Digital Video Recorder Evidence

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After putting off analyzing my DVR research, I was able to find some very promising evidence. The evidence includes the presence of gang stalking and the use of directed energy weaponry.

The evidence was so overwhelming that I posted it on youtube. However, my evidence gathering is on-going and it doesn’t stop until the crimes end.

This doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop exposing these crimes, it just means the evidence gathering will end.

The evidence gathering is very involved. It involves analyzing hours of video. Sometimes one scene can take more than an hour.

But because of the nature of these crimes, I was forced to purchase another DVR system.

The nature of these crimes involves electronic sabotage. This is when the perpetrator manipulate the video feed to show something completely outside what is really happening.

I have seen the same image on two different camera feeds. The second DVR system counteracts this activity, but it doesn’t necessarily end the problem.

It just gives me maybe a few more minutes before the perpetrators are able to enter my vehicle and sabotage it with attack devices.

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