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  1. Unfortunately, no. But there are things you can do to minimize the sensations and the effects. The first thing is to make dietary changes and there is a machine that assist in healing.

    Note: I’m not a doctor or medical professional. The information is for education purposes. And each methods works differently on different people. So these methods might not be as effective. Therefore, I advice you to consult someone who is familiar with nano technology, electrical engineer, a bio chemist, or a medical professional.

    Dietary. First thing, get rid of sugar out your diet or at least minimize it significantly. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates and focus on fresh produce.

    Alkaline your body. Lemons, Garlic, Ginger, Cilantro, or things geared to increasing resistance to nano pathogens.

    Vitamins. C, Magnesium, Calcium, B Complex, Oil of Oregano, ect.

    Drink plenty of filtered water. Do not purchase bottle water or drink tap water as these nano pathogens are there.

    Detoxify the body. Cleanse, fast for several days. Exercise is also good at removing toxins.

    Rife Healing Machine. This equipment uses frequency as a healing method. But there is a learning curve. Research RIFE MACHINE.

    Lastly, it is important to minimize your cellular use. They (the perpetrators) can tap into your frequencies or implants with this remote device. Do not keep the phone on, especially when sleeping or eating.

    And stay away from large groups of people, especially people with negative energies. They will feed off these energies.

  2. So IM a TI also, and I was just wondering is there some type of device that I can get to block the frequency of electronic harassment?

  3. Thank you Michelle for this information. I’m also in North Carolina. They will induce physical symptoms, YES! Change your diet. Eat garlic, ginger, lemon, and other natural foods that will deal with pain and nausea. This will also break down the parasites and nano pathogens. Drink alkaline water. Vitamin c, magnesium, zinc, iron and potassium will increase your immune defenses. For voice to skull, download and, or, listen to spiritual uplifting music. There is certain frequency healing tones that will address it. Youtube is a good place to find these as well. Also detox your body regularly with epsom salt, borax, bleach, to breakdown the nano pathogens on the surface of the body. You must sit in a real hot tub of water for at least an hour or more.
    You also should do an internal detox cleanse 3 to 6 months to stay ahead of the Perpetrators. No sugar less carbs and meat will reduce their ability to attach technology on your body.

    And put away the cell phone when you are not using it. Especially at night when you are sleeping. The Perpetrators have developed apps that scronized with the tech in your body. And all negative associations should be gotten rid of.

  4. Going through the torment and torture is horrific and everyday it gets worse and worse and now it’s more than just the voice to skull it’s crippling pain and a lot of fecal retention which is very harmful to your health but at least now I am able to place a name to each tormented in the 25th JUDICIAL DISTRICT IN BURKE COUNTY NC THAT LIST IS LISA PROPST, RICHARD RUBLE, JEFF BLALOCK, LESLIE WILSON, GREG MULL VICTORIA SMITH,CAROLYN AND STEVE CARDWELL AND OTHERS SO IF YOU WANT TO LOOK FOR THE SOURCE OF YOUR PROBLEMS GO ONTO BROADCASTIFY. COM AND THEN FIND YOUR LOCAL FREQUENCIES THEN YOU SILL FUND OUT WHO YOUR LICAL TORMENTORS ARE!

  5. 06-10-2020

    Arturo _______:

    Hi, there. Hoping this message finds you well.

    Would you post the specific details, including instructions, for the evidence that you have?


  6. 06-10-2020

    Rebecca Brewer:

    Hi, there. Hoping this message finds you well.

    Got a message from the phone provider that the service was off-line temporarily, so that may be why I missed your call yesterday afternoon.

    Tried calling you a moment ago, but was unsuccessful.

    At any rate, would like to ask you some questions so that I can gather all that I need to expose these thugs.


  7. My Tammy and I am reaching out for help. 541-805-0258

  8. I need help please call me 2087037953 I have video evidence, I didn’t believe what I was seeing but its 100000% proof

  9. I have direct evidence of the use of a particle fusion platform and pictures and videos of functionalized nanoparticles UNDER MY SKIN fluorescing under a blacklight.

    I would like to share them with you and the T.I. Community.

    Please contact:
    Rebecca Brewer at 785-506-7735

  10. Always enjoy your website-fascinating! You can explain this garbage better than anyone else attempting to explain this horrific scheme. Our gov’t has so many disinformation routes available to it (the sharade of the Trump presidency is nearly mesmerizing!!) that one must stay off T.V. nearly 100% of the time, keep elec off…etc.! Not to mention the orgs. “alerting” us
    Thanks so very much for your true heart for us in this bleak land.

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