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I know you must be tired of hearing my story about my experience in Fayetteville NC, but you must know how the government operates here. Because it is a big chance that they might be operating in your neck of the woods too.

Anyway, I unexpectedly came upon a group of files that I did not place on my hard drive. Do you want to know how it got there? Guess?

Do you remember that I told you that the Fayetteville NC establishment was screening my internet activity and my phone calls? This is 24 hours a day surveillance without a court order. Easter did not manner folks (that’s for us).

There must be something really disgusting happening in a person’s (or in this case, a group of people’s) mind to place this much effort to dig dirt on someone.

It all started after I sent a letter to the elected officials in this area. As you might expect, not one of them have yet responded, and I have been a victim of racial profiling by the police department eight times since the incident.

Anyway, if matters could not be any worse than now. They decided to take it upon themselves to download a group of files on my hard drive. It is snap shots of pictures that was taken from the video site youtube.

It is perfectly legal to look at video on youtube, but what the snap shots seem to suggest is that it was an illegal activity. Some of the pictures were of people doing seducing dancing.

As an adult website owner, I’m incline to look at anything that might draw my audience attention. But for the record, I do not upload child pornography on my website or on my hard drive. And I do not take an interest of looking at sites that promote this activity.

However, the Fayetteville NC establishment is so motivated towards incriminating me that they would go as far to upload these pictures onto my hard drive.

First of all, it is my right as an American citizen to search the web without the interference of government spying on this internet activity. And as an American citizen, I should have the right to walk the streets of Fayetteville without the fear of being stop by a police officer who suspects that every black man has a warrant.

In all my years on this planet I have never had to face this abundance of racism. It is the kind of racism that is so thick that if you tried to remove it, you will get nailed. In other words, you just have to accept it, simple as that.

But I don’t. And if you are smart, you won’t either. Because our ancestors have been walking this planet long before those who think they are better than we are.

Another thing at hand here is the amount of government money that is being used to dig dirt on me. One wonders whether government is actually necessary. But what I can tell, it isn’t.

Remember, this is the same police department that refuse to arrest the white guy for stealing parts off my bike. He went as far as admitting to the crime, but instead the officer did a warrant check on me.

If that is the way government operates, we don’t need it. Especially the black folks of Fayetteville NC.

To top that off, I have had to deal with numerous viruses and spyware that was sent by this government. There is no accountability no where in this place. The wicked thrive and few good people are oblivious to what is happening.

I tell you. If GOD needs to fix something, it is the large amount corrupt government officials.

They are 42 percent of black folks in this place (that is the census record), 12 percent of them vote. The rest of them are so disenfranchised to what is happening, that they do not take an active role.

The average politician is worrying about street repair and water pipes, than people’s basic human rights. Remember, I was told by a black bureaucrat in city hall, that it was the government’s legal right to hack people’s internet activity. In other words what he was saying, you have no right to personal privacy.

WOW! I thought personal privacy is a freedom. Obviously not in Fayetteville. They practically have a camera at every street corner and believe me, they are watching you.

You want to know what there response is? “We got to protect the city.” Bogus! Drug dealers all over the street and the police officer is working right along with them.

I know what I see. And it ain’t pretty.

So when a guy writes a letter about being stopped on the street by a police officer, there response is retaliation. Result? Initiating teams of officers to 1) spy on someone’s internet activity 2) send viruses that would harm that person’s computer and 3) use the person’s search of various sites as a basis of illegal activity.

And you shouldn’t be surprised that North Carolina ranks pretty high in the incarcerate area.

In short, I’m a law abiding citizen. I have no criminal record. I do not do drugs. I do not smoke. I do not drink alcohol. So why am I finding myself in so much trouble?

I’m black. Period.

That is all you have to be.

I will continue to search the internet for relevant material that would get a good response from my audience. Whether that is adult, cultural or recreational entertainment, so be it. It is my right as an American citizen to enjoy this freedom. But it isn’t the government’s right to encroach on my privacy.

When will it end. It won’t until we do something about it.

America wasn’t started with people looking for leadership. It started by people making it happen. If you can’t understand that, than we might as well die.


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