April 2011 Journal

4-2 Was constantly woken by the attacking of electro-magnetic energy being directed to various parts of my head. It was between 4A and 5:30A. They were mainly concentrating the energy on the back right part of my head. I constantly felt stinging in this area, even though I was directly underneath the fan and shielded from above. When I stood up, I immediately noticed a rapid heart beat and unstabled nervous system. This was followed by directed energy focused on the right back side of my head. As I moved my head, the operators of this torture weapon followed my head focusing it in this particular area. When I turned on the heat, the attack in this area ceased. The attacking also included my genital and stomach.

4-2 When I first entered this area, I use to get 16 channels. Now I’m only able to receive 3 channels. I’m referring to my television reception. The lack of TV channels is associated with the micro-wave signals being generated from surrounding buildings. I have been in this area three times before an noticed it increasingly worsening. The micro-wave signal is coming from King party Rentals, which is on Ramsey Street right off route 87. When I went to an adjacent parking lot; Pet Food, the channel range increased from 3 to 6. When I parked on the shoulder of HWY 87S (right outside Ramsey Street), I received 14 channels. There are no buildings around the HWY and the potential of transmitting a continuous micro-wave signal is limited to passing vehicles.

4-2/3 Second day with a constant headache. There were periods when I woke up with a headache. I’m not sure what the source of these headaches are coming from, but I’m sure they had something to do with it.

4-3 Parked outside 95 interchange on Route 24 towards Clinton from Fayetteville, NC. Soon as I walked in the back of my vehicle after parking, I can feel the technology underneath me shooting at my legs. They placed the technology in the grass off the roadway in anticipation of me parking here. I never parked in this spot before. When I put urine around the vehicle, the transmissions to my body stopped.

4-4 Woke up around 8A. When I stood up, I immediately noticed my heart rate elevated and an uncontrollable nervous system. Then I noticed my arm shaking as if electro-magnetic transmissions were going through it. When I pull off I saw a man and woman on foot. The man was pointing his cell phone directly at the back of my vehicle.

4-4 Went into the AT&T store to pay my bill, but it wasn’t open. However, they were people inside the store (employees). It was just before 10A before they suppose to open. The first thing I saw was a man on his cell phone. He was texting. I regularly see this same behavior when I pass through people. Anyway, I left but I came back a short time later after making a stop. When I came back, I was able to enter the store. When I stood next to the machine to pay my bill, I felt a stream of directed energy transmissions focused on my entire head. Then I noticed one of the workers on his cell phone. First I thought he was text messenging, but his phone showed a scale that I have seen before. It’s one of the things the perpetrators do before they start targeting my body parts. In the future I’m going to see if I can apply payment automatically with having to go inside a store.

4-6 After only sleeping for about 4 hours, I woke up around 5:30A. This was due to feeling constant transmissions directed at different parts of my head. I was parked right off Ramsey Street. The signal felt like it was coming from below and being directed to my head. They also was constantly attacking my stomach, which was churning constantly. The chemicals in the food that I consumed the previous day is associated with the events happening today. Just earlier the perpetrators were attacking my buttocks, anus and penis constantly with micro-wave weapons. This was while I was working on the Affidavits.

4-5 After shortly parking at a Gillepsie Street parking area (right across the street from Quality Inn), I see a man and a woman walking towards the direction of my vehicle. It was around 3:30A. Just earlier I was parked at an owne St. location. After pulling out the lot and going onto the street, I see approx. 8 vehicles clearly line up behind me. It was around 3A.

4-5 After paying my storage bill, I entered HWY 87S going towards 95. And by my surprise, I seen a man walking on the HWY. This is the same guy I seen at the laundrymat. He threw smart dust particals in my vehicle and was walking up towards country club road. It was up in an up hill embankmant. So they are using the same people on the ground to inflict this terrorism on my life.

4-3 11:54:53 Family Dollar Store #5393 5179 Clinton Rd Steadman NC. tele. no. 910-485-4527. Purchased LDM Coconut bars 15oz. 08616012697, FP Peanut Butter Cup 14oz. 400120178836, FP Peanut Lentils 14oz. 790580319868 and FP Boston Baked Beans 5.5oz 041420125058. When I went into the store I immediately saw boxes around the store and boxes that have just been emptied. They were all around the food section, which meant that they just stocked a “new” set of products on the shelves. Before checking out, a male came into the store and stood right behind me. He did not sawy anything. Then he took out his cell phone to program it to 1) gather my frequency 2) program a targeting frequency and 3) allow surrounding perpetrators to feed off of his signal. When I went outside, a truck with a trailer was parked right outside the store’s entrance. I saw a woman text messenging on her cell phone. She was pointing it at the direction of the store.

3-31 16:59:27 FP Morning Asst. Cookies 14oz. 045100300162 and LDM Almnd Windmil Cookies 15oz. 086106106002193.

4-1 9:56A AIDI’s Store #72 3447 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC Cashier/ Asst. Mngr. Daryl. Purchased Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Whl Grn White Brd, Honey Wheat Bread, Golden Delicious Apples, Chicken Breast, Beef Stew 24oz.

4-9 (continue) I usually experience. This new wave of harassment could be that I’m writing Affidavits for fellow TI’s. And that once a certain amount of Affidavits has been completed, a coalition will be establish.

4-1/9 I have been able to gather a lot of video evidence of the presence of food contamination at various establishments that I shop. The boxes in the aisles is an indication of massive food, drink and product contamination. 9 out of 10 times I see this activity inside these establishmentss.

4-9 10:32:38 Dollar General Store # 01353 3445 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311-7643 tele. no. 910-630-0678. Purchased Welchs Orange-Pineaple 04141800298006. This product was heavily contaminated beyond belief! I immediately developed constipation problems (see above). For instance, my stool became so hard that I could not go to the bathroom the traditional way. I also noticed an increase of chemical fluids around my eyes and inside my ears. CV Vanilla Waffers 076983371963, Mango Slices 071725724892, Bushes Baked Bean 039400016144. After consuming this product, felt attacks of electro-magnetic transmissions directed at my head. LA Choy Beef Chow Me 0443000121133, Austin PB Cheese Crackers 079783409218 and Ice Honey Bun 3pk 085264230103. Unbelievable food, drink and product contamination throughout the entire store. I saw boxes of unstock items sitting in the alse. I even saw several workers stocking “new” items on the shelves. The products were so heavily contaminated that I had to save the Welchs Orange Pineapple. As stated in a previous post, after leaving the parking lot, I saw “manager “Natisha” standing in front of the store and then going over to talk to a Fayetteville NC Police Officer. He was standing in front of Aldis. I have seen this officer before and he was not there when I first entered the parking lot. The crimes are so unbelievable that I have to start saving samples of everything I purchase. I also have to skip a day of eating and drinking to reduce the amount of attacks of electro-magnetic transmissions (they attack me more when I have a large amount of these chemicals in my body).

4-10/11 Throughout the night and morning I felt constant vibrations on my leg. Particularly my right leg. The vibrations are continuous. Attacks with electro-magnetic transmissions on my head and stomach is also prevalent.

4-11 Spoke to Miss Rasado at HRA. She’s going to contact Supervisor to send a replacement card within 7 business days.

4-11 After driving for a few minutes and being confronted by several vehicles that met me at an intersection, I parked off the secondary road near HWY 86. And it took less than 5 minutes when I saw an aircraft. It was positioned directly over my vehicle. And it had a chemtrail directly behind it. The flight pattern came from the north west direction and curved to the south west.

4-12 Woke up around 3:30A and my entire right arm was shaking. Although I did not experience a rapid heartbeat. I also felt a signal shooting up from the floor targeting my right foot. My nervous system was very irradic. This is after not eating for a day and a half. Of course when I stood up, the perpetrators attacked me between my legs with painful electro-magnetic weapons.

4-12 I’m experiencing every known civil rights and human rights violations known to man. These violations extend to use of remote electronic weapons to stimulate my genital and buttocks areas. I have contacted over 100 congress persons with an AFFIDAVIT over a year and a half ago. The only response I received was from the Capital Police. The attacks also involves the use of mind manipulation technologies that is used to program individuals to perform certain tasks. This explains the massive participations of food, drink, and product contaminations for the purpose of monitoring brain activity remotely, transmit dreams, burning very sensitive parts of my body with electro-magnetic weapons, etc. I don’t have the priviledge to eat at all times of the day. Eating must be restricted to the morning hours. I also have to drive while I eat and drink beverages because of the targeting. For instance, they are able to target GPS my location instantly when I consume food and drink. Immediately feel tingling on my feet once location has been uploaded through GPS. They like to use a large amount of minorities males for this program against me. They have taken some of these people off the street and place them inside homes. These homes are used as bases for electro-magnetic devices. Many of these individuals are active drug users. Meanwhile, I have not committed a crime, or have a criminal weapon, I do not smoke, drink or use drugs or engaged in any self-destructive activity of any kind. So why is this happening to me. As a matter of fact, I was very health conscious and ran my own business. Now my diet mostly consist of meat and starchs. The chemicals that they put in my food surpresses my immune system. Major focus is placed on fruits and vegetables. That’s why every time I enter an supermarket, the perpetrators would be in the fruit and vegetable section. Teams of ground perpetrators stock items on the store shelves that have an ill effect on my system. My body is being so over-whelmed by these chemicals that I can smell it when I sweat and it leaves an after-taste in my mouth. The smell is similar to smelling a dead animal. It is so horiffic. This abysmal crimes is allowed to happen to me and people like me and many people in our government are actively engaging in it.

4-12 11:30 Green Biz Nursey & Landscaping, inc. tele. no 910-323-8811. Owners: Charles Allen and Cindy Allen. Charles Allen confronted me telling me one of his workers saw me throw garbage away, which I did. He also told me I was trespassing on private property, which I was not aware of at first. The sign said “OPEN TO THE PUBLIC”. I took a picture of it. He acted like he wanted to make trouble for me that the whole purpose of stopping me was to target me with electro-magnetic weaponry. He then took my picture , which he had a smirk on his face the whole time. It was like he received a phone call from the org. and prepare to harass me. His actions were very scripted. In no way was I harming this guy’s business. I was there less than two minutes and the purpose was to throw a bucket of garbage away. The bucket is big enough to put a small mop in it. The cointel program that I was placed in notified individuals in the area that I’m heading to. They are programmed to usually GPS my location, but sometimes as in this case, to initiate confortation with me. Mostly to hold my time so a whole group of workers and customers can GPS my location. The act is totally pointless since the business was opened to the public and the garbage was only a bucket full. This isn’t the first time a call was initated on me and the reaction was totally pointless as they knew my presence was going to be temporary.

4-12 04:33:11 Family Dollar Store #0840 3421 Murchinson RD STE. F Fayetteville, NC tele. no. 910-822-6631. Purchased sour pwdr bble gum eggs 5.5oz 049696949095, Hide & Seek Eggs 12oz 735831780141, Dr. Pepper 12oz 12pk 078000821616 and Heinz Ketchup 20oz. 013000006408. Before I could get into the store, my vehicle alarm was activated. When I went into the store, I saw boxes of unpacked items and empty boxes throughout the store. I see this often as I see “workers” stocking the shelves with new items.

4-12 Dollar Tree Store, Inc. #471 Purchased Delmonte Meat Spaghetti Sauce 26 1/2 oz can 024000011231, EGG Noodles (Columbia) 12oz bag 070753012230, T.J. Farms Select Green Peas 755440004339, 2 Bars Jumbo Franks (Chicken) 16oz 015900122554.

4-7 Food Lion Store #809 2885 Legion Rd Fayetteville, NC 28306. Purchased Red Seedless Raisins Sans peping Grapes #4023-PLU 7804632970457. This item was extremely contaminated. Immediately after consuming this product, I had diaphreia like symptoms and later my stool was hard. I was forced to go to the bathroom 4 times within a two hour period. FL Fresh Ground Beef 200287164976 and Robusto! RAGU 036200013748.

4-12 Random Call was made about suspicious vehicle of which a state trooper showed up. I believe the purpose of this call was to get me out of the vehicle so car coming through the area could target me with electro-magnetic weapons. Just earlier, I had consumed some food.

4-13 The Dr. Pepper that I purchased from Family Dollar #0840 located at 3421 Murchinson Rd STE. F Fayetteville, NC. tele. no. 910-822-6631 was heavily contaminated. Upon consuming this product in less than 5 minutes, the perpetrators started pulsing the right side of my head with electro-magnetic weapons. It is the massive food, drink and product contamination that is happening in these businesses is the result of the above activity. It is the Dr. pepper 078000082166. Several times I had to interrupt what I was doing because this invasion.

4-13 When night fall, the energy from within my vehicle increased. It was so bad that I drove to a slightly different location. This area was significally darker than the area I left. Often times the perpetrators would place these transmission devices in the back of my vehicle when no one can see them. Anyhow, when I got to my new location, with the engine running and the heater on, a large amount of electro-magnetic transmissions surrounded me. It was like having electrical current around me. The heater just made the situation worse. But the source of these transmissions were coming from the engine and the devices they just placed. Together, they act as a electro-magnetic field. This field feed off the chemicals and nano- implants that I consumed earlier. Plus passing vehicles are able to GPS this area more accurately. When I turned off the engine and disconnected the battery, the strong transmission disappeared.

4-14 Throughout the night the perpetrators kept attacking my head. Most of the attacking was coming mostly from underneath the vehicle. At one point my entire head was engulfed with multiple signals. It felt like my head was on fire to the point of not being able to sleep. I had the fan on underneath me, but the signals seem to go through it. It is related to consuming the Dr. Pepper Soda I purchased from Family Dollar, as this was not a problem the night before. I also felt constant rapid heart beat throughout the night. My nervous system was also unstabled. Someone was definately in the area on foot constantly dialing up my GPS coordinates. The series of these attacks were repeated several times throughout the night. I also felt vibrations mostly on my right leg, but at times I felt it on my left leg as well.

4-14 Went into the Harbor Freight Store on 1330 Clinton RD Fayetteville, NC 28301 tele. no. 910-484-2180. This is the second time when I went outside, I saw a female worker of this establish near her vehicle. My vehicle was parked right next to her’s.

4-15 At around 9A I was confronted by a sheriff. He told me I was illegally parked on state property. I was on a secondary road off of HWY 87. There is no vehicle traffic coming through here and I think that is why he was sent here. I was in an area on Ramsey Street with a large amount of vehicle traffic and minimized foot traffic and the entire time I was there, I did not have an officer tell me I couldn’t be over there. But I was heavily targeted in this area. He then told me I should contact the property owner, so I was thinking, WOW! so I’m now on private property. He was finding every reason for me to not be park at this location. It was pretty obvious that he was sent here to get me out of this area. In short, within 5 minutes of him leaving this location, I heard about three knocks on my vehicle. The perpetrator organization, which he might be a part of used his presence to signal the devices that were placed in my vehicle earlier. I fail to write his name, which I should have done.

4-15 11:31A ALDI Store #72 3447 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC. Purchased 4 Loven Fresh Hot Dog Buns 041498191825, Pur Aqua Spring Water 041498127640, Delmonte Bananas #4011 2858454030306, Burman’s Whipped Salad Dressing 041498121297, and Parkview Smoked Skinless Sausage 041498178284.

4-16 After consuming the food and water I purchased from ALDI’s my hand and entire arm is shaking. Then I noticed pulsing of electro-magnetic transmissions directed to different parts of my head. This was more noticeable after parking beside the broadcast studio on Persons Street and Wilmington Rd. During this time, I saw a number of vehicles going in and out of this facility parking lot. Only individuals with clearance can get inside the gate (workers and visitors who are guest of workers).

4-16 After getting up around 8:15A, when I stood up, I was immediately burned on my heart/chest. I did not have a rapid heart beat and believe the actions of the operator was associated with this fact.

4-16 Major TORNADO hits NORTH CAROLINA. Areas hit include, Fayetteville, Sanford, Wake County, etc. Large amount of property was destroyed. This weather system had no impact on the amount of perpetrators in area.

4-17 Consistantly the perpetrators blow my penis up just after being woken up. Then they sting me on my penis with electro-magnetic weapons. This includes inducing a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system.

4-15 Visited the storage room. Seen one of the secretaries. She owns a RED truck, which was parked inside the storage room. The other secretary was in the back when I came in. Before leaving the storage room, both of these secretaries were standing next to each other. They were not talking, more like observing. Often times when two people are in the same area, they devices (GPS) have been programmed to send and receive a signal to my body, which the outside and Satellite perpetrators can target me. This is done to me on a consistant basis. If they could do this to me, they could contaminate the water, setup their facilities to make it easier to attack my biological frequency.

4-20 Because of the unusual heat, I could not sleep. The unusual heat results in more attacks on my body. The attacks are usually directed at my head, genitals, legs and feet. It does not allways involved an irregular heartbeat. What’s different is the fact they have developed several lumps around my penis and buttocks area. The lumps are the size of a penny. I also noticed some swelling on my mouth, particularly my gums. The chemicals that they place in the food, drink and products allow them to create these dysconfigurations to my body. Furthermore, the chemicals leak into my ears, which allows the perpetrators to constantly attack this area. I regularly hear poping sounds. I often have to clean my ears out, which result in swelling. Everytime I’m confronted by law enforcement, I fell tell them about this situation, but nothing is done to stop this harassment. The fact that these cars are transmitting a micro-wave signal should be a matter of concern.

4-20 Woke up with both of my fingers being attacked with electro-magnetic transmissions. It was continuous. It had a noticeable heartbeat.

4-18 Went to an unusual area of the highway. This is where no one was able to GPS my location. Within about an hour a Sheriff came on the scene. They received a call about a “suspicious” vehicle. Where I was parked, you had to know through this organization of perpetrators that I was parked there, as I was not very obvious to vehicles in the surrounding area. I could not be tracked as cars were not able to pass by me. Whenever they can not use these detrimental micro-wave technology on my body, law enforcement is called.

4-20 Upon waking up, I seen a white vehicle parked on the side of the highway. They were positioned about 500 ft from me. (Microwave signals have the ability to travel for miles). I have seen this many times before. I have a wake up frequency and they calibrate their systems to this.

4-20 10:24:39 Family Dollar Store #4894 3043 Legion Rd Fayetteville, NC. tele. no. 910-420-9100. A lot of perpetrators standing in the parking lot. They were two door down from Family Dollar. When I got into the store they were already perpetrators in the line and throughout the establishment. Purchased 2 Nissin Ramen Chkn 30 oz. 6pk 070662060032, Richfields Danish Style Cookies 12oz. 88418098131. Although this product was tightly sealed, soon as I consume it, I felt tingling below my left foot. I did not experienced this before I consumed the above product. When the perpetrators are able to cause this reaction, they have just calibrated my body for targeting with electro-magnetic weaponry. 3 Van Camp COS Chnk Lt. Tuna 048000002556 and MB Elbow Macaroni 16oz. 857361000034. After checking out, I asked the manager for her name, she refused to give it! Her name tag was turned towards her chest so I wouldn’t see it. Her employee did not have a name tag at all. Plus, the store had empty and unempty boxes in the alse. The boxes were primarily at the food section. The shelves looked like they were recently stocked.

4-20 When I got to the parking to cook my food, I saw several vehicles entering the parking lot. One particular vehicle kept moving within my parimeter. It was a RED jeep. Then I saw a gray car and black vehicle. When I drove off, a black SUV was parked less than 500 ft. from me. There were no vehicles in this parking lot when I first entered it. The fact that you had a large amount of vehicles coming into this parking lot is a clear evidence that I’m being tracked and harassed. The purpose of them in the parking lot is to GPS my location and calibrate their equipment to my brain frequency.

4-20 After consuming the food I could feel the transmissions to various parts of my body: ARMS, LEGS, KNEE CAPS, FEET, EYES, HANDS and so on. The contaminates in the food, drink and passing vehicles emitting micro-wave transmissions make me suseptible to electro-magnetic weaponry.

4-21 Soon as I stood up, about 3 vehicles passed. It was shortly after 3A on route 24 towards downtown Fayetteville. Then I noticed an increase in my heart rate. So the perpetrators were already positioned to capture my frequency when I stood up. When I was laid down, the transmissions is throughout my entire body. The transmissions is coming from the smart dust that is being manipulated by satellite and passing vehicles. This technology provides the operator information on the person’s brain activity, body functions and allows them to manipulate those aspects.

4-21 Went to sleep early last night. Felt multiple transmissions directed at my head. The transmissions directed at my head. The transmissions included stinging and a burst of energy at different points of my head. It was pitch black outside, but I could hear someone placing something around my vehicle. I had to get up, then later I turned my camera system on.

4-22 I went to sleep late in the morning and I could feel that transmissions directed to all parts of my body. But I noticed a surge of transmissions being directed to my feet. It was like my feet was plugged into a electric socket. The sensations were so painful that I had to stand up. I only got a little sleep the night earlier.

4-22 Because of the nature of the Food CONTAMINATION, I did not EAT or DRINK any liquids. However, I still felt multiple transmissions being directed to my head, hands, feet, knee caps, legs and eyes. When I place my hand over my heart, I felt a stinging sensation on my upper left back. The transmissions were coming from below my vehicle.

4-23 Each time I would charge my vehicle and then lay down, within a few minutes I would feel a jerk as if someone was climbing on the top of my vehicle. Then I will be engulfed by unusual waves that directed to my entire body. I will feel it mostly on my feet and head. After a while of not turning on my vehicle, it as if I was draining the battery, because the vehicle does not start right away.

4-23 I turned on my DVR system and can see smart dust particals. I can also see a directed energy signal line in the video. When I woke up, I can literally feel multiple signals surround my head and entire body. They are directing these particals at my head, of which I feel a burning sensation. Whenever I wake up, I hear about three vehicles passing by. I don’t care what time it is. It happened to be around 3A. My entire head is covered with Maylar and aluminum foil and it’s like my head is bare. I can feel the transmission focused on different parts of my head at different times.

Note: The time it would take someone to put these devices in my vehicle and the time it would take to get to their vehicle is increased. I did not see any vehicles in the area, so someone was in the woods next to the hwy, which gave them quick access to my vehicle.

4-23 10:00A IGA Carlie C’s #840 600 Cedar Creek Rd Fayetteville, NC. 28312. Tele. no. 910-483-9469. Manager Richard Copeland. Purchased Deer Park Water 24 Btl. The product was heavily contaminated. It resulted in me having a bad bowel movement- stoole was hard, but not as horriffic as the last bowel movement.

4-24 Easter Day. Woke up around 8A. When I stood up, I immediately experienced a rapid heart beat and unstabled nervous system. Yesterday throughout the night I felt my hand and arm trebbling. This was after waking up at around 10P.

4-24 Because I’m desperately trying to save gas, which have to last for at least 10 days, I had to suspend eating and drinking liquids for the entire day. If you don’t know, because of the nature of FOOD, LIQUID and PRODUCT CONTAMINATION that I’m experiencing on a DAILY basis, I’m FORCED to drive everytime I eat. These are two reasons why I must drive: 1) When I consume food or drink, the perpetrators direct the electro-magnetic energy to my digestive system and other partsof my body and 2) the SMART DUST that they place everywhere allows them to signal this attack, which often is used to put me asleep. If I’m driving, the perpetrators can not signal my location as directly as they can if my vehicle is in a standing position. So if I don’t eat or drink anything for that day: 1) I save gas and 2) I thart any attack that will result in me being attack. The summer’s are more difficult than the winter months, because the body dehydrates rapidly. But not eating and drinking for one day is a small price to pay.

4-24 Because of the random attacks being made to various parts of my body, I was FORCED to put some URINE down. The urine decreases the amount of attacks that are directed to various parts of my body. Because of this, my cell phone got wet in the process. As a result, my screen went blank, which means I have to replace the phone. I have lost several computers, because of the targeting. For instance, because I have to live most of my existance in a metal cage, my computer adapter was damage recently. The adapter became over heated and the end of the plug shorted out. If things were normal, the computer would have been sitting on my desk where it could get proper ventilation and I wouldn’t be writting this entry today.

4-24 The height of GAS prices has COMPLICATED my situation serverly, but under normal circumstances that could have been easily solved by not driving. This is complicated by the fact that I can not use the soup kitchen’s anymore, because of the malicious presence of food and liquid contamination. I could remember when I use to use these services that homeless people take for granted. And I could remember how often I was sicken with vomitting, diarephia, headaches and other symptoms. This also included fast food restaurants, such as, Mc Donalds, Burger King, etc. I could not imagine that anyone wouldn do this to me (contaminate my food/drink), but it happened everytime I use these facilities. It still happening, but the difference is that I can 1) document these crimes through store purchases and 2) I can cook the food down to the point that the contaminates aren’t as effective. Anyway, just imagine all the money I could’ve saved with 1) not driving and 2) using the soup kitchen. This is the kind of negative impact that the criminal organization has had on me, and that’s why I’m constantly running out of money. Also, gas prices would not even be an issue. But with GOVERNMENT SPONSORED 24/7 TERRORISM, even the simple things are made difficult. For instance, like using a public restroom facility. In the past when I used a public restroom facility, the perpetrators used this as an opportunity to go into my vehicle. Late in the night, just before going to sleep, I notice a large amount of current surround my body. The technology was placed inside my vehicle, which affected my ability to sleep. I had to spend nearly an hour cleaning out my vehicle of this technology that affected my nervous system. So this forces me to stay in my vehicle 24/7. This is complicated with the fact that I can not use the washing facilities. Unless it rains, I can not clean up. The chemicals they put in the water burns my skin and they are able to direct the technology to the areas that I applied the water too.

4-24 Burning and stinging me in my GROIN area continuously. The attacks is associated with not being able to direct this energy to my head.

4-25 I moved my location several times, because of the presence of micro-wave transmissions, I even see a light pointed in my direction from the woods. When I finally decided on a new location, I was able to get the maximum TV channels, with very little interference. However, when I woke up, I experienced a rapid heartbeat and unstabled nervous system. I then immediately felt streams of transmissions directed to the left back part of my head. I was laying on top of the fan at the time and I did not eat the previous day. Just imagine how much worse the situation would have been if I didn’t have the fan on and I ate/drank the previous day.

4-25 When I first get into an area, if I stand in the vehicle, I could feel the transmissions entering my feet from below. So they have already saturated the area with the technology in anticipation of me parking on the side of the hwy. All one have to do is take a ground sample and run a test to see what it consist of. Anyway, this technology makes it easier for passing vehicles shooting micro-wave signals at me to 1) get an accurate reading of my targeting location and 2) they are able to transmit this knowledge by way of GPS. After several vehicles have past, I started to feel these transmissions directed at my head. The transmissions sometimes include stinging at various parts of my head and then channeling or transmitting at these parts that were stung. At this point, my entire head is engulfed with multiple transmissions directed at various parts of my head continuously.

4-25 10:00A Constant attacks on my right eye. The attacks are similar to an EYE TWITCH! But this attack is involuntarily being directed from satellite to my EYE. The skin around the eye moves, which cause the ENTIRE EYE TO SWELL UP!!! Now my vision is blurry in the EYE being attacked.

4-26 After waking up at around 7A I noticed a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. Within 10 minutes a sheriff arrived. There were three in all, but one confronted me. He said he has seen me several times. I gave him my license information and he was on his way. But I ask him if I can get the sheriff’s office to look into the food contamination manner. He told me to contact the FDA. I contacted the FDA over a year ago and they told me to contact my local police department. Anyway, I want these products to be tested for the contaminates and someone should be responsible for overseeing this process.

4-25 19:21:22 Family Dollar Store #5393 5179 Clinton Rd Stedman, NC tele. no. 910-485-4527. Manager: Cathy (who wasn’t present). This was a name given by an assistant manager that I’ve seen before. Purchased Coca Cola Fridge Pk 12 pk. 049000028904. This product was heavily contaminated. When I consumed two of these sodas, my body started trembling. When I drove off, I could feel the directed energy throughout my entire body. However, the energy was mostly directed to my head. When I distance myself from the surrounding vehicles, the directed energy was no longer focused on my head. But my body and ARM was still noticeably shaking. The chemicals that was placed in the soda is enough to require a Government INVESTIGATION. I have saved all 10 soda’s for evidence. I also purchased MB Mayonnaise 30oz. Jar 041550451089. Another Jar like this one was opened and the seal was not attached. I notified the assistant manager about this situation. Purchased MO Mackerel 15oz 876941003154 and MB Rotini 16oz. 857361000695. Other similar products were sealed with a secondary machine. You could tell that it was not done through the manufacturer, as is not the case of the coca cola soda company. When I checked out a male quickly got on the line behind me. When I left the store to go back to my vehicle, the parking lot had more vehicles than previously. The vehicles were on the side where I was parked.

4-26 6:30P Constantly pulsing my left leg. The pulsing is continuous and is being directed at my upper leg. When I move my leg, the operator with the technology follows it. I can feel how the transmission is trailing as I move my leg. The pulsing is causing my leg muscles to swell up. Now I feel my muscles camping on my leg, which makes it difficult to walk.

4-27 2:45A Constant pulsing of my left leg. The pulsing is continuous and is directed at my upper leg – muscle.

4-27 7:23A Was woken with a rapid heart beat and uncontrollable nervous system. They channel my right feet, which I felt the electro-magnetic energy to than cause a rapid heart beat. Then I felt electro-magnetic transmissions directed at my head. The pulsing was coming from underneath the vehicle.

4-27 11:19:50 Family Dollar Store #0745 1322 Clinton Rd Fayetteville, NC tele. no. 910-323-9259. When I first entered the parking lot, I saw three workers from the Family Dollar store. They had weird looks on their faces. Also, their attitudes were very distant and a loof. When I went into the store, all three of the workers followed me into the store. As I was shopping, I saw the typical boxes on the side. One of the employees was acting very suspicious as I came towards the empty boxes. There is a small window period when they place these contaminate products on the shelves. They are usually brought from the storage area after being trucked in. So it isn’t difficult tracking how these products are getting on the shelves. Anyway, I purchased LDM Coconut Bar Cookies 15oz. 086106012597 and FP Cherry Jours 8oz. 400120176812.

4-27 Checked my email today and Jeff Murray Faxed his NOTARIZED Affidavit and SIGNED Cover letter to me. Now I’m waiting for Mehrzad’s to send his paper work. Once this happens, we will discuss a meeting date.

4-28 A. son Cumberland County Sheriff was the first on sthe scene. But later I saw several ofther officers; approximately 4. They told me they received a call from the Airport about a “Suspicious” vehicle on INT. 95. They then told me I had to find another location to park. A. Dickson mentioned going all the way to Robenson County, which is 20 minutes from the location I was parked. Later I mentioned about the Gang Stalking I was receiving, but none of the officers seem interested. The officers seem to be more interested in how I could afford to drive than whether they are going to investigate these crimes. As I was trying to tell them about these crimes, suddenly, they had to leave. However, two officers did stay on the scene, including officer A. Dickson. When I came back around on the other side of the highway, I saw them still parked in the same positioned. I have seen vehicles parked within the parimeter were I was parked after I left. The technology is such that they can read off the information (smart dust in the area) that was placed underneath my vehicle, even if I had already left. I believe these same things were done in this situation. Plus, when I got to my new location, after parking, I felt a large presence of electro-magnetic energy around my vehicle. I believe one of the officers place this device underneath my vehicle before I left the last location.

4-28 After being forced to leave a more secured area from the electro-magnetic devices, I drove to my Owen Drive location. Within 5 minutes of parking at this location I see a vehicle. It was within 500 ft from me. It looked like someone was being dropped off. Then I noticed how the vehicle was driving slowly. It kept putting it’s brake system on. The vehicle was involved in GPS tracking. When I consumed the food, even though I was driving, I could feel pulsing directed at my right temple. This happened as soon as I consumed the coconut bar cookies that I purchased at Family Dollar the previous day. When I got out the vehicle, the further I walked away from it, the signal disappeared. I had the engine running. When I turned the engine off, it got noticeably better, but it did not disappear.

4-30 Summation. This was a difficult month, because I had several bills to pay. This forced me to stay on the highway. However, every two days I was being confronted by a Sheriff. This situation was complicated by the rise of GAS prices. Anyway, each sheriff officer who address me was informed about these crimes happening to me. You would think that they would be somekind of investigation as to why would someone rather stay on the highway than in town. However, each time an officer does come on the scene, it’s to submit my license. I know it is standard procedure to ask for this information, but it happens without any follow up to why can’t I get help in this situation. sor the record, I did not notice any signaling during this period, but one wonders why nothing is being done. Briefly, this is what the law enforcement can do to investigate the legitimacy of my accusations. 1) In areas were I’m parked at, officers should track vehicles with the use of micro-wave detection devices, 2) the use of systems that will capture the number of vehicles with A) missing hubcaps, B) one headlight beam, C) park lights, and D) brights headlights. 3) They also want to pay attention to A) vehicles tailgating (2,3 or more vehilces), B) vehicles driving slowly, C) vehicles lined up in one lane (I have seen as many as 6/8 vehicles coordinated like this), D) vehicles driving side-by side at the same speed for a distance and E) “Abandon” vehicles on the side of the road. 4) Ground samples should be taken in the area of HWY 87 and INT. 95. These ground samples should be analyzed by scientific engineers working in the law enforcement community. 5) Overall monitoring of signals being generated from cell phone towers or small signal generators. This includes buildings in populated areas. How do these signal influence human behavior. 6) Test all water systems in the areas of Fayetteville and Cumberland County. What chemcials might be in the system and how it influence human behavior. 7) Test food, drink and products within the areas where I’m parked at. Testing of these products should involved intensive analyzation. The outcome of this is how these chemicals A) affect human behavior, B) use to suppress the immune system, C) used to manipulate the nervous system and D) contain nano-technology or other technology used for remote brain-to-satellite linkages.

Once it has been determinate that nothing was found to warrant further investigation, all investigation should be terminated. However, a report should be compiled and made public. A link of this report should be place on the law enforcement website who is investigating these crimes.

Anyway, by law enforcement ignoring these crimes 1) they are complicit to it, 2) they become liable to a future lawsuit, 3) they jepardize the health, safety of it citizenry. At the end, compensation is necessary for the periods of October 15, 2007 to present for 1) inability to find work, 2) termination of business activities, because of the harassment, 3) resources used to A) gather evidence, B) sheild from directed energy weapons and C) necessary GAS trips to deter the effectiveness of these electronic attacks.

4-29 As I was monitoring my solar activity, a yellow north carolina school bus came on scene. I have seen this yellow school bus in this location before (Owen Drive next to HWY 87). it’s presence is always brief, but is very noticeable. In this case, after the school bus left, my power inverter shut off. I did not experienced this problem for a while. Now it is not speculation of whether they can control my electronic devices, but how I can only suspect that before the inverter arrived from UPS, someone was able to wire a remote control circuitry so they can manipulate the electrical current. Then they are able to direct this current to my body. Last night I disconnected the panels from the batteries, because I could feel a strong electro-magnetic pulse directed at my entire head. When I took the action, the electro-magnetic pulse was minimized, but not eliminated. In short, everything they do to me is to put me at a disadvantage and cause more discomfort in my life that already exist.

4-29 Vehicles enter Owen Drive Location/HWY 87 12:15P Blue Pickup Truck 1:50P 2:15P Red Pickup stop short of passing me as previous vehicles.

4-29 Constant stinging various parts of my head. The vehicles entering the roadway previously had something to do with it.

4-30 Sheriff came on the scene around 9:30A. He told me he received a call about a “Suspicious” vehicle. I did not receive a call like this yesterday. Around 11A I briefly left the area. To my surprise, I saw a company truck with Green Biz on it. I recently had an altercation with one of the owners. It was instigated by him and it involved going on his property and throwing a pale of garbage in his dumpster. But it wasn’t really about that. It was more about the fact I was a targeted individual and he was a perpetrator. Anyway, the Green Biz truck was parked inside a lot that exist a field.

4-29/30 I went to sleep around 10:30P. After a while, I felt electro-magnetic signals on different parts of my head. It was like I was in a labatory and various surgeons were sticking surgical knives at different parts of my head.

4-30 When I’m driving on the highway, I’m starting to see a cluster of vehicles 6/8 vehicles trailing directly infront of me. This is since I changed my driving methods. I’m no longer pulling to the side of the road. I drive on the left lane, which removes direct contact with their micro-wave devices. This method is also better in keeping my gas millege high.

4-30/5-1 Was woken around 7:30A with a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. When I stood up, the rapid heart beat decreased and my nervous system became normal. Throughout the night the perpetrators kept hitting different parts of my head with electro-magnetic transmissions. I was woken several times throughout the night: 1A, 2:30A and 5:30A.

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