Dividing and Conquering The Black Community Through The Church

Since the beginnings of slavery, the church has been a focal point of our lives. And until that very horrifying period “we” have held onto this infrastructure as a way to fend off evil demons that might harm us. However, the very engineers of the church have crafted  a tool that enslaves people that worship it. And in the case of the black community, this is coupled with divisions within different denominations and hatred of people who the bible claims to have sinned.

The pastor is the messenger of the church. His purpose in the church is to bring forth a message that clarifies the bible passages. This is ok to a certain point (there are many passages in the bible that do not conformed to our complex history). However, the pastor is engulfed with egotism and glamor, which causes him to loose focus of what his/her true intentions are.

But that isn’t the real reason why I wrote this post. Because I’m involved with a church now, so I’m able to see the enemy at work. How he conveys false information to the pastor and how this information is used to divide certain members from other members. At the end, the church is left fragmented and there’s no hope in building a spiritual movement.

This isn’t a single issue. Local government around the country uses churches as a means to control our people. And it uses it to create divisions that would not normally exist under normal circumstances.

But that will eventually fail.

I’ve seen many, many people leave these institutions, because they understand that in order to initiate positive change, it has to be done through other means.

Can the church survive?

It depends. But it will take a whole lot of strong people with strong minds to see beyond the dogma that the government apparatus puts in front of them.

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