April 2012 Journal 2

4-16 12:13p Clerk on duty Stephanie. Purchased three Arizona drinks: Half & Half Ice Tea Lemonade 23 oz. 613008719302, Lemonade 23 oz. 613008726096 and Ice Tea w/ Raspberry 23 oz. 088130994642. Upon consuming these beverages I felt a strong electro-magnetic signal directed to my head. I did not experienced this prior to consuming this product. It is the malicious contaminating of these products and the participation of these businesses that is the result of these electronic attacks. If these businesses did not allow their products to be altered the attacks would be greatly reduced. Among other parties who are responsible is the FDA and the U.S.D.A. For not doing anything about it. Also noted is pressure and attacks to the ears and ear drums, sinus congestion, tightness of the eyes and thickness of the siliva.

4-16 Audio Journal. Because of the lack of lighting in the area, I had trouble getting on the call. However, I finally got on the call, when it was time to do the show. I set the call up and then hanged up. Hanging up was because I needed to find the a lit up place. When I finally found a suitable place to do the show, I could no longer log into the conference call. The call was ended without my intervention and most likely was due to interference from the criminal organization. The call was rescheduled for Saturday afternoon. Starting on June, I will be changing the day and time when I do these specific calls. It would most likely be on Saturday, since most of my calls are made on this day.

4-16/17 I went to sleep around 10p. When I got up I experienced a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. This is due to consuming the drinks yesterday,eating the bagels that I got from the Rescue Mission, smart dust technology placed in the soil and directed energy from satellites and drones.

4-17 12:30p Food Lion 342 Eastern Blvd. Purchased Chopped Broccoli (FL Brand) 16 oz. 035826048132, Holly Fresh Chicken Thighs 1.90 lbs. 275809602834, 2 Van Camp’s Pork & Beans Maple & Brown Sugar 28 oz. 052000011234, 2 My Essentials Whole Kernel Corn 15.25 oz 725439103381, 10 Knurr Italian Sides Creamy Garlic Shells 4.9 oz. 041000022906, Four Cheese Bow Tie 4.1 oz 041000028380, Campi Flavor 4.2 oz. 041000082801, My Essentials Iced Oatmeal Cookies 12 oz. 725439102872, Nabisco Chip Ahoy 9.5 oz 044000024567 and Fresh Start Navel Oranges 033383110103. Upon consuming these products the attacks of electro-magnetic weapons increased. I particularly noticed signaling about 5 minutes into consuming products. This occurred after situated myself in a remote terrain that is not accessible to vehicles and difficult to maneuver by people. It is often the only places I can consume the contaminated food, which reduces the amount of attacks of electronic weapons. However, because of the difficulty of maneuvering this terrain, it does put my life at risk.

4-17 FSU Bronco. When I came into this facility there were only three people. After only 5 minutes of being there several more people came in. Many of the people were regulars. However, I did see a few others that I haven’t seen before. But since I was moving around, the targeting was minimized. The targeting was directed mostly at my knee caps and legs, but the directed energy could also be felt on my head. Once I left this facility, the targeting was greatly reduced.

4-18 I went to sleep at an entirely different location. This was due to consuming the food at such a late period and knew that the area that I regularly sleep at was setup to attack my body even more than previously. Anyway, after consuming the food, I became extremely tired, which I feel asleep a short time later. I had slept for about 8 hours prior to eating this contaminated food.

4-18 I went to sleep at around 2A at a downtown location. The attacks were minimized because I had not slept in this area before. Although I did notice a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system, it was not as bad as previous nights. I did feel a strong directed energy signal focused n the back of my head, but that was because I had drank a soda during this period. It was heavily contaminated with the chemicals that make it possible for the directed energy to target my body in specific ways.

4-19 Established with the Occupied Wall St. in Fayetteville, NC. Spoke to Wendy. She told me that meetings are held every Tuesdays at 6p. At the First Christian Church 1505 Fort Bragg Rd. Here direct phone number is 919-480-0398. I was also informed to contact the “Quaker House” 223 Hillside Ave. at 910-323-3912. As I found out later on, this contact was not helpful.

4-15 Human Protection Software Suite has been released this week. The conference call, which will be uploaded on the GSS server soon highlighted the license agreement, payment arraignments and general information regarding the product. Interested individuals should contact Mellhedek on his facebook page.

4-18/19 Went to sleep around 10p at my Gillepsie St. location. Due to the rain I was forced to sleep underneath the warehouse. Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. I was prompted to leave the general area after seeing one of the workers of this facility. I setup on the backend of the warehouse. It had already stopped raining and the ground wasn’t really damp, because the area had not gotten any rain fall for a while. To make this short, after getting up the second time, I seen a male coming out of a house, which sits about 300 feet from me. Just earlier I could feel electronic pulsing on my hip. Also noted. The criminals of this technology was directing the electro-magnetic energy to my nerves of my teeth causing my mouth to swell up. And early in the morning I felt intensive burning of my ears.

4-19/20 Slept throughout the day into the night and morning. Felt pulsing underneath me, which nano-tech was placed in this area. Experienced a rapid heartbeat and an uncontrollable nervous system. When I got up, the criminals of this technology was pulsing my right ear. It was in sync with my heart beat, which was being manipulated throughout this period. I contributed this to consuming the food that I purchased from Food Lion as I felt clogged. I particularly felt pressure in my ears and sinus cavity.

4-20/21 Went to sleep at my Gillepsie St. location, which I stayed the day prior. When I got up I noticed a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. The result of this was sleeping in an area that was contaminated with nano technology. It also was the result of malicious food and product contamination. But I did not feel the stinging until I left the area.

4-21 After consuming the food that I purchased from ALDIs Supermarket, I felt multiple signals that was directed at my head and feet. Then I noticed a vehicle filled with several people pulling up to the parking area. I was at Les’s house at the time. This prompted me to leave the area. The signals and people pulling up in the drive way was associated with the contaminated food I just consumed.

4-21/23 Because of the rain I slept underneath the warehouse. Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heart beat and an uncontrollable nervous system. The result of this was transmissions emulating from the warehouse and malicious food and product contamination.

4-21 12:16p. ALDI Supermarket # 72 3447 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Purchased Berry Hill Stripes Grape 18 oz. 04198143909, 2 Loven Fresh Hot Dog Buns 0414981191825, Raggano Mushroom Premium Pasta Sauce 24 oz. 041498181567, Parkview Smoked Polish Sausage 40 oz. 041498123307, Baker’s Treat Apple Danish 041498136208, Happy Farms Mozzarella Cheese 8 oz. 041498142148, Loven Fresh Raisin Cinnamon Bread 16 oz. 041498129811, Clancy’s Tortilla Chips Nacho Cheese 11 oz. 041498184162,


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