Mind Control Victim Noah Green Breeched Capitol

The suspect; was killed following the attack, on the Capitol around 1p this afternoon. Identified as Noah Green, 25, according to federal and local law enforcement sources weeks leading to the attack. Green posted on social media in the weeks before the attack that he had lost his job and suffered medical ailments, and said he believed the federal government was targeting him with “mind control.”

Green continutes, “I have suffered multiple home break ins, food poisonings, assaults, unauthorized operations in the hospital, mind control.”

CNN is the source of this story: https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/capitol-security-threat-04-02-21/index.html


Artificial Intelligence: The Messages Are All The Same!

No matter who comments, the messages are all the same! While several posts about taking the steps of repairing these wrongs go unanswered. Meanwhile, our situation continue to worsen, because the “Targeted Individual” community refuse to step to the plate.

I’m not talking about endless invitation to conference calls that lead to no.where. Or your occasional rally that produce no results and cause money to get to. I’m talking about creating a safe community whereby TIs feel connected to each other in a way they can overcome some of the targeting they face everyday. But first, they the AI program

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is always working in the background. It occurs everytime I read a post on Facebook or right here on this forum. It occurs everytime I bring up this idea of having a safe community and flooded with excuses of why this can’t be done.

I could remember a time when we at could at least talk about the possibility of discussing this idea. I could also remember the time when I use to read post relevant to the technology. But most of that has been replaced by constant agorithms of complaining about the targeting and nothing else ever gets explored.

So you have no choice but to move on from.all of this, because you know any more effort spent on this will greatly deminish your time on this earth.

So I have greatly limit my presence in the TI community, because there would be nothing to live for other than these program messages of defeat. And no.matter how often I mentioned it, the deafness of the conversation leads time not well spent.

Anyway, if you can comment on anything other than what your targeting profile is, we can began to break these walls down.


Make Money With Cryptocurrency

We don’t have to let the Perpetrators control us. We can take back that control by being economically self sufficient. But it will take a change in your mindset and how you look at life.

This is a new day. There are many opportunities to make money, which will help offset the targeting program that they have us in. But you have to be determine to win. Because making money has no place for losers and complainers.

So, if you take some time to understand this concept, you can overcome the situation that they put us in. And since the targeting is not going away anytime soon, your best bet is to start doing some soon, before they, the Perpetrators, won’t have no mercy once they take everything you have.

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Why is Everyone surprised by the Capitol breech?

As i lay here in a place I don’t want to be, but forced to be at due to being targeted by Government Sponsored Electronic Stalking, my mind is taking me back on how this got started.

So yeah! They infiltrated the Capitol with their insurection scheme. But we as Targeted Individuals been dealing with infiltration since day one! And finally the chicken came home to roost! But had the government listened to the TI community, maybe these infiltration schemes would not have breech the Capitol.

I’ve been writing everywhere to let both the government and public know that we still exist. And if they want to know where these criminals are at, I will personally tell them.

There is your ambulance workers, your office workers in cityhall. The person who deliver your packages. They are all over!!!

They are managers in grocery store, your delivery person, your food process person (how you think the nano techno is getting in the food), your lawyer, doctor and dentist.

The problem is so bad, we have been able to identify family members.

Forget about the protection agencies like the FDA, US Dept. Of Agriculture, the EPA (why you think they keep spraying chemtrails on us?

Even and of course the various police and fire departments. The corruption is so deep that you would literally have to have everyone take a lie detector test to see who has or hasn’t been associated with one of these criminal groups.

Donald Trump supporters is just a tip of the iceberg. They are your neighborhood stalkers, job mobbers, stockers of nano laced foods. They are your vandalists, your psychologist, your engineer, ect.

They have the capability to not only take over this country, but to take over the world. They have have access to almost anything.

Backdoors to phones, computers or any electronic gadget that they are free to hack into without government intervention. What do you think a cell tower is?

Hacking into the cell network gives them the ability to hack into the brainwaves of human and wife life. So the telecom companies are complicit in this.

I end this saying, if you let things go on too long, eventually everyone will suffer.

Ps: By the way, white supremacists aren’t the only ones involved in this criminal cortel. They large segment of people in the black, latino and asians involved as well. They are the puppeteers. They are all align with satanic cult following. So do not limit it to just one race.


Facebook Forum Dead End

I’m reading some of the posts of your group and it looks more to be a general group than a ti group.

What we need is a TI group that will allow us to understand the technology, how it impact us, and what we can do to over come it.

If you read some of my material on my webpage, i have cover just that.

The problem with the TI community as a whole is that we focus on the problem. But when a solution is presented to them, they make excuses of why they can’t make it happen.

Anyway, I know white supremacy is attached to this criminal program. But many of us are dealing with day to day circumstances that involve so many different situations.

The situation of racism is kind of on the back burner when every race is participating in our targeting. We know it stem from white, but how can we connect with the general “conscious” black community when they are caught in the 1960s.

People are doing things to us that the world has no idea of what is going on. So we live in the shadows of everyone else, so I don’t see how these radical groups can help us here.

I do know that we should be putting some money together and purchase us some land all across the country. Because we need to fortified ourselves from what we experience as Targeted Individuals. Than we need to apply healing techniques that would make us whole again. And if some of us want to join these radical affiliations at least those who join don’t have to explain this technology to them and how it has impacted our lives.

From my experience, I don’t care how much you tell them about this technology, they would either agree or disagree with you, but you will continue to suffer and they will continue to live their lives as if the conversation never happen. (In the case of my Aunt, I told her from the very beginning. At first, she seem to understood. Than later, “it’s happening to everyone of our persuasion”. And more recent as 2014, “it doesn’t exist. This is when I knew that she became a Perpetrator) And if they become a Targeted Individual, they will tell you I should have listen to you. And the cycle continues. No one would have created something so if they did become a TI, that they would have something to fall back on.

There is no central location, no office, no crisis hotline or no shelter for people being targeted individuals for all of 13 plus years that I have been a ti. All we have is forums that say the same things, conference calls that lead to nothing and once a year rallies that is meaningless. And year after year older TIs fall off and new ones come in.

So the point of this post, let’s start building and stop wasting time!


Infiltrators sought in Capital Sieged

People need to understand that these people have embedded themselves amongst us. As a Targeted Individual we know them as STALKERS. There main objective is to infiltrate. They have been very successful at doing this, which is why they got into the capital. They had law enforcement on the ground already to subvert the good officers from protecting the capital.

But as a Targeted Individual of Directed Energy Torture, they have a role of implementing a targeting Electronic Grid across the world. This Grid is connected to Global Position System Satellites that circle the global.

TIs have been complaining about this for years. But they have people in these government offices whose job is to ignore this human rights violation.

Not only they infiltrate Government, they infiltrate businesses as well. In my case many stores selling food and drink. Food Lion, Walmart, Aldi, Trader Joe’s, ect, it does not matter.

In my case they are connected to the medical and scientific industries who are illegally experimenting on Americans against their consent. They place nano pathogens in the food and drink to make it easier to use directed energy weapons on them.

I have a whole website for years talking about this. Even my YouTube channel talk about this.

They have embedded themselves in the communities that we live. Making these communities a haven for these criminal networks. And now we finally seeing what these people are capable of doing.

It is incumbent of citizens across the United States to weed out these global criminal networks, so something like this Capital disgrace doesn’t happen again.


The above documentation will show you how they have been able to infiltrate the city government. And how law enforcement is connected to these criminal operations.

So before we deal with immunity for law enforcement officers, we must address the criminal networks that allows this practice to thrive.


January 6th U.S. State Capital Breached

This is everything I wanted to write, but couldn’t due to my situation. But it most definitely speaks to our issue as Targeted Individuals.

See… we have experienced many of the surveillance apparatus that this poster speaks of. But more importantly, it speaks of how so many people turn the blind eye when something wrong is happening. Like going into someone’s vehicle at 12p in the Afternoon without a mention to you of who is responsible. Like how almost every store that I go to, they are stocking premade products that have been contaminated with nano pathogens that make your body more susceptible to directed energy attacks. Like how the entire neighbor surrounding you is participating in GPS directed energy attacks and there is never any mention of the noise that these devices give off or the amount of people now occupying these areas. It is the America that I known since 2007. But it is the America that these so called good people will know once they setup this electro magnetic attack grip. So soon, anyone at anytime is seen as trouble will be handed to these networks. And they will experience things that are far worse than what Targeted Individuals face today.


Does the Government Really Control Anything?

What we have is a Capital being rampaged by what we been told is Trump Protesters. But we know them as white supremacists who.is using the republican party to give them leverage against the black, browns and progressives of the word.

Meanwhile, for years and more than a decade for me, what we known as Perpetrators are openly targeting TI’s (Targeted Individuals) with the Global Position System (GPS)

They are openly stocking store shelves with nano tainted foods that assist them (Government Sponsored Stalkers) in targeting TIs with Directed Energy Weapons.

I guess the Government can’t control all the aircrafts, drones, satellites that are engaged in this targeting of law abiding citizens.

I guess the Government can’t control all the police harassing and killing black men across the country or locking them up in cages.

What we found as TIs, control is given to certain people (Whites and Perpetrators), while others are forced into rules that is made to them personally.

So here we have white supremacists storming the Capital by default, while the rest of Americans are allow suffer.

How can this be fixed? Weed out criminal affiliations like contrators, medical and technical officials; weed out government corruption! We must rid our police and elected officials from white supremacists. Which will eventually destroy this nation for greed and corruption.




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Protect your privacy and reduce your Perpetrator efficiency

Using your phone or computer opens you up to both surveillance and targeting. And this is the way to reduce it.

No phone or computer should be unEncrypted. And firewall is a must for using any device. It is the first level of defense!

But the second level of defense is just as important. Using a VPN service is a must for reducing your Perpetrator ability to install malicious apps that allow them to spy on you or worse! install programs that allow them to unleash their targeting apparatus to you.

We recommend TOR Browser and then –  https://redvox.io/status  Or start using a good VPN, or a proxy website like kproxy.com.  This makes it difficult for the criminals to know that you are watching them.  You can also usePeerBlock.com   to block some of them.

Because the nature of our targeting is always advancing, I’m always researching ways that we can stay ahead of them. So new methods will be posted when they are found. So please continue to check this website for additional content on this matter.