Targeted Individual Coalition for Self-Determination

Targeted Individual Coalition for Self-Determination

Attention Coalition Members!

We were able to accomplish the following things in the first meeting:

Name: Targeted Individual Coalition for Self-Determination (tentative until we reach 20 members).

Mission Statement: Advocate for Targeted Individuals of Government Sponsored Organized Stalking, Directed Energy Assaults and 24/7 Surveillance. And seeking a resolution in stopping these crimes (tentative until we reach 20 members).

Peter’s version: Possibility for production and gathering of legal paperwork and conjurer people who want to authenticate our individual targeting experiences (discussion mode).

Statement Of Principles

1. We are against all forms of torture concerning the use of electro-magnetic and/or directed energy weapons. (tentative)

2. We are against the use of mind control tactics that influence human behavior in those ways which are detrimental to individuals or the society. (tentative)

3. We are against using technology for the purpose of modifying human behavior in individuals or groups, whenever such use is without their informed consent . (tentative)

4. We support strong legislation, combined with oversight and enforcement, that restricts the use of micro-wave torture weapons, organized stalking tactics, chemical spraying, privacy invasions and vandalism of personal property. (tentative)

5. We support strong enforcement that will protect our vital infrastructures: food, water, information technology, financial and manufacturing systems, provided that such enforcement respects the human and civil rights the citizens. (tentative)

Committee Formation: The Affidavit Committee was formed. The purpose is to interview targeted individuals who submitted their statements and to assist them in the completion of the Affidavit process.

The meeting was attended by Chris J. Brunson, Jeff Murray and Peter Perez.

Absence: Lindsay Baldwin

Next meeting: Currently not schedule.

PS: If you will like to attend future coalition meetings, please visit this link:

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