Virginia Beach

I left Durham NC a week ago and now I’m i the state of Virginia. I was able to find a place to cook my food, but as of today, the owner told me I couldn’t come back.

Anyway, the harassment activity is ongoing, because this is coming from the United States government. But I’m confident that with enough exposure and a legal case, it will stop. Although it will not convince me to state in the United States.

This criminal government have gotten a lot of people involve to do the targeting.

These parasites have swelled up my leg and eyes and have to sleep with them covered up.

They have placed many receptors in my vehicle for the purpose of these experiments. This explains why so many people are driving around my vehicle.

They have people sitting i there cars mocking me. I had to keep my head moving so that they are able to get a clear shoot of my eyes, which the do frequently.

They block and interfere with my internet access.


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