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  1. 06-10-2020

    Arturo _______:

    Hi, there. Hoping this message finds you well.

    Would you post the specific details, including instructions, for the evidence that you have?


  2. 06-10-2020

    Rebecca Brewer:

    Hi, there. Hoping this message finds you well.

    Got a message from the phone provider that the service was off-line temporarily, so that may be why I missed your call yesterday afternoon.

    Tried calling you a moment ago, but was unsuccessful.

    At any rate, would like to ask you some questions so that I can gather all that I need to expose these thugs.


  3. My Tammy and I am reaching out for help. 541-805-0258

  4. I need help please call me 2087037953 I have video evidence, I didn’t believe what I was seeing but its 100000% proof

  5. I have direct evidence of the use of a particle fusion platform and pictures and videos of functionalized nanoparticles UNDER MY SKIN fluorescing under a blacklight.

    I would like to share them with you and the T.I. Community.

    Please contact:
    Rebecca Brewer at 785-506-7735

  6. Always enjoy your website-fascinating! You can explain this garbage better than anyone else attempting to explain this horrific scheme. Our gov’t has so many disinformation routes available to it (the sharade of the Trump presidency is nearly mesmerizing!!) that one must stay off T.V. nearly 100% of the time, keep elec off…etc.! Not to mention the orgs. “alerting” us
    Thanks so very much for your true heart for us in this bleak land.

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