crystalline nano technology lodged in my skin to this area of my body) and later progressed into continuous pulsing to this area of my body.

5-31 Attacks to the upper leg joints in the form of stinging, which consumed nano crystalline – smart dust attachments was placed in this area of my body.

5-31/6-1 In the night hear the presence of individuals in the area. Attacks was felt on the right hip in the form of stinging. They had taken the consumed technology and embedded it to this part of my body. This explains after being woken I had induced body vibrations. This also included attacks to the right foot (upper regions, which consumed technology was placed) as directed energy and an induced rapid heartbeat.

Summation. This month attacks were concentrated primarily on the right arm, although attacks to the left arm was felt as well. Attacks were also to the eyes with embedded technology that increased the amount of floater in the eyes, which result in blur vision especially looking at the computer monitor. Also attention to the nose was felt as pulsing.

Related Images:


April 2016 Journal

Screenshot from POLICE STATE BRAIN IMPLANTS FOR EVERYONE BY 2017!!!!.mp4Affidavit:

4-2/3 Throughout the night into the morning after being woken attacks to the foot in the form of palsing and the right arm in the form of induced muscular pain.

4-3 Throughout this period the pain to my right arm was elevated to the point that it became so numb that I could not move it. The attacks are centered around the joints, elbow, forearm and right hand thumb.

4-4 Besides manipulating the charge mechanism of my batteries, the criminal organization remotely access my computer, which they affect the viewable screen size. This screen size is smaller than the actual monitor size.

4-3/5 I did not eat or drink this period and the attacks was mostly centered around my feet, which felt like electrical current going through it. It was center around a row of my toes.

4-5 Found out my sister had passed away. The police had contacted my family. My sister body had been decomposing in the apartment for more than 10 days. This is a replica of what happened to my Cousin in 2010. The examiner still have to determinate the cause of death. Our relationship was considered average, but there was a small attempt to make it better. Her medical condition wasn’t fully known, but she had hinted from time to time that something was going on. However, it did not cross my mind that it was life threatening. But if I was in a different place in my life, I could have been more helpful. Back in 2002, she ran into financial troubles such as the one she was dealing with recently. Because my situation was stable, I let her stay in my apartment. This allowed her to reestablish herself without the stress of paying rent. In a matter of 5 months, she was forced to stay at my Aunts house (which didn’t work out), live in a domestic shelter and finally move to a room and than to a studio (because of problems with roommates). So these stressful situations added up. And one week she was suppose to move to another place, because the landlord wanted to rent to men, this placed an additional burden on my sister. My sister never had to deal with all these situations and this contributed to her failing health and her demised. With that said, my sister and our relationship was average. She calls me when she needed emotional support. But most times, it was skype and that was minimum at best. We haven’t spoken in over 3 months on the phone and I had no idea what was going on. So after making several attempts to reach her, I just gave up trying. I just felt she didn’t want to be bothered.

4-5/6 Throughout the night into the morning continuous pulsing attacks to the right side of my back. This was closes to my right arm. Some attacks was felt on my right knee in the form of directed energy.

4-6 20:38 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #4902 336 N. Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 28301-5175. Phone: (910) 484-1388. Manager: Lacey Purchased Garlic Salt, Margarine/Butter, Caramel Sticks, Mint Patties, Patties, Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans, Steak Cuts 20oz., TJ Farm Vegetables, Chicken Nuggets, Onion Rings, Twix Fun Size, Chicken Strips, TJ Farm Hashbrowns, Fruit & Nut Mix 6oz., Moment Cookies, Chocolate Nut Mix 6oz., Spaghetti, Rainbow Nerds Box, Vanilla Sugar Wafer 20ct, Keylime Pie, Pringles, Elbow Macaroni and non food items. Right after checking out I seen a lady that I have seen before as a “stock” person and when I left the store, I see Will the Manager. How and When I see certain people is very important, because I also seen them again as “customers” at Food Lion. And when I got on the line, they were right behind me.

4-6 20:56:35 Food Lion #0367 342 Eastern Blvd Suite 2 Fayetteville, NC 28301. Phone: (910) 485-8886. Purchased TK Bag Chocolate Donuts (which I later found was opened), TK Peach CBBLR Mini Donuts, EL Hot Dog Bun, FL IQF Chicken Wings, BPRK Beef Franks Family PK, Bananas, Red Tomatoes on Vine, Yellow Onions 3lb., and Bag Clementines 1lb.

4-7 Tastylake Frosted Mini Donuts. One of the donuts did not get a chocolate coating. The package was not sealed properly. So the criminal organization is making these donuts and placing them in this brand package. Purchased from Food Lion. Attacks to my left foot big toe in the form directed energy, which felt like electrical current going through this part of my body. The Halos-Citris attacks to the left knee in the form of muscle manipulation. Attacks to the stomach increased. And attachments to the feet was felt. Also induced muscle spasms to the right hand after consuming the Throwback Nerds Rainbow from Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd was felt.

4-7 Increased attacks to the left and right feet in the form of directed energy.

4-7 The presence of nano crystalline – smart dust particles in all these products: TJ Farms Select Onion Rings, Steakcut French Fries, Circle A Ranch Chicken Breast Nuggets and the Imperial Vegetable Oil Spread. The Chicken Breast Nuggets had the largest proportion of nano Technology – smart dust particles in it.

4-7 The presence of nano Crystalline – Smart Dust particles in the Columbina Moment Butter Flavored cookies. Another Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd product.

4-7 My right arm is back swollen again after four days of it not being swollen. The technology that is in the food has now been re-embedded in my arm.

4-7 Manipulation of the computer battery charging mechanism is back after two days of normal operations. So the technology in the food affects computer operations as well.

4-8/9 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the right arm join in the form of induced muscular pain, continuous pulsing of my knee and head.

4-9 Smart dust technology in the spaghetti I purchased from the Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree.

4-9 Strong muscular pain to my arm increased after consuming the vanilla sugar wafers from the Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree.

4-9/10 Throughout the night into the morning attacks was felt to the feet mainly in the form f directed energy.

4-10 Strong attacks to the left knee was felt in the form of signaling and muscle manipulation.

4-11 Pain increase to the right arm after consuming the macaroni meal I purchased from Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd.

4-12 I have not drink or eaten anything and the targeting is very low. The technology that in the food is directed to my arm. So it has to go through my digestive system first, because that is where the other technology is that propels the attacks.

4-12 Constant burning of my ear, hacking of the computer bios, which forced me to flash the BIOS. This is the second computer within two weeks GONE. But the computer as well as the WIFI internet is partly why the targeting is worse.

4-13 Throughout the day attacks of my ear in the form of strong directed energy. Also attacks to m left knee after consuming the red kidney/pinto beans and macaroni meal (Dollar Tree). Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the free garlic that I purchased from Food Lion Bragg Blvd.

4-13/14 Dream Manipulation. For about a year now the false dreams have seen a mixture of the scenery of the area I’m in and the memory retraction. Earlier it was a movie usually from the 1970s (by how people dress then) and memory retraction. So there is someone different involved in feeding this new information in these false dreams.

4-14 Four Dogs. I heard earlier are now circling the area as before. The pattern that they are using is typical of GPSing an area for GPS satellite targeting. The dogs themselves are being controlled and each one is carrying a GPS collar. This happened an hour before nightfall, which is like before. This rarely happens unless the need to be this close to the target.
4-414/15 Throughout the night into the morning continuous attacks to the left foot closes to the toes in the form of pulsing, stomach, induced hallucinations, which earlier I felt directed energy below my left eye pupil, induced muscular pain to my right arm, which pulsing of the joints was felt first, stinging of my fingers and head as electrical current.

4-15 Strong attacks to my left ear and back in the form of directed energy pulsing.

4-16 Increased attacks to the stomach immediately while consuming the kidney-pinto beans macaroni. Starch products such as macaroni, spaghetti and rice always have large amounts of nano crystalline – smart dust in it. I can taste as they are accessing and manipulating these technologies, which is access by the sounding directed energy pulsing weapons. So there is no secret how it is being done. My right arm joint is now swollen. So the process of lacing the food with the technology, consuming the food, accessing the food with the directed energy pulsing weapons and then taking the technology and embedded it to my right arm joint is noted. The technology can also be felt around my right arm muscle in the form of pain when I move my arm.

4-16/18 Throughout the night into the morning in this period constant attacks to the feet and toes in the form of directed energy. Thought manipulation. My thoughts are being manipulate by the technologies that was placed near the pupil of my eyes. If I turned my head quickly the technology (attachments) is reactivated in the form of three pulsing signals to the eye area. This technology is definitely affecting my vision as it has become more difficult in the past two weeks. Anyway, when I close my eyes when I’m at thought, all in a sudden an image (like a projector) flashes into focus. Then it transforms into different directions until I concentrate on a new thought. It is more of a subconscious phenomenon as most of this visual is not usually very clear. Earlier I heard pulsing devices in the area surrounding me. I had been on the phone a few times and the technologies in my body is still very present, although I have not eaten for a couple of days. Constant attacks to the nose cavity, which is part of the program above was felt as well as signaling to the center of my head.

4-19 Before 6a I heard someone in my perimeter. Like the dogs, they started on my right back side and then ending up on my left front side forming a circle. Immediately felt a strong directed energy on the right side of my head, which covered a quarter size area. Meanwhile, I heard two loud pulsing sounds (similar to a POW sound) near the church on the side street and the warehouse near the main street. I have not eaten several days, but I did drink the rain water.

4:19 7:30a I can now taste the presence of smart dust nano particles in my mouth. So they can spread this technologies (which I have documented earlier in this journal) throughout the area and there is technology in my body that draws this smart dust nano tech to my mouth.

4-19 10:04a Family Dollar Store #00745 1322 Clinton Rd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Phone: (910) 323-9259. Manager states her name was Andrea, which is similar to a manager that worked there years ago and that I documented. Purchased Nestle Baby Ruth Fun Size 6pk, FG Iced Oatmeal Cookies 12oz (noticeable nano technologies), Daddy Ray Strawberry Bar 10oz (large amount of nano technologies detected), FG Fruit Center Cookies Lemon 10oz. (noticeable nano technologies), Mars M and M Peanut Fun Size 6pk, Ragu Tomatoes Garlic Onion Pasta Sauce 45fl oz. (eat time I consumed this product, the attacks would increase to what ever parts of my body these criminal contractors want to target), Bar S Skinless Smoked Sausage, Nissin Ramen Beef 3oz., FG Elbow Macaroni 16oz., and FG SLT SHL Peanut 8oz. When I came to the registered the manager was hesitate to writing her name on the receipt. So her reaction told me she knew about the contaminated goods that were recently placed on the shelves. Do not believe for a second that these individuals don’t know what’s going on. `

4-19 Consumed the M&M first and than the Family Gourmet Roasted Salted Peanuts. I could taste the technologies in the peanuts. Than later I consumed the Lemon Creme Fruit Centered Sandwich Cookies. It too had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. The result was increased attacks to the head, stomach, and legs in the form of stinging and pulsing to the right arm joint.

4-19 Constant attacks to the stomach after consuming products that I purchased from the Clinton Rd Family Dollar. This also includes pulsing of my left foot big toe joint. I had heard someone throwing something in the woods, which is smart dust that is placed in these products. It is programmed to allow passing vehicles/persons in the area to GPS the targeted. Then the GPS Satellites can direct the negative energy to specific areas of my body. Once I move from the area, the attacks stop, because I’m no longer in the setup targeted area.

4-19 2:15p Increased muscular pain to my right arm, upper joint and right shoulder.

4-19/20 Attacks were first felt on my right arm joint in the form of strong pulsing, which was from an individual with a pulsing device. When I changed my sleeping position, this attacks disappeared. Later attacks was felt on my head in the form of directed energy. It felt like electrical current going to this part of my body. A short time later I could see my thoughts were being manipulated. When I covered my head, the attacks and symptoms stopped. In the morning when I turned on my side the attacks to my stomach increased than attacks to my right arm joint was felt. So each time I laid on my side attacks increased, because this gives the criminals direct access to the consumed nano technologies in my stomach, which is the process of directing it to other parts of my body. So I was forced to sleep on my stomach the entire night. Just imagine how uncomfortable that can be.

4-19 Increased chem-trails in the sky. I could see an “X” directly above me, which indicates to the satellites were position is.

4-20 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust from the Daddy Rays Strawberry Bars. Immediate increased attacks to my stomach .

4-20 The person claiming to be the manager at the Family Dollar store at 1322 Clinton Road was the only “employee” in the store. She was hesitant to write her name on the receipt. When I mentioned were she involved in any criminal activity, she did not say anything. But if you read her body language, she clearly knew what was going on and is a participant. So that concludes that these people don’t know what’s going on. This is an operation involving scientist, businesses, government agencies, lawyers, health care facilities, universities and common people that live in your community. They use lots of African Americans to cover up there racist Eugenics program. So it is not surprising that these crimes started out of the BUSH ADMINISTRATION, which is connected to the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (CIA). The agency was responsible for MK-ULTRA. So the implementation of nano technologies in the public’s food supply is a great cover for it malicious past.

4-20 Increased attacks to my head and crystal formation in my mouth.

4-20 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the Family Gourmet Iced Oatmeal Cookies from FAMILY DOLLAR Clinton Rd.

4-20 Noticeable nano Crystalline – smart dust in the Top Ramen seasoning and the noodles looked like they have been sprayed. The Coloration is slightly darker than it should be.

4-20 Constant attacks to the head in the form of directed energy and pulsing. The intensity changes as I’m walking in the area.

4-20 Right hand induced spasms after consuming Ramen and increased attacks to my upper right arm muscle. Ragu Chunky Tomatoes Garlic & Onion was added to the meal. This happened 5 minutes with eating these items. Note: The muscle spasm in my hand is created when this nano crystalline is placed in this part of my body. The pain is similar to a twisted leg muscle.

4-20 I heard pulsing device in the background. It had a popping sound.

4-20 The nano crystalline is now filling my mouth and comes time to time. Increased stomach attacks.

4-20 The technology is now surrounding my right arm muscle.

4-20 3p Burning and pulsing my toes on my left foot.

4-20/21 Soon as it got dark I heard moving activity in the area. This first round of attacks can be felt on the head. When I went to sleep and than woke up, they now have programmed the consumed technologies to project false imagines, but base on words and sounds heard by portable radio. So if they were talking about cats, a cat picture would be seen, etc. But the most noticeable attacks was felt on my upper right arm joint. The pain to this area of my body is because I’m sleeping on my stomach and the criminal organization can not access all the technologies the same way. The technology can be felt in the joint bone, elbow, upper arm muscle and right hand thumb. At around 1a I heard someone in the area with the pulsing device as it was being used to configure the consumed technology, which lead to the above issues.

4-21 Noticeable pulsing sounds was heard. It had been turned up and brought closer to my area. I can also feel the waves created by this device

4-21 12:08 Dollar General Store #01353 3445 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7643. Phone: 910-630-0078. Seen manager Frank leaving the mailbox location before heading to this establishment. So he had already been in the store before I arrived. But the Asst. Manager Denise (who I never seen before) was on duty. Anyway, I purchased Carnation Evaporated Milk, CV Evaporated Milk, Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chef Boyardee Chicken Alfredo, Pinto Beans 16oz., CV Corn Flakes, CV Frosted Flakes and Non Food Items. Several things happened. An African American woman with braids rushes into the store heading towards me to pick up an item and head to the line when I was on the line. This is when I felt a surge of energy directed at my left eye. When she left, I got back on the line. One guy that I seen earlier who was wondering around in the corridor was now in the store interested in cigarettes. The cigarettes case is near the cash register. As I’m about to be checked out, a second white male rushes into the store and grabs some and got on the line directly behind me. These are all staged events that are timed and have been coordinated. The employees themselves have these electro-magnetic pulsing devices on them.

4-21 1:50p Big Lots! Stores #5310 Northgate Crossing 3915 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7673. Phone: 910-488-6901. Manager: Danna. Purchased Chicken Of The Sea Light Tuna/Solid White Albacore, Arright Angel Hair Nests, Garlic Seasoning, Columbia Egg Noodles, Columbia Medium Egg Noodles, Baronia Sphagetti 16oz., Munchrite Dry Roasted Wasab, Red Mill Soup Mix original Plantains and other non food items. When I was about to check out a lady who was walking in the perimeter was not standing in front of the cash register dialing into her phone. When I walked away to grab my check card, she stopped. When I returned back to the cash register she started again. So the cashier also had a device on her and she was interlinking between the cashier and the implants that are in my body. I also noticed another female who I had seen “shopping” now getting on the line behind me. This happens almost in every store I go into.

4-21 14:24 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #472 3646 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7646. Phone: 910-482-0038. Manager Monica. When I entered the store I immediately noticed the manager. Her demeanor was awful from the very beginning. Then I seen her dialing into her cell phone, which is not commonly seen in this store. Anyway, I purchased Fast Bites BBQ Rib Sandwiches, Fish, Chicken Sandwich, Salmon Filets, Chicken Tenders, MNCHROS Pnapl/ppya, Sardines in Brine, SA Jalapeno Cheese, SA Swiss Cheese, Circle A Ranch Meatballs, Chocolate Nut Mix, Tropical Fruit Mix, Sun Flower Seeds, Kidney Beans, Indulgent Mix, Tri-Color Rotini, Circle A Ranch Chicken Strips, Crinkle Cuts 20oz. Chicken Nuggets, Turkey Franks and Sausage Roll 10oz. When I checked out I was told that I could have only one bag for each of my items. I had asked for two bags. So I requested the manager. She was very disrespectful, so I requested the District Manager. She gave me the number to Pam, who I have seen in the past. I telephone her and she told me there was no request to bring more shopping bags to the store. She seem upset. Anyway, the bags is a small issue to the criminal organization that lace, brings and than stock contaminated (re-conditioned) food for directed energy testing.

4-22 Increased attacks to the right arm after consuming Fast Bites Fish & Cheese (which I could taste noticeable nano Crystalline – smart dust) BBQ Rib Sandwich and Breaded Chicken Sandwich. Also the Paypaya & Pineapple from Muncheros. These items were purchased from the Dollar Tree Ramsey Street store – Monica manager.

4-23 Eye Sight. I noticed a change in my vision as far back as a month ago. Now looking at my computer screen is very difficult. When I get to bright areas I get a glare or fog. This is especially noticeable in my left eye and reading with it is almost impossible. I noticed a lot of shifting as if someone is sliding a lens across my eyes. I had never had these problems until I started to see induced imagines produced by technologies that was embedded in my eyes.

4-22/23 Pulsing of my left arm upper joint was felt.

4-23 Nano Crystalline – smart dust was tasted in the spicy chicken strips and chicken strips from Circle A Ranch as well as the Crinkle Cut French Fries. These items were purchased from Dollar Tree Ramsey Street.

4-22/23 The corn flakes looked like it went through another process before it was put on the shelves. The flakes were thin and it did not taste like it did in the past. Now what was the best corn flakes is now the worse I ever tasted. The frosted flakes was not as sweet as they were the last time I purchased them. Increased attacks to the right arm after consuming them. Purchased it from Dollar General Ramsey Street.

4-23 The Clover Valley Evaporated Milk had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming this produce attacks to the stomach increased than diapheria symptoms occurred.

4-23/24 Attacks to the stomach increased after the presence of several individuals in the area. I could hear them briefly at various times. The attacks than escalated to the feet, both arms (which is the first time this occurred), fingers, toes, head, etc. I was woken several times with an induced elevated rapid heartbeat.

4-24 I ate the Salmon (Dollar Tree) with the noodles (Big Lot). It was with the Ragu that I purchased from Family Dollar. Attacks to the head in the form of directed energy was immediately felt while consuming the meal.

4-25 Attacks to the right arm increased after consuming the Naturally Select Snacks (Dollar Tree) Fruit & Nut Trail Mix, Sun Flower Seeds, Tropical Trail Mix, Indulgent Trail Mix and Chocolate & Nut Trail Mix. It lasted into the night.

4-25/26 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the feet, head, eyebrows and arm was felt. Some attacks was also felt to the stomach and manipulate of thoughts after being woken.

4-26 Consumption of the Columbia Enriched Egg Noodles mixed with nano Crystalline -smart dust was tasted. Attacks was first felt on the right arm as induced muscular pain.

4-26 Computer Hacking. Especially after posting JOURNAL content on Facebook. The result was the computer speed reduce to over 60 percent. I was using my thumb drive as an operating system and any new files uploaded had to come from hacking into the T-Mobile WIFI Network.

4-27 Attacks increased to my arm after consuming the slice cheese Jalafeno and Swiss from Sunny Acres from Dollar Tree Ramsey Street, Ramen (Family Dollar), Columbia Egg Noodles (Big Lots) and Circle A Ranch Homestyle Meatballs (Dollar Tree) and Chef Boyardee from Dollar General Ramsey Street.

4-28 Netbook containing Windows was replaced by a malware program. External Hard Drive had trouble being recognized, then when it did, Format was given as a recommendation to “FIX” the problem. This is all malicious code written by the criminals of this program who hack into my computer from a T-Mobile “Secured” wireless connection. I had to wipe out the entire machine and put back the Linux/Windows operating systems.

4-28 Noticeable nano Crystalline – smart dust technologies in the chicken of the sea Solid White Albacore Tuna in water. This product purchased from Big Lots was placed in the wrong place so the manager let me have it for the same price as their TUNA brand. Increased attacks to the right arm as well as the stomach was felt immediately after consuming this product.

4-27/28 It was a major thunderstorm in the early part of the night so the attacks was very minimum. They were mostly directed to my feet and toes. It wasn’t until after 1a that I experienced the first wave of attacks. This was directed to my legs and specifically my knees. It felt like energy was surrounding it. Also experienced body vibrations, which felt like my entire body was on a car’s engine. The second time I noticed a surge of energy directed to my left arm joint as if they were mending the consumed smart dust – nano technology in it. There was also some real strong burning sensations to my left arm elbow. This is the same exact thing they did to my right arm before they start swelling it up. Also experienced an induced rapid heartbeat. So they do these things to me while I’m sleeping.

4-28 Noticeable smart dust – nano crystalline technologies in the Sardines (BIG LOTS).

4-28/29 Woke up with a directed energy attacks to my right hand middle finger. It felt like electrical current was going through it. It did not stop until I start moving around.

4-29/30 Constant directed energy attacks to the upper arm joint in the form of pulsing throughout the night into the morning as well as constant diapheria, which I was force to go several times. I had spaghetti (Big Lots) with cheese (Dollar Tree) and Pinto Beans (Dollar General) and Salmon (Big Lots).

Summarized. Attacks to the right arm was relentless, but especially the induced loss of some of my eye sight became known. And the lost of my sister who’s health was not known and will not be known until a medical examiner report. This is the fourth family member lost this decade and the second family member who found dead after two weeks. My cousin was 31 when he passed in 2010. My Grand father was 100 years old when he passed in 2012. My Aunt was 74 when she passed on mother’s day in 2014. And my sister passed in March of 2016. She was 49. That is a lot to take in. I’m suspecting that it would be me in 2018, since a 2 year pattern has developed in this decade. Everyone but my cousin died of Cancer. His was Diabetes. Unlike my sister, he died in Rhode Island. We have no family in Rhode Island. My other cousin who found out about his situation through his mother drove down from Massachusetts. She did not know he was that close to her. So she was there to speak to officials. I was in North Carolina and his mother was in New York City. I had to drive up as a last minute duty to help. In reference to my sister, she was living in North Carolina for about a year. Because of my targeting, I could not see her. I last saw my sister in 2002. This was because she was in financial trouble and she needed a place to stay. So I paid for her to stay with me, which was NYC 2002. She ended up in New Jersey one year and than Maryland more than 8. North Carolina was one year and Georgia/ATL a little more than 1 year. By the way, her problems started with ATL when she move from Houston TX in 2001. Unlike TX, Georgia is very expensive. So that did not help. I saw the writing on the wall, so I wasn’t surprised by her death. She’s born in 1966 and we are in a 6th year (16) I believe her death must of occurred around the 24, making it 6. Her birthday would have been September 9th. September is the 9th month of the year and you add that, it’s 18. There are three 6’s in 18 and the 2 nine’s become important at this point. Her name was Rhonda. Rhonda has 6 letters and the R represents 18. I told her about this, but she never pay much attention. I was going to call her to tell her again. The problem isn’t just one of these 6’s. It is all of these fragments of 6’s that add to 18. And anything with 9’s and 6’s mean trouble. BIG TROUBLE. Her middle name was Marlene. There is your M. 13 isn’t particularly a concern though. Just that it is there makes me wonder. Our mother’s name was Mildred. With me it is 7s. But that is for another conversation.


Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance DISSOLVED!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance, International
PACTS, International
PO Box 5405
Hemet, CA 92544

Greetings, all.
I’m writing to inform the community of some very important news, which I will be forwarding to the former FFCHS board.

As of March 18, 2016, the organization formerly known as Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance has been officially dissolved per a notice posted by the State of Ohio at their website, pictured below, and found at this link:

As the original founder of that organization nearly 10 years ago, the events of the past few months have by design spun out of all sense of reason and sanity. Those that have occupied the board of that organization in recent months have done so recklessly, irresponsibly and rather than leading the group in a proactive direction, had taken every opportunity to publicly smear my name with a campaign of slanderous falsehoods and sheer hatred. Therefore, I felt compelled to take this drastic step.

Those individuals are now obliged to create a new organization of their own liking with a name of their own choosing.

All notices to relevant agencies, including the IRS, are in the process of receiving notification of this action.

Hereinafter the date of March 18, 2016, all business, including donations, transacted in the name of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance is no longer valid.

Peace & Liberty,
Derrick Robinson, Executive Director
People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance, International