May 2010 Journal

May 2010 Journal
5/2 Food Lion location 3308 Bragg Blvd (910) 864-8213. Purchased 2 FL Homestyle Baked Beans 28oz cans #035826070371, 2FL Macaroni & Beef 15oz 035826006271, 8lb bag Navel Oranges #033385110103. Upon consuming these items, I experienced stomach pains, diarephia and attacks on my head.

Food Lion Corporate Headquarters (1800) 210-9569

5/2 Food Lion #1612 (910) 867-2454 2071 Skibo RD Fayetteville, NC 28314. Purchased Pet French Vanilla #087932601673. After consuming the icecream I developed Flu-like symptoms, watery eyes, thick mucus, conjestive nose. I felt the product go directly to my eyes. This is where some of the attacks are happening. Nervous system manipulation, forced urination and defication and coughing to name a few.

5/6 Came out of Bank Of America on Ramsey Street in Fayetteville NC and seen a military male personel just sitting in his vehicle. Later I notice attacks being made underneath my body (penis and anus area). The combination of contaminated food/water and the technology placed underneath my vehicle lead to the above results. I was in the bank resolving a fraud manner and although I kept interrupting the transaction to view my vehicle, they still manage to install this technology. This is coupled with the fact that this technology was installed when I left my vehicle in the hands of a NYC mechanic shop.

Last night I went to sleep and found myself being attacked repeatedly near and around my penis area. The attacks were so malicious I was woken several times. But I did not experienced the same shakiness that I did the previous night. This is contributed to the fact that I did not eat late.

10:15 A shopped at a Carlie C’s IGA #850 at 1790 Owen Dr. in Fayetteville, NC 28304 (910) 484-2270. The items I purchased is as follows: IGA Split 10oz Wheat Bread 041270237754, Morning Fresh Medium Cheddar Chesse 071452392432, Hunts Ketchup 027000382240, ground chunk 90% lean 220104102614

5/8 After going to sleep around 2:47A and then being woken up, I notice an irregular heart beat and uncontrollable nervous system. After that, I felt electronic jolts on my head. These jolts are persistant with the attacks on my nervious system. The same situation existed after I went to sleep again. There is a lot of equipment underneath my vehicle and to some degree in my vehicle that assist in the targeting.
5/8 Purchased Chocolate Milk 1.55 oz 6pk #034000290055 and jordan sugar wafter SF Van 82 #05828699877 at Family Dollar Store #0745 1322 Clinton Rd Fayetteville, NC (910) 323 9259. Manager Jessica. I developed an negative reaction to the food. Gas, blouting and then diapheia. I also notice repeated attacks to my digestive system and various parts of my head. The attacks was even more noticeable at night.

5/12 Dollar Tree Off Bragg Blvd I purchased Campbell’s Spagehettios 10oz can. Upon consuming this product, I was immediately attacked in my head. Also noted is 2 minestrone authentic San Francisco Soup Rivient 15oz. 041321242328, Chunky Beef Vegetables Authentic San Francisco Soup Riviera 041321242311

5/15 Food Lion Store #0078 1931 South Blvd Sanford NC Manager Ray Davis. Purchased BG Gala Apples #033383027616. The apples were yellow in colo and upon eating this product, I experienced flu like symptoms. Purchased Fancy Cakes #024300041600 no known negative reaction. FL buttered almond Ice Cream (mistakenly thrown out box that had bar code). No known negative reaction that I can verify.

My last visit at FL I purchase some water. I immediately experienced attacks on my head. It felt like electricity being transmitted to my head. The attacks are persistant with satellite based non-consenting human experimentation.

Noted Food Lion Customer Service: 1800-210-9559.

5/19 ALDI’s Store #22 4920 Raeford Rd Fayetteville, NC 28304. Purchased chicken drumstick, Fudge/Caramel Cone #041498186289, Nature’s Nectar Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice #041498137328. Upon consuming this product, I was immediately attacked on my head. The weapons was focused directly on the right middle section of my head. Tate’s Condiments Whipped Salad Dressing 32oz #041498143848, Reggano Mushroom Premium Paste Sauce 26oz. #401498186364, Freshire Farms All purpose potatoes 10LBS #41498194659. Chesse Hot Dogs and Beef Hot Dogs. Notice a lot of “stock” activit in store while shopping. This is pretty typical when I entered a store. Many times boxes are left in the alse with stuff already in it. The store “manager” is also conplicit in these crimes against me.

Constant attack on my head occured several days ago after consuming Country Time Drink mixed that I purchased at a Murchinson Road Family Dollar in Fayetteville, NC. I woke up with continuous electro-magnetic transmissions being focused on all parts of my head.

5/22 On my visit to my mail carrier box, I noticed a packaged opened. It contained a computer car adapter that interfaces with Asus laptop that I purchased in New York. The package was stapled and the bubblewrap was opened. The package came from Opysrey Talon 39 Harrison Avenue Harrison, NJ 07029.

5/27 Purchased Grape Soda Crystalline from BTO #4 2722 Own Drive Fayetteville NC 28306. The soda had a lot of bubbles and didn’t have a frizzle taste. It was definately tampered with and the reactions was flu-like symptoms. I have did a video documentation of this item, store clerk and people surrounding this establishment. The bar code is also included in this documentation. Also felt tightness around the eyes and the product made me cough several times. Then I notice transmission being directed to my head. This is the first time I entered this establishment and I had no intension to stop here. But this experience showed me how invasive the targeting is and many, many people are being impacted as well. A criminal investigation of the food/water surround a TI area is necessary in identifying the source of these crimes. Store infilitration is not limited to food/water/consumption business, but I have witness these similar experience in electronic businesses.

5/27 Tonight I will be hosting my first Government Sponsored Stalking (GSS). It will be at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). The agenda for this call will be developing a work committee for Targeted Individuals. It will be focused on a letter campaign and will be directed to local based legislators.

5/31 Within the past several days I have experienced my cell phone not working. This resulted in me transferring my service from Boost Mobile (bad reception) to AT&T. Also food contamination at a Fayetteville NC ALDI’s store and being woken twice with an uncontrollable nervous system.

The only accomplishments that was made was getting my truck painted and doing my first Talkshoe conference call.

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