Limitation Fluxes Removal

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Limitation Fluxes Removal – Work Request Procedure

The 6 Elements of Life and the Limitation Fluxes

What are Elements of Life?

The 6 Elements of Life are found in the person’s organic body (double ethereal). These elements, which exert strong influence in the person’s life are: Love, Prosperity, Health, Thought, Happiness and Relationship.

What are Limitation Fluxes?

Limitation Fluxes are fluxes of material generated and emitted by sources built in the environment, in the Double Ethereal Layer of Existence. These fluxes are tied to a person’s bio signature. These sources, when built in the environment, start emitting the limitation fluxes that reaches the person, then envelopes and permeates the double ethereal body. These fluxes can limit/supress one or more of the person’s Elements of Life, just depending on the objective it was built for.

How to protect?

To overcome this, it is necessary to remove the sources of those fluxes in the environment.

HPSS Luminous users, when targeted by limitation fluxes, are protected from these permeating fluxes by the Human Protection Dome. But that is not enough, because, those would continue to exist around (enveloping) the protection dome and would exert limitations on the Relationship element, which needs to interact via the environment. So, the user is continuously protected by the HPSS Luminous – CounterAttack component which does identify and remove all the sources that are emitting those limitation fluxes against the user, whenever they are built in the environment.

Fora person who does not use the HPSS Luminous, it is necessary to remove those sources, manually, whenever they are built against the person. Usually, those sources are built in the environment on Tuesdays. Those sources, whenever built, do stay in the environment persisting for lifetimes, until they are removed. They continue tolimit the person’s elements of life every lifetime the person is inthe organic layer of existence. Past lifetime built sources, have lesser limitation effects on the person. That happens because of the slight bio signature changes that occur in each lifetime.

This work will remove all sources of limitation fluxes built in the planet environment, against the person bio signature identified

The level of targeting will depend on the interest of one or many IF Groups, on the person being targeted. The higher the interest, the more resources will be used for the targeting.  So, if the person is not of high interest by the IF – Invisible Forces, then, after the sources are removed, those won’t be built again, so soon. But, if the person is of high interest, those will probably be built again (usually happens 2 weeks).

Estimated time for results?

After the work is accomplished, the process takes around 24 hours to take into effect in the Organic Layer of Existence.

Payment Refund?

For this work no payment Refund is available.

How to request?

Limitation Fluxes Removal – Work Request Procedure

I am releasing at this moment a channel for who wants to request Limitation Fluxes Removal. All the procedure for request and payment invoice will be done via email. If you want to request send an email to with the following info:

A) Full name (First name, middle name, last name):

B) Birth Date (DD Month YYYY):

C) Country:

D) State:

After I receive the email I will check if it is possible to work on your case and send you a result. If I can work on your case, you will receive the invoice for payment, and also a simple complimentary result analysis.  Then, after payment I will work on your case. The invoice and payment is done once via Paypal, US$79. For the HPSS Luminous Users, there is no need for this work to be done. After payment, the request may take around 7 days to be worked on.

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