Victory in Richmond, CA!

From the Freedom From Covert Harassment Newsletter

There is great news, today! Something historic happened Tuesday night, May19, 2015 in Richmond, California. I wish you all could have been there! I wanted to make a general announcement beforehand so you could all attend. However, I had to be careful so that the Richmond City Councilmembers would not be pressured by the perps.

Here’s what happened: Due to the persistent efforts of Amy Anderson, the City of Richmond adopted Dennis Kucinich’s Space Preservation Act of 2002, which bans a number of space-based weapons launched from satellites – including psychotronic technologies. Although Mr. Kucinich’s measure got mired in committee and therefore, did not pass through Congress, it did pass in Richmond, California Tuesday night, just as it had in Berkeley, California in 2002.

Link to the official Space Preservation Act Resolution of the City of Richmond, CA:

Some well-known activists in our community spoke at the Council meeting: Jesse Beltran, President of ICAACT, Lisa Becker, who gave an impassioned speech similar to the one she did for the Bioethics Commission meeting a few years ago, which was ignored, Dr. Edward Spencer, a neurologist, Elizabeth Adams, host of ‘America Needs to Know’, Alec Rafter, Chair of the FFCHS Media Committee, long-time activist, Robert Swegan, as well as myself.

Richmond City Council meeting: May 19, 2015
Lisa Becker at the podium, Richmond City Councilmembers and
to the far right, at table: l. to r. Dr. Edward Spencer, Amy Anderson, Jesse Beltran, Derrick Robinson

The councilmembers were attentive and asked questions regarding material displayed by some speakers, some asked questions, reaching out, trying to understand the issues presented; others were well-researched, all a sharp contrast to the stony silence of the Bioethics Commission.

After the meeting, there was a celebration at Amy’s residence with barbecue chicken, potato salad, green beans, potato chips, soft drinks and a cake. This is the first time I have ever seen the TI community so happy! Even Jesse Beltran, a man who is usually distant, was smiling at the head of the table. Many of the others were hugging and rejoicing. Amy was beside herself with joy and was outwardly beaming. It felt like, after years of struggle, we had finally accomplished SOMETHING which could benefit the TI community.

The important thing to remember about this action is that this council was/is in a position to assist TI’s and they are clearly interested in helping them more if they come to understand the issues. One of the first steps in this process was the resolution that they passed, 5-2 Tuesday night.

Here’s the link to the video to watch the proceedings. The council starts to deliberate the resolution at 3:10:35

Links to news stories about this measure:
The Richmond Standard – May 20, 2015

Richmond City Building


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  1. I have been a ti for the past three years. I live in Fairfield,CA. I have evidence against my perps who are law enforcement officials and their children who are informants that do illegal things and get away with it. I have officers of ffpd saying they had to kill me and the whole force knew. I have went and notified f.b.i,doj,internal affairs, and can’t get help anywhere. I am tortured the more I stand up for myself and have nowhere to take my evidence. I have posted some evidence on Facebook to make sure it was documented. I need help

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