Food Poisoning: Can We Rely On The Government To Protect Us?

CDC: Salmonella-tainted tomato illnesses reach 228


WASHINGTON – The toll from salmonella-tainted tomatoes jumped to 228 illnesses Thursday as the government learned of five dozen previously unknown cases and said it is possible the food poisoning contributed to a cancer patient’s death.

Six more states — Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New York, Tennessee and Vermont — reported illnesses related to the outbreak, bringing the number of affected states to 23.

The Food and Drug Administration has not pinpointed the source of the outbreak. With the latest known illness striking on June 1, officials also are not sure if all the tainted tomatoes are off the market.

“As long as we are continuing to see new cases come on board, it is a concern that there are still contaminated tomatoes out there,” said the agency’s food safety chief, Dr. David Acheson.


Remember it was spinash and now it is tomatoes and later it would be something more tremendous. When are the American people going to wake up? Genetic mutated food is causing deaths and our own ignorance is to blame. They said it would solve the food crisis, but as you can see by recent news reports, it has not. Now we are faced with an epidemic that could lead to the total annihilation of the human race. Why? Because of greed.

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