I need TIs to call these numbers to request an autopsy. She died under suspicious circumstances as we ALL know. We should use similar tactics in future campaigns. Time to “SWARM”

Concerning Elvira Williams autopsy…
Ft. Lauderdale…
MARK RUBIO 202-224-3041
Mark Rubio Washington phone number
Medical Examiner
DAs office

100 North Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Telephone: 954-828-5940 – Facsimile : 954-828-5915

Hello I’m a friend of Elvira Williams. She died JAN. 30 th, 2018 under suspicious circumstances. While alive she requested an autopsy to put to rest an ongoing and relentless harassment termed, “Gangstalking” Accompanying the request by friends and family is an affidavit and post submitted by Elvira to support and substantiate said request.

Affidavit at Vomitt.com/index77

Picture of Elvira Williams and autopsy request


Stefan Keith Howard at VOMITT.COM aka Victims Of Microwave Intense Torture for Decades






A New World Order scheme is underway to electronically enslave every human on the planet by connecting everyone’s brain to a computer with a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) to make each person part of the Internet of Things. Targeted Individuals are being covertly implanted for surveillance while they are sleeping or during medical procedures with an electronic Wireless Medical Body Area Network made up of (1) an Artificial Intelligence system which connects the brain to a 3G/4G cell phone Internet/computer interface using Bluetooth or Zigbee, (2) an EEG monitor, RFID chips and stimulators in the brain which can be injected up through the sinuses or through the top of the mouth, (3) heart, lung, pH and blood monitors, (4) sensory implants in the neck, face, eyes, nose and throat which monitor the eyes, ears and voice, (5) GPS tracking devices, (6) pressure and motion sensors in arms, legs and feet, (7) accelerometers, (8) liquid crystal and nano particles in the blood, (9) neurostimulators injected next to the nerves in joints and muscles throughout the body to create pain and others to relay physiological data.

TI’s are slaves to the electronic implants, V2K and mind control. They are tortured mercilessly with shocking, vibrating, burning and microwaving. Cell tower and phone antennas direct energy at them to activate the implants, to keep the victim from sleeping, erase their memory, degrade their health and evoke emotions to produce an event during which the victim reacts to their torture and is subsequently accused by authorities of being mentally ill. Then they are given a free 72 hr. mental health exam, implanted, and often put into a mental or criminal institution and forcibly drugged.

Whistleblowers often disappear this way. The state then confiscates their property! This program violates every civil right Americans thought they had. The Wireless Body Sensor Network is a tool meant to remotely monitor, control and punish every citizen!


Targeted Justice Class Action Lawsuit

Mission Statement:

We are a 501 (c) organization (pending) committed to pursuing legal action for Targeted Individuals.  Our secondary purpose includes education for public and legislative awareness of these Hate Crimes.


Latest News:

We currently have about 200 people that have agreed to participate in legal action.  If you would like to add your name or volunteer with our team, please contact us:

email:   DougCruz@protonmail.com

Mail:     Targeted Justice
1289 West FM 515
Winnsboro, TX   75494-4501


The Board of Directors held their first meeting in December 2017.  Teams have been formed to initiate membership, address legal and technical issues, and respond to outside questions.  The Board’s Co-Founders are Midge Mathis, Susan F. Olsen, Christi Kennedy Duncan, and Dolly Guenthner.

December 2017 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

12-5 Lowes Home Centers 3909 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28311. Phone: 910-822-0126. Although I did not purchase any food items in this store, I noticed that the line was being held up on purchase. I was able to record the actions, which is shown in clips below. The perpetrators will often hold a line up as to allow time to calibrate their devices to interface with implants in a targeted individual body. At the end, I ask her why she was checking her watch. Also, as I was going towards the door, I see a male employee standing in front of it. But as I was coming towards him, he quickly dash into another door on the other end of the store. Please understand that when someone is doing this, they are the link to the satellites and their devices are connected to the other perpetrators inside the store.

12-6 Ate the Malto Meal Golden Puffs and Pet Milk from Ramsey Street Dollar General and during the night into the morning, constant signal attacks above the nose, pulsing pain attacks to the arms and legs, stinging to the inner ear, signal attacks to the toes, feet and hands, strong directed energy attacks to the stomach at various times of the night, which resulted in gas, bloating and indigestion problems.

12-7/8 Both the Stauffers Ginger Snaps and the Dare Maple Creme had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming these items, aggressive attacks to the stomach until the attacks was directed to my legs and toes in the form of stinging. The stinging is a needle type sensation that feels like someone is stabbing something into my leg and toes. Then constant pulsing attacks to my feet, hands and arms, which cause the muscles to tense up. These above items were purchased at the Ramsey Street Big Lots store.

12-9 Constant signal and stinging attacks to my upper right arm. Upon consuming the Martha White Butter Milk Corn Meal Mix (Save A Lot Ramsey Street), Dare Coconut Creme Filled Cookies (Big Lots Ramsey St.), Fair Grounds Breaded Beef Patties (Save A Lot Ramsey Street), Cola Vita Taglionini Nests and Baronia Spaghetti (Big Lots Ramsey Street).

12-10/11 Upon consuming the corn meal mix pulsing attacks to the back of the ears, especially the right ear, which I felt a device in it. They had programmed the consumed nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) behind my ears. Pulsing and signal attacks to my neck, throat, shoulder blades, arms, hands and back. Stinging and signal attacks to the fingers, toes and eyes. This was continuous throughout the day into the night.

12-11/12 Induced muscular pain to the upper back, neck, shoulder blades and arms. Meanwhile body vibrations centered around the hips and burning sensations to the legs.

12-12 Ate the Erin Bakers Homesyle Granola Oatmeal Raisin by itself and shortly afterwards, I felt a strong stinging sensation on my right leg. Before this time attacks did not exist to this part of my body.

12-13/17 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the black eye peas. After cooking for over 2 hours, a worm like substance came out of them. Attacks was first felt on my legs as stinging sensations, induced muscle tightening and signal attacks to the toes, fingers and hands. Burning of the elbows

12-18 Family Dollar Store #00745 1322 Clinton Rd, Fayetteville, NC. Phone: 910-323-9259. Manager: L J. Purchased Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili and Nacho Cheese 9.75oz, Bakers Harvet Chicken and Cheese Flavor Crackers. Everything was good until I start checking out my item. An older lady pretending to be interested in something, position herself directed behind me. The reason someone would want to get behind you, is so they can hit your back chakras. This allows them to program the technology to this part of your body. I noted her presence in my video.

12-18 After consuming the Doritos Nacho Cheese and another Family Dollar item constant signal attacks to the right eyes were felt than strong stinging sensations was felt on my right legs.

12-19 01:06 Aldi Store #72 5201 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville NC. Managers: Brittany (Day) and Erin (Night). Right as I was going towards the store, I see a heavyset guy going towards the entry way. Later I will see him several times before leaving the store. Than I saw him coming out of the store as I was packing my bags. As I was shopping, I see two women who say they were managers. They informed me that the general manager was not on duty. There was at least 3 sale’s clerks engaged in stocking the store. But later after consuming some of the purchase items, I can tell, the major part of restocking the shelves occurred many minutes before I entered the store. Anyway, I purchased Jiffy Corn Bread Mix, Steam Mix Veg/GB, Mild Italian Sausage Links, FP Chicken Drums, Baby Carrots, Yellow Onions, Green Grapes, Reg Marshmallows, Parboiled Rice #5, Raisin Canister, Whiting Fillet, Steam Pea or Corn, Grapefruit, Coconut Flakes, Steamable Cal Med, Broccoli Florets, Chopped Beans, Jumbo FlakyBiscuit, Broccoli Crowns, Chopped Hazelnuts, Jumbo Biscuits, Tastes Like Butter, Jalapena Peppers, Wide Pan Wheat Bread, Mini Sweet Peppers, Cauliflower, Gala Apples, Blk Angus Tip Stk, Cinnamon Bagels, Jazz Apples, Assorted Cookies, Pure Olive Oil, Bananas LRW, 12 Grain Bread, Celery, Org. Navel Oranges, Garlic, Bartlett Pears, Vine Tomatoes, Spaghetti, Lemons and Trail Mix. As I was packing my stuff into the bags, I noticed strong directed energy coming from the office (employees) area. So the criminal organization has placed a powerful wireless transmitter in their office. I always knew that they were being control by the same directed energy that is used to assault my body everyday.

12-20 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the green grapes (ALDI) Bananas, Grapefruit. Signal attacks begin to the feet. Southern Grove Mountain Trail Mix. Signal. Then signal attacks to the toes. California Raisins.

12-23 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the Reggano Spaghetti from Ramsey St. Aldi.

12-24 Constant popping of the left ear drum. Earlier in the morning buzzing. When I walked, the poping increased, especially where I was close to my sleeping area. The criminal organization programs the nano crystalline – smart dust while I sleep. This technology is in the food and is accessed through the digestion system. This explains the constant attacks to the stomach. Also constant bowl movement and induced urination. Increased muscle and signal attacks to the arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers and toes. Manipulation of the eyes, which affects sleep patterns and false dreams. I had eaten the apples, pears and other items I purchased from the Ramsey Street Aldis. It does not matter what I consumed, the items have been reconditioned with the nano technology, so that they can manipulate it with the wireless technology.

12-29 Noticeable nano crystalline -smart dust in the Biscuits I purchased from the Ramsey Street Aldi. As I was consuming this product, attacks to the right ear started. Then I could taste the technology being accessed by surrounding directed energy devices. Also tightness of the right arm was felt.


Christi Duncan TI Lawsuit

Christi Duncan (a TI victim) is looking to organize a class action for victims of electronic harassment and organized gang stalking. If anyone is interested in working with her on this or being involved she is asking that you email her directly at Christi.ferrell1987@yahoo.com. She has almost 100 people involved with her on this at this time, but looking for more. The idea and hope is to combine efforts of those like Spencer Carter and others who are taking on similar initiatives.  Please help spread the word.  We have lots of great motivated people working on this!


November 2017 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

11-1 I cooked the Red Kidney beans for more than three hours yesterday, however, noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust was tasted in this product. It was being accessed by surrounded directed energy transmissions. Upon consuming this product attacks to the arm joints, which cause it to tense up and incense pain was felt. Stinging and directed energy attacks to the ears and legs. So the tension in my legs became more pronounce as the attacks became more extreme. Later I consumed corn bread (Jiffy) from Dollar General Ramsey Street, Deluxe Bars mix (American Choice) Cookie Brownie from Save-A- Lot Ramsey Street, Baking Soda (Dollar Tree Ramsey Street), Vinegar Apple Cider/ Large Eggs Dollar Tree Bragg Blvd, Garlic Salt (filtered) and chopped Onion season supreme (not filtered) (dollar tree Eastern blvd), ect. Upon consuming these products, noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust was tasted.

11-1/2 Several times throughout the night I heard someone in my area. Then I noticed hearing traffic increasing in the background. It was around 3a. Constant attacks was felt on my feet and legs as stinging and signaling.

11-2/3 I did not consume anything this day. Attacks was concentrated on my legs as stinging, which was directed to my thighs. Several times in the night I heard someone in the woods. This would happen right after vehicle traffic increase in the area. The vehicle traffic was that of a big city. And it was about 2a, 3a and 4a in the morning when this occurred. Each vehicle that comes through the area is programmed for a specific area of my body. Various devices have been placed in the area so that these vehicles can communicate and transmit information to them. So regardless of how far I’m from the roadway, they can reach me. This is important as they need a lot of people to sen the information to my implants.

11-3 The biscuits and fish sticks that I purchased from Save-A-Lot Ramsey Street had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Later I included corn bread and it, too, had nano technology in it. Upon consuming these products, immediate tightness of the arms, stinging of the legs and hands.

11-3/4 When laying on my stomach intense attacks to the genitals in the form of stinging the balls. When I turned on my side, a surge of directed energy was felt on my chest. This is how the nano technology is programmed to this part of my body. Later in the evening I heard a wave of vehicles entering the area. It was around 3a. Then shortly afterwards I heard someone in the area. At around 7a trembling and body vibrations centered around the chest, which affected the arms.

11-4 During this period I consumed both Jiffy corn bread (Dollar General) and the H. Autry Corn Meal Yellow separately and both of these items had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in them. Upon consuming these items attacks to the arms in the form of induced muscular pain was felt. Also stinging attacks to the legs in the form of stinging sensations. In the night these stinging sensations also included induced pulsing of the attacked areas. At times pulsing of my nostrils and burning and popping of my ear drums can be felt. Other times stinging and burning of my fingers and toe tips, underneath the finger nails and joint are attacked. In one such case, this has cause one finger to become extremely swollen, which cause the skin to fall off. This is coupled with induced lower back pain, attacks to the genitals, false dreams (which is a daily occurrence) and signal and burning sensations to the feet.

11-4/8 Throughout this period consumed Green Peas, Corn, white potatoes (Save-A-Lot Ramsey Street), Chicken Patties/Nuggets (Dollar Tree Bragg Blvd) and each time stomach attacks increased, tightness of the arms, burning sensations to the elbows and hips. It as if the criminal organization is pasting what I digested to other parts of my body. For years I suspected an implant in my digestive area. In the night body vibrations centered around the hips. Also during this time, increased hacking of the computer.

11-9 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the Green Giant Fresh Krondike Goldust Idaho Potatoes and the Fair Grounds Polish Sausages from Save A Lot. Upon consuming these products increased tightness of the arms (especially the right arm – from the elbow to the upper arm joint), stomach as directed energy, toes, fingers and joints surrounding these body parts.

11-9/10 Signal attacks to the stomach, chest, legs, knees and feet.

11-10 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the lentils C&F Food Inc., Polish Sausages and Mantia’s elbow. These products were purchased from the Save A Lot Ramsey Street Store. Upon consuming these products induced tightness to the right arm causing it to tense up, stinging of the elbows and different sections of my head, signal attacks to the left knee.

11-10/11 While sleeping, needle like sensations to the thighs, which turned into signal typed sensations. This eventually included the knee in sensession (back and forth continuously).

11-11 Chemtrails was seen in the sky. Some chemtrails criss cross marked as “X”. Chemtrails is associate with the targeting. It provides a BLUEPRINT for satellite attacks.

11-11 The same meal was eaten. Noticeale maggot parts in the meal. The dry green peas came from IGA Bragg Blvd. The targeting always start on the stomach and then the attacks are felt first on my arm joints and than my thighs.

11-11/12 Attacks did not become noticeable until later in the night. I slept and than was woken up to on of the perpetrators shouting at his dog. This is the typical script the criminal organization use to elevate my stress level and signal other perpetrators in the area. Anyway, as I was laying on my back, the attacks to my stomach became more noticeable. Then the signal attacks to the thighs and knees came. They were in sensession. This prompted me to lay on my stomach. After some time increased signal attacks was felt on my chest, which is associated with the amount of nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) I consumed earlier. The burning sensations and stomach attacks is the criminal organization wirelessly talking the technology from my digestive system and then burning it (or imprinting) it to my legs. Then they are able to program the crystallized technology to do certain things, which is felt as signal attacks.

11-12 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the green peas (IGA) white potatoes, polish sausages (Save-A-Lot) and frozen broccoli (Dollar Tree Ramsey Street). Upon consuming these products increased tightness of the arms, stinging and pulsing of the legs and muscle manipulation of the hands.

11-12/13 After settling down and waking up the second time, extreme stinging attacks to the legs, particularly the thighs. This was follow up by muscle manipulation to this part of my body. Also signal attacks to my knees and arms.

11-13 I included the noodles into the dry green peas meal from yesterday and like before noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust was tasted in the meal. Later continuous signal attacks to my arms. This would later result in muscle pain attacks. The criminal organization simply programmed the consumed nano technology to induce this pain.

11-13/14 Went to sleep around 10p, but woke up around 1:30/2a. As has been happening, I heard one of the church property residence shouting at his dog. This was followed by increased traffic on the main street. Throughout this time 2a, 4a, 5a and 6a I was woken constantly to the traffic. Each time I felt signal attacks to the head, legs (as induced tension), arms (as induced muscular pain), hands and stinging and signaling of the feet, toes and joints. At the end, Body Vibrations was felt around the hips.

11-14 The Brown’s Best Pinto Beans had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming this product, attacks began in the stomach. When I took a nap and than woke up, attacks began in the front of the head and than needle typed attacks to the legs. They were felt especially on the upper part were my joint is. This item was purchased from the Ramsey Street Dollar Tree.

11-14/16 Each day pulsing and signal attacks to the side of the thighs. This was complicated by stinging attacks (which felt like someone stabbing me)to the same part of my body. Also tightness of my arm, induced sexual stimulation, burning sensations and nightly false dreams.

11-16 A product I purchased from Family Dollar on Clinton Rd (Russell Stover) aggressive stomach attacks occurred. Then intense attacks to both the right and left thighs. This was followed by constant pulsing attacks to the hip, which at times was a crawling sensation.

11-18 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the Nature’s Own Hot Dog Buns 100% Whole Wheat. Upon consuming this product increased attacks to the stomach and then intense stinging attacks could be felt on the ears. This items was purchased at the Murchinson Rd Walmart.

11-19 The chicken breast strips Great Value that I purchased from Walmart Murchinson Rd had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in them. Upon consuming this product attacks could be felt as a signal to different parts of my body as if someone or a group of individuals was going through a list (or menu) that target these areas. Such areas included a toe, right arm, left arm, right hand (which affected the muscles), thighs, stomach, nostrils and other body parts.

11-19/20 In this period upon being placed in an induced sleep and being woken I experienced a rapid heartbeat and signals elevated around my chest area. Meanwhile, induced muscular pain around the hands and arms, which resembles Arthritis. Constant pulsing of the arm and legs, which also induced stinging. What’s different is when I laid on my side I was locked into a sleep that was difficult to pull out of. I could remember these types of sleep patterns when I was younger (80s – 90s) and now I know where they come from. Breaking out from such a sleep would always lead to the elevation of the heartbeat. When I went back to laying on my stomach, attacks to the genitals was felt immediately. The morning ended with a similar sleep pattern.

11-20 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the Ball Park Golden Hotdog Buns and Hamburger Buns. Upon consuming this product induced tightness of the arms, swelling of the jaws, numbness of the feet and legs.

11-22 Large amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in the Knotts Berry Farm Premium Strawberry Shortbread Cookies.


October 2017 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

10-1/3 Throughout this period the attacks have been focus on my legs and  ears, which a burning sensation was felt. Stinging and directed energy attacks to my head, toes, feet legs and hands. Trembling of my limbs (arms, hands and shoulders) each night (especially after standing up).

10-3 I was on the phone about transaction claim and one sale’s person I continued to have trouble speaking to her, as her mine was wondering to something else she was doing. She kept reverting back to what I had already told her. It was obvious she was assigned to take my call, which gave her access to the implants in my body. As I was on the call, I noticed smelling  smoke, which is the ritual part of the attacks I receive daily. But in the night told me that she was heavily involved in programming these implants to do specific things in my body.

10-3/4 Induced sleep, strong burning sensations to the legs and ears that occurred in the night into the morning. Rapid heartbeat that was centered around the chest was also felt. Be careful who you talk on the phone. The phone is a transceiver, which transmits and receives. Just think of a Citizens Band Radio. It is also a remote control devices, which means that it can be access by anyone who is aware of the technology. So, if it is on, it is transmitting and receiving and being remotely accessed. If you are still using your phone for random conversations, DON’T. You are setting yourself up. When ever a call is initiated a connection is established. Just think of the Internet. No matter where you are in the world, you can communicate with your significant (receiver) other. But there is another side to this equation. Your significant other can communicate with your local perpetrators (visa-versa), through what is called apps. They can synchronized the attacks to your direct location, because the phone is right next to you. To complicate matters, your phone has been secretly modified with apps that aide the perpetrators in attacking your body. This is particularly a concerned for people using smart phones and androids. This is why I rarely make calls, because of this situation.

10-4 I ate chicken and vegetables and than pork chops. Both of these items had been in the Freezer for over a month. However, nano technology was still present in these items. They were purchased from Ramsey Street Save A Lot.

10-4/5 Towards the morning, induced rapid heartbeat coupled with strong signal sensations around chest.

10-5/6 Sleep in a different area within my homebase. I heard the criminal organization moving the pulsing device to a different location as I heard it pulse a few times. When I initially went to sleep and was woken, I felt a surge of energy on my chest. I was laying on my back. Than I felt constant pulsing directed to the side of my head closes to my right ear. The next wake up was the typical body vibrations centered around the hips.

10-6 Went out of area for the first time in over a month. I walked several miles to run some duties. The attacks was minimum. However, as I got to the storage room, I see one of the attendants that I had seen before. I got very unusual behavior from him – as if he was happy to see him. I knew something was up. When I got to my storage room, I could taste the smart dust in my mouth. I knew he had put it down. Immediately there afterwards constant signal attacks was felt to the right knee. I had not experienced anything like this at my homebase or places I had been.

10-6 Induced sickness and weakness. Induced bowel movement. Induced nausea. Induced dizziness and body drain. This occurred soon after getting back from my 5 mile journey. It is something they do and it is an effect of being hit so many times by GPS coordinated attacks.

10-6 After finishing my errands, I was to drain to go outside the area. So I went to neighborhood store. 602 Gillespie Street, Fayetteville NC. When I went into the store, i noticed the older guy from a previous visit. This time he was not wearing tinted glasses. There was also a younger male employee. I purchased Roman Noodles and Brookdale Premium Ham 16oz can. While checking out these items, the younger guy points his cell phone at me. Anyway, as I was consuming this product (I cooked it first). I noticed a large amount of nano crystalline  – smart dust in the Ham. It was so much that within each consumption, the crystal sensations became more present. Also, film started developing in my mouth. Same as what happens in hospitals, which patients are asked to consume a concoction to assist with medical exams. I don’t know what other chemicals are in these products, but the can goods allows the criminal organization to concentration it in the cans.

10-6/7 As the night fell, immediate spasm attacks to the hands. This occurs everytime I get back after a long journey. One, they setup the homebase for these attacks. Two, I’ve been hit with so many GPS attacks that my body become more vulnerable. Anyway, these spasm attacks occurred on my hands, legs (upper (joints) and lower), right side of both hands, left forearms and back. And increased attacks to the stomach as usual. Shortly afterwards, I see a single line of chemtrail. The chemtrail represent two things to me. One, creating a point of directed energy attack. And two, how individuals in the surrounding area are manipulated through this matrix. As I was laying down, genital attacks and induced muscular pain could be felt in all these areas that the spasm attacks occurred. Now we know where the induced muscular pain comes from.

10-7 8A I heard several pulsing devices from different areas of the woods, This is directly connected to what I consumed yesterday. The nano crystalline – smart dust is a wireless technology that can be accessed by surrounding pulsing devices for programming. It does not matter if it is inside the body or outside the body.

10-7 I get two beeping tones while I’m on the phone and several beeping tones throughout the call. I can never been in one place while on the phone as this will allow the perpetrators to track my implants. I thought about switching to a non android phone, but my company doesn’t allow you to just use a computer. Again. The phone is a transceiver that can be manipulated to do specific things to implanted subjects. The smart phone allows simultaneous programming without the need of people in your perimeter.

10-7 17;26 Dollar Tree Stores # 4902 336 Eastern Blvd Unit 1, Fayetteville NC 28311-5175. Phone: 910-484-1388. Manager: Will: Soon as I got on the line this individual got on behind me. Then she took out her phone and start dialing into it. Meanwhile, the store clerk I had seen several occasions took a little time before she rang up my order; a tactic used to delay the subject so that the cell phone perpetrator can modified implants. The clerk always have a cell phone device that interlinks with the perpetrator customer device, which is why the customer perpetrator gets on line behind me. This is shown on video. After I had already left the line, her boyfriend (or handler) appears. This is noted in the picture segment. Understand that the distortion occurred while recording so some of the clips are distorted.

Purchases: TJ Farms Vegetables, Broccoli, Dry Pinto Beans, Garlic Salt, Orange Chicken, Sea Salt Grinder, Dark Chicken Meat, Pop Chicken, Chicken Strips/Patties, Bar S Garl Bologna, Kosher Salt, Elbow Macaroni, Flour Tortillas, Chopped Onion Seasoning and non Food Items.

10-7 Food Lion. Due to the rain, I lost the receipt, but I have video footage. However, the video time was reset from outside infiltration, so it is reading the incorrect time and date. I got into the store after 5p. The way I know this is the spy glasses that I was using showed the correct time and date. When I got into the store, I was immediately exposed to several stock people. There was at least 6 isles being stocked and all where in the food section. When I got to the checkout line, I see one of the stock person doing inventory.

10-8 In the morning I consumed the grapefruit and than the Apple turnover from Eastern Blvd Food Lion. I tasted the nano crystalline in the Apple Turnovers. Later I had a salad (lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and avocado) with Olive Garden. And nano crystalline was tasted in these products as well. In between this time, I consumed Fu Ming Orange Chicken from Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree. It had nano crystalline – smart dust in it.

10-8 After consuming these products, increased attacks to the stomach, than burning and signal sensations was felt on both elbows. Than increased tightness of the upper arm muscles. Burning sensations to the ears and legs (particularly the upper joints) and signal attacks to the head became noticeable. When signal attacks are felt in these areas, they are using the surrounding directed energy weapons to move, manipulate and program these consumed nano crystalline – smart dust particles into my body.

10-8/9 During the night, the attacks continued mainly focused on the swelling of my arms.

10-9 Increased nano crystalline – smart dust forming in my mouth after consuming the bananas and red grapes, which I purchased from Food Lion Eastern Blvd.

10-9 The Food Lion Brand Chicken wings with Broccoli and Onions had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming these products, increased tightness to the arms, muscle manipulation and burning of the inner ears.

10/10 Throughout the night into the morning, induced muscular pain to the upper arm joints, stomach attacks and an induced rapid heartbeat. After 6A before waking up, body vibrations and trembling. When I left the area briefly and came back, I heard a loud popping sound from the church property.

10-10 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the chicken breast nuggets. This product was purchased from the Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree.

10-10 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the carrots that I purchased from Eastern Blvd Food Lion. Upon consuming this product, a crystal sensation formed in my mouth. Than attacks to the right temple and induced muscular pain to the upper right arm joint was felt.

10-10 Induced air pressure that could heard and felt in the left ear and signal attacks to the right knee.

10-10/11 Everything seem to be ok until around 3:13a when I was suddenly woken with a jolt to my stomach. Then I heard a vehicle with a loud muffler leave the warehouse from the main street. This attack was then complicated by trembling directed around my chest, which also affected my arms.

10-11 Ate several times in the day. It included the chicken breast nuggets, vegetables and bologna from Dollar Tree. The Nature’s own bread and fresh broccoli from Food Lion. While consuming these items, I tasted noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. After a while, tightness of the upper arm muscles was felt. This also included stinging to different sections of my legs. And directed energy attacks to my stomach, which is typical while and after consuming products laced with these nano tech pathogens.

10-12 Body vibrations in the morning after waking up, which mostly affected my arms.

10-12 Consumed another package of chicken breast nuggets, natures own bread and frozen vegetables and the result was the same. Attacks to the stomach, arms and legs.

10-14 On my way to the Ramsey Street Shopping District, I found ,myself gagging from congestion and film, which coughed up corn kernels. These corn kernels were purchased from the Eastern Blvd Food Lion.

10-14 When I first got to the Ramsey Street Shopping District, I stopped by the mail drop off facility. There were no one present by the owner, which lasted for about a half an hour. During this time I seen several persons walking through and two vehicles sitting on an active roadway. This was perculiar, but it was something I took notice of. Than a short time later I see a group of individuals coming into the mail drop off facility. So I suspect that the vehicles were just stagging points for getting people into this facility. As always, I did not stay very long, because I’m aware that their presence had to do with attacking my body with directed energy weapons.

10-14 When I was finished with the mail drop off facility, I head two doors down to the Dollar General store. As usual, I see several carts full with boxes throughout the store. I did not purchased any food, although I recorded that Andrea worked at this store.

10-14 My trip was to Lowes, which I brought several items. Although I was expecting my help, I did not experienced the heavy presence of perpetration that exist in other establishments. Then I roll my cart into BIG LOTS. Immediately upon entering this establishment, a black female claiming to be manager approached me. This was very perculiar for this store, as this never happened to me. When I told her that I needed to leave my cart at this part of the store, it appeared that she understood me. I went on to look for a blanket. Than I made my way back to the from the store. That’s when I saw her staring at me. I did not confront her, but I kept her in my eyes. As I moved around, she moved with me. I considered this racial profiling, even though she is black as well. So I left the store. Later I recanted how this happened to me in several stores. Usually when this happens, the perpetrators do not want you to buy anything. They could not infiltrate this store in time, so the next best thing is to manipulate the people’s behavior around me. This usually takes the form of following you in the store.

10-14 Ollie Bargain Outlet Phone: 910-822-3116. Manager: Dawn. I had not been into this store for nearly 3 years. But I recognized the name of the manager. When I first entered the store, it was unusually crowded than before. Than I see a male come out of the office. It was weird shopping in this as I had ran into problems with the employees in this store. Anyway, I purchased several cans of Chicken Of The Sea Tuna, Lance Peanut Brittle, Sardines, 2lb Brown Rice, 48 oz Palermo, etc. I did see a female on 5 different occasions. When you see a person more than one time, just suspect that they are involved in your electronic stalking. When I got into the line, that’s when I saw DAWN. I got some video footage, which is very important. Anyone who has been working in a store for such a long period of time is important in my evidence gathering.

10-14 14:45 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. 3646 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28301-7646. Manager: Jose. Phone: 910-482-0038. Unlike the prior visit to this establishment there were strolls of carts throughout the store. There was one cart in the front though. The manager, Jose, was in the office until I asked the sales clerk on duty where’s the manager. Anyway, although there weren’t the same kind of store carts throughout the store like Dollar General, I later found over 90 percent of the items containing nano technology pathogens. So, what that means is that they had already finished restocking the store prior to me shopping at this establishment. Anyway, I purchased Chicken Tenders, Nuggets, Spicy Nuggets, Honey Wheat Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, Steamed Cord 10oz., TJ Farms Vegetables, Fisher Boy Fish, Bean/Cheese Burrito, Jamaican Patties and non food items. When I got on the line. I captured face footage of a male immediately getting online behind me and short later, taking out his cell phone. The footage is very choppy, but I got a facial.

10-14 After coming back to the homebase, I immediately was attacked on my left eye. The criminal organization placed nano technology sensors in the area. Later I heard several others firing off from time-to-time. When the night came, the typical pulsing sounds were heard. And what sounded like firecrackers followed. It is how these devices calibrate the attacks in your body. Location of the sound is coming from the church property.

10-15 Induced spasms attacks to the right hand immediately following consuming the spicy chicken, the roman meal sun grain whole wheat bread from the Ramsey Street Dollar Tree Store. While consuming these products I tasted nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) in it. I did not experienced any attacks before consuming this product. Other attacks induced muscle attacks to the back and the typical stomach attacks, which resulted in consuming nano laced foods.

10-15 The Danish Cookies “Kahlen Berg” from Ollies Ramsey Street was altered. Some cookies did not match the category they were group in and most of the prezels were broken. So someone opened it and resealed it to make it looked like it was from the manufacterer. While consuming this product, I heard a low popping sound from the direction of the church and warehouse properties. Meanwhile, attacks was felt on the left leg as directed energy.

10-15/16 While laying down, continuous attacks to the joints of my arms Other attacks was concentrated on my genitals. Heard several dogs on the back of the warehouse on the main street. As the day light came near, body vibrations concentrated around my hips.

10-16 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) in the Golden Krust Jamaican Style Chicken Patties. This item was purchased from the Ramsey Street Dollar Tree.

10-16/17 While laying on my stomach, attacks constantly felt oon my genitals and both of my arms It was in the form of swelling and induced muscular pain. When I laid on my side, the attacks drifted to my stomach and than my legs The pain was so intensive that I had trouble sleeping throughout the night. Also stinging to the toes and finger joints was felt.

10-18 Early in the morning around 5:17a I heard a pulsing device. It was at the position of the warehouse on the main street. Then at around 9:30a/10a I heard a loud male voice. He was definitely in my perimeter. The warehouse, which now displays an autoparts sign is a stagging point for heavy perpetrator activity.

10-18 Constant pulsing attacks shortly after consuming the chicken breast nuggets, vegetables and Nature’s Own Wheat Bread. These products were purchased from Dollar Tree Ramsey Street.

10-19 Ate the Brown’s Best Pinto Beans (Dollar Tree) with the Palermo Sausage (Ollies) and Wheat bread from Dollar Tree. Upon eating these items, I tasted nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) specifically in the Sausage and Bread. Later attacks was felt on the legs, toes, hands and feet as stinging. Meanwhile, constant directed energy attacks to the stomach was felt.

10-19/20 During the night as I was laying on my stomach, constant stinging attacks to my genitals and lower end of my spinal cord. Later I heard the pulsing devices from three different directions. The church property, the woods south and east of me At around 1a, I heard one of the church property residence shouting at his dog. This is part of the program to arouse the implants in my body. This script only happens when they want to reach me Plus, the only reason why they attack my genitals, is because they can’t do the body vibrations (a process of causing the body to tremble), which allows the surrounding perpetrators to program the implants to do specific things to your body and mind. This can only be achieved if you lay on your side or back.

10-20/21 I consumed the meal just I did the day before and the results were similar. However, these attacks also included the back of my jaws. This is something they use to do over 5 years ago. I do not want to take time to analyze this, but it is necessary for me to at least record it here. As the night came, like many times before, when I lay on my stomach, they burn my balls (genitals) and induced tightness of the arm muscles. When I turn on my side or lay on my back numb sensations to the heals of my feet, directed energy attacks to my stomach, stinging sensations to the toes, legs, feet, finger joints, ears and elbows. Towards the late part of the night, I hear someone shouting “YO”. It was in the direction of the church property. This is where their main operations have moved to. They are definitely using outside people and I have noted this many times before. Sometime around the 3a hour, Body vibrations, which lasted until I rise up for the day activities.

10-21 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) in the dry macaroni that I purchased from Dollar Tree Eastern Blvd. It became more noticeable as I was consuming it, because the surrounding perpetrators were accessing these wireless devices. Attacks of the stomach and feet became more evident.

10-22/25 Hacking of my computer has cause me to be absent for extended period of time. The hacking is around the USB ports, which cause them not to work at all (2 ports), or to not function properly. So I  have a half of a machine at this point until I can remove the software that is blocking it.

10-23 17:06 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. 2636 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303-4144. Manager: Frank. Phone: 910-486-9050. When I went into the back of the store, I see a clerk name joshua stocking in the frozen food section. I purchased Crackers 5.3oz, Vegetable Crackers, Fast Bite Chix Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, BBQ Rib Sandwich, Apple Cider Vinegar, Chicken Tenders/Nuggets/Patties, Fruit & Nuts, Indulgent Mix, Tropical Fruit Mix 6oz., Sun Flower Seeds, Gourmet Mixed Nut, Broccoli, Dry Pinto Beans, Nut Mix, TJ Farms Corn and non food items.

10-23 17:31 IGA Carlie C’s 2738 Bragg Blvd. Fayetteville, NC 28303. Phone: 910-483-8454. Manager: Dennis Digman. While shopping I come across some stocking activity. One particular store clerk made himself visible several times – medaling. Other activity was found in the meat section, which is typical for this particular establishment. One particular isle, several train agents (stagging as customers) was cluster around the corn bread/meal. They read my mind as this was an item I was going to get since now I have an oven. Anyway, I purchased Large Lama Beans (which I later to found with maggot infestation), Hayes Green Split peas, Hayes LT Red Kidney Beans, H Autry Cornmeal Yellow, Gold Farms Honey, Smoked NeckBones, Turkey Drum Sticks, CLF Cello Carrots 2L(which I later found to have noticeable nano crystalline in it.) and bananas.

10-25 The Turkey Legs, Yellow Self-Rising Corn Meal Mix and Dry Green Peas had noticeable nano crystalline in it. From time-to-time a crystal sensation would form in my mouth. Then signal attacks to the feet and toe joints, tightness of the arms. These items were purchased from the IGA Supermarket on Bragg Blvd.

10-25/26 During the night into the morning, burning sensations to the legs, which cause it to tense up.

10-26 Noticeable nano technology in the Fast Bites Breaded Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Sandwich and BBQ Rib Sandwich. These items was purchased from Dollar Tree Bragg Blvd.

10-28 13:03:38 Dollar General Store #01353 3445 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311-7643. Phone: 910-630-0078. Manager: Deloris. Before coming into this store, I notice a tracker trailer parked right outside of the store. This is very peculiar as the loading suppose to occur in the back of the store. When I came into the store, I immediately saw cars and boxes stroll throughout the store. This particular business is notorious for this kind of activity. But I don’t usually buy food from this business. I did buy Jiffy Corn bread mix though. Also, after a short period in the store, I see the guys that had the trailer parked outside, now stocking inside the store. Everything was preset or stagged by the very second as everything is done by the criminal MATRIX organization.

10-28 12:40:28 Save A Lot #8046 3447 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311. Phone: 910-822-1012. Manager: Tomas. Before coming into store, I was sitting outside. And a burgundy pickup came in and parked in the area. It would be noted in the screenshot below. As I was shopping I came across unpack carts sitting in middle of the isle. I also came across person dressed in black, or, wearing dark sun glasses. One such person did not meet any of these identifiers, but my left ear began to ring when he came by me. I spoke to the manager briefly. He was doing inventory, which meant that the reconditioned items had already been placed on the shelves. And as I came towards the line, one individual was checking for me, as her body language shows in the video. They have to have certain people in the line, because you are in a fix position at this point. Anyway, I purchased Red Delicious Apples, BLBRY MFN MX 16.9z Stks, Broccoli FRZ 16z WYLWD, BTRML BSCUIT 16z M D, Carrots, Brownie Cookie Doug Mix, CROWN CT Fries 48oz., DC Onion Rings 40oz, Evaporated Milk 12oz, Fish Stiks 48oz, Garlic, Frozen Peas 16z., Rotini mantia 16z., Shell Pasta 16oz., Tomatoes 4pk 18z., Polish Sausages and other items. Later it was found that 100 percent of the items contain nano pathogens that aide in cointelpro electronic torture, systematic racism and human rights violations of the highest order.

10-28/29 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust (glass sensors) in the Michigan Apples that I purchased from Save A Lot Ramsey Street. Upon consuming this product induced diarephia symptoms. Then stinging attacks to the toes, fingers, legs and arms. This was coupled with constant attacks to the stomach when I laid on my stomach when I laid on my side and back. When I laid on my stomach, attacking was felt on my genitals. Later attacks was directed to my hips in the form of stinging. This stinging attacks eventually led to body vibrations centered around my hips. Also the technology was attached to my heart creating a jelly like vibration effect. Before consuming the apples, no such attack occurred.

10-28 Stinging attacks to the right foot upon consuming the California Carrots.

10-30 Crystal Nano (smart dust) in the Brown rice I purchased from the Ramsey Street Dollar Tree.

10-30/31 Went to sleep early, because it was unusually cold. When I got up shortly later I heard someone in my area. So I couldn’t go back to sleep. They were coming from the direction of the woods. This happened twice and it involved using a mobile/portable device. Then less than 15 minutes later I heard a loud pulse sound. This time it was coming from the Warehouse on the main street. This happened twice as well. I also heard someone placing down something on the side of me. This is opposite of the church property and warehouse on the main street. There is a group of residences on this side of the woods. Anyway, this shows the scope of my targeting, which started in 2007.

10-31 The Lama Beans that I purchased from IGA Bragg Blvd had noticeable nano Crystalline – smart dust in it and it had maggot infestation. Upon consuming this product, induced tightness to the arms, stinging to the legs and inner ears and directed energy to the hands. This was coupled with directed energy attacks to the stomach.



September 2017 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

9-1/2 Induced Rapid Heartbeat and body vibrations.

9-2/3 Trembling.

9-3/4 Body Vibrations centered around the hips.

9-4 I just found out the main facility (warehouse) involved in my targeting has burned down. This explains why my targeting has lowered, even though each day I had eaten. The perpetrators are still coming from this side, but they don’t have the same platform to work from. I had already knew at some point this would happen, as their need to maintain the targeting required more equipment on-sight. Let this be a lesson, it you attack GOD’s people, you will face the consequences later. It might not be today, tomorrow or next year, but it will happen eventually. In my case, it was 4 1/2 years.

9-5 Ate black beans, polish sausage with cabbage. Upon consuming these products, burning sensations to the chest, induced tightening to the arm muscles, stinging attacks to the elbows, stinging attacks to the inner ear and increase stomach attacks. The food was purchased from Save A Lot and Dollar Tree Stores on Ramsey Street.

9-5/6 Severe thunderstorm in the night. However, induced rapid heartbeat and manipulation of thoughts while sleeping. I had forgot to disconnect my phone and wifi adapter battery. Upon doing this, the thought manipulation while sleeping did not reoccur. The thought manipulation is on a higher level than the usual dream manipulation that occur each night. With thought manipulation, the criminal organization can raise your anxiety level, which allows them to produce more targeting symptoms. One such symptom involves waking up from this kind of sleep and induced memory lost. For instance, I forgot my pass code to my voice mail. And because I had eaten close to the time I was going to sleep, it exacerbated the targeting a bit. Had I not eaten, the attacks would have never occurred.

9-6 I ate the black beans with cauliflower (Save A Lot) of which I added chicken nuggets with Columbia Rotini (Dollar Tree) and I noticed large amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in the meal. This was especially noticeable in the Rotini. Increased attacks to the stomach than because directed energy attacks to the head, tightening of the arm muscles and burning sensations to the ear to name a few.

9-6/7 Upon falling into an induced sleep and being woken I experienced an induced rapid heartbeat and body vibrations centered around the chest, Later in the night I had heard someone drilling something where the warehouse on the main street stands. It occurred for several hours. So the money to install new cabling and equipment is on-going. Anyway, after the money came, the attacks were directed to my hips, arms and hands.

9-7 Got on the phone a little before sundown. I spoke to a TI for a few minutes before the phone was hanged up. The TI called back, but I did not pick up. I had prior experience with calls hanging up, while on the phone, so there is something more to this experience. The only conclusion that I could make is, since I made the call, the perpetrators associated with my targeting could not long into the signal, so they hang up the call. But then, when the next call is made to me or visa versa, they are able to long into the call. The reason why I understand it this way, is that, upon hanging up the call attacks to the very lower part of my leg was felt, than the right. So, within a short period of time (the call lasted only about 5 minutes), they were able to map the attacks to two places of my body. However, the attacks was very short lived, as they needed more people on the line to make the attacks continuous. It wasn’t that long ago that I was on the phone with a TI and that exactly happened. So I make it a point to not pick up a call if I had already been on the phone. The phone is a remote device for the directed energy targeting that many TIs experience. When you make a phone call, you are opening yourself to more DIRECT targeting. Once you change the way you use your phone, this alone will lower your targeting. Thank you very much.

9-8 Earlier in the morning I heard the pulsing devices around the warehouse area. This is the warehouse on the side street. This warehouse is not associated with the warehouse on the main street. The criminal organization have place these pulsing devices around the area where people work and live. This allows the criminal organization to use the people in the area without their knowledge (which is not ever case) to uplink information used to manipulate implants that are in my body. They don’t have to be very close to me, as these pulsing devices interlink with one another. All they have to do is use apps for smart and android phones that interface with the pulsing devices in the area. The target feels it as a signal to a particular part of there body, But it is a signal that has been program into a smart phone and carried out by several pulsing devices that delivers the attacks. The attacks are on-going, because the money funding this is on-going. And the people who are involve in this criminal activity receive financial incentives.

9-8 Immediate burning and signal sensations to the face, head, temples and mouth upon consuming products that I purchased from the Ramsey Street Save-A-Lot. These products were the Medeiros Olive Oil, Premium Pick 5 Crinkle Cut Fries, Wylwood Broccoli Florets and Farmington Boneless Chicken Wyngz. Later, constant signal attack to the right side of my head closes to my right ear.

9-8 Around 3p constant burning of my right arm and muscular pain to the upper joints. It feels like tension and the negative energy is constant in this area. Of course I did not not have any of these symptoms before I eaten. Also, crawling sensation around the head. And strong attacks to the stomach, which result in bloating and gas.

9-8/9 Slept on my stomach most of the night. Attacks was mostly felt on my arm as induced muscular pain. And when I laid on my back after 6a, strong signal sensation to my right hand. It felt like it had fell asleep, but I knew it was part of the attack protocol.

9-9 Sister’s birthday. She passed away from an on-going condition of March of 2016. Anyway, I ate the Columbia Rotini  that I purchased from Dollar Tree with Tomatoes, Cabbage, Onions and Beef patty/meatballs. Upon consuming these items, I could taste the nano crystalline forming around my mouth. I knew that the Columbia Rotini had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. That’s why I made it a point to leave it in water for two days. Unfortunately, because of this it did not cook well.

9-9/10 Several things happened in the night told me that it was related to what I ate earlier. Unbelievable stomach attacks that could be heard and felt repeatedly. It did not matter which position I laid. At some point it felt like I had a stomach virus and another point was that I had extreme indigestion. The attacks eventually surface to other areas. My arms, elbow and particularly my right hand. This is the same hand I felt the strong directed energy sensations on this part of my body. Now it is induced muscular pain. Another attack that is not related to my body is the hacking of my computer battery charging sensor. And noise campaign from surrounding perpetrators, The noise from surrounding perpetrators included driving motorcycles around the perimeter where I’m staying at. It was all the way to about 4a, before it stopped! So the amount of technology in my body has a lot to do with everything explain. I also heard the loud BOOMING sounds of the pulsing device (which no government agency investigates) and a new device that I never heard before that gives a LOUD HUM! At around 11p one of the local perpetrators came to me with a loud strange sounding device, which I went out to investigate. This had never happened before, which is part of the noise campaign. During sleeping, each time I went to sleep I would be woken with strong energy around my chest. I even heard someone in the area several times. I had consumed a lot of the technology and the result is all that is said here. So it is important that I minimize the technology that I consume, otherwise, the targeting would only get worse. The technology that they put in the food and drink is connected to everything that we deal with. Anyway, as the morning came, the attacks was directed to the hips.

9-10/11 Soon as night time felled pulsing attacks to the head and later in the night muscle manipulation of the face. Attacks was minimum compare to last night, because I did not eat this day.

9-11 Ate the Columbia Rotin with the Carolina Ground Turkey in a tube that I purchased from Save-A-Lot Ramsey Street. It had a large amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in it. It was so bad that it was eating broken glass. Immediate attacks to the stomach than became induced muscular pain to both the right and left arms. Than attacks to the risk of my arm and the hands.

9-11 Later I consumed the Crinkle French Fries that I purchased from Ramsey Street Save-A-Lot and the Chicken Nuggets/Patties that I purchased from the Ramsey Street Dollar Tree Stores. It too had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. So 100 percent of the items that I consumed had nano technology in it. Upon consuming the second meal, signal attacks was now felt to the knees. These signal attacks was continuous. Moving around did help,

9-11/12 Throughout the night as I laid on my stomach attacks to the genitals and back was felt. These attacks became more involved as the night went on. And continued muscular pain to both arms was felt. This included signal attacks to the back.

9-12/13 Same as last period, but more intense. I had slept early in the evening.

9-13 The Jasmine rice 5 lbs. 80 oz bag that I purchased from the Ramsey Street Save A Lot store had an enormous amount of nano crystalline – smart dust in it It was so bad that it was unconsumable. Because of this, I had to throw the rest of the cooked rice away. Earlier, I washed it plenty of times and cooked it several times before I consume it. So it was over cooked even before I could eat it. This had happened many times before, but this is the worse experienced with the rice. I’m currently preparing a video to be uploaded to youtube. There is no reason for this kind of contamination to still be happening after nine years later. But this time I will be uploading video on youtube, so you can see who is involved. I have came across the Audrey person before and have documenting her and other employee’s behavior at this store. Audrey claims to be the assistant manager at this location. I was on her before this situation occurred. In this case, it was not that the food is contaminated (all of it is), it is the amount of contamination that is involved and that it has been happening for a very long time. But it all goes with the turf: If you are involved in this criminal activity, you will be exposed. From DAY ONE! I have already determined that the contamination of the food is associated with the directed energy attacks that I receive 24/7. Save A Lot Food Stores, LTD Headquarters: Earth City, MO 63045. Serial Code for this product is 051933 652354.

9-13 Immediately upon consuming the rice signal attacks to the toes. It was continuous up to a certain point. Pulsing and signal attacks to the head, hands and temples. Increased attacks to the stomach, which is typical when I consumed a large amount of nano crystalline technology. Ect. After some point I could feel the sensations of crystallizes forming in my mouth. I have noted the manager in a spy video and will be uploading to youtube at some point.

9-13 Later in the day into the night attacks was felt in the knees. I was working on a video to upload to youtube, The video was going to display the spy video taken of the manager when she was seen at the cash register. Prior to this, she was in the isle stocking, which confirms that once I enter the check out line, the stocking stops. The video also includes a recording section (audio only) that talks about this crime in detail. I had to fill in the blank spaces with a photo gallery of the rice bag showing the serial number. The video ends with a GSS logo asking viewers to subscribe.

9-13/14 I caught a few hours of sleep. When I woke up, I felt a lot of energy in my chest area. It was more involved than it usually is and I knew it had something to do with consuming the rice. Meanwhile, I checked to see if the video had rendered into a viewer file and it was at the same 40 percent. It was pretty obvious that the software I was using had a lot of bugs, because it took only 10 minutes to get to 40 percent and after sleeping 3 hours, it was still there. I try simplifying the video somewhat (change the audio file from wav to mp3), but that did not help much. So after several attempts to render this video to a file, I had to stop. This is why I haven’t posted my Journal for several days.

9-14 Attempted to download windows 7 starter edition so I can replace my current professional window 7 edition, but the file failed. This would have allow me to use a better software for rendering video for upload. Anyway, I could easily just upload the video showing the manager and write a text outline explaining the subject. But that will give less impact to an audience that I’m trying to attract. Also, because many people don’t read the text outline, at this point the video becomes useless. That was the problem that I had in the past. And the kind of response reflect this.

9-14/15 Went to sleep earlier than usual, but got up early and than went back to sleep. When I first woke up, attacks was centered around the hips. But in the morning the attacks was centered around the chest. Each time though, I could feel the energy on my arms, hands and legs.

9-15 I have been doing a cycle of eating every other day. This day I decided to take another try at the rice. I used less rice for this meal and thoroughly wash it down. So after consuming it, I did notice some improvements. However, it takes a lot of water to get some improvements and I need the water for bathing and drinking. At this time, I do not know when it is going to rain, but I have more than a month of supply if it does not happen in a few weeks. I can moderate water as much as I do food. Anyway, another problem with consuming contaminated food is that I need to consume more water to dampen the effects of the technology. So I plan to go back into a pattern of not eating 4/5/6 days. I have no problem doing this, as I do not move around often.

9-15 Shortly after consuming the rice increase attacks to the stomach and than induced muscular pain to the arms. Signal attacks to the knees, head, temples and forehead. Lastly, pulsing attacks to the nostrils and some attacks to the eyebrows.

9-15/16 Late morning, induced rapid heartbeat and signal attacks to the hips.

9-16 I did not eat this day, so my attacks was minimum. However, I heard one of the guys I had heard previously shouting to his dog. This has happened before and always occurs right before nightfall. It is a script to get me to react.

9-16/17 The first time I was woken, I did not feel any attacks, but after drinking the rain water, attacks to the knees, arms and legs were felt. The tasted like it had the crystallize nano technology in it. I had left the area briefly to work on something. So someone I heard in the area, got to my water.

9-17 Induced sleep after 8:30a. When I was woken, I heard a popping sound from the area where the church houses are. This has been a very convenient location since I been back from NYC. All the individuals who live in the church property are part of my target. I can tell by what is in these induced dreams, who is involved. Sometime ago I failed to take video of this individual who claims he was testing a drone in this area. It had gotten stuck in a tree right across from where I sleep. He is one of the primary people part of my targeting from the church position.

9-17 Uploading Youtube Video: After some persistency and patience I finally managed to render the video into a workable upload. What I did was make the image smaller to my jpeg file and change the video file from avi to webn. This decrease the execution time exponentially. So the file was done in approximately a half an hour. This is still slower than it should be, but anything is better than nothing. With that said, the Video presentation is an announce of what is happening in our food stores involving food and how it interacts with the body when it comes to the targeting. This really isn’t the first time I did a video like this. It is just the first time it was done with video, audio and image fragments. This composition allows for a broader perspective of what is happening. So now the viewer can get the full scope of what I’m presenting instead of being relegated to reading the video description, which most people don’t do.

9-20 Ate the Jasmine Rice with the sweet peas, carolina ground turkey and all items had noticeable nano crystalline in it. Immediate Attacks followed. Stinging attacks to the toes, signal attacks to the stomach and head, tightness of the right arms, ect. Heard pulsing device that sits near the railroad tracks. This one is Calibrated with the passing vehicles on the road way. There is a network of devices like this that coordinate with each other. That’s why no one has to stand in front of you to attack you.

9-20 Wrote a review about Save-A-Lot products that I consumed and sent a complaint to the corporate offices. See review here: https://www.google.com/search?q=save+a+lot+fayetteville+nc&oq=sa&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i61j0j69i59j69i57j69i60.4261j0j4&client=ubuntu&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x89ab6dad946f956b:0x69fc50a937e0dbfd,1,,

9-20 From time-to-time crystal sensations could be felt in my mouth. The same nano crystals that was in the rice, ground turkey and kurtz barbecue sauce that I consumed early. In the night, induced muscle tightness to both my right and left arms. The attacks to my left arm was particularly noticeable. Continue attacks to my stomach and signal and stinging attacks to my head and ears. And as I lay on my stomach, continuous attacks to the genitals and the lower stem of my back. It has been almost a month since I purchased the items above and the nano technology is very present in this products.

9-21 Trembling and shakiness coupled with an induced rapid heartbeat was felt at around 5A. Because of this I had to stay up until the attacks decreased to this area of my body. When I went back to sleep around 6:30a and woke up around 8:30a, similar attacks was felt, but with less intensity. So it is clear that at 5a I was at my peak with the technology in my body.

9-21 I took a short nap around 12p (40 minutes) and when I woke up, similar vibration attacks was felt. I heard one individual in the warehouse on the main street. He was talking very loudly. I also heard the pulsing device (which sounds like an air conditioner), which was very high. It is clear to me that this business is being used for this criminal operation and they probably would not be in business at this location.

9-21/23 The past several days, the attacks have been minimum. They were concentrated on the hips, which the result was trembling.

9-23 Ate the RICE, Broccoli and Catfish that I purchased from Save-A-Lot. It had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Increase and aggressive attacks was felt first to the stomach. Then the attacks was directed near right ear and directed energy and pulsing. As I was moving around, stinging of different sections of my head, which later became directed energy to these regions. And when I laid down, strong energy sensations concentrated to my arms and hands. But the first attack was felt as a strong needle sensation to my right leg as if someone had stuck a pin in this part of my body.

9-23/4 As I was laying down, attacks to my genitals was felt throughout the night and increasingly became intense. Stomach attacks was persistent until a point.. Induced muscular pain was felt in my arms and hands (particularly the left arm and hands) as I was laying on my stomach.

9-24/26 Same as above, except I heard someone drilling in the late evening around 12a. You would have thought they were doing street work, but I knew it was coming from the back of the warehouse. From the amount of cars that go in and out of the warehouse to the noise, you would have thought someone in government would have investigated. By the way, they are active pulsing devices near the street and sometimes they give off a very loud popping sound. The reason why those devices exist near the street, is because, that’s how the various perpetrators driving through can upload their phone information. The devices are simple relay units that interlink with the attack devices that are closer to me. And it is not something that occurred recently. It has been happening for a very long time. By the way, a 24 hour government facility exist across the street. That should tell you something.

9-26 Induced Hunger. Upon consuming the Polish Sausages that I purchased from the Ramsey Street Save-A-Lot store, attacks began in the stomach. And than stinging attacks was felt on the feet and toes. I had not eaten for several days and nothing like this occurred during this period. Also noted. I only consumed 4 Sausages that had been in the freezer for weeks. It also had been cooked for a certain period of time before I consumed it.

9-26 Heard pulsing sounds. It was coming from the direction of the church property. I had always knew that the perpetrator who flew the drone in my area, was associated with this criminal organization. I reluctantly did not do a video documentation, but I should have. Besides that, I had his phone number and name. Anyway, Before this time, I had not had any real problems with this particular area until these criminal individuals setup in this location. It has always been the warehouse on the main street and the woods surrounding me. Anyway, the typical pop corn sound from these devices was heard. It is an indications that the stuff that I consumed had the technology in it and the device was being manipulated to program the technology to do several things inside my body.

9-26/27 4:30a Was woken with an induced rapid heart beat, shakiness and trembling sensations that was mostly concentrated above my waist line. When I bang my feet together, these attacks disappeared. During this time, I heard a pickup truck in the area of the church property. This is counter-current to what I have been hearing over the years at the warehouse on the main street. It is very well documented.

9-27 In the morning, the attacks was concentrated on the heals of my feet. But the strong signal sensations were not present. That’s because all I ate was 4 sausages that  was frozen for over 3 weeks. So the technology is still very much present even after cooking the product for over an half an hour.

9-27 1a Signal and pulsing attacks to the head.

9-27 Induced weakness, which puts a drain on me. I noted this induced drain from yesterday, which is part of the 24/7 electronic attack arsenal.

9-28 Ate Pinto beans with the Carolina Ground Turkey and immediate signal attacks was felt to the head. Then burning sensations to the legs, which cause them to become numbed. This is something that doesn’t normally happens. Meanwhile, continue attacks to  the stomach was felt as well as burning sensations to the ears. I had frozen the meat for nearly a month and the meal was cooked for about 2 hours.

9-28/29 As the night fell, the attacks decreased. However, after waking up a few times, I experienced shakiness and trembling. I knew it had to be what was in the food, as these attacks did not occurred last night. The attacks was first centered around my legs and than my shoulders and arms. Also noted is that induced muscular pain to both arms, but this has been pretty typical each day. When I last get up, I had an extreme induced rapid heartbeat. The attacks are connected with the placement of nano technology in the food, which I’m forced to consume.

9-29/30 Did not consume anything. NOT EVEN RAIN WATER. However, I did sleep more often than I should have. The sleeping is caused by the constant directed energy attacks, which induces tiredness. When I am woken, I feel tired more than I feel before I went to sleep. There is a reason for this induced tiredness. The reasons lie in how they are able to program these implants while I am sleeping. Because each time I am woken, I either feel a surge of energy around my chest, hips and shoulders affecting my arms and hands. So when I stand up, I get this trembling sensation all over my body.

9-30 I ate rice with chicken and green peas and the attacks was immediately felt on the head. The attacks were quarter size directed energy signal to the mid-back right of my head. Later signal attacks was felt to my lower back and the right sideburns of my face, which was in sync with my right ear. And attacks to my stomach as it serves as a conduit for attacks to the rest of my body.

9-30/10-1 As I was laying down, attacks to my stomach was continuous. Then I could feel induce muscular pain attacks to both arms and hands as if someone was squeezing it together. Later into the next morning, as I was laying on my side, signal attacks to my toes and hands was felt. When I turn on my stomach, they disappeared. As it felt, someone in the woods was aiming the directed energy weapon to this part of my body (stomach to toes/stomach to fingers). They have been coming into my immediate area for several days now, placing smart dust and other technologies, so they can reach me with their stationed pulsing devices.


August 2017 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

8-1 I consume the spicy chicken nuggets with the cobblestone bread and the presence of nano technology was very noticeable. The targeting became more aggressive to the stomach muscles and than redirected to the arm muscles.

8-1 For some time, I have been thinking about reproducing what I did before my targeting started. What I mean by reproducing, is my websites I was working on. The websites were geared to journalists and individuals who like to share content. It was an excited idea to your typical news sites that only feature stores that they want you to read. In addition to the news site, there was an online community. I had been working on this project since about 2003 and it was starting to take shape. Unfortunately, due to being with a bad hosting company, homelessness and the targeting, I did not finish this project. I also own several other domains that I had built on and I was actually making an income. I still feel that I can do this. However, it will take a lot of effort on my part to get to the point where the project can go somewhere. Anyway, I have decided to not be convenient for this MATRIX anymore, which is more base on keeping an individual from achieving their GREATNESS than the typical gang stalking and electronic harassment that is associated with these crimes. Although the targeting takes on a different phase ever so often, it is typically the same when it started as well as the people associated with it. This should not surprise you, because that is why it was created. Simply relying on others TIs as an outlet is a big mistakes. All you do is follow a pattern of INCOMPETENCY and always thinking that something will be done. Sorry folks, the way something is going to be done, is if you do something about it. What you do is according to what you want. If you want to do the things you like, go ahead. Complaining about it will not make it go away. And forget about getting other TIs to support you.

8-1/2 Body Vibrations through the night into the next morning. When I turned on the internet attacks to the sideburns (temples) in the forming of directed energy. When I walk around the attacks stop.

8-2 This is the second day of reaching some website platforms. There aren’t as many platforms as they were in 2007. However, the few that exist today are economical. If I want, I can get a website up and running in the next month. But more research needs to be made. They are many more websites that is focus on the segment of the community that I want to focus on, but still there isn’t anything offerings to independent writers. So the door is still open. I do still see the URL I wanted to buy in 2003. Although the site is up and running, it isn’t necessarily what I call a functional website. The lady who run it is doing it as a hobby, but this URL is similar to the URL I want to promote again. So I will have to buy her out at a more reasonable price. There is another URL that I can buy (which is similar to hers) and simply go around her, but that is bad business. I want to negotiate. I could give her what ever air time she needs, without the burden of her maintaining this website. Let see what happens. For the years I been on the internet (1994), I had learned a lot of things about programming websites. I’m no expert, but I know how to make my own way. When these websites were at their prime, people were coming to me to place ads on them. At the time, I did not have an adequate structure to display ads, so I gave them free space. In return, I got free services. So I want to get back in the game, but it will take some time to line things up the right way. I’m not one to rush into anything, because that normally does not work for me. All I can say at this point, lets see what happens.

Note: What would this do for me. It would allow me to tell my story to an audience that I’m familiar with. And since I am able to build a rapport with them, my issues will get more attention. But if I continue to convince TIs, this is what we need to do, I could be wasting another 10 years. So from this knowledge, I will pursue what will give me the most notoriety.

8-2 Induced Tiredness and False Dreams couple with a violent storyline. If I did not know the meaning of this, maybe I would have became a serial murderer.

8-3 Ate the Spicy Chicken Stripes with the Frozen Broccoli/Califlower and Cobblestone Bread from Bragg Blvd Dollar Tree. Immediate attacks was felt in the stomach and tightness of the arm muscles, which include muscular pain to the left arm.

8-3/4 Induced sleep and false dreams. I woken at around 2a with an induced rapid heartbeat and body vibrations centered around this hips.

8-4 Constant attacks to the right side of my head closes to my ear.

8-4 BMF: Purchased blackconsciousradio.net and travelanddiscounts.com. Back in 2004, I requested to purchase blackconsciousradio.com, but the owner decline my offer. The blackconsciousradio.com had already been purchased in 2003, before I setup Brunson Marketing Force. The name blackconsciousnetwork.com and blackconsciousnews.com existed since late 2002. As for travelanddiscounts.com, I owned this domain back in 2004 and lost it in 2007, because I let the filing time lapse. Anyway, not buying blackconsciousradio.com was a failure on my part. But buying travelanddiscounts.com allow BMF to expand outside it market focus. The other name that BMF owns is blackadultentertainment.com

8-4/5 Body vibrations (centered around the hips) started early in the night and lasted until the morning.

8-5 BMF: Check my email and to my amazement, my offer to purchase blackconsciousradio.com was not accepted. She/He wants to continue to own this franchise. I guess you win some and you loose some. The mistake of not buying this domain is hunting me til this day. But because I knew the outcome would have resulted in this response, I purchase blackconsciousradio.net And I plan to build on this website as it reflects on my two other mission websites: blacksciousnetwork.com and blackconsciousnews.com

8-5 It has not rain in almost two weeks, so I had to cut back eating to every three days. If it does not rain tomorrow, it would be five days. I have gone to almost 8 days of not eating, but at this point, I’m not mobile. Anyway, not raining does not only affect eating, it affects washing pots, utensils, dishes, etc. It affects the ability to cook pasta, rice and other carbohydrates that help in reducing hunger. And it affects the ability to clean the body, brush the teeth and shave. Because it has not been really hot, I have been able to go without water for 2/3 days. But it is getting very pressing around here, because of symptoms developed from my drinking and eating for several days. Note: The dependency of rain water is associated with the systematic contamination of food stores surrounding the targeted individual area.

8-5 Last night I got on the phone with someone claiming to be a TI and after talking to them a while, I heard the pulsing device. It was pulsing every 5 seconds. Before this time, the “TI” phone was suddenly on hold. So between this time she was either talking to her handlers or she was connecting a second phone (via Bluetooth) with the one she was talking on. The second phone has the program information and when link to the second phone she was talking on, this explains why I was hearing these devices. Understand this, that no matter where this perpetrator is at, they can link into the surrounding devices in an area. That is why the perpetrators (handlers) make it a point for you to develop friendships with these individuals. They will offer the PIE IN THE SKY just so they can link these devices to the implants in your body. Anyway, right before ending the call, I noticed that these pulsing devices changed from a 5 second pulsing to what sounded like popcorn. So I knew the “TI” perpetrator had linked the program (the attack protocol) to the surrounding devices. This does not excuse the input from the surrounding perpetrators in my area. But because the phone is right next to me, it gives pinpoint accuracy. Listen folks! Don’t speak on the phone in the night. Don’t speak to people on the phone you have not spoken to before. Do not accept any “FAVORS” from anyone; they are luring into a setup job. And do not agree to meet them. The purpose of them getting close to you is so that they can TARGET you. They are AGENTS and you are their PROJECT.

8-6 Was woken with a rapid heartbeat and body vibrations. I had not gotten a rapid heartbeat since eating over 3 days ago, so this is the first time this had happened. Also throughout the night into the morning, strong signal attacks was felt to the feet. This was very unusual as well. So I can clearly point to the phone call that I made last night. Note: I had spoken to actual TIs in the night and this never happened. So when it does happen, you know that the person is not a Targeted Individual.

8-6 There are various people occupying Facebook. The Perpetrator Infiltrator, The TI Perpetrator and a very small number of Targeted Individuals. Because of this, I need to: 1. Start removing people I suspect of being a Perpetrator or 2. Delete this Account. It is very difficult to identify who is actual perpetrators, because I have to go through a lot of individuals. This can take a lot of useful time that I need to build my business. So the other issue is to delete the ACCOUNT. I have been contemplating this for a while. There is absolutely no benefit posting to perpetrators or people who support their agenda. But deleting this account would mean in some way, deleting evidence. Although GSS website is the bulk of my evidence, it doesn’t show interaction between the perpetrators and my post. So deleting doesn’t appear to be a favorable option. Therefore, the next best thing is to make some slight modification to my name, reflecting that I’m a Targeted Individual TI. And than create another account with my actual name. The actual name account will have no association of me being a Targeted Individual. I already have another account with my nick name. That one would have to be deleted to keep myself from becoming confused. But it is the one that I spend most of my time at when I’m on facebook.

8-6 Like a lot of social networks, they come and they go. Facebook will end the same way, with people loosing interests. The problem isn’t necessary Facebook, but the NEGATIVITY that is spur on it. Had Facebook came out before the 1990s, the whole atmosphere would have been different. Yeah! You would have had negative post being spurred on you, but it would not be so OVERWHELMING. Believe me, this isn’t just a TI problem. I have heard people outside the TI community say that the reason why they don’t go to Facebook as often as they use to, is because of all the negativity. Where could this negativity be coming from, when Crime is at it lowest and the common person has more than they had twenty years ago? Because Facebook lacks a structure and purpose, it also allows the NEGATIVITY to flourish. But is that Facebook’s fault? I say no. It is society’s fault! If the government can’t get it act together, than that explains why the people are a reflection of that. We just need GOOD examples. That’s all.

8-6 BMF: The world has changed. Building a website doesn’t have to include software to achieve the most rewarding looking website. All you need is a plan and a determination to make it happen.

8-7 This was the first day that it had rain since two weeks ago. Was working on my system and when I got back, I noticed my water had been messed with. They came from one of the houses that the church rents. The reason I know that the water had been disturbed is the amount of crystals that was tasted. I tried another water and it did not have these crystals. Unfortunately, the presence of these crystals means that the attacks would be stronger as they magnify the body to the directed energy attacks.

8-7 The Sardines that I purchased from the Bragg Blvd IGA had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. As I was consuming this product, crystals sensations formed in my mouth.

8-7 BMF: Found an IMAGE program that can design my logos, banner ads and other art collections used for my website.

8-7/8 Strong vibrations centered around the mid-section and a strong induced rapid heartbeat.

8-8 BMF: Today has really been a horrible day. Reason? I ran out of space on my Hard Drive running Windows 7, because of nearly 1 GB of updates. Because of this, I was not able to install the web design software needed to build my websites.

8-8 BMF: I have been on the phone with my hosting provider all day. Because so much time has gone by since I build webpages, I forgot a lot of things. There are also a lot has changed in the software industry. Back in 2007, there were plenty of web design software to run from your computer. Today, many of these software is hosted on a website that you have to purchase a plan from. I have not grown accustom to that and this will take some time. But it is a good idea, as it is a lot cheaper than buying software. Also, the Computer that I’m using is not really design for the complex task of doing web designs. That’s because it is a Netbook. So I have to eventually budgeted for a laptop.

8-8 Ate spaghetti with sausage and mexican seasoning/Apple Cider Vinegar. There were small amounts of nano crystalline in both the seasoning and the spaghetti. The seasoning and ACV came from Bragg Blvd IGA and the Spaghetti came from Bragg Blvd Dollar Tree.

8-8 BMF: I deleted one of my Linux partitions to free space for Windows. Because of this, my computer system became inoperable. I attempted to recover the drive, but FAILED using SpotMau Partition Recovery. SpotMau is a Windows base recovery software, it does not recognize Linux, although the drives were seen. This is what I found out when I try to recover the deleted partition. I could have saved the partitions, which takes a very LONG time, but I could would have recover the system. The system is setup under Linux, not Windows, so when I reboot, it gives me an error. Luckily, earlier I created a fail safe strategy and the software allows me to enter the system with USB support. But this just allows me to get to unsaved files. GOOD ENOUGH!

8-9 Because I ate later than I normally do, the attacks was especially strong in the night into the morning. The attacks was centered around the chest and the mid-section. Also noted was the perpetrators messed with my battery charging mechanisms through the entire night. It wasn’t until I went online that it went into normal charge mode.

8-9 BMF: I went back into WORK mode at 7a to fix my computer. As long as I was able to get into the machine, I could figure out what was wrong. Linux also gives the user the option to run off a thumb drive, but I already using a fail safe protocol, which allows me to access files from the internal hard drive. See, Linux operates more efficiency on a Internal hard drive and I have access to more beneficial programs. Eventually I found a program that could fix this problem. It is called Boot Repair. It is a fantastic program and in emergency situations I can use it to go online without going through Linux. By 10:30a the system was back up. Unfortunately, this does not fix the fact that Windows is using over 95 percent of it storage capacity. So a total system overhaul will have to be done next month. That means deleting the entire system and reinstalling EVERYTHING. It is a days LONG task, but I don’t have an option. At this time, both Linux systems are using a fraction of their allotted space, so there is room to grow. I tried seeing if I can see if I could take from this space (which caused me the problem in the first place), but because of the different nature of these systems (Windows and Linux), neither SpotMAU or Gparted (Linux Partition version) could do it. They are affixed to their partitions. They can only move within their system’s partitions. Unlike SpotMau, Gparted did at least see it was a Windows partition. Meanwhile Spotmau just treats everything as Windows Partitions by assigning them drive letters. This is very troubling to me, as Linux does not assign their drives as letters. So deleting one of those drives will knock the system off (as it did yesterday). Spotmau is absolutely the best program for Windows operations. It will fix and recover everything windows. But Gparted is just ok. It hardly fixes anything, but at least it recognizes Windows and other operating systems. It can change partition structure unlike Spotmau. But changing partition structure did not allow me to use the available space occupied by that partition, which is about 36G. Had I been able to use that space, I could have install the Web Design software. And I could have created the website, as the content for the website was finished yesterday.

8-9/10 Ate the same meal like yesterday and the results were the same: Body Vibrations and an induced rapid heartbeat.

8-10 Signal attacks to the right side of my head (closes to my ear) and later after getting off of phone, popping attacks to the right ear. The result of this attack is stinging and crawling sensations.

8-10 BMF: Researching the best software to purchase for my web development needs. I think I found one that would do the logo and the website. Also, I need to purchase a computer specifically for this task. The computer should have a 15.6 inch screen and a removable battery. My current machine is a netbook with a 11 inch screen. So designing webpages through it is not a go. As it stands now, it might be until the middle of September before I complete this task. On top of that, I have to arraign a time to speak to a newspaper hosting companies to host one of my web sites. So wordpress and other cms’s have been ruled out. However, there is a monthly fee associated with this service. But the benefit is that there would be no limit on who visits the website receives or how many articles are on the server. Also, I get on-going assistance in creating and modifying code that will be displayed on affiliate websites part of the BMF network. No time limit has been set to start this process. There’s also the Social Network and the webcast that I plan to host eventually as well.

8-10 I had the opportunity to speak to a fellow TI today. It was on a safe project I proposed in 2012. I’m still open to reserving some to getting a conference call around this issue. But everyone must commit to 3-5 page statement explaining their targeting. All statements must be notarized before they are accepted. This would be a pre-requisite for participating in a safe community that I am proposing. I’m lining people up as I write this, so get on board if you want this to happen. You can message me at your earliest convenience. Anyway, one aspect of this safe project is to start a business. We want TIs to be SELF SUFFICIENT, so we plan to mobilize around this idea.

8-11 Body Vibrations after 5a into 7:15a.

8-11 Ate black eye peas, neck bone and brown rice, which came from Bragg Blvd IGA. It had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in it. Upon consuming these products, I felt burning sensations to the chest and face. Also stinging attacks was felt.

8-11 Attacks progressed to the heals of the feet in the form of constant pulsing. However, when I moved around, it would stop briefly until I feel a strong calibrating signal. Also burning sensations to the ears and signal attacks to the head was felt.

8-12 Attacks to the body did not progress until after 5a. When I got up around 7a, attacks was centered around the chest and the hips in the form for body vibrations. Body vibrations is when you feel the energy all around you and you feel like your muscles are trembling.

8-13 Large amount of nano crystalline smart dust in the brown rice that I purchased from IGA. The result of consuming this product was increased attacks to the stomach, upper arm joints, toes, feet, head, legs and other areas of the body.

8-13/14 The first time I dozed off, I was woken with my body trembling around my chest area. Earlier in the day after eating, I could feel stinging sensations around my chest area, so there is a connection at this point. Also, shakiness was felt on my arms and hands. The second time, it was body vibrations and a rapid heartbeat. Everything is associated with what I consumed a day earlier.

8-14 I ate later in the day. The food had been frozen for about a day.

8-14/15 Slept on my stomach most of the night. In the morning, I slept on my side and attacks formed around my left knee, hands and feet.

8-16/18 I have not eaten this period, but the targeting has escalated. Body vibrations, pulsing of the stomach and feet, signal attacks to the head, trembling felt to the arms and hands after waking up and every other tactic they use to subdue me into believing that I’m doom for life. And from my own observation, its time to stop feeding this bull shit and live my life as GOD intended. Anyway, sense this time I have been researching affiliate marketing websites. This was what I was doing before my targeting begun. Affiliate marketing websites allow you to develop relationships with businesses by displaying ads that you promote and in return you get a small percentage of the ad revenue when someone purchase something. But there are other ways to generate income and that’s the reason so much research has to be done. With that said, if you are in the same place when the targeting begun, than you need to check yourself. Because the problem is you for allowing these perpetrators to control your destiny. I want you to watch this video (below).

8-18 After settling down for bed, I noticed the attacks was more involved than the previous days. They had activated everything while I was on the phone. So now I could feel constant crawling sensations around and inside the ear, back, shoulder, hands and head. Pulsing of the nostrils and popping of the ear drums. Stinging and induced muscular pain to the toes, toe joints and fingers. Needle sensations to the legs and arms. So starting today, I will not be calling or receiving calls from any Targeted Individual. I was wondering why one of the TIs was trying to get in touch with me, because she was “worrying” about me. Well, I’m fine! Long as I don’t get on the phone with fake ass TIs who are nothing more than perpetrators. Although my situation appeared to have worsen within the few days I have not eaten, the attacks that I received tonight is uncalled for. There is a plan to SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN!!! (WIFI included!) until I get to the bottom of this! This will include all computers and my electrical system. I do not have time for games and I will make sure my quality of life is not interfere with.

8-19 Continuous pulsing attacks to the top of my head since this morning. The attacks has taken on a new form since the phone call last night. But to be honest, the attacks have been edging upwards for the past three days now. So it is probably another method of intimidation. Anyway, I am aware of the circumstances that faces me everyday. I refuse to sit this one out and instead with continue to operate my businesses as if nothing was happening to me. Remember, this is all psychological BULLSHIT and if you fall for the OKIE DOKIE! you will be doomed to a life of failure. So no WIFI will be SHUTDOWN and NO ELECTRICITY will be disconnected. But I will not be using my phone for a while.

8-19 After eating the brown rice, black eye peas and sardines attacks to the stomach manifest. The presence of nano crystalline was tasted in the food I purchased from Bragg Blvd IGA.

8-21 The presence of nano crystalline – smart dust was tasted in my mouth at around 1a. So they place the smart dust around me and was directed it into my mouth. The nano crystalline – smart dust technology is a remote technology that can be manipulated onto an object from certain distance away by way of electro-magnetic waves. But this does not discount the presence of this technology in the food and drink. However, it just offers the criminal organization another path to placing the technology in your body.

8-21 The presence of nano crystalline – smart dust in the brown rice, black eye peas and neckbone that I purchased from a Bragg Blvd IGA several weeks ago. This is combined with the presence of the technology in the area. The purpose the criminal organization placing the technology in the food and drink, is so they can direct the attacks more accurately. It has been going on since a year into the targeting (2009). But the presence of technology in the area and how the criminal organization can attach it to your mouth has been happening at least 2012/3. This is more critical as the technology is at a more active state. This is because I cook the food for at least 2 hours before I consume anything. And the shelf life, which is why the criminal organization keeps reapplying the same technology to the area.

8-21/22 Throughout the night into the next morning trembling centered around the hips and chest. This was complicated by an induced rapid heartbeat, which happened several times, or, when I was woken.

8-22 I had ran out of food and the weather has been persistently hot with no rain in the forecast. However, I have enough water to last me two weeks. But not eating for two weeks will be difficult. I have gone without eating for 8 day. This is the most my body can tolerate.

8-23/24 Went to sleep around 10;30p. Was woken around 3a with a constant pulsing attacks to the right knee. Even when I get up and walked around, these attacks continued. In the morning the attacks included pulsing to my right foot and ankle.

8-24 Later in the morning around 9:45a, attacks was felt to the head and temples and signal and pulsing attacks. I had heard someone else after running a quick errand, which the side of where the church is located.

8-24/25 Body vibrations centered around the hips after being woken at around 6a. In the night before going to sleep, I heard the strong sounds of the pulsing device turned up.

8-25/26 Body vibrations centered around the hips after being woken at around 6a. In the night before going to sleep, I heard the strong sounds of the pulsing device turned up.

8-26 After not eating for several days I at two cans of Tuna and one can of Sardines, This item was mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar. Increased attacks to the arm joints was felt.

8-26/27 After being woken around the 6a, Body Vibrations centered around the hips and chest. The chest attacks did not occur the days I did not eat.

8-27 Ate the last cans of tuna that I had purchased from the Bragg Blvd IGA Carlie C’s. This was mixed with apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Upon consuming this product, attacks to the heart muscle in the form of stinging was felt. Increased stomach attacks, tightness of the arm joint muscles and stomach occurred as well. I contributed these additional attacks to the olive oil as I did not add this item in my previous meal.

8-27/28 Rapid heart beat several times in the night coupled with Body Vibrations centered around the hips and chest. I contributed these additional attacks to the olive oil. Note: I had cooked the olive oil into the meal for at least 10 minutes.

8-28 I was suppose to leave the area yesterday, but a strong sickness feel came across me. This is an induced attack brought on by the directed energy targeting that occur 24/7. So this was day I left. I went to the Ramsey Street Shopping District to pick up mail and to purchase food from Dollar Tree and Save A lot. As is typical, when I got on the bus, various perpetrators was seen with their phones out. Some were actively involved in coordinating the targeting as was shown on my cell phone camera. Had I felt better, I would have walked, but because of the induced sickness attacks, I had to take the bus.

8-28 The first store I went into was Dollar General. Immediately upon entering this establishment I seen several carts on the floor. Some of the stocking of these shelves had already occurred. I was able to capture this on my spy camera. However, I did not purchased food at this establishment. Also, all of the shopping carts had stuff in them. Most likely the food that were on the shelves, which was replaced by the reconditioned food on the shelves. This is typically what happens when I entered a store. The reconditioned food contained nano pathogens that aide in the electro-magnetic assault on my body. Dollar General is located at 3445 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28311. Phone: 910-630-0078. Manager: Andrea.

8-28 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. #472 3646 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville NC 28311-7646. Manager Jessica. Phone: 910-482-0038. Upon entering this establishment, I seen at least two males stocking in the food sections. One of them had uniform that I seen in previous occasions and the other one look like one of the customers. The one I seen before I asked if he was the manage and what was his name. His behavior was very aggressive towards me. He kept asking me why I needed this information. I told him because I was a customer of this store and I was spending my money. He finally gave me the answer. I would see him later after leaving the store. Also, while shopping I seen various carts stroll throughout the isles. They were all in the food section. Anyway, I purchased Red Kidney Beans, Dry Beans, Pinto Beans, Baking Soda, Oatmeal Cookies, Strawberry Bars, Rotini Pastam, Elbow Macaroni, Wafer Cookies, Fruit & Nuts, Indulgent Mix, Sun Flower Seeds, Frozen Salmon Beef Patties, Popcorn Chicken, Meatballs, Nut Mix, Tropical Fruit Mix, Chicken Strips, Chicken Patties and non food items. Upon getting to the cash register and checking my food out, one of the guys who had been stocking the shelves was now finished. I had documented this before. When I paid for the items, this automatically confirms that there is no need to continue to stock these reconditioned items that is not meant for the public consumption. As I was loading my cart, I seen him going to his motorcycle, which was parked right in front of the store. Clearly he was called in as a last minute duty to assist in stocking this store. I confronted this dude with a slight glimpse from Sarah, who was checking out customers. Sarah never is involved in stocking, but she might have a higher role in this criminal organization. Anyway, his behavior was quite different from the sale’s clerk that I had seen previously. He was very mannerable and appeared to come from a better background. Also, he appears to be Hispanic like his rude associate. I asked him if he worked there. He says yes. These people are already scripted to respond to questions that seem obvious. But he wasn’t in uniform and that was a red flag for me. So I knew he was on contract to stock food businesses with reconditioned food. With that matter behind me and finishing my shopping at this establishment, I walk to my next store. Upon this, as I was crossing the street, I see a black car coming towards me. I flagged it to pass me, but the driver refused. This was very unusual, because passing me would have given the driver the advantage of avoiding a long wait at the intersection. But this driver had another motive. Upon my amazement, this driver was the store “manager” that had a rude attitude and was stocking heavily a few minutes earlier. The only reason why a driver would let you go in front of them is so they can get a direct GPS hit on you. A direct GPS hit allows the criminal organization to be more precise in their targeting.. Anyway, upon noticing him, I started to approach his vehicle. He was very ADAMANT! about me staying away from his driver side window. Everything about this guy display negativity so DEEP that you could not cut it with a knife. I was clever though, I got his license plate before I even confronted him. I knew when he did not pass me, when I flagged him to go ahead, that his interest in targeting me was very high. Anyway, these individuals are not regular employees. They are part of a very DEMONIC criminal organization that has been in existence for some time. There actions are against ALL the freedoms that this country had developed throughout the years. That’s why I’m going to make it my mission to expose these individuals no matter what! So, expect a youtube video of this individual and his associates very soon.

8-28 12:50p Save-A- Lot #8046 3447 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28311. Manager: Audrey. Phone: 910-822-1012. When I came into this establishment, they really wasn’t a lot of people in the store. But later I had seen a few people come in. I even saw a delivery man from a company called flowers. However, as I was shopping, I saw stocking carts in several sections of the store. They were all in the food sections. One isle Audrey was stocking in the tuna section. I had seen this repeated in a Dollar Tree Store I just visited. Note: The last two days I ate Tuna, as this was the only I had, since the rest of my food had been consumed in the three weeks leading to it. Anyway, I purchased Apple Cider Vinegar, Bananas, BRD Onion Rings 15oz., Broccoli Crowns 16oz, Broccoli Frozen 16oz., Cabbage Green, CALF MDLY, Carrots, Catfish Nuggets, Cauliflower, Chicken Thigh FP, Frozen Cheeseburger, Crinkle CT Fries 48oz., Garlic Salt 4.45 MAR, Seedless Red Grapes, GRL SIRCH BL, Honey BBQ Sauce 18oz, Honey Smoked Turkey 16oz., Jasmile Rice, Olive Oil 17oz., Onions Yellow 3lbs., Peas Frozen 16oz., PLSK Links 40oz, PRK Butt C/S RBS B/I, PRK Chops B/L CC Thn, SLTD Butter QTR, SMK Sausages Links 40oz., Spicy Chicken SNDW, STM BG Broccoli and Tomatoes 4pk 18oz. Upon coming to the line, a heavy set woman rushes into the line behind. Her moves were very robotic as she approach me. Then within a few seconds of her arrival, she is seen typing into her phone. And next a phone call was made to someone that sounded like a family member. I have seen this all before. MANY, MANY times down to the letter. It is a script and she is just another one just following it. Her simply making a call is connecting her signal to me for further assault and programming of my body. I also want to note the employee as she too have a phone of which the heavyset lady is working from. Otherwise, she would not have came on the line in the way that she did.

Screenshot from MOVI0098.avi

8-28 After finishing my shopping, I headed to my mailbox location so uber could pick me up. However, because I found a shopping cart, I decided to do the five mile trek on foot. Because of the nature of my targeting, I had to stop several times. I kept feeling neausous and several times, I felt like throwing up. When I did finally throw-up, I saw green mixed into my siliva. I don’t know if it was an ingrown fungu, bacteria or the residue of nano technology, but this was the first time I seen something like this. As I was making it to my homebase, one of the male perpetrators decided to sit in front of the church property leased to him and his partner. This was with a minute of me arriving to this area. Because I had walked more than 5 miles, I needed time to rest and it would take me some time before I completed my move across the railroad tracks. When I finally made it in the woods, I was just to week to continue. I had eaten small amounts of foot after my five days of not eating anything. So I decided to eat some grapes, bread and oscar mayer honey smoked white turkey. All these items had considerable amounts of nano crystalline – smart dust in it. I had purchased these items from the Save-A-Lot Ramsey Street store earlier.

8-28/29 Upon going to sleep, constant pulsing attacks to my stomach was felt. Than at some point I saw induced visual imagines that change randomly and randomly. It happened only when my eyes was closed and it was in my sub-conscious thought. I know for sure that had I note anything upon returning that day, this particular attack would not have happened. Also some slight spasm and signal attacks was felt to the hands and feet earlier. They had been attacking my feet since returning from the Ramsey Street shopping district.

8-29 As I was sorting through the items I purchased yesterday, I came up several items that appeared to had been opened and repacked. It was the Kurtz Apple Cider Vinegar from Save-A-Lot. It was filled up to the top and the cap looked like it had be opened. And the Chicken patties from Dollar Tree, although most had 3 patties inside of them, one actually had 4 patties. So this is an indication that they had been opened, reconditions with the nano pathogen and resealed with similar printed packaging.

8-29/30 Induced swelling on the lower spinal cord, which is enhance with pulsing and directed energy attacks. Burning sensations to the inner ear, which affects hearing lost and mobility. Burning and stinging attacks to the toe joints, which affects mobility. And from time-to-time, pulsing attacks to the nostrils, which affects sinus pressure to the eyes.

8-31 Noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust in the Nature’s House Indulgent Trail Mix, Bauducco Vanilla Wafers, Lil Dutch Maid Ice Oatmeal Cookies from Dollar Tree Ramsey Street. Upon consuming these items, signal attacks to the head, which feel like electrical current. Also stinging attacks the feet and inner ears. Signal attacks to the ankles and knees. Induced muscular pain to the arm joints.

8-31 Later in the afternoon attacks progressed to the sexual organs, lower right side of head and hip in the form of pulsing and constant directed energy to the stomach. Also, manipulation of the battery charging mechanism almost immediately after consuming any meal laced with the nano technology.

8-31/9-1 Last night all I could remember is that we had a thunderstorm that brought light showers and sometime later I smelt a lot of smoke. The only reason why I would smell smoke, because of the satanic ritual stuff the criminal organization does when they can’t reach you with the technology. Right before daylight the usual body vibration, but I expected more since I consumed a lot of nano technology the previous day.


The NO LIFE Matrix Must END

Attention Readers:

I’m coming up to 10 years as a Targeted Individual (October 15th 2007). So it has been a while, since I have been able to live a normal life. However, just existing as I had for these years, is no longer going to work for me.

Before the targeting began, I was working on several projects. It fell under the Umbrella of Brunson Marketing Force LLC; a company I created in 2004.

The purpose of the company is to manage my web presence, which consist of various websites and domains.

In a short period, I was able to generate a large following of people who believe in the direction that I was going. With this support, I was able to create websites that was geared to uplifting this population.

I still feel that this can happen.

But I have to break from this pattern that something will be done about my situation. The more time goes by, the more it is obvious that the targeting situation will not disappear.

The problem isn’t so much about that perpetrators, but individuals claiming to be Targeted Individuals (which, by the way have not been substantiated).

Just claiming to be a Targeted Individual will lock you into this mentality that you can not do anything with your life. So you go on complaining about what the perpetrators are doing to you, without realizing that the damage is wrap around not doing anything with your life.

So I am at the point of reliving my life as it was before 2007, so that I can be myself again. This will involve cutting my ties COMPLETELY from people associated with this MATRIX called Targeted Individual.

I’m not saying the Targeting doesn’t exist. IT DOES. But the worse targeting is not living your life and associating with others who are not living their lives.

With that said, my evidence gathering will continue to exist. But I will be implementing my two ethnic websites. This will include a audio webcast in the future.

I will give more details about these projects in the future.

This is the post I made on Facebook, which I did not get any response:

“For some time I have been thinking about bring my websites on-line since targeting started in 2007. And today, I’m very sure that it can happened. The website was news focus and an on-line community that was tailored to a specific segment of the community. It was focused on giving individuals accessibility by submitting content based articles that is tailored to a specific segment of the community. As it has been, there is no website out there that allow this kind of accessibility to this specific segment of the community. Either they are general focus or, they present information that they want you to read. Although this website would encourage readers, we will be more geared to promoting journalistic content. So right now I need to figure out whether I should do this. Also, not only would the website be content base, but their will eventually be an audio component. The audio component would come in the form of a live audio cast or a podcast (or both). The additional component would involved having a televised news feed each day, but that is something that would have to occur in the distance future. Before these crimes happened to me, I was running a marketing company: bmarkforce and a non profit Qolspony. Eventually I had plans to merge these two entities at some point. Unfortunately, I do not know the status of these organizations as I was too involve with the Targeting and stop filing paperwork. But for now I can simply run this as a sole proprietor until I figure out how to retain the status of those entities if they still exist. GSS, which was started in 2010 is not a legal status organization. There is no paper filed for this name. It is just something created to shed light on individuals being targeted with organized stalking and electronic harassment. Earlier, there has been some effort to start an organization with a name of: Targeted Individuals For Self Determination (TISD). However, that did not occur. I mention this, because GSS purposes was just limited to the website and had no purpose outside of that. But in the case of what I want to do with these websites, I can bring it once an audience is established. However, the audience will be quite different than the audience that GSS represents. But due to time retrains and expenses, this is the only way I can do it until I can figure something out.

So it is pretty obvious to me that: 1. Either they are aware that this MATRIX exist and they don’t want other TIs to recognize it. 2. That they are just too IGNORANT to notice about the MATRIX.

The MATRIX is not the gang stalking and electronic harassment. It is how you react to these things. If you are too STUPID to not see that they are doing these things so you won’t live your life, you will continue to fall for this MATRIX.