GSS Friday Night 9PM EST Conference Call

GSS Friday Night 9PM EST Conference Call

After some discussion, I decided to change the day and time the calls occur. The new day and time reflects the amount of TI’s who could not be on the Thursday call.

Our next call will be on Friday at 9PM EST and 6PM EST on The focus of the call will be Affidavit Completion and News concerning the TI community. If you will like to participate, please call 724-444-7444. ID: 83319 # pin: 1 #.

You can also visit Click on “LIVE”. Then scroll down until you see “Government Sponsored Stalking”. Click on “JOIN IN”. A new browser window will open up.

The goal of these conference calls is to establish legal credibility. This is accomplished through the writing of an Affidavit. Once we receive 10 Affidavits, we will be starting a coalition.

The purpose of the coalition is to establish alliances with other human rights organizations and to seek their assistance in the legal process. The legal process involves several things, which would be discussed in the new coalition.

If you are interested in getting involve, your cooperation will be gladly appreciated.

Thank you for your participation and have a nice day.

Chris J. Brunson


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