Formulating a plan to finalize the “Safe House” Proposal

Re: Formulating a plan to finalize the “Safe House” Proposal

Dear Interested Parties,

Targeted Individual Coalition For Self-Determination will oversee this project to it completion. The project I speak of is: “Safe House” Community Cooperative Proposal Revisions >> Interested parties are asked to complete an Affidavit. The Affidavit must be less than 10 pages. Assistance in completing your Affidavit will be arraigned by schedule.

Meanwhile, our next meeting will take place on Friday, February 3rd at 9p EST (6p PST). It will occur on (call: 724-444-7444 code: 83319 # pin: 1 #).

The purpose of the meeting is to formulate a plan to finalize the “Safe House” Proposal. Once this has occur, we can start working on several projects to bring these goals to fruition.

Below is our mission statement and statement of principles.


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