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(Last Week) Friday, October 29th:

The show was more interactive than usual. We had ConstitutionLost from Youtube speak about his Youtube Channel. Our regular current events of the week and a special recorded interview from Noami Wolf. She was discussing her book titled “The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot” and the 10 clues of a society becoming a militaristic state. In closing, we had a brief technical mishap, but we were able to recover. Thanks for joining us.

(This Week) Friday, November 5th:

We will be talking about cell phone communications, health concerns and prevention. It will consume most of the program and we will be doing our regular current events of the week. Comments will be welcome.

(Next Week) Friday, November 12th:

Chemtrails: For Nov. 12th 2010 Conference Call

United Nations bans Chemtrails – The Chemtrail controversy is no longer deemed
as a “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream media news. The United Nations has
called for the end of “Geo-engineering (Chemtrailing) due to fears of disrupting
nature. In this video, I share the article covering this breaking news and a few
videos exposing the obvious in your face truth about chemtrailing taking place
in our society. This is a victory for the truth movement, but it doesn’t end
just here. Every day is a battle and information is key.


Current Events This Week will follow. Comments will be welcome.

(Two Weeks From Now) Friday, November 19th:

We will be talking about Psychotronic Weapons. What it is? How it affect us? And who is behind it?

Current Events This Week will follow. Comments will be welcome.

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