Joan Dawson: Every time there is a suicide in your state, please do 2 things

1) Call your Senator’s office and let them know – another person committed suicide from gang stalking – explain briefly what GS is.
2) Write to the editor if they mention gang stalking. If they get it right, thank them. If they get it wrong, correct them.

Here is an article (that got it wrong) –

Here is the letter I wrote. Please write to them – just click on the link to the right of the photo. Use my text or re-word it. The more people that contact Congress and the media, the better our chances.

Dear Editor,

Myron May was a targeted individual (TI) – targeted by gangstalkers. There are now a number of books written by TIs and a plethora of blogs. One estimated the number of TIs to be 350,000 in the US alone.

The tactics used by gangstalkers are meant to discredit the TI, so they are similar to being paranoid. Many targets are whistle blowers, activists, outspoken people, etc. Some, perhaps like May, don’t even know why they are targeted.

Had you interviewed a bullying expert instead of a psychiatrist without knowledge of gangstalking, you would have been told about the differences between mental illness and hyper vigilance. Here is a link: stress/ptsd.htm#Differences

So, for example, I will say, “I know this sounds like I’m paranoid, but….” A paranoid individual is not going to say this. Also, I talk about gangstalking to specific people – the ability to distinguish when to talk about it and who to talk to about it separates us from those honestly suffering from paranoia. Until the press gets this right, TIs will continue to commit suicide.


NYC TI Event Announcement: Reaching out to the FBI Campaign

NYC TI Event Announcement:
“Reaching out to the FBI Campaign”
26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY 10278
Btwn Broadway & Worth St
Thursday, May 1, 2015 9:00AM
For Additional information please contact Eduardo Colon at:
(718) 781-2567

The basic premise of this event will be to formally acquire the acknowledgment of the FBI in regards to the Targeted Individual’s issue. In the past our predicament has been raised multiple times to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This event will serve as an imperative reinforcement of evidence in where an assemblage of TIs have attempted to incite the FBI in conducting a practical investigation in regards to the possibility of thousands of U.S. citizens, with identical complaints, who may be under remote electromagnetic assaults and/or organized stalking. Each individual will receive a copy of the complaint made at the NYC FBI office, therein to solidify our presence in making our issue known to the only federal agency with the scope of jurisdiction in investigating the cause to our severe situation.


Secretly Forced Chips In Targeted Individual Removed

February 3, 2015 – An innocent Targeted Individual (TI) underwent surgery Friday in California for removal of 5 secretly implanted biomedical devices in his physique. In a key breakthrough for him and possibly thousands of other TIs, the “foreign bodies” health-related specialists have analyzed have been identified in that they comprised of waveguides and nanotechnology.

The specialist anlysis accounts for inhumane suffering through involuntary physique movements that Cain has described as hell. It is also a feasible breakthrough for thousands of other TIs who claim illegal implantation and becoming tortured..

According to court documents, in TI Richard Cain and his two kids allegedly had been implanted at St. John’s Regional Medical Center and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital in 2008 in a non-consensual human health-related research program. For over 5 years, Cain’s family has knowledgeable hell, which includes involuntary movements, as a lot of TIs contacting Deborah Dupré complain in their written accounts.

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Changes On The Way To The GSS Website

Dear Readers,

Government Sponsored Stalking.INFO was established on January 1st 2010. Since than, the website has not had a significant update.

Due to both targeting and spam, the GSS website was left with a simple structure. This simple structure allowed the website to be brought back up, in case the site got turned off.

But the simple structure is not working anymore, as my needs have changed.

The website is structured as a basic blog directory that readers use to keep on top of the latest news, while, at the same time, seeking resources that will enlighten them.

This is good, but it does very little to keep a person coming back. So starting June of 2015, more emphasis would be on making the website more interactive.

Individuals will soon be able to communicate with each other in an interactive chatroom, send private messages and post event announcements.

Because I have been able to get a handle of the spam that was plaguing this website, individuals will have the opportunity to post messages that will be seen by other readers. Special privileges will be alloted to trusted individuals.

Moreover, space will be dedicated for ads to raise revenue for projects that are in the pipeline. For instance, I still have an interests in starting a safe house community. And if you have been reading the posts recently, I plan to have a radio gig to address our concerns.

All of this is tentative, so nothing has been finalized.

Government Sponsored Stalking is not an organization, it is an information website based on my evidence. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Christopher John Brunson


Darlene R. Miles TI vs USA


Miles v. The United States of America et al
Plaintiff: Darlene R. Miles
Defendant: The United States of America, United States Department of Defense, United States Department of Justice, Central Intelligence Agency, United States Department of Homeland Security, National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation, Health and Human Services (HHS), (IRS) Internal Revenue Service, Barbara A. Mikulski, Department of DOD/DOJ, Marcus Brown, Mike DeWine, Lisa Iannotta, The Ohio Department of Taxation, City of Cleveland Heights Ohio, City of Youngstown Ohio Police and Fire, City of Campbell Ohio Police, City of Columbus Police and Fire, (UH) University Hospitals – Information Technology Managment Center, Grace Vaughn Evans and Unnamed Defendants 1 to 100,000 plus
Case Number: 2:2015cv01082
Filed: March 26, 2015
Court: Ohio Southern District Court
Office: Columbus Office
Referring Judge: Elizabeth Preston Deavers
Presiding Judge: James L Graham
Nature of Suit: P.I.: Other
Cause of Action: 18:241 Conspiracy Against Citizen Rights
Jury Demanded By: None
Access additional case information on PACER

Use the links below to access additional information about this case on the US Court’s PACER system. A subscription to PACER is required.


Access this case on the Ohio Southern District Court’s Electronic Court Filings (ECF) System


Targeted Individual: Joan Dawson Recommendations For TIs

Joan Dawson has been a TI for a number of years and is actively involved in communicating with Congress about our situation. She is seeking your guidance and support and encourages you to follow her direction.

Recently she posted this message in our Yahoo Groups forum. It reads as follows:

Thank you for posting this link!!!! I printed it out this morning before I headed off to Congress – it was perfect timing.

I visited every Senator in the Hart building today, sharing my personal story and providing a copy of the FBI agent’s statement from the link.

If you live anywhere by the DC metro area, I encourage you to VISIT your Congress Members – and any other state’s members because this is a nation-wide phenomena.

If you don’t live in the region, I strongly encourage you to CALL your Congress Members. Tell them the jist of your story – the more people that call, the better our odds of investigating this.

Even if you have called, call again. They are your elected officials, public servants, who are there to serve their representative state’s population.

Thanks again! such great evidence!!

Follow-up post

I would suggest starting with basics -surveillance, black listing, etc. before moving into the use of weaponry. In most cases, I think people need to digest this in small bites. Patience can pay off.

If anyone is a whistle blower, please contact Ron Johnson’s office. They have a special program set up to investigate whistle blower retaliation. I will provide more info soon.

Refering to this Post: CLICK HERE

Motivated individuals in the DC area should contact, Joan Dawson at:


Radio Gig To Expose Technology Crimes

Dear Readers,

I received three emails recently concerning doing a show on surveillance issues.

The first one is a shortwave broadcast out of the state of Maine. This is the only broadcast that operates over the airwaves. Most of the programs are of a political right perspective.

The second email is from an African American webcaster and of course his station (which he calls channels) is geared to an Africa American audience.

The third email is from a progressive radio webcast that targets the left lending community.

Since the targeted individual population is so widespread in its political ideology, we feel each outfit offers a unique set of benefits.

But first we need to line up a group of hosts and producers. I still don’t have an idea of who will be participating.

If you are a targeted individual and will be interested in exploring one of these options (hosting or producing), please feel free to contact me (below).

We are looking for innovative and insightful individuals who want to make a difference in the targeted individual community.

  • Christopher J. Brunson
  • Telephone: (980) 285-7954



Simple Tools for Emotional Pain

From my recent awakening, my view about what is going on in terms of humanity as a whole and the awakening process has expanded. I am quite certain we are at the point NOW where ‘many people awaken’ foreseen by most religions. Because of this many people are having awakening symptoms. The PAIN you are feeling now is that. The pain is to wake you up. You don’t need pills to eliminate the pain, rather love the Pain you have and allow it to be your teacher to guide you to find the spot where there is no pain.

Meditation is not something people know how to do; you have to learn how to do it. You learn by practicing it. The more you practice, the better you get at it. Meditation is a basic skill of learning how to ‘see’ & ‘hear’ & ‘feel’ which helps you grow closer to ‘God’, dissolve your pain and is non-denominational. Sometimes meditation is called prayer and often people pray but do not get help they need, because they are not praying correctly. Prayer is about asking for guidance or help then quieting the mind to HEAR or RECEIVE the answer or help.

When our thoughts become very noisy an intermediate step must be taken to help quiet our mind. The simple act of repeating the name of an inspirational spiritual person and being quiet is a beginner prayer/meditation. If you do this as often as you can, your mind will start to quiet down, followed by strong emotions quieting down. As the noisy mind and emotion settles, you will become CALM and still inside. When you are CALM, it is like connecting directly to ‘God’, who is in the calm space always HERE underneath mind and emotion. When you are calm you can see better & hear truth, which truth is ‘guidance’ or receiving, which helps you grow closer to ‘God’. But to receive you have to be CALM and quiet inside which is same as quieting your mind. To quiet the mind you have to take action (do prayer). You have to practice to get good at it. Setting aside time each day to do prayer, is by itself the act of letting go of our attachment to the ‘physical world’, which is better called our ‘dream world’, which illusion is created by identifying with our thoughts or story, which we think is ‘truth’. (That is ego). Effective prayer, is working to detach from ego=mind, or quieting OUR thoughts.

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Radio Interview with Cisco Wheeler, Former Illuminati Mind Control Programmer

“They can use any slave that has been under mind control to accomplish any goal they have set forth with an access code; they can blow up a bridge, they can assassinate any leader – a governor, mayor, pastor – anyone that gets in the Illuminati’s path, who will not bend or bow to the Illuminati structure. They have slaves in force who will just go and eliminate them. Whatever is needed, it is there. I guarantee you it is there…”

“It’s not only multiples who are programmed – the world is programmed. We are programmed to believe our presidents are men of honour, men of great integrity. Our presidents are rotten bastards – they are pedophiles, they are drug addicts, they practise high magic, they practise ritual. They think nothing of live sacrifice of small children. They think nothing of having their own slaves available to them. That’s the way it is, that’s the truth.”

…Cisco Wheeler

[Editor’s Note: This powerful radio interview was likely conducted on Jan. 11, 1998. Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier were doing a lot of lectures and seminars at the time after they self published “The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave” and “Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula”, the most revealing and detailed books on the techniques used for trauma-based mind control ever to appear in print. Cisco brings out many important points here that the public needs to recognize about the nature of mind control (MC) programming: 1.Undetectable- the MC victim/slave carries out his ‘assignment’ for the Illuminati programmers using ‘alter’ personalities that are buried deep within the subconscious mind. The MC victim has no conscious knowledge of having performed these tasks and is living his/her normal life using the ‘front’ personality, who appears normal and ordinary in every way. 2. Sophistication-the same MC victim can be programmed with thousands of different alter personalities and can function in thousands of different capacities. The same person can be programmed with alters which can fluently speak in another language (unknown to the front alter) for example, or the physical body characteristics can change radically (deeper voice, greater strength, superhuman endurance to pain, etc.), or possess a photographic mind when functioning as a recording alter, yet be highly forgetful when using the front personality. There is practically no limit to what a human being can do while functioning as a mind controlled alter personality. Brice Taylor, for example, could start a fire in a wastepaper basket from across the room with just her mind. She could hold up her hands and make them profusely bleed from the palms while standing in front of the Pope [also under mind control], to make him think that he was witnessing a miracle. A ‘superhuman’ trained MC alter can jump to the ground from a 14 story building and suffer no injury. 3. Ruthlessness-MC victims are trained to believe that right is wrong and wrong is right. The alter will perform any task, regardless of how gruesome or heinous it may be, without compunction or hesitation. 4. Sleepers-there are millions of MC programmed individuals here in America who will be used during the ‘end times’ scenario to create massive chaos and destruction so as to justify the imposition of martial law and eliminate perceived enemies of the Illuminati (you). The reality and dangers presented by MC programmed individuals needs to be recognized and understood by the American public before it’s too late. We are clearly running out of time…Ken Adachi]

by Wayne Morris with Cisco Wheeler

Jan. 11, 1998
CKLN 88.1 FM Ryerson Polytechnical University Toronto, Ontario
January 11, 1998
Mind Control Series, Producer/Interviewer Wayne Morris:
Good morning, and welcome to The International Connection. We are in week #40 in our radio series on mind control, and today we begin an interview with Cisco Wheeler, co-author of “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave” and other books about trauma-based conditioning. Cisco is a mind control victim of one of the Illuminati families. She is a descendant of Ulysses S. Grant and has managed to gain a certain amount of freedom from her family’s control. She is currently working with Fritz Springmeier to help other victims of mind control heal. Cisco rarely does interviews, so we are very fortunate to be able to bring you this interview with Cisco Wheeler.

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Government connects Targeted Individual minds to the Internet


Below is an article which makes it sound like EEG’s being monitored on the internet is new technology. In fact, the military has been using it for some time now on the people they have selected to eliminate, torture and kill. They have taken over the privacy within their very brain. In some cases, they can see what the Target sees. If a man makes love to his wife, they see what he sees, the wife and all her private parts! They can hear what people say to each other in the privacy of their own bedrooms. And, they can see from his EEG when he has an orgasm. This is the depth of invasion of the US government into people’s lives. If you’re brain isn’t on the internet yet, it will be. This became possible under Agenda 21 by redefining what the word “terrorist” means. It can mean anybody they judge to be eliminated and by that I mean tortured and murdered.

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