Shortwave Broadcast

Dear Readers,

I’m exploring having a shortwave radio program addressing the issue of surveillance. But first, I have to see if there is enough of an interest to support a shortwave broadcast.

Several things have to happen before a broadcast can occur.

1) We need to setup a conference call. The conference call will determine how many volunteers will be interested in supporting such a broadcasts.

2) Supporting the broadcasts can come in the form of identifying co-host(s), financial support, and delegating tasks.

3) Simulcasting the broadcasts and who will be able to assist in this endeavor.

Government Sponsored Stalking will be seeking support in our next conference call. If a conference call should take place, it will most likely be next month. Day and time has not be sought, but GSS will inform you in two weeks before a call takes place.

If you are interested in supporting this endeavor, please contact by replying to this post or leaving a message at (980) 285-7954.

Christopher J. Brunson


Radionics Session #7

Hi Chris, I had troubles with my email over the past week and I am resending the analysis for the 1/2 session that was completed at 10:30 pm on March 8th.

Bee stings – homeopathy – Apis Melifica – calms nerve endings
Heal traumatized nerves
Twitches, nerves, nerve endings
Muscular and intramuscular tissue repair

Restructure cellular tissues, cellular tissue repair

Reduce aches, and muscular pain
Reduce inflammation of the nerves
Complete chakra balance
Clean up diarrhea

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


Government Sponsored Stalking Yahoo Groups (GSSYS)

Spam Will Not Be Tolerated! Changes On The Way



Because of the targeting, I was not able to moderate this group. Jeff, if you want to help moderate this group, please contact me on Facebook. This will no longer be a PUBLIC group. Violators will be remove immediately!

I’m sorry to those individuals who value our cause. All new members must be APPROVE first.

Christopher J. Brunson

Parker Wayne Is Now Moderator


Parker Wayne is now the moderator for Government Sponsored Stalking. He will be able to remove violators. This will remain a public group, because my inability to dedicate time.

I can reset the moderator privilege to limited email. please let me know what you want PW.




Pam Anderson

The Suicide of a Secret Government Program Victim

She was respected in the targeted individual (TI) community and had recently been appointed to the board of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). However, after 53 years of constant suffering and sabotage, with no end in sight, Pam Anderson had reached the end of her endurance.

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) September 16, 2011

As far back as she could remember, she had been a victim of “the program” as she described it. Therefore, she was grateful to have found the human rights organization, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) several months ago, one of only a very few groups in the world that deals with her issues. She was bright, articulate and knowledgeable and soon was invited to the board of FFCHS. However, Pam Anderson, distraught and disillusioned after 53 years of suffering mental, emotional, physical and psychological torment, with no hope of a solution anytime in the near future, went to a local firing range on Thursday, September 8, 2011, “swallowed her gun”, and blew herself away.

Pam’s father had been a NASA scientist at the Huntsville, Alabama space station. Her stepfather was enlisted in the Air Force and retired as a Chief Master Sergeant in 1985 at Norton AFB in San Bernardino, California. So, she had grown up on military bases, however, she had also been an MKULTRA experimentee from infancy.

MKULTRA was a secret CIA project which often non-consensually used and abused men, women, and children in the ultimate quest for control of the human mind. It began in the early 50’s, and focused mainly on the use of drugs, mostly LSD. Gradually, the emphasis shifted to electromagnetic frequency research, which provided many advantages over the use of drugs. With this new method, subjects could now be manipulated and monitored from a distance, thereby avoiding detection.

The researchers discovered that all manner of effects could be achieved in human beings via the modulation of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, including the transmission of human voices to the brain, the control of moods and emotions, the targeting and remote manipulation of limbs and processes of internal organs, even the remote induction of serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes and cancers.,

The US military also conducted mind control experiments and even collaborated with the CIA on some projects. This accounts for the experiment sessions that Pam endured that happened at military bases.

It wasn’t until a congressional investigation and hearings initiated by Senator Frank Church, in the early 70’s that the nightmarish programs were made public.
Officially, MKULTRA was abandoned after the congressional hearings. In practice however, according to whistleblower testimony and victim accounts, the secret research continued at a steady pace.

Pam was an intelligent woman who could have done very well in life had she not been interfered with at every turn. She was on the honor roll in high school until an eye injury playing on a women’s basketball team forced her into surgery, after which her grades plummeted to a D-. Immediately after the surgery, she started experiencing “abnormal, controlled horrifying dreams and remotely influenced imagery” that never ended.

During her adult life she enjoyed brief success as a business owner for four years, but this eventually came to a halt due to the covert sabotage of her business. She later excelled in her college major of Administration of Justice with a 4.0 GPA, but due to electromagnetic targeting, her grades dropped somewhat. She then worked as a reserve police officer for the City of San Bernardino, California until workplace harassment began to happen.

She worked a series of jobs after that, but was never able to obtain or maintain steady employment for an extended period of time because of covert stalking scenarios such as unexplained customer complaints or sudden illnesses, resumes that never reached their intended destination, phone calls from potential employers that were re-routed to a ‘disconnection of service’ message, vehicle sabotage and more.

In her recent statement to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, she wrote: “I have suffered the systematic destruction of my life, health, credibility, finances and general well being as a result of being placed in this program… All forms of communication intercepted: land line and cell phones, mail missing, opened or delayed. Sprint recently admitted only the Government has the power to intercept or corrupt my Blackberry. A Sprint employee in Redlands Ca. witnessed my Blackberry remotely being activated. I recently had to get a replacement Blackberry. I have had a plethora of cell phones, all with the same COINTELPRO tactics. My computer programs, internet searches and e-mails censored, controlled or delayed.”

Her health became more of an issue as time went on and she eventually had to receive disability payments. Her physical ailments included: an auto-immune disorder, vasculitis, fibromyalgia, and tinnitis, as well as remote cognitive and behavioral control, synthetic telepathy (transmission of voices or other audio content to the human mind), – racing heartbeat, remote-influenced trancing, extreme fatigue, induced sleep, blurred vision, excruciating knee pain, excruciating foot pain, itching eyes, eye pain, intense pain in hands, debilitating migraines, sudden hearing loss, vibrations in parts of body, constant ringing in ears with constant pressure, involuntary movements of head and limbs” – and more.

She felt that some of her symptoms were consistent with radiation poisoning and began to feel more hopeless as she vainly sought medical help. Her condition continued to degrade, however hospitals refused to admit her even though she had very serious physical issues that doctors told her needed immediate attention. Her doctors would order her to be admitted to the hospital, but hospitals mysteriously refused to admit her with no explanation and her doctors were pressured not to intervene.

“I have literally begged for death,” she once said.

During her last days there had been a noticeable change in Pam. She called one activist late one night and interrogated him endlessly, desperately searching, probing for answers that she knew already were not there. “Who do I go to with this?” she said over and over. “Pam, we’re making progress,” he would say. “I need help right now!”

That familiar urgency in the face of horrific suffering, while no congressman, no influential human rights group or privacy rights group, no police department, no task force, no attorney, no phone call from the cavalry would be coming to offer a modicum of help or relief.

“Who do I go to, to report this?” she repeated accusingly, knowing the sad reality that for victims of secret government mind control experimentation programs, at least for the present, there are no answers and no one to go to for help.

So, when this activist finally received the call from someone who identified herself as a friend of Pam’s, he knew the next words would not be good.

How many more victims will have to resort to self-inflicted violence before the world pays attention to a growing network of covert technological crime?




Radionics Session #6

Specialist Wrote:

Hi Chris,
This morning we completed the 1/2 hour session. I wanted to deflect the energies completely this time and spontaneously decided when that would be. So, we did the session at 8:00 a.m this morning. Here’s what we did:
Implants – removal from stomach and all digestive system, reduce gnawing and boring of implants into the digestive system
Pylorus valve
Increase digestion nd absorption of nutrition
Head, headache, migraine
TM,  pressure on the side of the head and related stress
Balance and specifically provide for the coordination of the Aura for more effective protection of the body and its functions
Aura distortion – Bring back into balance and uniformity for this person’s harmony
Aura balancing  – level one
Aura body balancing – level two
Aura repair, repair tears, holes and seal. Build the auric field and fortify as defence of any implants
Fatigue and tress reduction
Cold and flu remedy
Toxic metal – detoxing Nickel – perhaps you wore some jewellery at one time with high nickel content?
Support and stimulation of the lymphatic drainage –  ears, nose and sinuses and throat
Removal of ET and alien implants – block and remove all implants
Thyroid fatigue
At the beginning General Vitality was 53% and at the end of the session, there was a 40% increase. The implants were weakened further from  63% saturation at the beginning of the session to 45%..

Radionics Session #5

Specialist Wrote:

Hi Chris,
Tonight’s session was a 1/2 hour broadcast and we worked on a number of
issues. I find myself doing a half-hour research before beginning the
session plus a 30 minutes to write up after so our half-hour session for me
is still 60 minutes. It would work better if we only deal with one or two
issues such as digestion and that would pretty much take up the full 30
minutes. For next time, lets narrow it down to the top 2 issues. You will
get more focus on them.

So this is what we did tonight:
We worked on your digestion and targeted the fact that your digestion is the
repository for the implants and so I sealed your digestive tract from the
implants finding your digestion is a target.

We  also worked on the bee stingy feelings and on your feet.

We worked on detoxifying and revitalizing the gastrointestinal track and the
third chakra,

We worked on seven levels of the auric layers and di an aura body balancing
and aura repair which represented probably close to 30 different settings.

We also worked on your adrenals, sinuses and head

We did some settings on fatigue and stress to the adrenals and thyroid.

We did a cleanse on the bacterial strains that are causing harm to you. The
words that I was to used  was “and let this be resolved”.

We worked on a realignment of the spine, specifically the Thoracic disc #6 –
that leads to the stomach.

We did a balance on the body’s acid and alkalinity. We also did an alkaline

We also worked on the miasms ( they are like chi energy lines in your body)
that carry dis-ease and vulnerability.

We  reset your lymphatic  functions and also removed the propensity for
implants to occur.

I gave you a dose of colloidal silver and I also put some of the solution in
the actual broadcast mechanism so you got it more directly than just a

Before the session your General Vitality was 63% and this increased to 75%
at the end. Implants are weakening their hold.  The occurrance was 5 %,
higher than last week but strength or power of those implants has diminshed
by 30%. This is a good sign.


Radionics Session #4

Specialist Wrote:

Hi Chris, As I have moved to a different approach to sending radionics, the

number of settings no longer correlates. As mentioned, I did over 40
settings but would be unable to list them. So, instead, I have a list
generally of what we did:

seal holes in aura
reduce influence of Radiation -specifically cell phone, HAARP, microwave,
stray voltage
Nasal cleansing of implants, clear nasal passages and tissues impacted by
Sinus – frontal
Sinus, airways
Colloidal silver
Infection in the body
Inflammation in the body used as energy source for implants
Sinus disorders, congestion
ear sinus congestion
Digestion – General digestion system  – remove, repair, restore balance and
seal from implants
Pancreatic enzyme
Solar plexus – calming – blue -indigo
Bee stings
Physical malfunction
Causing implants to occur
Remove killer psychic forces
Remove, repair, balance and seal all levels and tracks left by implants


Radionics Specialist

The reason you have not heard from me is because I’m working with a Radionics professional to clear the implants from my body. I don’t have a progress report to give as of yet. However, I am offered some relief from the attacks that I’m receiving on a daily basis.

Other news: I will be looking for secure property to coincide with the targeting that I’m facing. I have not decided to include other TI’s in this plan as of yet. There is a process and I will let everyone know about it one land has been secured. But there is no guarenteed it would happen, just that it is a plan.



Radionics Session #3

Specialist Wrote:
Hi Chris,
This was an interesting session this evening. I started at 10 pm but had a few interruptions along the way. You ended up on the instrument a lot longer than expected for one setting. Let me know if you feel any imbalance over the next day or so. I finished at 11:30.
We opened the session with a lot of anger and resentment. Did you have a tough couple of days?

So, here’s the work that we did this evening. Many of them were the more powerful full machine settings:

Psychic toxins and dark force removal
Reception control lines – this was particularly strong this evening. Have you felt a loss of control recently. This will help balance the energies and restore equilibrium
Renew miasms – these are the vital pathways that disease can run on. I did a rebalance to clear the lines of any implants
Insomnia – have you been having difficulty sleeping especially with that big full moon?
Assimilation of nutrients and nutrition.
Stimulation of digestive system
Rebalance physical malfunctions all organs of the body, all systems of the body, all subtle energies
Radiation exposure. This was interesting because I checked you out previously in a past session but it came up quite strongly now. You said you were moving. I think you may have passed through something along the way. Anyways, at the end of the session, we cleared 60% of it. Next session, I’ll check again to see if you cleared the rest
Also sinusitis and nasal/ sinus cavity clearing and healing
I’ll call you this Saturday at 11:00 am for the follow-up. I wanted to do an etheric rebalance but will do that Saturday night along with the colloidal silver, if that’s ok with you. We talked about it once before.
Have a good evening/day, Chris.

Radionics Session #2

From Specialist:
Hi Chris,
This is what we did tonight. I started around 9:30 PM and ended at 10:55. It was a long session due to the double settings to work deeper on the implants, as explained below.
First half of session
Gas, bloating, shifting pain
Removal of Colon blockage.
Revitalize gastrointestinal system
Detox gastro-intestinal system
Revitalize subtle forces of the G.I. system
Increase general vitality,
White light
Clearing of Sinus disorder
Treatment of Sinusitis
Second half of session
Resolve complex energy patterns and forces that:
Cause energy leakage
Cause Implants to occur
Cause Susceptibility to mental control
Cause psychosis
Implant receptor removals
These last-half settings used  full instrumentation for up to 6 minutes on each one
I was also informed that there were implants behind the ears in the lymphs. You may have been aware of them if you hear a high pitch electronic frequency, like grasshoppers singing in the heat of the summer day. These have been cleared. I also provided your energy body with a circle of White Light to seal off further inhabitations of implants. If you feel a need, think of white light surrounding yourself on all frequencies.
So while there seem to be fewer than the last time indeed these are quite powerful settings to address the issues. I look forward to talking to you on Friday at 6pm. I will try to reach you at that time, or call me and I will call you back immediately.
These energies are subtle, so look for less pain, easier stomach issues, easier sleeping and a more gentle and less troubled outlook over the next few days.
Take care and I trust you will be feeling better.