FFCHS Conference Call Concerning Aaron Alexis

The recent shooting incident at the Washington Navy Yard with Aaron Alexis, has been blanketing the news lately. And although he has been characterized as “mentally ill,” is there more to this story? Mr. Alexis claims to have been the victim of government abuse with microwave weapons, vibrations and group stalking. Now meet a group of people from all walks of life who are making similar claims.

All across the US, people have come forward; some with careers and degrees, who are hearing voices broadcast to them from a distance, who are suffering the effects of remote microwave burns, and who likewise claim they are being group stalked by shadowy government agencies.

“I also experience microwave attacks,” states one victim. “I suffer from voice to skull technologies and organized stalking”, states another, a bus driver in the Washington, DC area. “I have been followed. I have been gangstalked. I’ve had extreme torture with sound weapons” says a lady from Connecticut. “Hear that?” As a loud pe-e-e-e-e-p enters the line. “That is my emf meter showing levels of 48,000 in my home, which should be under one”,declares a victim who is a nurse in Idaho. “A lot of the symptoms that Aaron experienced happened to me,” says the CEO of an insurance firm in Louisiana.

What is going on? Are all these people from various parts of country, some with reputable careers mental cases or is there more to the story of Aaron Alexis? Is there a secret government program that is targeting American citizens? Find out tomorrow morning at the following conference call number:

Call-in information:
When: Thursday, September 19, 2013;
Time: 10 am EST/ 9 am Central/ 8 am Mountain/ 7 am Pacific
Call-In Number: 1-724-444-7444
Call ID: 99191 Pin Number: 1#

For more information, contact:
email: info@freedomfchs.com
phone: 513 568 1635


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  1. I’m a seventeen year ti in the state of Mississippi where there is no support or law enforcement protection it a well kept secret here in they plan to keep it that way being blacklisted from any resources l been fighting this alone for 17years now the crime victim abuses is tremendous lm target at all state agency including hud-ssa-dmv -an others under clandestine activity am trying to connect with other ti outside Mississippi in which to fight for justice all my communication is under illegal surveillance I need person to person contact I need help out of this state in which not to be torture until my death never been crazy and refuse to allow this method to define me as such

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