Letter To The FDA Concerning Dollar General

Dear FDA,

This is a summarized email disclosing some unbelievable information concerning store infiltration & malicious food and product contamination. Because of the nature of my situation, I have been placed into a non-consenting, human experimentation program. This program involves the use of electromagnetic weaponry and remote microwave technology. I was able to research how this technology is being used against me. But the reason why I’m contacting you, is because, this assault on my basic human rights also involves the malicious tampering of food and product sources. Although there isn’t one particular establishment engaged in this unspeakable act, I will refer to one recent experience. This involves consuming the Cover Valley 100% Vegetable Juice #041152 425402. The reactions that I had was attacked of my central nervous system and my head. I have complained about this situation before, but nothing seems to be done. I have recorded these events and the various boxes and empty shelves that line this store. The store is located at 1120 Village RD NE #9 LELAND, NC 28451-7412 This email will follow by an affidavit. The paragraph above is what I sent to Dollar General regarding product tampering and infiltration. I have recorded video of the “manager” waiting outside the store. This individual did not have a name tag, nor did her “employee” wear a name tag. I have witness this same situation in the stores that I shopped at. The level of criminal gang stalking activity is very relevant to the food and product tampering. I have contacted your office about these events earlier, but have not receive a response. This situation does not only have to do with me, but other customers. I ask that a national investigation happen and that surveillance tape be confiscated. The amount of product turnover before a targeted individual enters a store is extremely high as well as the number of “workers” stocking shelves. You can visit my homepage for additional information regarding my situation at: http://www.govsponsoredstalking.info and http://qolspony.ning.com

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Chris J. Brunson

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