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  1. Hi,

    Remote Neural Monitoring Is being used on me for over three years. My dreams repeat and I have had no new dreams. I am followed around for three years and ‘they’ the satanist aka CIA and NWO followers. ‘They’ know where I am at and where I am going to be at and they’re there waiting for me to arrive at any location I decide to arrive at. They have a vast organization of people of all walks of life, including the police, doctors, lawyers, USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, AT&T, Sprint, Amazon truck drivers, and much much more. That follow me around and use weapons grade technology to hurt, harm, and effect me.

    They are using this technology on me and the masses.

    Read link:


    ^This technology is being used on me ,and family to hurt them, and myself. I say that, only to tell you that it is being used on everyone, on a mass scale.

    I believe every mass shooting since 9/11 is our government using this technology on we the American People, and around the globe.

    I am writing you this message as a cry for help as I am completely and totally desperate and I need help! I am going around the internet, and asking for anyone to hear me if they see this message to please help me.

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