Occupy Sacramento Support For Electronic Harassment Lawsuit

Occupy Sacramento got behind our cause and Jesse Beltran has been able to speak at several Occupy rallys about our situation.

I contacted several Occupy chapters in different cities about getting members of Occupy to file suit with us “to give us a huge amount of people”

They actually contacted me back and told me that i would need to speak in person at one of their general assemblies, and if the general assembly was ok with it they would get involved.

i dont live in or near any of the cities that contacted me back.

If you live in a city with a Occupy group or near a city with a occupy group “you can check on google search engine, just put in the town name and occupy”

Please contact them to speak to their general assembly.

This would be huge for us.

With just one Occupy chapter behind us we would have several thousand extra people filing with us.

And we would try to get them to get the other Occupy chapters behind us too, that would give us a huge number of people in the suit, like way way overkill.

And also, each occupy chapter has their own attorney who handles things for them, with Occupy on board, their attornies could file for us, probably pro bono, and in each of the cities their chapters are in.

That would be huge, way beyond 4,000 cases filed and repp’ed by attornies in about 15 cities.

This is the kind of overkill slaughter we need.

Try to get Occupy on board.

Let me know what happens


Also, just a reminder, our conference calls are every Sunday and Tuesday, at 6pm west coast/pacific, 7pm rocky mountain, 8pm central standard, 9pm east coast

the next one is this Sunday

the number is 712 432 3900 call number 101016

If you haven’t joined our group yet please do, it’s endingeh.wall.fm


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50 thoughts on “Occupy Sacramento Support For Electronic Harassment Lawsuit

  1. I tell people this all the time. Change your diet. Stop eating sugar and carbohydrates. Start eating natural foods like green vegetables, garlic, ginger and lemons. Take plenty of magnesium, vitamin c, b, d, e and calcium. Drink alkaline water or distilled water. Exercise everyday and you should feel better.

  2. Hi it is Wednesday 18 200. It is 9:52 pm. I am trying to rest . Sleep is impossible. All the pain points are being activated. It will be close to the time I have to get up to go to work when the pain will stop too some time. The honking on the street in the side of the park began. Might be the people that are doing this today. They switch since the people doing it take turns. This is daily.
    At work the people with the tasers change this past week. every day this new people are going to do what the people that recruiters did before. It is a snow ball that grows on the daily basis some have more people tacked in to participating in the human torture others have a few it seems that are being payed for the amount of people they introduce to this gang group that tortures innocent people continusly daily. Some live in the same area.
    The new pain points are on my feet my toes swollen when and doesn’t allow me to walk or even sitting down.The swollen of my hands and arms when a stabbing pain in the sides of my upper arms when somebody passes by. The same with the mid section of my body stands in an instant.
    The rush me to use the restroom when I go to breaks or just because somebody is going to show up there. The invasion of privasy at all times.Yesterday almost at the end of the day I ask a guy to star a new pale of trays so I could finish the one I was working on. He left and in few minutes the pain in my lower back along with the pain in my toes began. That lasted the rest of my work day. In the morning one of the guys from maintenance brought a guy to the wash room where I was working. He stayed there for few minutes then they went to talk to the guy that was at the other end in the room and left.The same guy last week was with another new guy that was sent to work in our area and now this guy is always walking around I wonder why hi is not working.when he is around I have pain or body discomfort. In the woman side too. There are more people participating in this torture. It takes just to pass by or be near by to use the waters always is for not reason. It seems that are being paid too for the amount of times they use it in a day.
    The people that participates in this king of torture gang could be anybody. People with a lot of education or hardly any. This technology given to this kind of people to torture other human beings at pleasure it is despicable don’t have any morale values they can see the pain we are in and continue doing it and finding the opportunity to tase us more every day.
    When I get home from work there is always the people next door out left or right. As soon as I get off the car and enter the house the pain is gong to continue. The same when I leave from work. There is always people on break and people around the parking lot.
    The burning sensation in my eyes is being used too when I use the cell phone on my breaks or when I am returning from work.
    The varicose pains is being use constantly too as soon as the pieople from the lines starts arriving the pain begins.
    The character recognition is used every day. The same people that are working in whatever lie they are building on is used specially Fridays when the supervisor or any from people from managemant starts looking on specific parts in people new or the same ald ones. The painful changes began when all this is going to happen the hormone changes the body physical changes and the pain behind my neck to make the optic nerves work there way. It is nasty to see who participates in this and the people behind this is just disgusting and very painful for me.
    This painful changes are left for days.

  3. Hi. It is Sunday 3-1-2020. It is 10:16pm. The pain in my arms and hands woke me up. I Know now that this device when it is use to cause pain is set in a timer it will stop around 3 am.
    This is done very night. Yesterday was one of the worst nights. The pain I describe is like air is being pump up in the veins and make the arms and legs swollen. for long periods of time making the skin stretch later all the air is being rilesed making the skin loos and saggy. I can see this done in my hands constantly. My fingers are swollen the base of the nails is one of the worst areas when this is not on my hands return to its original shape. All this is painful very painful it is done in may legs and arms at night it is done in both areas.
    Not only this kind of torture is done. The swollen of my mid area just to breath fill the stomach in seconds. Last night all this vegan when the guy next door slayed his screen door around 8pm it didn’t stop until 3 am. today.
    The character recognition is being used constantly when my kids are at home arround dinner time or when they are helping with the chores. The people that live in the street close to the house are always around when this happens and so is the hacking of my TV sets. when Im watching TV near my husband they put men to a deep sleep and during the sleep make my limbs move arms and legs or make my hands numb with not feeling sensation. On Saturday I got up and went to see who was doing it The TV was acting up and the characters on the show were suming to give a close up of the people. and were passing plastic under ware commercials weird people that was trying on I have set the TV to not commercials. I turn it off and I went to see what was happening and It was the guy in the their house leaving. Last night the lights were on all night in the house next door. Today they just turn it off.
    There is in my foot a pain that gets worst when I get home or when one of the TVs is on or when Im cleaning. At work The pain begins when I arrive and after that every 3 hours one of the mixing guys pass by for not reason. The same guy is in the parking lot when I arrive.
    Next is one of the women from the dispensing area is going to pass by and the stabbing pain in my stomach is going to make it swollen it is done every day too. On Wednesday there were visitors. The pain all described and the pain done behind my neck lasted all the time this person was aroudthe intensity of the pain done when she was where I was was excruciating. It doesn’t mater who comes and visits from the good side or the bad side the pain done during and after is just unbearable.
    Now the pain done in my feet in a way that I can’t walk make it worst. What ever fabricated lie used as an excuse to torture me more is just unjustifiable.
    There is new people in my area and they seemed to be send as the rest they got the tasers they use the character recognition and they draw the attention to themselves as the rest.
    This is another method of torture used too. When my stomach is swollen make me use the restroom in minutes because somebody is going to be there or in the hall way or they are going to make me pass pass when somebody is around. This was used constantly in Mayer it was the joke of the people that had the device. Some use it for long time others change from one to the next. Usually they work in pairs this way they take turns with the devices.
    It hasn’t change the daily torture done for the contrary had increased. The same people keeps participating and more are added daily.
    The deformation of my body continues the pain because of it too. A TI doesn’t have a time to rest breath relax or enjoy anything there is people ready to prey on them in any way they can a simple trip to the grocery store turns in to a painful one.

  4. Thanks for your comment Teresa. Please note that I’m not a doctor or engineer, but I think this will help reduce some of the targeting. Get rid of SUGAR out of your diet and reduce carbohydrates considerably. Do a monthly cleanse of your body to remove parasites, metals and other materials that can be used for the targeting. Engage in plenty of exercises that will promote presperation and energy.

    These are the foods you should eat. Garlic, Ginger, Lemons (peels included), cinnamon, radish, celery or any foods that will build a resistance to the attacks.

    Take vitamins C, B complex, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium, potassium, grapefuit seed abstract.

    What I have done is green tea, citric acid, Epsom salt (internal and in baths). You want remove the technology from the surface of the body.

    You also want to use essential oils. Peppermint, clove, and that helps in dealing with pain.

    Drink plenty of filtered water. Do not drink bottle water unless you know the source. Tap water is a no no.

    Reduce your need for cell phone and wireless communications. Do not use a phone in a car. It magnify the signal, which is a draw to your perpetrators around you. Turn it off when you at home unless you are expecting a call. All calls should be kept short, because of how these criminals can link to the GPS satellites. Never have a phone on when you are sleeping.

    Be aware of people around you. They don’t always have cell phones, but it is important to see how they are position to you.

    The body has seven chakras. One being the back. So it is important that you know this, because you will feel pain in this area.

    Stop fast foods period! The perpetrators are known to put technology in these places.

    Walk barefooted when you could. This process will give you balance to the earth, which would make it more difficult for them to access you.

    Listen to spiritual music. There is various music that have frequency tones that will interfere with their program to you. You can search frequency healing on YouTube and Google.

    When you go to sleep, don’t ever sleep with a full stomach. Sleeping is when they program these pain elements to you.

    Anyway, you are an elevated level to me. But you can reverse the control that they have of your body.

    So if you follow at least half of what I said, you should see improvements.

    I’m no longer referring TIs to groups or organizations, which I feel have all been infiltrated. Most have been started just so they can track TIs.

    And the mere fact someone would be encourage on a conference call for hours works against them. Because the cell phone is a major tool for our targeting. So keep the phone off unless you really need it for business.

  5. Hi
    It is Sunday 22 2020. Today the pain in the umbra began when I went out of the house to wash the car I the shopping center around 1:45 pm. I drove to Vacaville I made a stop in kohl’s I tried to get off the car and the pain in my toes didn’t alowme to walk properly. I went to the nut tree center as soon as I got off the car the pain in my wrist began along with the umbra and the toes the ability to use my right leg is almost impossible to walk when all this is activated. I manage to get to the store in home goods the pain intensified as the time passed by in the store the urge of using the bathroom began it got worst the pain and the need to use the restroom got worst. My stomach as the time pass by standing in line was rapid acceleration the blowing up was increasing. As soon as I left the store the pain and all the symptoms started to decreased . My kids went to by ice cream when I was diving back I saw a police suv in the same row where I was parked and also in the store were people just walking around . It could have being anybody that just did it for fun. I arrive home around 4:30 with my kids. The pain in the umbra was still on and had continued since 1:45 now it is 8 17pm. and it is increasing again. there is not reason for all this to happen.
    My husband wanted some food. He order it and asked me to go pick it up. It is just few blocks from home. When I was on the car out of the driveway the pain in my wrists began again along with the umbra and my toes that doesn’t allow me to walk. outside was the guy next door. when I came back the guy from the other house was out too. The pain and all the discomfort in my body had increased as this afternoon in Vacaville. The reason all this increasingly pain is for not reason I don’t do nothing to any of this people they just invent and build lies constantly in the daily basis along with the people I work with. Las past week the all disappear for a day. did’t show up for work and the fans that cover for them were clearly working out something.
    yesterday I went to pick up mu son around 6:45 pm at 3:38 this phone number 18643620663 was soliciting sex and send a link to follow. today in Vacaville this other phone 17143413723 send a text message to my phone when that happened the pain increased considerably. In the state of California. soliciting sex and prostitution is penalized by law. Howe this people got my phone number? I don’t give my phone to anybody if is not relatives or work only office work related.

  6. Hi
    It is Saturday February 22nd. 2020. It is 10:20 pm. As every day the pain and body discomfort are keeping me awake. The numbness in my hands and feet and the wave of pain points that goes with it too. It is not only the body parts pain it is the bordering in the private areas that it is done continusly. It was modified this week it just moved few milimiters where it just to be. It seemed that the chip was moved but the discomfort is the same. It is activated constantly on the street or at work.
    This past Tuesday I went to pick up my son after work to school there a sherif SUV showed up I was eating lunch while I was waiting they stayed in the same pace until I finished. In our way back home a police SUV cut up with us on HW 12 from Beck to marina boulevard during this time the pain in my lower back kicked in and the pain in both of my wrists was on.
    On Wednesday I piked up my son from school again I parked in the same place there two guys showed up and started talking. Instantly I felt a sleep the only think that worked me up was the guys stopped talking one left and said I won’t doit. Another one came in right after the other one had left. This tow continued talking and I felt a sleep again until it was time for my son to leave from his class. the cars that were next to me moved they left before me only ones parked wrong took two parking places and was looking straight where I was. We came back home as always only some times there are planes overflying very low when I am in the bak yard or I go to the store to by groceries.
    At work every day is a story building up anybody that can big up with one is used be an excuse to tase me for the safety guy ,the maintenance guy the mixer guys the dispensing people the people that works with me in the same area from the people from the back that invents any excuse to carry the taser and use it.
    This passed Friday started walking in the biulding the maintenance guy passed then one of the lids the co workers of the area stayed to organized how was going to carry the taser during the day and who was going to star. It seems that this people doesn’t know that Iam in pain by the time they use the taser again. The maintenance guy passed then one woman from the line right behind my work area woman passed by the wash room where I was and then a co-worker did it again. It was all the pain points that Iam having right now specially the side of my arms. The switch of hormones was left on and all the physical changes in my body are deform as all this people passed by.
    The physical pain that all this changes cause and the harassment that comes after for the woman and men that carries it is constantly done. I will give an example. There is a new guy in the swing shift. He came in with the character recognition and the drown of my eye sigh to this guy. The next day the same guy had the cell phone out on his hand and the same thing did with a new woman that was sent to work in my area.
    This woman is send to work near me constantly the way she acts it is not normal like any other. This is done constantly.
    This works in pairs it doesn’t necessary to be together this two people they can be near by one to the other for this kind of harassment to happen.
    I came down to type this in the computer. As soon as I sat down I was hit with the sting gun in the umbra. The TV sets are still Haked the volume is dimmed and the glitches in the face of people is erase for few seconds. The delay in the faces of people to women more than men.
    My husband had the night light on on Thursday . I turned it off because I was going to watch TV as soon as I turned if off two horns on the street sounded soon after one car left from down the street.
    The haking of my TV sets is not too far from my house. All this people are here during work days and this passed week left at least two days. The invation of privacy the defamation and conspiracy torturing not only me but my kids too daily, the staking not only physical but sayber staking haking my cellphone how this people knew that I was going to be at college when my soon needed a ride home?

  7. Hi
    Today is Wednesday 19 2020. I am in my house doing shores. I was just tase with the sting gun in my umbra. I was in the garage. there is only the guy next door and the woman from the other side of the house. There are new people that leave ceros from the house they arrive few months ago. The guy made my husband move his car constantly was parking not an inch from him. The guy has constantly the lights on trough the night I leave to work at 330 am and the lights are on. I love the house with only few hours of rest for the painful torture I go every day since I know it is set up under some length of time.
    At work constantly make me use the restroom it has done in the past constantly. Most of the time as a joke the restroom is out of service. it is close, it is being cleaned up or just pass pass when somebody is going to pass by. Today was not the exception it happened next to the woman that spends lothe time reporting to the supervisor what happened or just invent what she think it is. She doesn’t report that I had being tased and she witnessed it since she said we switch paces if you don’t feel well when she saw me covering my upper arms when the painful stabbing happened and few seconds the air passed down, She shift and left to talk to the same guys the mixer and the same supervisor soon after she left. This happened very frequent.
    Last night my stomach was blown up I couldn’t even breath right because of it probably that was the reason I wasn’t tased as log as every night.
    The disruption of the digestive system in a TI is also done in addition of all the pain [poits. The inflammation of the toes making very hard to walk is another one. The reason this is.used during work hours by the supervisor or anybody use for this purpose have the same painful effects . The freedom of resting with out this discomfort is don too.
    The switch of hormones is done constantly with the devastating effects of changing the complexion hair skin swollen of limbs making them look bulky. The excess stretch of the waist. The muscular tone making it fluffy (it was the favorite word of a woman that used to do it) all this changes work in a matter of seconds. The reason they do this is inexplicable just to allow lesbian woman come and Harres a TI or any regular woman just for the purpose of use the tasers any taser the one in the umbra the sting gun and the paper spray are some of the most common used. When there are not changes in a TI is when the excessive drown of attention from men happen in this location the one in the private areas is activated. The men that have being chipped or have the receiver has sensations it is very notorious when they carry it.

  8. Hi
    It is Sunday February 16 202o.
    It is 9:24 am I just came back from grocery shopping at Walmart in Suisun City. I left the house with a slam of the screen door from the guy next door.
    I arrived at the store and started my shopping.There were people shopping. Almost at the end of my shopping a stabbing pain in my stomach began the triggering of the pain and discomfort in my body. That signals that somebody is going to show up and is going to do something to drowse the attention to them men or women.
    It was at the cashier where the woman richer to her waste and pressed the device under her waste the shoot the sting gun pain in my umbra. I finish scanning my items and started approaching the woman at the exit and she pressed her arm in her body to draw the attention to her. The laws speaker brought all this people that participates in this to bring them to the front for this to happened.
    The character recognition was on when my son came to say hi this morning tow hors before I went shopping.
    Now the accelerator in my heart is on. It will be on until the woman next door release it. it could be few hours our it will be all day.
    All this pain and discomfort a TI goes trough every day for no reason. What triggers on the people that allows this human torture to happen constantly, The harassment that goes in to. There is surveillance cameras at the sore. It shows who did it and how it was done. The reason was I didn’t geed the people at the entrance as cheerful as they were? Is it a reason? It shows in the Surveillance cameras too.

  9. It is Saturday February 15 2020.
    I just came back from grocery shopping at Costco. The character recognition was on as I was entering the store. A firetruck was outside as I passed by a woman and two kids the stabbing pain in my stomach began. That makes my stomach blow up instantly as I breath I can feel where in the stomach the air is coming trough. There character recognition continue all the time I sed in the store it was guided this time to the kids and the Jung boys and men. at macys was directed to women of all ages too.
    It doesn’t matter who the people that has the code could be anybody among the people or outside police firetrucks, emergency response or anybody that has the code that have this nasty behavior of looking at people. They all can be caught under the surveillance camera. AT work there are so many they all ar caught when this is done.
    This morning as I got up from bed. My right hand was named. that started right after a colonoscopy (and so the blow up of my stomach and the discomfort in the last part of the colon). when that happens my hands shake for not reason. There is an area in my wrist that hurts and gets inflamed and the shaking begins.
    The switch of hormones were left on when I left from work yesterday. My skin hair and muscles are changed. This painful part is done for anybody at work with the lift of a hand to the people in the back that has the control. It switches daily hand to hand..
    Today is just to let you know how my mornings began. I I go to Walmart the same situation will occur. It doesn’t matter what side of the city I go to. the same situation will occur.

  10. Hi Today is February 14 2020.
    The pain and discomfort is changing it is not new but is done in places and areas only in other places just to occur. For example. The burning sensation in my eyes when I was on break last week 3 times every day. This just to happen only in Meyer all day during work hours and not only those hours . That happened during breaks specially if I use the phone or I went out to the parking lot to rest because If I stayed in the break room the pain in any part of the body will happened.
    The other is the lower back pain this happen along with the discomfort in the uretra. This happened when the supervisor or any guy that passed by or woman that had the devise that make this happened. this is been done since November and still is done.
    The ingrown nail pain the supervisor of the morning shift made a joke when the pain began and now every time this supervisor are around the pain comes and doesn’t allow me to walk properly this occur also duerin my break or lunch time. Yesterday Thursday the woman that work near me were looking why the pain didn’t trigger as usually does and they just found another way to trigger another kind of pain. Specially the woman that are working in building more lies recently.
    The pain in both wrist is another one it just to be done in Meyer specially when I was sent to lift boxes last yerar’s season now is done in my morning job specially if Im sent to the wash room. The mixer guys are around when this pain happened.
    Today I bought a bottle of orange juice. I left it un open in the car I didn’t have time to drink it or eat a donut I bough. In My last break I wet to eat it and the seal of the bottle was broken and one of the donuts had the to sugar removed with a high baked left on top.
    The car has lost of scratches inside I always wonder how they were made since Im the only one that drives the car. The stains in the sits and the scratches around are bigger now.
    I leave the car right under the survilianve camera there might be caught the people that does it daily.
    At night the pain is under the timer it haven stoped it just continue daily.
    At work the pain and discomfort done for the continusly change of hormones is done several times every day.
    Today is valentines day and the hormones were change in the morning I got my normal body shaped I wasn’t in pain because of thet for some time until somebody switch them and the pain began it is like a big metal object had hit the back of my neck and the changes in my upper part of the body change face, skin and hair.
    The deformation of my feet had continue. The supervisor in the morning and swing shifts are always looking every time they pass by what pain they will apply.
    Lies had being work out for the pass two weeks.
    My husband lives his night stand light on some times some times is too early and some times is around 8 or 9 pm. I mention this specially when it is too early I the day.
    I had left it on on Wednesday I left it on early around 3 PM. I was watching a program about bees. I left the room for some time and when I returned The show I saw I thought it was a commercial at the biggining it was some color male guys naked and women in it. It didn’t stopped I changed I tried to look for my program and it was’t.
    When I was searching for the Chanel I had left it a guy that leaves 2 house from Mine Left in a hurry.
    This same guy does the same thing when we have sex with my husband. Turns on his car accelerates makes a lot of noise with the wheels and lives when we finish. The next day every body knows at work with lots of details.
    The guy next door as soon as we start opens the garage door and immediately but not only that the sensation of being molested began early or during the day at home.
    when we try to have sex with my husband The feeling is shut down instantly. On Wednesday the pain that comes in waves in all parts in my body was keeping me awake the guy opened the window soon after as I turned slamed the window.
    The character recognition is being on at work yesterday during lunch time and every day when I arrive home there is a woman in the other side of the house is always there when I come in the house.
    I arrived from work today and the whole street is empty of cars. This means that they are in their meeting place working out more lies at work all the new people comes with the tasers or guys with the device that makes them have the sensation the being arroused or women are being sent to an address to sing up for participating in the tasing harassment or stalking. the next day they don’t show up for work.
    In the house when it is alone keep break in in and more vandalism is done

  11. Hi
    Last week I went to visit my relatives to Mexico in the state of Michoacan near the capital Morelia. It is a small town.There the use of the character recognition was used constantly in my brothers sister’s friends and in random people in church or on the street. The pain and discomfort in my private areas was used also. I had a rash like in my left arm that started 3 weeks ago. I went to see the doctor and the results of the analysis should no infection of any kind. Another one sow it and diagnose it as herpes. It started very painful as this virus act. I wonder how this started where I got it and since when I got it.
    In my house people constantly keep getting inside and as every TI goes trough search move things around ar damagege things. This time The towels in the bathroom were with a semen smell a few times I didn’t used them I just washed them. But it seemed that one of them was contaminated for the patter of growth the virus displayed. I had a treatment for that.
    Since last November 2019, I had a very painful urinatring processionals it began one day the supervisor in Just desserts is always nearby and around and always working out plans the the guys fromm the shift or women that he sends to work near me or next to me. The feeling is an electric shock when the pain begins then the bladder is inflamed and the pain in that area began. The smell of the ruin is not a yeast small and not an ammonia smell either. One day was ketones proteins coming from the liver for a processionals done for the bioingenieyr bacteria that makes the liber produce it . It does an enormous amount of energy since we are always working we( A TI) have to use the restroom constantly to eliminate this ketones from our system.
    There is an RFID sitting on top of my right kidney the ones that causes the lower back pain when it is activated. This one doesn’t allow us to bend forward much.
    Yesterday the pain began as soon as I enter the house. It just comes and goes this uretra pain when this chip is moved to that region.
    Yesterday and today the guy next door is there.
    I have in Mexico the urine same examine and my surprise is that is a yeast infection I was expecting for them to come with the same proteins bar a bigger lag I had the results before.
    My surprise is even more since I haven’t have sex.What doesn’t surpisemi is all the commotion and people around every time I am rushed to use the restroom specially the people I work with in Meyer in ferfield Ca. Women and men just to lagh when they sow me running to use the restroom.
    I planned this trip to visit my relatives with enough time for the people I work with to fabricate all this. On September All this started. A guy with really bad skin condition presented me just when the rash in my wrist appear. I work with people that came in to work drunk and use drugs during work hours and others displayed other behaviors such as talking to themselves or soliciting their attention with body gestures during work hours or down time. I brough this isues to the Nelson staffing personal and they ignor it.
    I brig all this now because this planning started back fa in time. The scars that the virus are going to leva will last for long time they appear in very specific areas.
    I don’t smoke or drink I don’t have friends and now I am wondering where this yeast infection is coming from.
    The corruption is so big now a days that I ask my husband for the dirty towels he said he didn’t used them and didn’t let them dirty.
    The yeast infection where it began. Last year I was working in Meyer in Vallejo with a guy named Michael. This guy spend most of the time with Bayan this guy was on the cellphone all the time the character recognition on my eyes was on constantly specially is the female star were around it seemed they were playing the other part.
    This guy as some other people in the company were chipped. He had tu turned it off because he almost had a heart attack since he smoked so much.
    Almost at the end of my work days the guy was walking weird and was constantly trying to be close to me, one day he had a camera on his waist. One day He broth a Filipino woman it only took for her to pass tow time by the pace I was workin when this pain like electric shock happened. immediately the UTI feeling began. I wet to The ER the next day and the doctor gave me medicine. While I was in the waiting area All the pain and discomfort stopped.
    All the sickness like cause by a RF device are so similar to the sickness we feel like having like varicose vains, acid reflux, UTI, High blood presure,ans so on.The problem is that any medication works for any of this problems since the pain coming from the scars intenifys in just one area and spreads to the rest of spots. The varicose vain if an area in the palm of my hand is activated.
    Befor I left to Mexico It seemed like at least tow RFID were moved from there original area. Now they are the ones that are being causing this rush like virus and pain in my body.

  12. Hi
    All this passed week the 11th to the 18th January 2020. The noise in my ears from a motor constantly running or a high pitch sound came in to my ears day and night. I notice on Thursday that a guy that was sent to work in my area for some hours was at the end of my shift in the exit he supposed to be back from break . when I passed by him the painful pain behind my neck began and continued trough my way home. At home the noise was on too day and specially at night was the worst time. That guy was the second time in a week that I passed by him and did the activation from his cell phone. He was right where the survaliance camera points in the hall way.
    That is not all. There is a painful area in my left arm it is hard to move it or lift it this week started at the same time with the hearing. The same as everything . The pain sharpens when somebody is near by any co worker or as pass by the mixers or dispensers people. The supervisors just pass by and the pain triggers always is for not reason. The use of the devise that switch hormones and the pain that that comes with just to continue with the building of lies. The people that comes around some times is just for a day ar two days or just few minutes to be near me or me to [pass by. Every day I am rush to take breaks and lunch at specific times when men and women are going to be around the hallways, bathroom, lunchbreak, or to pass any other area is either to get the skimming of the chips. Tase me or activate another pain point in my body.
    A TI in this situation cant do anything the bridge that connects the RFID’s and cell phone . This Makes a TI a very easy target for anybody that could activate any other device used to cause pain or any body discomfort, itch, swollen of limbs, bioengineered bacteria use to infect any part of the body causing awful pain in any area where they are moved or located. It is a daily torture done for people that comes to us as a friendly person and soon turns into a hapless human being toruting us endlessly and make a profit out of it.

  13. Hi
    It is 3;20 am January 12, 2020. It is being two weeks that there is a sound coming through my ears day and night. IT is like a large motor running. It sounds like the extruturer motor running when I work in Calbee the noise sounds alike. It sound comes from the houses on the front. In the back of the house there is another sound a very high frequency pith sound. This past week the trees from the houses in the back were trimmed. With that the pain in my hands and feet keep me awake.Last week the change of hormones was done during work hours. If woman were going to be near me were switched the character recognition was one and the device was passed one to the next to continue with the fabricated lies. The deformation of my body comes instantly and the pain and body discomfort is on constantly.
    Right now the guy next door is making noises on top of the pain and noise coming through This guy is doing this. During the day and some timesharing the night have two dogs that continually bark whey they do so. Pain and body discomfort happen on me and there are points in the body that the sound of the barking activates this areas and the pain begins. This dogs are left to bark constantly.
    This weekend the switch of hormones was left on as every week as soon as I pass by the front desk the stabbing feeling when the switch begins happened.
    Every time I sit down to watch TV I fall a sleep but it is not a restful sleep the pain points are activated during this time.
    The TV are still hacked they turn on and off constantly. The tiles on the flor are continually working on That means that people keep breaking in the house. There are most of the people in there house staying only they all live when they are working on more lies

  14. Hi, today is jan 7 2020. The day began as always with the greeting of my co workers some get upset because I don’t respond to their cheerful getting they are on the cell phone at 3 am in the morning recording my answer to there greeting for what purpose? I don’t know. More people had done it too. This is what happened during the work day. I was sent to the washroom there the manager passed by then the supervisor and after him the guy that sings aloud when I am there came in too.Soon after the supervisor arrived he had his red gloves on and spread a liner paper in the pallet behind me on the floor. The supervisor continued passing by until the stabbing pain in my private areas and the side of the arms and the body chances began to appear. the muscles in my arms switch making my arms move inward my hands and finger change shape the thumb changes its position making the grabbing of objects difficult along with the excessive cell growth on top of my fingers this make them slippery and it is not easy to grab or hold . My waste expands along with my stomach in seconds I have 3 to 3 inches more in my waist. The same thing happened in my feet making hard to walk at times loose valance and the shoes like the clothes don’t feet me and it is done in seconds. The guys from the mixing room have their cell phones on or always are passing by or is the supervisor or the people from the dispensing area. With all this I knew that something was going to be done soon when this happen bring the woman I work with or other from the back on the lines that participate in this too.
    I was urge to go on my las break I waited some time before I took my break Then finally I went on break. In my return there were women on the wall in the hallway. I had the urge to use the restroomm. There was the woman I work with. I was going out when she closed the cell phone and left. The woman were still on the wall. I passed by. On my work are a was the manager I took place there and the woman that works in the same area talked to him . He seemed to be waiting for what ever they had in the cell phone or they were working on for the day.
    During my breaks or lunch time in Meyer there was a fascination to see what I was eating. I wonder what in detail the chips describe by name of foods or more in detail one day I had Tylenol for pain and a woman said so sure that I had taken acetaminophen she didn’t know what it was but she was so sure that it was something bad. Now some just say the names of the food I eat.
    My husband asked me to go with him to buy some groceries at the new shopping center. There again a woman with a teen girl. A guy with a kid and he choose the female cashier to pay. We went to another store there was another guy with a mother kid they seemed to be kind of the same age 7 to 10 years approximately. we payed
    the cashiers talked to my husband and we left.
    Before all this my husband took my hunger son to the same store he does it very often. He has experienced pain in his fingers while he is at work or his legs, hi gets excused for not reason and have body discomfort too.
    When I go to pick him up from his work there is people at the entrance of the mall where he is going to pass by. They always live when we live too.
    As I had experience all this kind of pain and discomfort when I am in the mall I wonder if is the same people that does this to me does it to him too.

  15. hi
    Today is Friday this week in the morning job the change of hormones is being done constantly almost immediately as I start working. There are new people in my work area and they have the taser and the device that drow the attention to themselves men and women. The people that had lawny complaints done I never hag around with any of them I don’t know there names or what they do at work. There are survaliance cameras with Audi at work and never is being used to correct and bring the truth around. The problem is the physical changes I go trough this nasty prices of change of hormones done in feet areas hands hair and mid area constantly and the deformation of my feet and hands. Al this pain is done when this people are around. It seems that they are paid for coming with this lies and are allowed to use the codes to cause all kinds of body point pains. The supervisors have the link in which they can hack my phone and comp[uters as they can rid as I typing this .
    In the afternoon the character recognition is being used daily too at any time and any in the work place or rest time inside the building or outside if I decide to take a break out.
    There are new people that come in and have to leave the device that accelerates my heart rate and grows the attention to them. Yesterday around 235 pm. a guy stop infront of me for few moments then cough and the supervisor went to talk to a woman . The woman came near me and then I was sent to the door to see who was there . I didn’t hear what happened or what was going on at that time. I was right under The SV cameras. There too that was caught how for not reason anybody can fabricate any kind of stories.
    The general manager in the morning was taking pictures he snap one while I was working and he was very low arround 3 feet from the floor. This morning the was in the washing room and he was there too. Yesterday he was with a woman they look at me and the woman made a comment. I never have breaks or lunch with any of the group of people that work with her. But some people have left the facility soon after they see the lids are the same in that place.
    The itch in my wrist comes constantly . My husband came home and instantly the stench in my wrist began. It is done in my ankles too when some people are around.
    The discomfort in the pribvte areas is done daily and the itch in arms and back is new too it started this week when the hormones are switched.

  16. Hi
    It is the week of the nov. 10 to the 17th 2019.
    This week is being not different from the rest but added more torture points to the ones existed. The new poincare in my wrists and ankles this started soon after I ate at work food was provided in September 2019,It fast sowed up a excessive itch in those ares soon after I finish eating. Now it acts up with a high pitch like a alarm sound or music playing in some wave lengths no to low so the usage is very with for this bioingenieeere bacterias act up. The varicose vain pain is used to. and the discomfort in my private areas continusly done during entire work shifts.
    This discomfort mimics the pain during an UTI this past week is being used all week specially some days when some meeting were conducted in both works. This pain in the hands of a nasty guy or woman or anybody open the street trigger this pain constantly.
    This pass Friday was left trough all weekend it was my Birthday and that was how I celebrated with all this pain and discomfort in hands feet and private areas.
    The is another series of stabbing pain that occurs in my stomach this series of cramps makes the acid from the stomach to go up into my esophagus and mouth like when we omit this acid in my mouth gets the enamel of my teeth making them more vulnerable. This device is being in my stomach for a very long time it acts up always when somebody not to far activates it all this is done at the same time during work hours specifically when people that works near by or in the area Im working on it is constant and gets worst increase in pain when this people are around. Cellphones are not aloud in the work area but they manage to take the time to activate this devices on my body.
    I work for Nelson staffing at Meyer in faifiel in the afternoon sight I had worked for over a year in this facility and this is being done daily in the morning shift and now in the swing shift.
    They asked me to bring in to the facility the new associates and give them a small tur in the facility. What happens is this. As soon as I meet them the chip that increases the blood pressure is activated. The character recognition is used and the disruption in my speech is used too. There are people along the way with cell phones that lag as we pass for duing this to me and make me look ridiculous some came in with the devise that drives the character recognition attention to them even more and some come in with a cell phon with the line open so somebody else can heir what I said or how I am out of breth because of the acceleration done in my heart rate. this is done constantly since I started.
    The character recognition is used constantly on the people I work with. The woman that activates it is just laughing at it it looks like a toy for her.
    The behavior they display around me is less than professional.
    Every time somebody comes and looks after this situations it just gets worst.
    Like this week the switching of hormones so lesbian come and harrasmet with their lousy talk or behavior or women that just come to display the same behavior. For example I went to Calmat today Sunday and last Sunday both times at different hours. The cashier started walking behind me constantly then she starts moving her knees and moving her hair and keeping her eyes on me all the time while doing so.
    Yesterday we went to Sonoma in the restaurant the same thing happen. They all came with the code for all the chips and were activated there. There were the woman one next to our table and soon before we left got up and started doing the same thing this person was with a guy . another one in the far did the same thing and passed by and when they left still look trough the mirror to see what would happen. In another corner were more women. The rest of people were regular customer. It is very notorious who is working on something. the problem is that the deformation of my body continues because of this kind of behavior and the lies all this people come with I am not a lesbian and I don’t have any interest on any of this kind of behavior. the switching of hormones for the amount of money all this people get for building all this lies is continusly done.
    The changes in my feet hands arms muscular tone had being very painful and the permanent damaged done is irreversible. the torture a TI goes because of this is daily and constantly done.
    The devices implanted along my digestive tract is activated on too. since I had the urge to use the restroom constantly when this are activated too.

  17. Hi Today is Wednesday oct 30. I just came back from my morning job. There early the discomfort in my private areas began just around lunch time around 8 am. it lasted fro around 2 hrs. Soon after the urge to use the restroom began. I knew somebody was going to be in the hallway or in the restroom. I waited as much as I could. On woman she is being there for more than a week. showed up where I was and the urge got worst. I went to the restroom an one of the custodians was there. This two have being working in something since I can remember. Today the other one enter the break room trying to engage in conversation. I didn’t fallow his talking. The second one was in the restroom she seemed talking on the phone with somebody. This two are always pretending short talk last time they did this they were simulating a talk. I finish and went out it didn’t take me more than 3 minutes. I left and the woman was still talking in the phone. Outside was the other woman with a guy that has all the codes. every morning he is on the cell phobne shaking during breaks and lunches too.
    At the end on my last break around 11 am A stabbing pain in my pricvate areas hit me as I was passing by a guy that works in the mixing room. this guy acts up constantly when he is around in the break room . there is cameras there to show how ands who is doing the tasing. Also the supervisor and the manager enter to the office where they can see all thisThe change of hormones change immediately. The armpits the private areas the face t, feet hands and all the pain points started to bother me. I worked 130 after that feeling all that discomfort.
    This time is just to let nobody know how a lie is created. as a result I had being tased in areas I cant even mention here and the physical changes I don’t want just the lies fabricated like this.
    I was hire last Monday for the company. when I left the HR office The custodians were garding the door of the su[pervisor’s office the survaliace camera poi’s direst to that area.
    I ask the person incharege or the HR office that I would like to talk about all this.
    Since the more and faster lies had being build up almost every day. As a result the pain and body changes happen contantly just because I don’t pay attention to the woman or guys that come around to see how far they can go.
    In the mean time the continue harassment happened or thins are fabricated. Like a fake conversation with somebody that wasn’t there’d doesn’t know anything about the people living.

  18. Hi
    I just finish typing the new torture I have . It is a rash in my wrist and ankles this appear after I ate food that was provided at work. This rash acts with loud sounds like alarms or loud and annoying musi plus the enlargement of the veins in my hands is very painful. A coworker said that the pain was going to be like the phlebitis the pain in this areas is worst when she is around or in the morning when I star working a series of alarms are used every day. The wave sound makes the wrist itch and the rash appears.
    Two weeks ago the supervisor made us to work in a very small space a few group of woman. in the next area water was spill on the floor wile we were workin.I notice that the character recognition in my eyes was being turn on in a narrow mode (it can be used the same way as the lease of a camera) The supervisor was with his cell phone in a new by area when he snap the butt of a woman always he does it mostly with the same . The next day they all wore work clothes no. there usual legsins and disappear for few hours. the next day they came back with their regular legs I ns. This passed week every time they were near by me a sting gun was hitting in my umbra(between my legs) or in my shoulders. This pain is immeasurable immobilize my leg completely.
    This fabricated lie is just the way they all are made to justify the use of tasers in a TI. The supervisor or the friends of the people use this device on me to build up there own lies. They are paid well for them and so is the supervisor or manager that allow the to use the time at work and the use of the cell phones in areas where are not allow or just passing the device from one to the next people to carry the taser.
    Another similar situation was done with a guy that came in to my work area for few hours. it only takes few word work related to star the story and the lie will continue. The guy left soon after.The supervisor said one day that they have a plan B just in case they are caught using and allowing other to use or to use the time and companies place to allow that this situation occurs. Now every time the manager or the supervisors pass by some kind of pain occurs specially the burning of the tissue it was done mostly in the night shift now is in both. It is like the hives or hot flashes in which the body temperature is increase to the point that excessive sweating occurs to the point that the tissue is damaged and the residue left is a code of oil the lost of hair and the skin are very notorious when this is used for prolong periods of time. The loss of the fat beneath the skin mask the bone show it is done now in both places.
    On Friday night the increase of the blood pressure was turned on as soon as I enter the break room . at 2:25pm since the the blood pressure is still on. It is so high that make my hands shake.
    It is late night there is a laud music played far from my house. the pain behind may head keep me awake the picture of coworker that like that music pass by like a comic strip that is worst to keep me awake it is a nightmare. A guy in the second job said that he was going to give me nightmares and the same thing happened when I tried to sleep. All this pictures that were taken trough my eyes started showing like a cartoon.
    All this make me think that all the people that have being torture with this devises and had cut their lives short because of it is just sad that people like this guy that are making a leaving out of torturing people this way is unspeakable. All the people participating in the AM shift too. It seemed like they are more interested in tasing me than in their jobs. The amount of time used and the number of people involved every day to tase me and invent lieds every day. The use of the facilities to hurt sombody that doesn’t do anything to anybody is just too much

  19. Hi
    Today is Sunday oct. 20th. Last month there were some activities at work in which food was provided. one was a breakfast in there I ate the food it was mostly hispanic food. soon after I ate it the skin in my arms started filling itchy and the skin got darker and thicker than usual. the following week nachos were given in swing shift soon after I ate them a terrible itch began in my wrist it is being three weeks of that and the itch is getting worst it is the same that is done around my ankles when a woman is around. Not only that in my hands and feet is the joists a small circles appear when they are active they are painful and unable my fingers and toes to move . The skin in the bottom of my feet and palm of my hands hurt to the touch it feels that it is an excessive skin growth in those areas. The varicose vain pain done in my hands is activated constantly toothier is poi’s in my hands that activate the vain to enlarge specially is there is always a woman around it was left on over the weekend.
    I had learn that there are some devices that are given in the food and once on the body they are activated to cause the same torture as the RFID’s implanted . My concern now is that more things are done to me.
    The pain points are activated every day in the morning starts with the sound of an alarm that triggers one chip that is implanted in my back then the pain points began hands and feet. The surveillance from the supervisor and the people that controls the rest continue. It is so easy to involve and get the new people to participate in whatever lie and romor they are working on.
    This time is just to let you know that the more torture was added the new poi’s in fingers and toes. The skin with the bacteria that causes the rash in my wrist and ankles and the varicose pain points . The rest of the pain points exist specially the leg cramps. The guy that does it got upset because I don’t pay attention to him.
    The one in the private areas is being use constantly in both shifts and the harassment comes from the people that are working in building their own lies.
    A TI is a contant no rest from all this coming from every where and at this we add the pain when the lie didn’t work out for this people.
    Ill give an example. Women were yoga pants tpo work and tight clothes with gestures or jokes that will make others get embarrass just to hear them. If I don’t listen avoid there preteens and don’t participate in that kind of behavior makes them mad. Last week this women every time they were passing by they shoot me the stage gun in the umbra (in between my legs) That is what they get when they make a lawny complaint .
    That happen with men before. I am not lesbian the physical changes that happened in my body are done because of this that I don’t pay attention to this kind of behavior displayed from them.
    In the swing shift is still on the character recognition the discomfort in the private areas is done too. constantly. the pain in my feet and itch in the unkles is done daily. The page from people is continusly done Junior and other people are called out Ernest is another guy. The character recognition is used to see whatever the people that has the device wants to see. Not me.
    A guy was driving a scooter with 7 feet tall two pallets and they were tilting. It is a busy place with moving vehicles and lost of noise. We have to be aware of our surroundings. A guy near buy said see She was looking at him if only I could catch her. The guy soon got a cell phone and soon said yes it is a seven . The guy with the tilting pallets disappear for long time soon after the pain posit started coming to me one by one.
    I cant walk with the eyes close. or be distracted at work for this kind of comments and action this guy took he was uncharge he had the taking device that can find me and see more not only the trading he had it since las year. Now over the weekend I had all the pain that started after that guy showed up again.

  20. Hi it is being few months since I have wrote to you. The tasing and harassment stocking had continued. The people that does it switch or change among the same group of people. In my work places there are several people that had being chipped willingly. It is very notorious who has it. The benefits for them are notorious too. There skin condition improves. the weight loss in difficult areas. The improvement in memory and the autgoin sudden look feel smattered . When it is off it is the same all person all the opposite comes back to them. The worst part of this is in men when they are around they contilusly joke among themselves because of the sensation they have when they are around me. The change and with go hormones the suppression of my own woman characters continusly are changed and the body deformation continue done in feet hands mid area.
    There are more changes the lost of important nutrient in the body. The itch in my arms came back. The enlagnament of the veins in my hands and legs when philipino people are around. There some guys in the am. shift when I pass by the mixing room the dry in the paining of my mouth starts it is being a week since the guy let it on and still hasn’t turn off. For the weekend the pain in her left side of the hip and knee . along with the varicose pain was on of Friday and still on. IN the Night the pain in my lower back doesn’t allow to turn or move around this pain was the first one I had when I arrived in Germany in 2005 I just had on a Thursday the right top crown in my mouth by a doctorin Suisun city. I don’t know the reason she did that. The pain in Germany lasted consecutive days. Then it vanished. it comes and goes with the rest of the torture pain points as the rest. The crown was removed and recemented in Germany the reason was the crown was making the gums beed.
    The swollen of the palm of my hands and excessive of skin growth in the bottom of my feet is done too.
    All this time the character recognition is being left on . The picture taken from the men and women that has this code is just discusting. The purpuse is just to take it to the people that pays them for the pictures taken. At work there are 4 or 5 simultaneously done during lunch or breaks. During work time too. we use uniform and the people that has the device doesn’t ware the uniform will be placed next to a TI. I had being sent for breaks or lunches when all this people are on too. We don’t suposed to be on break at the same time. It is clear that I’m sent on purpose. I go because I don’t have nothing to hide or be afraid of and as they will show as a proof. It will be use aswel as proof of continuously torture because is done along with physical pain along with the deformation of the body to make the lie believable All the people that will come with this lousy complaints will show this pictures. That will be the amount of people that continusly harrest a TI.

  21. Hi
    Last night I couldn’t sleep all night. The reason was the continue tasing and pain done in all parts of my body especially pelvic area, the bottom of mu feet the back of my shoulder and hip the usiual pain points. The pain gums from one place to the next all night.
    Since the filipino guy next door arrive today Sunday the pain in my calfs stars and continue trough the length of the time the guy stays in the house next door. The dryness of my skin gets worst with the same pain.

  22. Hi
    Today is Sunday 26 2019. It is 1:42pm. I just cam back from grocery shopping. The resason that I am writing down is that since I left the Pilipino guy that comes over the long weekends and heydays is next door. The drilling pain when in my private areas when I walked out of the house began the guy was in the drive way. The pain had continued and expanded in the usual areas back in the neck and my mouth. The character recognition is on. The was a mustang gray on the side of the road a couple of blocks from home. When I tased by the pain in my neck intensified it is way over 10 the intensity of the pain. The gas was on the driveway again when I came back with the woman that lives there. This kind of pain and the intensity is the same when this guy is there.
    In Costco in Vacaville the character recognition got worst. another guy was at the entrance. With the use of cellphones the communication amongh this people is very fast. Now the is another black car in the curb honking to everybody around. My only motive to write today is that for not reason all this pain has being done today as every day for more than 11 years now.

  23. Hi
    Today is Friday 24 2019. It is 10:42am. I just came back from exercising the TV is not on. But the pain is on it increased as I walked into the house. I stopped watching the news because the pain in my ears and pain points began and started getting worst it was close to 9 am. All night the pain points were on including the one in the ears. IT was around 11:45 yesterday when a sharp pain in the back of my head drilled into my left ear it lasted trough all day until I had to do some errands out of the house. The people next door were there yesterday and so are today every time the pain begins with a flame of the screen door. There are several houses with people in they switch some times. The pain and drones in my body and mouth come from the chips implanted inside my mouth and the one in the back. There is something in the bottom of my feet since last night when I went to sleep it began it doesn’t allow me to walk. The deformation of my feet and arms continue. the feeling of electric current passing through the muscles is almost constant. I passed by some relatives leave while exercising this days there is always people around.
    Today is just to let you know that the pain points had increased. The TV cell phone continue being tapped

  24. Hello it is 8:56 pm the character recognition started getting worst around 6pm when we usually have dinner . The TV is on usually and the urge to use the restroom right when I finished began with such urgency. Now I’m watching a family show ion TV. The vision directs right when one of the host speaks . Today The exfinity truck was on the street I leave in one of the houses. Right now half of the people on the street are there they usually gather in a place since this all Bega, They leave have tire meetings come back and this continue constantly.
    My vision is so blurry since I started watching this show around 8pm it comes and goes during the day and according to the shows. The damage done on my eyes continue with the content use of this ficxture for all the people that has it. Today around : 5 there were new people on the park the ones that sit on the benches and the ones that carrie the tasers with a guy he seemed to be one of the recruiters.

  25. Hi
    it is Friday may 17. With the honk of a car passing by on the street tiger the pain in the gums behind my front teeth and the pain in my throat that can’t let me breath. Yesterday I went to the store around noon. To my surprise in each store there were people waiting to tase and report my where about. I got them on video they don’t mined. Today it was the same cars started lining up around the house including the ones that are opening the code for the TV sets to be hacked. The itch in my face and the increase of temperature in my body began is just the tip of the nose and the ear lobs that trigger all this pain body changes and the torture will increase during the day.

  26. Hi
    I am at home waiting for answers for the job applications I had submitted in the past two weeks. Yesterday while making dinner. around 5 pm when my husband came back the pain in my throat began. I can’t breath and my chest expands it is so painful The excessive sizing began and the pain and body discomfort increases, just for snizing whoever is in the hose next-door they just slam the screen door the itch in my arm pits began and so is the tip of my nose. I am writing this down just to let you know who fast it is instantly that this taking and surveillance is done inviting my privacy.

  27. Hi
    I would like to talk about the invasion of pricvacy do to all this stalking and watch over with the TV computers and cell phones tapped daily and. The control of fillings and all the physiological functions in a personal level just to fabricate more lies. The sleep deprivation, appetite suppression or excessive eating, the control of the use of the restroom. The sexual desire suppress filings of any kind and the survialliance when any of this happen. Just to hear the people next door constantly working on it daily. The pain and body discomfort that this creates for their secret agendas just to fabricate lies. Yesterday I went for a walk in the morning . I saw the people in each street waiting as they saw me pass by they move but more cars passed by pretty soon it seems a large number of people that communicates very fast. When this happens is because Im in pain or just the pain happens as soon as I pass by one of them like the sting gun in my private areas yesterday just around the corner while walking over the weekend exercising when people just pass by. As Im typing the twitching in my right eye began. The itch in my face and the dryness in my mouth got worst the pain comes from behind my front teeth and spreads through mu gums, nose ears eye brows and eyes.
    All this physical changes are done continuously the changes coming from the chips in my mouth come and go when the chip is on this happen
    The swollen of my veins in hands and feet happen very often it gets worst when I lie down or when Im at sleep. Yesterday I sat to watch TV around 7pm I no time I was asleep and all this happened . To the point that I can’t woke up but the pain continue including the one in my private areas. When I manage to woke up I have to rush to the restroom. Whatever the chips measures is this pain and harassment done in my private areas for all the period of time that this was done.

  28. Hi
    It is Thursday may 16. The character recognition in my eyes continue it is being since February. This pass two weeks is being more intense to the point of blindness. The people around the house is being there for most of the time. Today only few people are they moved for some hours. Yesterday the discomfort in my stomach began around 6 pm that made it blow up a lot I ate a potato wedge my husband brought from charlies few minutes after I ate the cramping began and the blow up began lasted all night. The discomfort. I’m my private areas began as soon as I enter the master bathroom that includes all the chances I had mention before in my face breast, inside my chest arms and feet that last all night.
    The look in my eyes is very disturbing because they look lifeless and specially one doesn’t move like the other this physical damage and control of the to crate the lies this people work on endlessly is continuously done daily. All this is when the chip that controls the is on. The physical pain cause by all this is immeasurable.

  29. Hi
    There are four pain points in my back one that is near a wound that didn’t heal for long time after a bump was removed in 2013 I went to see the doctor and with no medicine heal. since then the pain spreads through all my back and goes up in my neck when it is on. The other is behind mu shoulder now it move under my right arm pit it is a painful blob of air it disappears and moves to the homoplato behind my shoulder. The other one is in the left side of my hip this one is a drilling sensation and makes my hip swollen in seconds. the other one is in the right side it is another quarter size circle in the pelvis area every time when I walk, vend is very painful it is on every night to get up of bed when it is on in difficult even to move or turn. That is not all there is a lot more.
    There is never being a reason for me to be chipped and torture in this manner for so long more than 11 years. All the people that implanted this chips for not reason don’t have any idea the torture I had being for such a long time daily

  30. Hi
    Today is May 14 2019 It is 10 PM, As every night the discomfort in my private areas started and with the time passing by is getting worst. The itch and the swollen in my face began at the same time nose ear lobes and eyebrows around my mouth and cheek bones. During the night my right hand will get numb and so are the bottom of my feet. right now as Im typing the pain in my inner tight increase this happen too while I walk. Mi skin texture change it gets dry and the veins in my head and feet get more prominent. the people next door is change now are other people coming specially last week for Mother’s Day not even that day let me alone. Today all day the character recognition is being on to the point of I couldn’t see anything. My computer is being acting up to the point that stopped working. I have being trying to fill up job applications and the com. is being hacked and so is my cell phone especially on Friday and Sunday the phone trucks were parked near by to hack a phone call just in case I call. On Sunday I went for a walk and my feet had the pain points that doesn’t allow me to walk it lasted all Sunday and Monday. It doesn’t matter where I go for a walk soon people starts showing up not to exercise but to tase me the pain as they pass by happens

  31. Hi
    Right now the pain in my private areas started f
    since the woman that entered the house next door came in she did it yesterday all day too. The accelerator in my chest makes my body temperature increase. The chip behind my front teeth starts making my gums and teeth have a very unpleasant feeling. My nose and ear lobs swollen and get itchy the skin and hair texture change instantly and so are my eye brows. The muscles in my tights hurt and my toes. My belly blows up when I sneeze.The increase of my chest area comes with all this. The muscles in my arms look different.The inflamation of my hands and all the physical changes happen when all this chips are on are painful and unwanted. I left the TV in a sub opera all day yesterday and this pain comes because of it. The People that wires the TV sets are the ones that help build up this lies. The invasion of privacy not only by wiring the TV controls’ e-net, cell phones and Character recognition is just to much. There was a guy yesterday He stayed next door until I took a shower and that happens every day the guy next door always does it as soon as I get up in the morning my vision changes immediately. From a sleep point I am woke up and more pain points in body began specially in my private areas and the only thing I hear at night is the guy next door is making sounds.
    I can’t post all this as they happen. Yesterday at night I was going to close the screen window in my room when I was hit by a siting gun in my umbra before that by climbing the stairs I passed infant the TV it was not 2 minutes apart one from the other. The woman that is next door was last night too it was around 9;30 PM

  32. Hi
    There is an chip that accelerates my heart rate my chest just with starts with the screen door of the guy next door or by passing of a car on the street or just by sitting infant of the TV the chip increases my heart rate an so is mu body temperature. Lately as soon as this happens I have the urge to urinate. as soon as I rate something I have to use the restroom . Now there is more people in the houses around mine that comes in a setting schedule 8 to 4 and more came trough the night.
    There is not time to rest for a TI enjoy a day gardening a walk on the par not mention cleaning the house a vend to mope the door or stretch the sheets or do the laundry. cook a meal or Tate the food is painful the tase come for not reason. That is not measure the amount of pain a TI goes by the hands of so many people involve in this human torture. The hate for not reason that they put in to it and the defamation that goes in to in is in disbelieve. How all this many people gets away of this inhumane torture. The profit they make with it will be easy to figure it out.

  33. Hi
    It is the week from May 3rd to May 9 It is 9:30 am. I have being looking for a job since last week. Every time I arrive to a place to submit an application The character recognition is on. The pain and discomfort in my private areas is being on day and night specially when my kids or husband are around or during dinner time. The television Is being on in all this locations and I specially leave one running most of the day to see what lie are going to work on in the following days. I can’t go grocery shopping they move pretty fast they sit around the house the people around the house don’t go to work they stay all day just to tex the people around the area they move quickly. That is just to let somebody know that the amount of people involved in the tasing and torturing TI is very big and expands so fast just to invent or just work in more lies.
    I went to church this Sunday a woman sat next to me soon got a craving kid and lasted all the time in the mass. At some point sat in the door and removed the kids shoes and started liking me with the kids bare feet. could move out of that place., but that happens all the time, Why I have to move I just have to bare with it. It is not the first time that happens. The reason Just to invent more lies.

  34. Hi it is 9:34 pm. It is Friday it was my last day at work. I let around 1;10 outside of the gate was a police car . It was not reason it was not the first time one police car was there or along my commute at one point there were 4 SUV’s . It was never a reason. There is a guy that come next door on weekends and long weekends and vacations. Ihe excruciating pain I’m all day when the guy is there The guy is a Filipino and it is being years now that the guy comes, He doesn’t leave there but the house is one of the houses used to do the electronic harassment . Now another guy came around 7pm a woman came later with food. Im writing down now because since I arrived today from work the pain and discomfort in my body is being on soon after the guy show up. The discomfort in my mouth and private areas is increasing as the night passes. The pain in the bottom of my feet and the itch that comes in my private areas soon the thick hair began to grow. The pain in the veins in calfs and hands is another areas when this guy is around the pain behind my front teeth is magnified with this kind of pain. As Im typing more itch comes in the private areas. The bottom of my toes get pain it spreads along the bottom of my foot. The other guys that just to come use lift or uber the same system they use when they leave.

  35. Hi
    The pain and changes done in my mouth after my last dentist visit are very painful. It feels like the deep cleaning has just done behind my front teeth . I don’t know the reason she did this to me and my kids with out my knowledge or consent The vision changes when this chip is on and all the physical pain for all the physical changes that triggers. Tomorrow that is my last day at work more of this will happened.

  36. Hi
    Today is May 2nd since I receive the news at work that tomorrow is going to be my last day at work everything started accelerating building more lies and torturing me more. Around 3;15 pm I was telling the news a one coworker that got it by surprise. Immediately a philipino woman showed up and with the phone on started looking at it very attentively during our short conversation. Later the person I talked to was moved to another sight that got it by surprise. Around 4:25 another filipino woman came in to my work area as soon as she left the pain and body discomfort began. It was the stabbing feeling in my left shoulder left hill all the left side including the pain inside my gums behind my front teeth. There is a chip that was implanted in my last dentist visit in Vacaville the dentist is a filipino woman too. The dryness in my mouth’s soft tissue, The changes in the gums. The fast reception of the gums when the chip in on. The sole of my lips this changes occurred when the chip is on. The excessive hair lose the pain in the bottom of my feet is part of all this . I was watching TV and All this changes happened they stopped when I woke up tow hours later.In my way back home from work This changes continued through all . The nose gets thick and the ear lobs skin and hair changes gets very thick instantly. I stopped at Raleys in Suisun city to buy some groceries. There rush more people in. Outside was a guy hiding by the carts station . The guy looked up and saw me. They get surprised when the detector that followed me let them know that we are there. I left worst when I arrived home the woman next door arrived too as soon as I got out the car the pain increased and the discomfort in my private areas got worst. When I’ve being in awful pain at night and I can’t fine a place to sleep at home. I can hear her and her husband talk describing the places I am trying to sleep in the bathroom , in the bathtub on the floor they move along too and lash about it like it is funny to them tasing me.If I turn off the TV and I go out the house they do the same thing open the garage door until I leave. At work something has done to the water in the bathroom it is white and leaves a white residue My hands get dry instantly just by getting them wet. The water and the sewer was flushed at the same time this changes happened at work. The same thing continue making me use the bathroom and a guy shows up. If It didn’t work will try in few minutes later again just to invent more lies or the discomfort in my private areas had being on for some time. The changes that happen in my nose make my body temperature rise and more pain will happen. Like I can’t be under direct sun light or any kind of light. It burns my skin instantly and won’t go away. I don’t know why special groups of people participate in this torture I have never done anything to any of them for the contrary I had brought them together in conflictive situations they had at work.

  37. Hi
    My comments are long I can’t describe with more detail The live we live as a TI. I don’t understand the hate that had build up around me the amount of energy, people, money and time all this people had invested in 11 years doing this. I don’t know the motive this all began. All the fabricated lies daily I can’t turn, look up, smile, say Hi, listen to the radio, have friends nothing. I suggest that more people that is being targeted posted their experiences with more detail and as close as the time that the incidents happen tis way more people know that there is a moral and social problem that is expanding poisoning our communities this problem goes really deep into society for not reason we are physical and mentally torture daily.

  38. Hi Today is May 1st 2019 It is 9;19 PM
    Last night the discomfort in my private areas was on all day at work there is always a guy that seems to spend all day in my work area doing nothing just with the cell phone on if I move he moves next to or around me continuously the manager of the department was on the floor for some time during that time the character recognition was on and so was the discomfort in my private areas. There was a supervisor when I ask a question work related or just need some information about work. My thong got couldn’t move the character recognition in my eyes was on all the time specially when he was doing something in the area where I was working .He move up to another position. Last night again the stabbing pain and the discomfort in my private areas continued during dinner time my kids and husband were there and the TV was on. later during the night again it the pain and discomfort lasted most of the night with long hours of sleepless . There is people from maintenance that work at night in the Fairfield plant most of them had the codes during the day and the guys that work at night too. The signal can be sent from any place where the people that have the codes send the signals continuously. My phone makes estrange sounds and so are the TV remote controls. The TV sets get a glitch when Im sitting watching any program on TV. This days seem that all the people that are looking to build lies continuously or spreading false rumors or looking for people to get more involved seemed to be working on more . The guy next door arrived today and a plane passed very low at the same time . The same thing had happen when my husband went out and hours passed before he came back. A plane passes by very low. There is nothing for me to do about it. The continued build up of lies they say they have the prove because the RFID’s measure everything and anything probably yes what they don’t tell is what they are doing harassing, soothing, torturing people to build up lies and that is what they measure all the effort time and energy is amazing to see them coordinate all the places they show up there clues they all clear their throats only the supervisor tapped or the metal wall for the same guy to cars me pain. In feet legs ,arms they just say come with me and that is all I fallow and the clue comes and the pain doesn’t take time to start. The same guy at work is always looking at the phone when In trying to read the blindness starts.

  39. Hi
    Today is Thursday 9;37 PM since last Easter Sunday my throat and the pain and discomfort in digestive system. itch in ear lobs, nose bottom of my feet and private areas. Excessive hair growth in some areas the pain in my arms and wrist my hands look different my waist line is thick and looks square with out a shape. All this changes come randomly last for few days. When the chip is not on everything goes back to its normal feminine figure and characteristics. The harassement from women come when all this happen. All this is painful specially when my thoracic cavity is estreched out to the point that I can’t breath. My nipples retract at a point that there is nothing in the aureola when all this changes happen. With the character recognition on in my eyes the feeling is worst. All this changes are unwanted I am not lesbian and it seems like the change physically are done externally. It happen at night or in any place I just feel thee stabbing in my ovaries nipples triodes and the back of my head and the changes happen instantly the texture of my hair and skin . It is not vanity it is painful and it is continuously done daily at work and nightly in the house . The pain is constant that keeps me awake all night. The people with the taser change for a day or two then they continued again. Today the water was shot down in all the facility at work. The urge to use the restroom began I didn’t know that was not water It came out soon to flush it. The jokes came around soon. All this is to let you know that a TI is subject to painful unwanted physical changes. along with the harassment that comes with them. The lies fabricated when this is on are coming from the people that harvest us or molested us with comments or action or torture us with all this pain done in all parts of the body. I’ll give you examples, The upper outer side of my arms for not reason I feel just like a stabbing pain feels like a thick wire passes through .The pain is from 3 to 8 it is done constantly during the night at work or another place with the time the arms look bulky man like. That happens with legs hands feet waist line abdomen. The itch in chin, ear lobs, nose, private areas, under arms eyebrows lips the change of voice excessive hair growth comes with a severe itch rash kind. This is on top of all the other pain I had descried before . All this is painful

  40. Today is Monday 22 2019 . Last week the urge to use the restroom was constantly done specially when somebody was around the restroom or was going to pass by my work area.When the happens the urge starts. all the time specially when this people are around the discomfort in my private areas is bees done it fills like electric discharges are sent to the area. The guy that is most frequent there is always on the phone ore fiends are hiding in the lies in my work area. This week just continued today again at least 4 times happened as soon as I arrived and soon after people was around even when I was looking at a fashion magazine the same thing happened. Every night the same pain and discomfort began it goes down to the bottom of my feet and the pain and discomfort just extend there. The guy next door just slam the screen door when any kind of pain is going to begin. It is 8:32 PM his dogs have a weird kind of baking that sound makes my vocal cords and throat hurt. Yesterday at church I was singing and the pain began soon after making my voice change. There there is always the character recognition in my eyes on it is very notorious because always somebody is going to come around and the discomfort and pain is going to be during mass. This time is just to let you know that this kind of harassment in private areas and the measure of hormones during the urination is another way to fabricate lies by the people that showed up that day at that time. But the truth is we were molested in this manner during work hours, renting at night. A TI person can’t do anything about it. the person can’t control or hold for so long the urge of the use of the restroom when it is induce a control remote. This is always done by somebody we know we can give the names and how up is.
    Four people are on vacation from last week. I can’t watch a movie of any kind a program a show news The TV pauses in any the person speaking men women or anything. Last Saturday I went out with my son and the character recognition was directed to my son. I drove around to see who had done. Tow guys were on the street a guy in a white truck and a security truck were out side.Whey they saw the camera in my car they took off. It feels like my left eye is directed to a particular area of a person . It can be very narrow pr soom or panoramic.I mention this because a TI person can’t be blame for the nasty behavior of the people controlling this character recognition and the lies fabricated with this .

  41. Hello Last Thursday 4/4/19 more people were brought to have the skimming done from the codes they are brought for people that work near by or with me or from the offices. This time was the guy I work with an a woman the stabbing pain and discomfort in my private areas was very uncomfortable and painful. The woman returned just to ask me for something it was clear that she didn’t know what she was looking for either. I send her to ask the guy she was with he works with me. Since then the pain and discomfort continued trough all night to the point that I had to go to the ER. There the pain stopped and the character recognition got refined that means that gets only at specific points the ones that the people behind the control wants to see. This is very often done at work since I started in February it is done daily on the rode and at home even at church. The discomfort in my private areas is very unpleasant it gets worst when the guys are around if the lie they are working on doesn’t happen then women are sent with the same purpose. Usually are the same women sent.This along with the pain points in lower back, knee, toes, bottom of my feet to the point I can’t walk during work hours, break time or lunch continue this are just some of the things I go through every day.during the work day or at home. When the skimming is done for random people and sent to the streets the people that brings them and allow the to do so don’t know the danger they put me in to I feel the continue tasing done for more and more people. It seems that the more people they bring in to this the more money they make. Now again along my commute to work This people show up I just feel the stabbing pain along the way during my commute to any place Costco was done at the entrance and at the exit was again the woman a completely extrage person. This is as always for not reason they don’t measure the pain and danger they pose a human being for not reason.

  42. Hello, today my nice all of the blues send me a picture of his son being mad at something she said. It didn’t take long when the guys came around joking around . Later after the last break the character recognition in my eyes was on.It didn’t take long when the same guy I work with was with another woman talking after I came back from my break.This time I was talking with my mom she made a joke. She had finish eating she said in her joke. Like every day the guy disappeared for very long periods of time. When my shift ended I passed by him and the pain and body discomfort started again.The body changes in face areas and waist all this started happening as I started the car to return home. The urge to use the restroom is one of the symptoms that make us run to a place to use the restroom. When I enter the house the TV set was on The pain increased especially my throat and the right foot in the bottom there are small circles that when step on them I can’t walk it is very painful to step on them is like walking over marvels. I call relatives at break time to see who in taking my cellphone and soon action like this happen the problem is I ended up with all this pain and body discomfort again. When I send a message like this soon the guy that taps my computer takes off to bring this. Tomorrow the same guys will be commenting as every day do. All this is Just to let you know that the invasion of privacy tapping my phone and computer for not reason just to torture me for not reason is continuously done is day and night When the character recognition is on I have to close my eyes because just the use of the restroom or shower is just too much. Right now I can’t walk because I don’t know the reason The TV was on The Character recognition was on An my kids and husband we were having dinner. My husband got a phone call and He sows the call since the the pain in my foot began. When this happen and my husband receives a phone call from my father in law the same or worst pain happen.
    There is not reason to be torture this manner.

  43. Today at work more skimming has done the last one was a guy that was with a woman that helps in receiving the guy got was 2 yards far from me .He d a cell phone on The woman just nodes or say something to the people that continually brings around. Last Friday was a woman today were tow guys just passed by me. Since around then Have 3PM the pain in my private areas began it is 10:pm almost and The feeling of being sick is getting worst. There are two guys that work in marketing and logistics and two more that come often to hag around every time they are around I have pain and discomfort in my body. There is always people coming and going the comets coming from them are very insensitive coming from the guys are just lies and defamation and from the woman are insensitive . I never heard a comment such s since she is being here we have notice a remarkable difference in productivity appearance in the facility is always willing to help and assist us in making the job easy for others specially coming from supervisors. The character recognition is still on at work I can’t tell for the feeling on my eyes and the look in one or both eyes.

  44. T
    Hi Today is Wednesday march the 27th the pain that comes every night in the body continue. Yesterday I went to the Ford in Fairfield Ca. Soon more people arrived only one guy stayed very close, The agent started showing us the cars soon after he started the discomfort in my body began and the character recognition in only one eye was on. The guy was continuously washing his cell phone pretending that was looking for a car too. the discomfort continue all the time the agent was assisting us. I left the place and the discomfort continued until night. Today at work was the same thing. The circles in my feet that during breaks or lunch hour appear and doesn’t let me walk were on during the day. In my last break around 3:40 the burning sensation in my eyes began. At that time people starts passing by one guy just passed by and retuned two steps ahead. I went back to work and more people started sowing up in the area where I was . One of the managers and another guy stopped by while they were there just for few minutes the stabbing pain in my left shoulder began the same discomfort I’m my body continued the same one from yesterday at the Ford (In my private areas) This pain in my clavicle started one day at the ford when I was waiting for an oil change. A guy behind me was on a cell phone as soon as I felt the stabbing pain the guy left. It is almost 9:00 Pm and the pain in my hands clavicle and the discomfort in my private areas is being on almost all day. The stabbing pain in my throat that makes my voice change vegan at the same time. The dryness in my mouth and the itch in arms face eyebrows during the night continue the expansion of my rib cage is so painful that at times I can’t stand it that happen also when Im working.In my way back there is police cars or ambulances that are parked or drive ahead of me. The pain continued during my way back or going to work. As Im typing the pain intensified in my hands and behind my neck. The guy that taps my com. will show up as every day when I leave to work.I mention all this Because there is never a reason for me to be tased daily This kind of torture is unjustified.

  45. Hi It is passed 900 PM last night (Sunday) I could’t sleep the pain pints in my body kept me awake al night. The Character recognition in my eyes wasn’t that bad as it is being for the pas month and half. Today The skimming of the codes was done again. The pain in the bottom of my feet and the swollen of my arms and hands began began around 2PM right when people started passing by my work area. It continued trough the rest of the day along with the burning sensation of my eyes. On Saturday the 23 I went to Vacaville To the Honda and Nisan car sales I didn’t stayed in those places more than 30 minutes in each at Honda when we finish walking around Tony the sales person started searching in his phone and soon after all the pain in hands feet behind my neck an all the pain in my body began. The pace next to this one the same story the woman that assisted us didn’t have a cell phone but the guy by the entrance was and soon after the burning sensation in my eyes to the point of blindness began. To any place I go lots of people arrive the paces gets busy and the pain in my body began. The reason I visited this places was . On Feb, 6 I had a fender bender Somebody hit me in the back of the car while I was waiting to merge in HW12 is Suisun City coming of Beck St. The car was declared total loss last week. Now I don’t have a car to go to work I’m driving the one provided by my insurance. Before that happened my car is being vandalize numerous times I have the pictures as this started showing up in my car. This is just to give you an idea the daily live we leave it is not only the physical pain the deformation of my body and the property damaged done. The cellphone and the computer are tapped an the TV sets too. It doesn’t matter what area of the house Im in The pain comes. Through out the night there are houses with the lights on all night. Right now the pain behind my neck began as Im typing. The expansion on my rib cage is very painful and so is the arms and hands all this makes me look square and bulky. The same pain in the bottom of my feet and toes makes my feet swollen and my shoes can’t feet properly and I can’t walk just when somebody is near by with a cell phone I can tell the names but just will get worst

  46. Hi The sleepless nights and the pain in some parts of my body continue trough the night and day. The pain behind my neck began around midnight until I get up to go to work. The environment has being changing at work The people that are doing the tasing continue specially during lunch and on breaks.There are small circles in my toes that when is time for a break are activated and I can’t walk my feet swollen and my shoes can’t feet the same. Always is the same people around with cell phones on. I make calls or send a text to my relatives or friends just to see who is tapping my phone I know who taps my computer every day. At times is not needed to show up I just know that it is being done. Yesterday Two woman passed by at work and a cramp in my let leg started. Today another woman passed by and the discomfort in my private areas began. That discomfort feels like electric current comes from the inside of my vagina. It lasted long time Driving in my way back an ambulance was driving next to me for most of my driving the pain was still on. It added one more pain point this one was coming from inside my colon they lasted from around 3;30 until around 6;00PM. When that stopped the pain in my hands began that make my fingers swollen and change my hands shape my throat hurts and makes my voice change. This little circles in my fingers and toes move when they hurt when they move or make pressure on any of them. The growth of skin in the bottom of my feet and the palm of my hands hurt also.

  47. Hi. Today another lie was made since the Character recognition is on and the person that control it made it by using my eyes if they manage to get away with it.
    I just came back from work at MEYER in Vallejo Ca. I have being working in this company for the past 7and a half months. It is 5:22 PM. This is what happened today at work:
    I arrived to work as always tow of the guys I work with were not in the building The other temp said that they had gone to the Fairfield Facility. Later tone of them (The supervisor) came to asked me if some today had called me A NELSON representative was there at the front desk. For his attitude I assumed that The representative wanted to talk to me. He asked me how the job was which is odd he doesn’t wanted to be asked what do do or any kind of questions I started talking The place is really close to where I was working. Every time he is arround me my thong doesn’t move as I talk just with him. The discomfort in my private areas is done when any of the 4 guys are around or the temp. When we say Hi to Mr. Neithan He said Hi I had talked to him before at the Fairfield facility. The reason he said he went was because I dad won a safety question gift card. I asked him What month was it? He said February . He said That” he wanted to take a picture to post it at the board.” He didn’t say what board. He made me move to a company’s board. There was behind him a big picture of a woman holding a naked kid. The characher recognition got instantly worst it took a blink to take a picture from my right eye. I kept talking But The thong couldn’t move at that moment Dan and a Filipino woman cut across and the pain in my right arm started really bad I held my hand for few seconds until they continued walking. Neithan took the picture he said “give me a big smile.” I asked him about changing to another place Karent sent me there she said it was for 6 week only. I kept talking Dan the supervisor showed up and took me inside the warehouse. Thet was all. The Rayan the guy that hung around mike and the temp gather around hem. The guy said I got her with a 20 dollars gift card. Rayan has a very sarcastic attitude yesterday he was taking pictures when dan the supervision wasn’t around during my work hours. The invasion of privacy goes on to invent lies continuously. I have not done nothing to any of them but to work in that place . For the contrary The pain I go through every day The tasing if is not people from maintenance, Cleaning crew, people around from the office that just pass by any of them have done endless time this tasing since the skimming had gone to the extreme . To continue After lunch some time had passed I had to use the restroom really bad to the point that I couln’t wait. Rayan was around in one of the ailes laughing again. It is being lots of times that all the place smells something burn even in the bathrooms specially whey they make me go to the restroom. Im wondering if that is another pin up lie for somebody else.This people didn’t go to let them know that one move to a house and another one got a bigger car another one got a luxury vacation all inclusive paid and another one massage and a diner in a nice restaurant free jut for sitting sexy in the lies. They didn’t gather to compare who got more that the next either but they all know. It will be easy to fallow all the people that is near me at work or in the houses around finances. How they. They guy next door came just to get this e-mail out and the guy that taps my computer this morning took it too to have it read.I will know tomorrow I always wonder if the general manager knows that the facility is being use to torture me daily for not reason. If they bring one up why I haven’t being call out to hear my point of
    new. The one in Fairfield knew but didn’t do anything to stop it.

  48. Hi. It is 8;30 pm the pain and swollen of my toes since this morning at work. it began when one of the guys that just comes around my work to hang or joke around with the others in the first break. He is around when I have the urge to use the restroom. He likes to take pictures and shares them around too. They all are in the same rate so much time trying to work out lies every day later one of them or all of them disappear for hours and another story starts taking place if the previous one didn’t work for them. The Ain in my toes began when I told to one of the leads that I was training because I was going to run a 10 K for thanksgiving since November this is being happening in my toes during breaks when I live work when I excersise and my shoes don’t feet properly. Always there is somebody around me with a cellphone. The pepper spray feeling continued during breaks and lunch times or work time. There is a another temp she is allays on the phone most of the guys come to check with her or the woman that are participating in this it is very notorious. I don’t mine what ever the people like to use their time. Im mention this because all the pain I go through every day. This days is the swolen of my toes and fingers, the pepper spray feeling in my eyes, The swollen of the inside of my ribcage, The discomfort in my private areas, the control of my body’s functions, The painful nights in some points in my body keeping me awake. The dry sensation inside of my mouth. It comes from behind my front teeth since las dentist visit. The pain in my throat making mu voice change. The pain is both areas that make them swolen and make me look bulky and square shaped, the drilling sensation in my hips that make them swolen and more day and night.

  49. It is 9;08 Pm since last night the discomfort inside my private areas is being on at work this situation continued today during my work hours. It got worst when the people I work with was near me. The discomfort and this kind of harassment is done very often. Now Im at home and the same feeling is still on. When I left from fork the pain in my throat began and makes my voice change into a deeper pitch of voice. It is getting late and the same people that randomly come around my house are here that means it is going to be a long sleepless and painful night. For the past two weeks the character recognition in my eyes is being on with that the paper spray burning sensation in my eyes is being on special around breaks and lunch hours, when Im trying to read or see my cellphone numbers or e-mail. The control of my physiology is done continuously at least 3 or 4 times in a day. This means that make me go to the restroom only to find there people from maintenance or the cleaning people or just other curios people that come to see how it works. The skimming is continuously done more people just pass by and some pain or body discomfort is on until they leave.Every day at work I tray to use my cell phone to see who is the one that is tap ing it, and the same people always shows up the people near me and the maintenance guys. During lunch I go out the break room to see who is doing it for the day . Even there the same people shows up. I don’t understand why they believe in fabricated lies, defamation and instigate to get people involved in this kind of stocking, harassment and human torture. That is the job of the recruiter keeps bringing people around and I see more people participating in this. For Me is the daily pain and torture I go every day.Yesterday a moment of intimacy with my husband was broken by the continuously slamming of the screen door from the guy next door. The TV on my room and my Kids room turns on and change Chanels by themselves, dims the volume continuously. I could go on with this . The lost of my vision for the past tow weeks was one of the worst I ever had.

  50. Hi.
    My Name is Teresita I have being targetted for the past 11 years. All the description done for the thousands of people that had contacted you I had gone through all and more, every day and night. At work, home, rode, places I frequent, Gym exercising open air name it. For the past tow weeks There urge to use the restroom with so much urgency has come one of the human torture I go every day. when I can’t Waite any longer the people I work with is around the restroom maintenance people or the cleaning people people I work with or just curios people. The reason they do this I don’t know just to invent stories lies defamation or just to have fun with the joke.The problem is the discomfort in making my bely fill with gas in a matter of seconds. A guy said that I was infected with a bio-engeneerierd bacteria that causes all kind of digestive problems. Supervisors, managers workers have being around when this had happened . This worst. The current that goes in my private areas at work during work hours is discusting the same people shows up when this occurs. There is always sombody with the cell phone on near by, a co-worker the cleaning guy when he passes by or somebody near by since the chips have a wide range and any electronic device on can transmit the signal and cause any kind of pain or discomfort in my body. My eyes have the Character recognition and my vision is gaided involuntarily. During lunch and breaks my eyes burn like they have being sprayed with peper spray. that happened during work hours too I just need to focus on letters or numbers and the same feeling occur. That is not all When Im walking there is something under my toes that hurt when I walk not always only when I am going to take a break or excerssie at the gym or open air.There is a stabbing pain in my arms that make them swollen and bulky. From my las dentist visit this symptoms happen My lips swollen the inside tissue gets dry the drilling pain goes up in to my head. My nose gets thick and so are my ear lobs my hair and private areas hair gets thick my body gets hot and that triggers all kinds of pain and discomfort. That happens at home on the road at work day and night.There is a pain in one or both ovaries and physical changes happened Men come and have excessive attention drown to themselves( specially when the electric current feeling inside my private areas) if I don’t pay attention to them women show up in a later time the same thing happen they start displaying an excessive attention drown to themselves I am not lesbian.This kind of harassment I go continuously With my vision controlled and all this is inhumane. The deformation of my body and bone structure to make me look different. There is something in my throat that makes my voice change it hurts . All this changes hurt terrible is a body discomfort day and night weekends and holidays are worst.I could go on with more torture I had gone trough the years. I have all the prove you need to make your case just need a scan to locate them. People will come with pictures from a park fro from the top of a latter from a sore from a restaurant name it. Was just people that got something for taking a picture with a lie attached to it. It is not of humans to attack one another from the back torturing physical and mentally ruin their lives with defamation inventing lies or harassing us with prepotency or sexually or any other way invading our privacy braking in our lives in the middle of the night or when we are not around. We have being Isolated like we are the worst criminals . For any of the reasons we being selected, we were healthy, fit, work for the military being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or just because. I had so much to write about being harvest that a book wouldn’t be enogh to cover all the aspects of this torture I go through every day. Please Help us

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