Independence Day 2009

So it is Independence Day. The day that honored our freedom from the England Empire. But during this period, America still had slavery and woman were the property of their male spouse. And when you thought the light was at the end of the tunnel, JIM CROW.

I guess “we” are over that, but I’m not excited. “We” have replace those things that was so obvious: ORGANIZED CRIME and TERRORISM.

Organized Crime has taken on a different direction in this control in the past several years. Especially since the last 8 years. This organized crimes involves groups that are being funded by the United States government. They are fronts to remote human experimentation and other illegal elements of the government. But the overall mission of these experiments is to control the masses through a super computer.

If you don’t believe me, I have already documented this technology. All you have to do is digest the material and accept it for what it is.

As we shoot fire crackers to celebrate this event, we should think about two things. One, how many people had to sacrifice their lives to bring us to this day. And two, if we ignore what is happening in this world, we won’t have some of the freedoms that we enjoy today.

Think about it.

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