Birthday but not a party

After purchasing food at a Family Dollar store over at Murchinson Road in Fayetteville NC, I was repeatedly attacked in my stomach. Together with the contaminated food and the satellite base weapons they are using, I developed gas pains. It was so painful that I felt like going to the hospital. Later I was forced to used the bathroom in my vehicle because of diarrhea. This is coupled with attacks on my head and penis that resulted in unbelievable pain.

Another thing I notice was when I got out of the FD store, I had trouble going online and I felt stinging underneath me. These crimes must have place some kind of device underneath my vehicle to cause this activity.

I had to spend a lot of gas just to figure this out. Now I have to get a broadband mobile service, because the devices are interfering with my internet signals.

This is not suppose to happen on my birthday. It is not suppose to happen ever. And we can blame the United States government for 1) not doing anything to stop these crimes 2) funding this activity 3) participating directly in these activities for the purpose of researching on non-consenting human subjects and 4) all of the above


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